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neil doesn’t get it

“You were supposed to be a side effect of the drugs.” “I’m not a hallucination,” Neil said, nonplussed. “You are a pipe dream,” Andrew said.

Either Andrew had confiscated Nicky’s copy or he’d gone out and gotten Neil one of his own. Neither option made much sense to Neil.

“Tell your pet psycho to knock it off before he cripples someone.” “I don’t think he’ll listen to me,” Neil said. “You and I both know he will. Now get going.”

"Just promise me this isn’t going to be a problem.” “What?” Neil asked. “I can’t tell if you’re being obtuse to fuck with me or if you’re really that dumb,” Wymack said. When Neil just stared blankly at him, Wymack rubbed his temples as if warding off a headache. “I would pity you, but Andrew’s right. I don’t get paid enough to get involved in this. Figure it out yourself—on your
own time.”

Neil sat sideways in his chair, facing Andrew, and said, ”Why does Roland think you're tying me down?

Neil wasn’t sure he should keep pushing, but if he didn’t get the truth now he knew he never would. ”I didn’t think I was a personal problem. You hate me, remember?

And finally.

“You hate me, remember?” "Every inch of you,” Andrew said. “That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t blow you.” The world tilted a little bit sideways. Neil dug his shoes harder into the floor so he wouldn’t fall over. “You like me.” “I hate you,” Andrew corrected him, but Neil barely heard him. For a dizzying moment, he understood.

When you are 3 your parents tell you that your pet turtle ran away, as you get older you realized that couldn’t happen. But on your 18th birthday your turtle shows up and he has a story to tell.


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How to deal with anon hate: 2 for 1 project

So I wanna start a project on how to deal with anon hate.

Step 1: If you are on a pc block the anon. On mobile just delete them.

Step 2: Go to your activities and send the last two people in there a lovely message. Wish them a nice day, tell them about your pet something like that.

Step 3: Watch how those message brighten their and your mood.

Results: The hater will wait for you to respond but you simply never do. You’ll get distracted from the hate while coming up with something nice. Your mood will be lifted! Because that’s how you fight hate. With supporting each other.

Tl, dr: Ignore the hate and send two lovely message for every hate you get to double the love!

⚡️ hp blog aesthetics! ⚡️ (closed)

it’s saturday and since i’m home alone for the night and haven’t done some in a while,  i thought i would do some blogrates! i’m reusing my old hp aesthetics template since it was a lot of fun but i have made some changes! you don’t have to be a hp blog, btw! 💕

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anonymous asked:

You should tell us more about your pets bc all pets must be known about

i have a pup named jackson and he’s a butt and i love him and i got him from a hs friend like right after graduation, he was the only boy and we got him at 5weeks instead of 8 bc his mom was hit by a car :( but my friend kept 2 of his sisters and we send each other pics of them back and forth. he likes to pull things out of the recycle bin and eat snow

Fantastic Beasts Character Ask
  • <p> <b>Newt Scamander:</b> Tell me about your pets or favourite animals.<p/><b>Porpentina Goldstein:</b> What job do you/would you put most passion in?<p/><b>Queenie Goldstein:</b> What do people assume about you based on first impressions that isn't accurate?<p/><b>Jacob Kowalski:</b> Where have you felt welcome although you never thought you would?<p/><b>Credence Barebone:</b> Tell me of one experience that shaped you.<p/><b>Percival Graves:</b> Do you have trouble trusting people?Why?<p/><b>Pickett:</b> Who's your sidekick?/Whose sidekick are you?<p/><b>Niffler:</b> Do you care about materialistic things?<p/></p>

I love hearing about all of your lives. Tell me all about what God is doing in your life. Tell me about your pets. Tell me about your friends, siblings, parents, favorite movie, food, etc. Honestly, I just love y’all so, so much, and I’m so proud. So proud of all of the wonderful daughters and sons of Christ who are seeking Him daily, who are loving Him with all their hearts and all their souls and all their minds, who are loving each other, who are loving themselves. Y’all are wonderful. I’m so thankful. God is good, my friends. God is so good

Familiars post in the works.

I have an old one up on my website but it’s outdated.  My question to you folks is, aside from “what is a familiar” and “is my pet a familiar,” what questions would you hope a post on domestic familiarship would answer?

Here are some questions so far that will work their way into my articles:

Q. What kinds of things might a familiar need or want from their person. What are their special needs, what may they want in return, etc.

Q, How to tell what your familiar pet could help with once you know that they are a familiar?

what day is it again i forgot but let’s have a sleepover

Yo! guys! ask me things!

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Virtual sleepover
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