tell your kids this is where babies come from

  • Jake and Amy’s first child is named Nakatomi, because Jake’s been promoting it as a possible name to Amy for ages (“Works for a boy or a girl!”)– he comes up with PowerPoint presentations filled with creatively colored pie-charts, bar graphs, statistical analysis
  • Even a binder is produced, filled with all sorts of documents and printouts denoting reasons they should name their child Nakatomi
  • “Aside from being a badass iconic building, Nakatomi was an influential clan in ancient Japan! Can you believe that, Ames? That’s like- the old Japanese mafia! Our baby can be a symbol of HISTORY, and you love history!”
  • Amy agrees to the name Nakatomi, not because of all the detailed PowerPoint presentations and organized binders (she won’t lie, Jake’s efforts lead to a lot of sex, which doesn’t matter since she’s already pregnant) but because seeing how happy the name Nakatomi makes Jake… hell he could’ve suggested Garbage Can as their first child’s name and she might (emphasis on might) have agreed
  • When Nakatomi’s born, Jake surprises Amy with the name he’s written on the birth certificate- Nakatomi Helvetica Peralta (Jake had suggested hyphenating, but there’s enough Santiagos to go around already, so)
  • Amy’s laughing on the hospital bed in an otherwise silent ward full of resting parents– she can’t believe her first born daughter’s name is Nakatomi Helvetica Peralta, but she wouldn’t trade any of it for the world. She actually loves that her favorite font is her baby’s middle name, and she loves her crazy husband who made the call
  • “If you don’t like it we can always change it,” Jake sheepishly remarks as his fingers run through his hair, “I know I’ve been harping on this Nakatomi thing for months, and that was selfish of-”
  • “No,” she tells him, firmly. “I love it. I love her–” she reaches for his face and kisses him sweetly–“and I love you.”
  • Jake gives her a look of awe, and chuckles. “It is a crazy name though–”
  • “It is. But you’re crazy, and I married you because I love that about you. And I’m crazy too, because I actually love this name- for one, it’s definitely not boring.”
  • If one had walked up to Amy in the street ten years ago and told her that her first child would be named Nakatomi Helvetica Peralta, she would have run away screaming. Although, if that same someone had told her back then that Jake Peralta would also be the father of her children, she would’ve run away screaming too.
  • Now, looking at his face of awe, she’s never felt happier.
  • “I love you so much–” he tells her, and she feels it so strongly–“but our baby’s totally gonna get beat up at school when she’s older.”
  • Amy laughs, really truly laughs. “No she’s not, because she has us as parents.”
  • “And we aren’t exactly fantastic examples of ‘not getting bullied as kids’, babe.”
  • They take to calling Nakatomi 'Tomi’ for short, and even though everyone sighs heavily when they find out what Jake and Amy have named their first child, Tomi grows on everyone because she’s literally the most precious thing
  • As a toddler learning to speak, she keeps messing up the pronunciation of The Enigma’s name, as she can’t pronounce 'Eh’ and 'Ma’, yet, she keeps referring to The Enigma as 'Dee Nee’. In the following years, 'Deenie’ is the only nickname The Enigma accepts
  • The Enigma’s largely the main reason why Nakatomi doesn’t get made fun of at school for having a different name. Namely, when Nakatomi’s old enough, The Enigma gives her a knife as a birthday present, and teaches her how to use it
  • This knife is obviously one of the many knives Rosa Diaz owns that she lets her adoptive daughter The Enigma have access to
  • Amy gets really scared when she finds a knife in Nakatomi’s bag, but upon seeing how good she is at using it, they let her keep it (with stern warnings not to bring it to school any more and to make sure it’s in a safe place so she doesn’t harm herself)
  • Jake asks Nakatomi to sneak him one of Rosa’s top notch knives (she refuses to tell Jake where she gets them, he suspects that she makes them herself)
  • When baby number 2 comes around, Jake and Amy take a more traditional course in the naming department
  • That’s how their baby boy gets named Raymond Terrance Peralta, because “Harry Potter really messed up the whole 'naming your kid after two role models’ thing”
  • Holt and Terry are beyond touched when Jake and Amy tell them their first son’s name. Terry bursts into tears immediately, while a single tear falls from Holt’s eye
  • It’s one of the best moments ever, although the rest of the squad is jealous they didn’t get kids named after them
  • At work, Jake’s favorite thing to do in the mornings is bring his infant son, point at Captain Holt and say 'Big Ray Ray’ before pointing to baby Raymond and saying 'Little Ray Ray’
  • On multiple occasions, Holt has to retire to his office because he can’t handle the Emotions he feels
  • Jake and Amy love calling their son their 'Ray’ of sunshine, Jake especially
  • Nakatomi loves that she’s named after a dope ass building in Die Hard, and it becomes her favorite movie too
  • She also starts a band called Tomi! Tomi! Tomi! Tomi? as a teenager
  • It flops

I always thought it was funny that your player character in Pokemon is 10 years old. Like, yeah, they’re “anime ten” where they look at least 18 yadda yadda, but they’re still ten.

Imagine the people in the Pokemon League. These are fully grown adults, right? They’ve trained their entire lives to be the best trainers in their country. They’re the best of the best. And then a ten year old walks in. A high and mighty four foot tall ten year old with a big smile on their face walks in. They’ve never even seen a tity. They don’t know where babies come from. They’re ten.

How did this ten year old get in to your arena? Did they wander in here by mistake? They say they’re here to battle you. Aww, how cute. This kid wants to fight the big league trainers, so they snuck in to fight you. That’s cute and funny. You’ll tell the others about this next lunch break. You decide to humor the kid and accept their challenge. You toss out your level 50 Tyranitar. You and this Pokemon have spent decades together, you trained for ages to get it to Level 50. You’re the best trainer in the country.

The kid reaches on their belt and tosses a Master Ball. Wait, what? A Master Ball? How did that kid get a Master Ball? Out of the master ball pops…


God popped out of the Master Ball. 

The very same God Pokemon that controls the flow of space, that you go to church and pray to every Sunday. 

This ten year old kid just pulled out a Master Ball and threw God at you. God is, in fact, Level 73. 

God shoots Hyper Beam at your life-long partner Tyranitar, causing it to evaporate in to dust. He’s fainted in one hit. The kid yawns.

The kid wipes your entire party of Pokemon, the Pokemon you spent most of your adult life training and caring for. You are stunned. You ask the trainer how long they’ve been doing this. They say “I started a couple of days ago.”

This kid is ten. 

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What would the vets and 104th say to their kids if they asked where babies come from

Mikasa: Ask your dad
Reiner: When a man and a woman love each other they do a special hug
Bertholdt: *Panics*
Annie: You’ll find out soon enough
Eren: Uhm… I … Vagina!
Jean: Out of mommy’s tummy
Marco: *Tells the story of the stork*
Sasha: There’s a guy who sells babies
Connie: They just appear
Historia: We go harvest them at the baby cave
Armin: *Sits down and actually explains the whole thing*
Ymir: *shrugs* who knows

Levi: *just bluntly explains the whole process*
Hanji: *gets out the flipchart* Well…
Erwin: Wait till you have that in class
Nanaba: Hey! wow! Did you see that bird!!!!!!!
Mike: I’ll tell you when you’re older
Moblit: *Runs and never comes back*

Where Do Babies Come From? (Avengers X Child!Reader)

Character: Avengers X Child!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Mild swearing, sex ed talk


Request:Ive just found your blog!! Youre an amazing writer!! I wanted to ask one in which the reader is the little protect one sister of the avengers (like 12 years old) and she goes around the tower asking the avengers how babies are made. (she doesnt have a mom, so she doesnt know anything) and Tony freaks out because doesnt want her to grow up! I know u have a lot of work, hope this isnt bothering you!!! You are greeeat!

Originally posted by ayumifuru95

Tony had raised you since you were a baby, since your mom was out the picture. Being his little girl, he took his job as a father very seriously. He didn’t want to mess up like his own father so he made sure to go to all your school showcases, helped you with your homework and made sure you spent at least one day every week having a father-daughter relationship. Also since he’s Iron Man, he was very protective of you. The rest of the Avengers could see you were Tony’s world so vowed if anything bad happened and he couldn’t keep you safe, they would make sure to keep you safe. This led to you getting close to the Avengers.

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first time dad

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REQUEST: please something where reader just had their baby and she has to stay in the hospital for a couple days and seb is a panicky but super caring daddy/husband? some fluff?

WARNINGS: fluff my friends!!!!!!

AUTHOR’S NOTE: you guys… I love dad!sebastian with all my heart and I hope he has a family one day so I can die in peace lol I kind of changed it up a bit if you dont mind, anon! I still kept the panicky but super caring part in it.


“It’s a girl!” The doctor exclaimed and you fell back onto the uncomfortable hospital bed and sighed.

You felt them place the baby on your bare chest and heard the wailing but your sight quickly started to go black and your ears rang loudly, the sound of the baby’s cry miles and miles away.

“We need oxygen!” You managed to hear a muffled voice say before everything went completely dark.

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Let's Be Human (Yuta)

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Type: Angst Fluff

Request: A nct yuta scenario, more angsty please (idk if you can combine babies and angst but who knows?)

Could you please do an angsty nct yuta scenario.Where the reader is pregnant (1 or 2 months) and she has an argument with Yuta at the dorms and as a result she looses her baby and the other members know also cause they were also at the dorms

An nct yuta scenario (preferably angst)!!

Omg please do an nct angst scebario that is combined with a baby scwbario

~I don’t think I will do the reader actually miscarriages but I will use it really….sorry I will use the rest of the storyline~

“Yuta please just listen to me” you say as you grabbed his arm “Y/N you know I can’t do it” you were told. “Get rid of it” he told you calmly as he looked around making sure he wasn’t being watched but unknown to him, you two were a bit too loud. You look at him in betrayal “Yuta” you whispered “no okay. I just started my career last year Y/N. A baby will ruin me. We aren’t even married” he told you as he went to rest his hand onto your shoulder but you moved away from him “it’s my baby too” you tell him. He looked away from you “get rid of it or get rid of me” he says hoping you would pick him over the thing growing in you.

It was supposed to be a happy moment. Dating Yuta was the greatest thing to happen to you until you found out you were pregnant with his baby. Yuta on the other hand didn’t want to be a dad, at least not yet. He loved you and felt bad for saying to you to get rid of it. But he couldn’t just think about you, he had to worry about himself as well. And a baby wasn’t an option. 

When you looked him in the eyes he could tell what you were thinking “Y/N don’t be stupid. You’re too young” he says as you backed away from him more “no” you tell him “I’ll do my best for it” you say as you clutched your stomach lightly. “Just get rid of it please” he said as his eyes started to water. “No” you say softly again as you wiped your eyes and turned away from him. “Then we’re done!” he yelled hoping one last threat would be enough as you shook you head and nearly ran out of the dorm. 

Yuta received a text later on that week, you hadn’t gotten rid of the baby but instead you miscarried. He felt horrible, he wanted to comfort you but you stopped talking to him. Did he cause you to lose the baby? He was asked by Taeyong what he was going to do because he had heard the whole thing. Yuta informed him you had miscarried and didn’t matter anymore. He could focus on his career because you two had even broken up. How you blocked all the members of NCT from seeing your life on just about every social site. He had a hope in his heart that since it all came to end like that that you and him could get back together but he was very wrong with that statement. You never wanted to see him again. Even went as far as to quit your job at SM as a hairstylist just to get away from them.


You never knew how bummed he was about losing you. You were more upset that you had to lie to him. As of last month a sweet newborn boy named Unkei had came into your life. He was officially the cutest person you had ever met. He looked like his father much to your distaste. You were still mad at Yuta for what he said. But you sure as hell still loved him but you decided to give up on your fairytale ending. Your Prince Charming was a bit too douchey for your taste.


A nearly two years passed and you worked your ass off for your son who was perfectly happy being raised by you. You were a regular stylist now and spent your days doing normal peoples hair instead of idols and you had to admit it was a great change. There was an upside to dating in secret and that was that people didn’t know who you were and couldn’t stalk you or make threats. You lived in peace. For the most part. You kept up with NCT as well. You were still happy to see them succeed in things.

You sat your son down nicely in a seat as he let out a whine “I know you hate your hair getting cut but you’ll be even more handsome with one” you tell him as he started crying lightly with the water you squirted into his hair. “I know I know” you coo. The bell chimed “welcome” you call as you started cutting your squirming son’s hair. “Y/N” a voice called as you glanced a few seats over “hey” you spoke quietly, your old life just has to screw with you right? Byun Baekhyun sat a few seats down “I didn’t think you were living around here” you comment as you messed up Unkei’s hair with your hand and he smiled knowing you were done. “What happened to you?” Baekhyun asked “nothing really. Didn’t want to work in a company anymore” you say as you put your son down onto the ground and his little shoes patted on the ground as he laughed. “You have a child. Are you married?” he asked as the stylist straightened his head so he couldn’t look. “Nope” you comment as you began sweeping hair up. “Oh” he said as he realized you were a single parent.

Unkei made his way over to Baekhyun who smiled at him. “Hello” he cooed as the boy used him to help him walk around. “He’s friendly” he comments as his haircut actually begins “very” you tell him as Unkei let out a yell and rushed towards you as you picked him up. “I’ll see you around” you comment as you looked up at the clock and saw you could leave. “Wait can’t we hang we used to be friends” he says “my son has to eat. I’m sorry” you tell him as you practically ran out of the building to get away.


You came to work the next day as your coworker, Heeae sent you a smile “here this is from Baekhyun” she hummed as you took it. ‘It was nice seeing you again, maybe you can give me a hair cut next time? :)’ was written on the back of your business card. “Do you know how pleased our boss will be if this becomes a come to for celebrities especially SM?” she squealed as you sat your son’s breakfast down on the little waiting area table as he happily clapped. “I’d quit” you tell her as she pouted. “You know you could fall in love with one of them” she tels you as you roll your eyes as sit your son on your lap and opening the container allowing him to start to eat.

The door flew open so fast the bell was barely able to ding “guys I just saw NCT” another stylist, Yeojin rushed in as you instantly picked up the food and your son and rushed off. “Where are you going if they come we will need you” she whined as you headed into the back where the sinks were. You slowly began feeding him again. “This isn’t how I want you to meet him” you comment “I’d rather you not meet in the first place” you tell him. You cuddled him close as you felt trapped.


“So Yuta has a kid then?” Mark asked confused “from what I understand” WinWin responds. “She said the baby died and stopped talking to everyone” Johnny comments. “I mean its not like Yuta wanted the kid in the first place” Taeyong then says as they glanced over at the dazed male who kept walking. “Its up there” Haechan points as Yuta took off running.

He opened the door quickly. “Y/N where is she?” he asked as your coworkers point to the back. And he rushed back there seeing a small boy sitting on the chair making him stop. He bent down as he grabbed his little face lightly before smiling. “You look just like me” he comments as Unkei let out a cry from the sudden invasion of personal space.

He was soon shoved away with force “Y/N” he said amazed “get away from him” you demanded “please let’s talk” he says as you simply pick Unkei up. “Please” he says grabbing at your leg “please no” he hugged your legs keeping you in place. You had never seen Yuta like this begging and hanging off of you. He looked so pathetic as he stood up cupping your face as his eyes watered. “You’ve gotten even prettier” be told you as he tried to kiss you but you pulled away.

“I’ve been so worried about you” he spoke as he looked at you before looking at Unkei “our son is so handsome” he tells you. “You aren’t his dad” you say as he glared at you. “You said you miscarried. I guess we both say things that aren’t true" he says as he smiled at Unkei “why does it matter?” you hissed back as Unkei seemed confused as you put him down on the ground.

Your face was cupped again as he kissed you before you could protest. He pushed you back into the wall as he deepened the kiss. Your hand hit him telling him to get off before you gave up, you almost melted into it as well “mama” Unkei called as you shoved Yuta back. “I love you so much you know. I’ll do what everything for you” he spoke quickly “I’ll take care of you like I should. I’ll take care of him” he told you “please” he whispered as he went to take Unkei “I’m daddy” he whispered to his son “I’m your daddy” he cooed louder as Unkei allowed him to be taken even as you panicked. He was grinning like a madman with a hell of a lot of regret in his eyes. “I’m going to take responsibility. I promise. I’ll take good care of him and you” he says as you had no idea how to take his words. But knowing Yuta he was going to do his best to keep his promise.


Yuta was extremely persistent to be involved. “So he’s gonna go to preschool?” Yuta asked as you nodded. It was obvious something was still heavily off in the situation. It was the fact you wouldn’t take him back. You always had a huge feeling of disappointment when you looked at him. You couldn’t get over his desire to simply toss your child away in the first place and then swing in like father of the year. “Yes” you responded taking a sip from your tea. You had decided to meet Yuta at a kids cafe so your son could interact with other children. “So then you’ll be free during days?” he asks “no” you simply say “Y/N I’m trying really hard here and you’re just pushing my words aside” he says sadly. “I can’t look at you the same anymore. You wanted me to abort the little boy you want so bad now to be involved with. Do you ever plan on telling him that in the future? I think about it so much Yuta” you state as you look him in the eyes before looking down.

“I’m trying to fix things. I want them to be okay Y/N. I can’t take back what I said. You should know that. You move past them. Let them haunt you as idiotic things you just had to say and do. You leave them be. You don’t bring them up every conversation to make them feel bad” he tells. “I think about it myself and it shouldn’t be haunting you as bad as it haunts me” he explains. “You don’t have to take me back and you don’t have to like me anymore. But try to be human with me. I think we need that to happen here” he told you as he smiled at his son who handed him a toy and he picked him up as well. “Let’s be human for him” he says to you as Unkei smiles at you. “We’ll try” you whispered. You didn’t know if you’d take him back but he’s right. You should try to at least get along for the sake of your dear Unkei who was loving the male attention he now received from his uncles and father.

So for him you’d do it.

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Can I have a opie winston imagine? Where your Jaxs younger sister, and opie always thought of you as a cute kid but you come back from college and everyone realizes how much of a women you've become and opie gets jealous and tells you his feelings for you.

Originally posted by cuntbrutality

A/N: Loved this idea! I hope you enjoy it!  ❤️
Warning: Cursing & Jealously

SAMCRO’s Princess:

“Jax you look happy.” Tig teased trying to hint to something of a naughty nature causing Chibs to crack a smile “Samcro is getting their princess back.” He said showing them the letter he had received from his baby sister. She went off to college to get away from the life her brother and father had lived, but she missed the boys deeply. “Well shit you heard Opie?” Juice asked looking over at the tall man who was sitting silently in his chair “What?” He asked snapping out of his fantasy land.

“(Y/N) is coming home.” Juice said word by word allowing each word to settle in Opies mind, memories flooded in of him teasing the girl, pulling her hair, holding her as she cried about some jackass, taking her out for her first real ride, all the good times he shared with the girl, he always wanted a woman like her, some one kind and gentle but Donna was more of the opposite, Lyla was sweet and gentle with a very difficult past.

“Oh my dear boys!” The doors to the “chapel” had been flung opened to reveal a beautiful woman, she had beautiful hair, that matched her bright eyes. The men all stood in confusion as to who the girl was, a few moments after she band pouted “You’re kidding right?” She said looking at Jax “What kind of brother doesn’t remember his own sister!” She yelled slapping Jax’s shoulder causing his eyes to widen “(Y/N)?” He asked questioningly not believing the beauty in front of him was his sister “No shit.” She said laughing as the others began to strangle her into deep strong hugs, all of the guys besides Opie “C’mon Harry you’re not going to give me one of your famous hugs?” She said, his name flowing off of her tongue perfectly, it sent a shiver straight to his brain, it really was her, only she had that type of effect on him. He opened him arms as she walked inside of them, he wrapped his arms around her pulling her closer to him allowing her to hear his heartbeat.

“Sis, we have to celebrate your homecoming, ma is going to flip when she sees you!” Jax said as (Y/N) and Opie pulled apart from each other. “Hell yeah!” She said laughing as he brother pulled her by his side walking her through the clubhouse “You know if you loved her for this long why not tell her?” Juice said once him and Opie were alone “Cause, he would kill me.” Was all Opie said “But isn’t she worth it?” Juice said patting Opie on the back before leaving him to stand there alone.

The rest of the evening was spent setting up for (Y/N)’s homecoming party. The clubhouse was now full of members, crow eaters and sweet butts all around, but instead of entertaining himself, Opie sat at the bar downing drink after drink as he was the guest of honor dance with guy after guy. His anger rising with each guy coming to dance with his girl, but he had no right to claim her because he had made no claim on her so she was free to do whatever she wanted.

After what seemed like the hundredth dance, Opie had seen something in this dance than any other. The guy was sliding his hand down her body, she continued to sway with him but he continued to move his hand around her waist trying to grab her front but Opie had had enough of this display as he marched over to them grabbing (Y/N)’s arm pulling her away from the guy and dance floor, making his way back to his dorm room with her having no other choice than to be dragged by him.

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BTS Reaction to the Kid They're Babysitting Saying "You and Y/N Should Get Married and Have A lot of Kids"


Anonymous: “Bts reaction to the reader babysitting a kid with they and the kid tells they that they should get married and have a lot of children?”

(T/C/N) = The Child’s Name

Jin: Babysitting was no easy task for you since you weren’t a motherly type at all. However, things became much easier when Jin offered to join you. Babysitting with Jin would be a walk in the park, considering his caring nature for BTS, it would also be no surprise when the children took a liking to him. Things were all peachy until one child insisted that you and Jin should marry and have children. Jin would immediately agree with the child’s comment and discuss future wedding plans and baby names in a childlike manner. Eventually, when time permitted he would remind you of the child’s words and convince you in any way possible of the idea.

Originally posted by jeonsshi

Suga: It would take a while until Yoongi would finally give into your begging for him to help you babysit your nephew. Yoongi would most likely want to do other things than to sit and watch a kid for a couple of hours. When you would leave to make food or clean, Yoongi wouldn’t talk to your nephew–he would most likely act as his usual self as if the kid wasn’t even there. But when your nephew would tell him “you and (Y/N) should get married and have a lot of kids,” Yoongi would smile at his words. He would simply reply “yeah, we should.”

Originally posted by strawberrie-kookie

J-Hope: Hoseok would love to come along with you to babysit, just as much you would want him there. Being the energetic, fun and loving person that he is, you knew he would make the experience fun for both you and the kid. You and Hoseok would both be playing with the kid when he would suddenly say that you and Hoseok should get married and have a lot of kids. While you would be embarrassed, Hoseok would just laugh. He would joke around and say “yeah, (Y/N) we should, out kids would be so cute” or “how about we adopt you for now” to the kid while throwing him over his shoulder, pretending to steal him.

Originally posted by jeonsshi

Rap Monster: Namjoon would probably awkward around the kid. He probably wouldn’t know how to act and would talk to him as if he was a grown adult rather than a kid. He would talk to the kid about philosophy and ask him if he needed help  with homework, even though he was just in preschool. When the kid would tell him that he and you should get married and have lots of kids, Namjoon would get so embarrassed. He wouldn’t know what to say or how to react and would end up  laughing embarrassingly.  Because of how flustered he would be, Namjoon would probably end up asking the kid “do you even know where babies come from?” You would have to physically cover Namjoon’s mouth with your hand before he ended up scaring the kid with the birds and the bees talk. 

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Jimin: Caring for children was like second nature for you considering the fact that you practically raised your younger siblings. In an effort to make the day a little brighter for the children you decided to invite your boyfriend Jimin along. Jimin would be quite hesitant with the children at first, he would second guess himself constantly wondering if he was even caring for the child in the right way. But after some time, Jimin would become more comfortable around the children and vice versa. The children would also make some nonsensical comments Jimin would simply laugh off, however, when the comment about marriage and children arose Jimin would freeze up and become so flustered and overwhelmed with shyness. Jimin would turn to you for moral support and you’d basically force him to reply to the child and you also found yourself jumping into make Jimins response sound less awkward. When the night came to an end and Jimin felt a bit frisky he’d ask you about the marriage and children you so eagerly wanted earlier.

Originally posted by jeonsshi

V: It’s no doubt that Taehyung loves kids, so it’s obvious that he would be great around your niece which of whom you have to babysit. Taehyung would play with her all day, whether she would want to play dolls or dress up, or just a simple piggyback ride. When your niece would tell him that he should marry you and have lots of kids, it would catch Taehyung off guard. He would want kids for sure with you, but in the future. He would never want to pressure you into anything, especially if you weren’t ready. Therefore, Taehyung would simply pinch your niece’s nose and say “we will in the future, but for now we have you!”

Originally posted by jeonsshi

Jungkook: Babysitting with Jungkook was quite difficult because he would often act like a child himself. You would often find Jungkook playing patty cake, duck duck goose and tag with the kids. Jungkook would become so invested in the games he would ignore the children’s comments. However, when a child made the comment of marriage and children Jungkook would instantly snap out of game he was playing and make direct eye contact with you. He would also arch his eyebrow and make sure he got your attention to say “ did you hear that Y/N , we should get married and have kids like T/C/N says.” 

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Friends (The Heirs! Youngdo) Pt9

Type: Angst Fluff

 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

Request: Can you write a part 9 for Friends about their graduation?

“Look at you” Youngdo coos as you stepped out of your room wearing a cute dress “ah I get to see you twice in a dress in a month” he spoke as he squished your face. “We graduate today and then two weeks for now, we’ll be getting ready to go to Jeju and spend out days on the beach” he says as a naughty smirk came onto his face “or maybe in bed?” he hints as you shove him away. “Congratulations though” he told you as he cupped your face pulling you in for a loving kiss as he took yours and his robes throwing them over his shoulder as you two made your way to the car to go to school for the last time.


“See the gowns look great” Bona says as she showed you the braidsmaid dresses. “They look nice” you comment as you fix your hat in the mirror “you didn’t look” she says as you turn to her “I’m busy” you tell her as the phone was shoved into your face “you’re getting married in two weeks and I work really hard so I want you to actually care” Bona says as you nod. “Sorry” you mumble as you look at her phone at the light blue gowns and smiled “you guys will look nice” you tell her “you’ll look great and so will Youngdo” she promises as you nod. “It goes on the right” you tell her as she looks confused “you put it to the left when you’re told you have officially graduated” you tell her fixing the tassel. She made a sound as she linked her arm with yours “we’re adults now you know. No more having to get up for high school. Ah I bet you’ll be pregnant before the year ends” she says as you gave her a look. 

“Admit it, you’ll have Youngdo’s kids” she says “don’t make me say it” you whine as she shakes you “come on you love him then you’ll have his babies” she teases. “I do” you tell her “I bet you guys already have names-” “we do” you tell her. “Youngdo wants to name our daughter Yoonmi and our son will be Youngsoo” you continue. “You’ll only have two?” she asked “I want a bunch with Chanyoung” she says as you guys walk into the gym. 


“Congratulations” you hear as you turn to your parents “two weeks from now you’ll be married. Oh where has the time gone?” your mother asked as she hugged you tightly. “Where’s my son in law?” your father asked “over there talking to Tan” you say attempting to point but your mother was hugging too tight. “Alright I’m giving him a big talk now” he spoke heading off “wait about what?” you call turning watching him make his way over “celebrating your graduation” she says “are you worried about drinking” you tell as you weren’t catching onto what she was hinting to. “Honey, you two are graduated now. You remember we said no sex UNTIL you graduation” she told you as you made a sound. 

“So here we bought you guys these” “no mom” you groan as she passes you a black bag as you sighed. Youngdo came over with a terrified look as he grabbed your arm and yanked you away. “Be safe please” your mother calls as you two were speeding out of the gym. “Use the condoms well. Also hoped your mother got the right size. They really got us condoms?” he hissed. “They’re trying to keep us from doing it by scaring us” you state as he took the bag with a smile “it’s a sign graduating, condoms, Myungsoo’s gift. Fiery passion. We should…..” you stiffened up as he leaned to your ear “wait to our wedding night” he finished kissing your cheek. “Now lets get food and put our caps on shelves” he told you. You sighed “do you want to sleep in the same bed? Tonight?”  you asked his arm went around you as he smirked. “I’ve been waiting for this day since we moved in together” he says happily.

Luca Allen [a E2!Barry Allen imagine]

Request: Could you write an imagine for E2!Barry where you tell him you are pregnant with your first child and how he reacts? Love your writing btw

a/n: ahhhhhhh baby luca…….i wanna write more poly barry/seb/reader…

My kids list is here, look, request, yeah :)

The CCPD sleeps for no one. At 11:43 Barry enters the doorway of the apartment, flinging his briefcase to the floor. He toes off his brown wing tips, socked feet sliding into the kitchen. He’ll just get a drink of water and slip into bed with you.

When he hears soft, short breaths coming from the couch, his eyebrows furrow and suddenly water isn’t that important. Making a beeline, frowning at the sight of you sleeping, he bends down, tan pants scrunching at his thighs. You’d fallen asleep waiting for him. “Sweetheart.” Barry whispers, touching your shoulder, shaking gently. “Sweetheart, why aren’t you in bed?” he asks quietly, helping you sit up.

Rubbing your eyes, you blink at your fiance, smiling softly. Your loose fitting light blue t-shirt flows around your waist, tickling you. “I need to tell you something.” you say in a sleepy voice, continuing to blink as he guides you off the couch.

He rests his hand on the small of your back, thick eyebrows lacing together over top of the gold frames of his glasses. His brown blazer hangs around his torso, swaying while he leads you to the small staircase. “And it couldn’t wait until morning?” he chuckles, undoing his red bowtie, watching you climb the steps. “What if I didn’t show up ‘till on-”

You spin around, nose touching nose, catching him slightly off guard. “I’m pregnant, Barry. Three and a half weeks…”  you whisper, lips twitching into a smile. He climbs another step, so he’s eye level with you, mouth ajar in an unreadable way. You nibble on your lip, twirling the engagement ring on your finger.

A gasp leaves him, hands flying to your stomach. His sweater vest crinkles on his chest and he peers at you, eyes filled with water. “I’m gonna be a daddy!” he cheers, voice cracking from the strong wave of emotion. You nod, cupping his cheeks, rubbing away stray tears. “I’m so happy, Y/N.” he cries, pecking your lips. “If it’s a boy, I want to name him Luca.” he mutters firmly, swallowing.

Tilting your head, a crease between your eyebrows appears. You purse your lips, “Why that name?” you prompt, grabbing his hand and leading him up the stairs. The door to your tiny bedroom is cracked open slightly; you sigh, padding over to the room.

“Well…” Barry starts, adjusting his glasses on his face, sliding them up the bridge of his thin nose. “I don’t know. I just really want to name my son Luca James Allen.” he shrugs, stripping off his blazer and sweater vest.

You lay in bed, rubbing your stomach, eyelids fluttering shut. “Luca Allen… I like it…”

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hi there! so i was do you think Alucard, Anderson, Pip, Walter, and the Captain would react if their child asks them where babies come from?..


• There would be NO hesitation.
• He’d go into a short and sweet explanation of how babies are made and what happens when they’re born, not even stopping when his S/O freaks out.
• Doesn’t even care
• Which would lead into questions about sex
• “It’s what your parent and I do when you go to bed.”
• His S/O wishes they could throttle him when their kid walks off, satisfied


• Turns red at the question
• Immediately tells them to ask their other parent
• If his S/O isn’t around, he will try and distract the child, but it only makes it worse
• Screaming inside
• Finally settles down and calmly explains
• “You see, children come from a stork…”
• His S/O is more than surprised when their child comes running up to them later, asking the same question and saying that their dad had lied when they had asked him


• Makes the most insane story he can
• Involves something about evil cats and a great gate covered in rattles
• He doesn’t take it seriously until his child keeps asking, claiming that he was lying to them
• Gets flustered when he’s called out like that
• “W-well, kiddo. Children c-come from a special place.”
• Never lives it down when his S/O comes home and their child tells them what Pip said


• There is no fear in this man
• He sits them down and goes into a rational but not detailed explanation about babies.
• Omits the more sexual parts until the child is older
• Any question that is asked will be answered unless Walter sees them as something for another day
• “It is as simple as that. Now, run along.”
• Isn’t even worried when his S/O comes home

The Captain

• He doesn’t talk
• Which means his S/O is the one explaining it
• If they aren’t around, he won’t even panic once as he writes out a response
• Like Walter, he doesn’t go into detail
• But he doesn’t want the child to leave confused and wanting more answers
• Will definitely leave any unanswered questions for when his S/O comes home

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robron's kid taking his/her first steps please :)

“Aaron, where’s my phone?”

“Where you left it.” Came an exasperated voice from the kitchen. “Why?”

“Helpful. She’s going to do it today, I can tell.”

“You’ve been saying that for the last two weeks, and I keep telling you it’s too early. You remember reading all those baby books don’t you?” Aaron comes towards him wiping his hands on a tea towel.

“But look at her…she’s ready.”

“She’s not even crawled yet! Your Daddy is silly isn’t he munchkin!” He gets down on his knees beside the mat his daughter is playing on. He can’t believe she’s here, even after all this time. She gives him a toothy smile,waving her arms at him.

“You’re not helping!”

“Have you tried upstairs or are you expecting it to just come to you like something out of Harry Potter?”

He laughs as Robert growls at him and stomps up the stairs. Aaron lays down next to his daughter and starts building her blocks into a tower. She loved knocking them down and the delighted laugh when she did led to him doing it for hours.

They’re on their third go round, and he can still hear Robert muttering upstairs, when Ella reached out to him. He doesn’t know how he knows what she’s doing but he takes her hands watching in amazement.

“Robert?” He daren’t shout he doesn’t want to scare her but if Robert misses it he’ll be devastated. “Rob!”

“I found it! It was under the bed. That’s your fa…Aaron!”

“Film it!” For a tiny child she had a hell of a grip and he couldn’t move as she stood holding on to him, watching him. “Come on, beautiful, you can do it! Where’s Dad? Huh? Can you go to Dad?”

He can see her looking, contemplating almost, before slowly she lets go of him and he holds his breath as she takes a step, and then another. He doesn’t want to take his eyes off her but he looks at Robert who’s wearing the biggest smile and if Aaron’s not mistaken there are tears threatening to fall.

“Look at you, beautiful girl.” Robert breathes, and somehow he manages to hand the phone to Aaron to keep filming so he can hold his arms out to his daughter.

When she reaches him he sweeps her off her feet. “I knew you were a clever girl! Daddy’s best girl, yeah?”

“She’s perfect!” Aaron ruffles her curly blonde hair, his own tears threatening. “I love you, both of you.”

“I’m pregnant”

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Request: Hi, can I request imagine 27. with Murphy from the 100, where the reader and he are together and after losing a bet she has to tell him this, but he freaks out at the first moment and she gets sad because she thinks he doesn’t want to be with her and yeah you can choose how to end, I hope you understand it :)

Character: John Murphy(The 100)

Word count: 1325

A/N: Yay, my first request!! Thanks you so much for it! I changed it a bit, I hope you don’t mind :)

Warnings: None


Being Murphy’s girlfriend wasn’t easy, even on the Ark. With your personalities so different from each other it was no surprise that you two fought a lot. But he loved you and you loved him, everyone could see it. You used to visit him every week when he got locked up and when he was sent to the earth you were crushed, thinking that you’ll never see him again. You reunited again when you came down with the rest of the Ark. Since then you two fought even more than before, but not even once did you thought of breaking up with him, this was until the day you lost a bet against Octavia.

“Come on, (Y/N), you said you’ll do what I tell you to.”Octavia was looking at you with a vicious smile and her hands on her waist.”You shouldn’t have insisted that you run faster than me. Now go tell him! ”She said laughing.

“O, how am I supposed to tell him that I’m pregnant, even if it’s just a joke?” you leaned back on the tree you were standing next to,” He’ll probably freak out. You know that he doesn’t want kids.”With a frown on your face you turned to face the yard in front of the Ark looking for your lover. He was carrying some wood for the big fire that you were going to make that night. When he caught you staring at him he winked at you and continued doing his job.  You have talked with him about your desire to have kids one day, unfortunately he didn’t view the things like you, which lead to one of the biggest fights that you’ve ever had. In his opinion, he didn’t wanted to have kids, because they were awful, noisy, never listened and he just didn’t wanted to deal with them. To you it sounded like he just didn’t want to take responsibility. Yes, you were still kids. But you used no protection when you were doing it, just because there was none, and if you got pregnant he was supposed  to help you, not to walk away. It still made you mad, when you were thinking about the night that happened. When it happened you didn’t talked to him for three days and after you reconciled you haven’t talked even once about it.

“So, are you telling him or what”, you snapped out of your thoughts and turned your attention back to Octavia. You didn’t knew how to tell her that you were actually afraid do to it, because you were afraid of how he might react.

“Fine, I’ll do it.”You finally said, pushing yourself from the tree and taking deep breath before walking over to the log where Murphy was sitting, playing with some stick. He saw you when you got closer and a big smile appeared on his face when you sat next to him.

“Hey, babe”, he gave you a side hug and kissed your lips, still smiling. But his smile slowly faded after he saw the worried look on your face, ”Is everything okay? What happened? Was it Justin with his stupid pick up lines again? I knew I should have kicked his ass the other night. ” You smiled a bit, still not knowing how to say it. “(Y/N), I don’t like that face! Just tell me what happened.” He was getting inpatient and worried. A lot of different scenarios were going throw his head about what might have happened and he didn’t liked a single one of them.

“I’m pregnant”, you burst out before you lose the all confidence you had. You knew it was a joke, you weren’t really pregnant, but you were afraid. His smile froze on his face, lips parted as if he was trying to say something, eyes grew bigger in shock, the hand that was on your waist felt numb on the log beside your body. Few moments passed with no other reaction coming from neither one of you when he hugged you again and his smiled appeared even bigger than before.

“Don’t mess with me like that, (Y/N). You almost gave me a heart attack.”He was laughing but you felt your heart fell to your feet. All the emotions from your previous fight came back at you all at once.  Tears started building in your eyes.

“What is so bad about having a kid with me, John?”You asked seriously while he was still half laughing. He looked at you, his smile completely fading.

“Are you serious right now?”Murphy said, examining your face expression. You were hurt and he could see that.”This can’t be true, there’s no way you’re pregnant.” he said, shaking his head.

“We have had a lot of sex if you haven’t noticed and if you don’t know that’s where babies come from.” You said raising you eyebrow. He felt silent for a moment, you knew something was going throw his mind but you couldn’t tell what. Murphy took away his hand from your waist and started making some lines on the ground with the stick, he was playing earlier with.

“You should go to Abby.”He finally said. Not looking at you.

“I know, she has to check if the baby is okay and during the pregnancy I’ll have to go to her a lot…”

“You should ask her if you can make an abortion.”He stopped you mid-talking still keeping his gaze to the ground.

“Excuse me?”You were shocked to hear it from him. You have been expecting a lot of things but not that.”What do you mean an abortion. What if I want that baby?” You felt your voice tremble, a tear rolled down your cheek.

“If you keep that baby, forget for me. You know that’s not what I want.”The boy said, lifting his face and looking at you. He left the stick fall down and took your hand in his.”You know that I love you,(Y/N), but I don’t want to have a child. We’re too young for this, I am too young for this. Maybe in a few years.”Your whole face was red and wet from your tears. You could barely see his face because of them.

“S-so that’s it. Th-that’s what y-you think. A-and you’re j-just going t-to leave m-me just because I am h-having your child.”You could barely talk and it was getting worse, even more tears streaming down your face. You heard Octavia calling your name in the distance obviously understanding what was going on.

“I’m sorry, but we’re just not ready to be parents.”John said with a sad voice.

“That’s n-not true, John! Y-you aren’t r-ready to be a parent, I am.”It was as if you forget that you weren’t really pregnant. When you put your hand on your belly you remembered that it was a joke. But it didn’t mattered any more, you were hurt from what he said.”God dammit, Murphy.”You closed your eyes breathing heavily.”It was a joke.”

“Oh, thank God.”He said quietly, leaning back with a relief look on his face.

“We should meet other people, John.”You were looking at the ground, but you could still see with your peripheral vision how he raised his eyebrows in awe when you said it.

“(Y/N), don’t give me that crap…”He started.

“I can’t be with you anymore. I can’t be with someone who won’t take responsibility for their own child, because if I was really pregnant you would have left me.”You said, your voice harsh and cold now. You stood up and started walking towards Octavia, who was now closer to you and Murphy and had a shocked expression on her face. You heard the boy stand up and before he could grab your hand you turned around and slapped his cheek, leaving him stunned.“Don’t you dare come near me again.”Your voice started trembling again and new tears formed in your eyes. Before he could do anything else you turned on your heels and didn’t looked back.

Armin babysitting Eren's and Mikasa's kid
  • Kid: Uncle Armin, do you know where babies come from?
  • Armin: Yeah, but maybe you should ask your parents about that. *laughs*
  • Kid: I did, but Mommy confused me.
  • Armin: What did she say?
  • Kid: Mommy said it took love to make a baby.
  • Armin: Well, that's true. Love and about twelve years of sexual tension.
  • Kid: What does that mean?
  • Armin: Ask your mom! And tell her Daddy said to ask!
Family (Part 2)

Part 1(


You didn’t understand why it had to happen now. You already had two kids and Dick hadn’t even brought up the subject of a new one. What if he didn’t really want this kid? Two kids were enough and they were already driving you crazy.

You left the doctor’s office with a fake smile on your face. You don’t want to tell Dick yet. You didn’t want to tell Dick ever. Of course you worried about the little creature in you, you weren’t going to kill it just because you were going crazy at home. All you had to do was find the courage to tell Dick he’d have another little baby with you, that’d need love and affection and a hella lot time.

And you’d tell him. If you could ever find the courage to. A month had passed from your visit to the doctor and still it felt difficult to get him alone and tell him. In your state of despair you stopped eating, your belly wouldn’t swell a lot that way but it wasn’t long until Dick noticed. You didn’t usual get dark circles under your eyes.

“Baby? You’re early!” Dick excitedly said, and got up from beside Barbara at the table. The opened his hands and buried you deep inside them. “What happened are you okay?” He whispered in your ear as he noticed the lack of enthusiasm in your actions.

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

“Come eat with us, we just sat down!“Dick gestured you to the table, where your two little kids, Mary and John sat in silence and looked straight at you with their stunning blue eyes.

"I ate at work, but I can sure sit down with you"you tried to explain as to not to say no to your kids’ looks.

"You want to sit next to me mommy?” Your daughter said and of course you couldn’t deny her anything. You git close and took your son in your arms, placing him to seat next to his father. It took a while to take him off your arms, poor kid didn’t want to let go.

“Mommy, how was your day?” Asked Mary as you tried to help her roll her sleeves up so she wouldn’t get them dirty.

“Tiring baby. But I got off early to come and see you before bedtime.”
Part if it was true. You had indeed gotten off to see them before bedtime, but your boss was the one who actually told you to go home. These days you seemed weak he said. Too tired. You did work twelve hours a day nonetheless and as he said you needed some rest. But without Barbara at home John and Mary would go nuts. But you didn’t want to stay away from your kids even if they weren’t behaving politely. You wanted everything to be back to normal again. You wanted them to only love you and their father…

You felt your daughter stand up a bit and place a kiss at your cheek before she started eating. It wasn’t something big, but it brought a smile in your face and a euphoria to you for the next few days.

You discovered that spending sometime with them when they were calm and around their father and aunt made them be more calm, amd for the first time in months you were so happy to be around them. And you finally felt happy to tell Dick you were pregnant.

That until you started working nonstop again. It was a night when you came back for dinner again. You noticed everyone giving attention to Barbara, not you. She had amazing stories to tell, funny jokes and the enthusiasm to play with both your kids and husband.

You sat down to eat with them and a few nights later and then wash the dishes.
Mary came up to you and tagged at your shirt.
“Mommy, mommy!” She excitedly said and you turned around to face her.

“Tell me sweetie”

“Our teacher at school told us that we have to go with out mommies to a dance next Friday. And so I asked aunt Barbara to-”

“You asked who?” You snapped, your eyes wide in anger and your voice started raising. “I’m your mother Mary, not her! Me! I pushed you out of my womb and I don’t care if your father fucks her or if all of you love her more than me but I’m your mother and you better deal with that!” You yelled, anger pulsing through your body as you forgot you were talking to a five year old.

Dick didn’t waste a second in rushing to Mary taking her in his arms and took her away from you, tears staining her eyes.

You followed him up to your daughter’s bedroom and tried to listen to them talk. But you couldn’t and so as realisation came to you, you run down the stairs.

Barbara looked at you, stunned, she could never imagine you felt that way about her. She felt the need to speak, say anything, but what could she?

“Look (y/n) I didn’t know I made you feel that way, but Mary was-”

“Shut up Barbara. Tell Dick I’ll be at my mom’s if he needs me, which I doubt. ”

“Don’t say that. It was an outrage, it’s because you’re tired, it’s fine.” She tried to assure you, but you didn’t want any comfort. You had yelled at your kid as if she was something you could have an outrage on. You felt horrible. And seeing that your son feared to get close to you, all you wanted to do was leave.

“Just tell Dick I’m pregnant” you said, leaving Barbara speechless and exiting the house that once was peaceful.

With tears in your eyes you drove to your mother’s house, to spend the night there, or maybe the rest of your pitiful life. Dick wouldn’t be by your side anymore, he’d be with her, you’d be replaced.

But no. You loved him. Loved him way too much to give him up and the two if you had always gave eachother second chances. He wasn’t going to give you up either and you knew that once this was over your family would be happy again. You simply had to get home.

Your excitement was the last thing you felt before you felt yourself spin around and loud thuds of a car crushing filled your ears. Your vision slowly went black as your head started throbbing. Your life passed before your eyes as a tear sliped from the corner of your eye. You wanted to scream, you knew you were dying, but the baby inside you didn’t have to suffer. You didn’t have the power to speak as your vision went black and the sounds around you slowly started fading.

Most likely to...

Extended Imagine Requested by Anon: An extended Nemo imagine where you and Nemo where high school sweethearts and got married, one day Nemo comes home from work (Nemo that wears glasses) and the reader tells him she is pregnant and they are both really happy, flash forward to when the baby is born and a toddler

Author’s note: first Nemo imagine; it’s mainly based on the scenes where he interacts with his kids (in the ‘Elise’-universe)

sidenote: Y/D/N = your daughter’s name; thoughts except the part in ‘ ‘

Your name: submit What is this?

Author’s/Reader’s P.O.V

When Nemo finally popped the question, and asked you to marry him, no one was really surprised. After all you had been in a relationship since your early high school years. In the yearbook you both were even voted ‘most likely to get married and live happily ever after’. Classical High school sweethearts. As a joke, Nemo cut it out, and now it was hanging framed up at the wall in the hallway of your apartment.

Your wedding day had definitely been one of the best days of your life. All of your friends and family celebrated with you. Nemo was very nervous, but when he saw you walking down the aisle, all the nerves disappeared and were replaced with excitement. He was going to marry the love of his life: you. The priest pronounced you husband and wife, and Nemo carefully removed the veil from your face, and just stared at you for a moment. 

The priest cleared his throat, “You may now kiss the bride.” You both chuckled, and leaned in, your lips touching in a soft and intimate kiss.
Leaving the church, friends and family were cheering loudly, covering you both in rice and rose pedals, sending you off to your honeymoon.

Timeskip: 1 year later

You hadn’t been feeling too well for the past week, and Nemo had decided that you should go to the doctors, and skip work for the day. Reluctantly you agreed, and on his way to work, Nemo dropped you off at the doctor’s office. “Call me when you get back home, please?” Nemo requested, as you got ready to leave the car. “Sure. And you have a good day at work.”, you gave him a smile and a peck on the cheek. “I will, once I know you’re fine.”, he grinned, “I love you.” “Love you, too.” You waved to him, as he drove away.

“Alright then, Mrs. Nobody. The nurse told me, you haven’t been feeling well the past week. Could you please tell me a little more about that, any specific symptoms?”, the doctor asked you, looking at you expectantly. “Yes, well, mostly I’ve been feeling really exhausted and nauseous. And for example, two days ago, my husband cooked me my favorite meal, and I just couldn’t keep it down. Like I suddenly hated the taste of it.”
The doctor chuckled, “Well, Mrs. Nobody, I have an idea about what is going on, but I’d like to quickly confirm my theory, if that’s alright.” You nodded, a confused expression on your face. “Please lift your shirt up a little for me.” You did as he instructed and suddenly it dawned on you, what he had in mind. The doctor spread some cold semi-liquid creme on your belly, and gently maneuvered the little scanner over it. “Alright, if you just look at the screen right here, you see the little bug that’s been causing you to feel a little ill. Congratulations Mrs. Nobody.” A smile spread across your face: you were pregnant.

You returned home, and called Nemo, telling him not to worry, and that the doctor said everything was fine. You didn’t want him to worry, but also didn’t want to tell him about the news over the phone. Instead, you opted to wait for him to come home, cook a nice meal for the both of you and announce your pregnancy then.

It was already late, when Nemo finally came home from work. The dinner you had prepared was cold by now but you weren’t mad. You knew how busy it could get at his workplace, and that it was unpredictable. He made up for it by greeting you with a bouquet of your favorite flowers, and very passionate kiss that made you weak in the knees.
“I’m sorry for being home so late, and ruining dinner.”, he apologized, clearly feeling guilty. You chuckled, “It’s alright. You’re home now. I could warm the food up, and we could have a late dinner?”
“I wish.”, Nemo sighed, “But I still have some work to do.”
“Oh, alright.” Guess I’ll have to tell him on another day… “I’m sorry. I’ll try to be quick. Why don’t you head to bed already, hmm?”
“Okay, don’t work too hard.”, you replied, already heading to your bedroom. “I won’t. Love you.”

A glance at your watch told you it was already past midnight, and Nemo was still working. Shaking your head, you got up and went to the living room, where you found your husband still sitting at his desk. “Honey, don’t you think it’s time for bed?” He laughed, “I’m not a child, you know?”
“Sure? Because I could swear that I saw you making faces at yourself in the mirror this morning.”, you said, and stuck your tongue out at him. “Fine, but it’s a lot of fun, you should try it some time.”, he replied, and re-focused on his work.

“Nemo! Come on, it’s really late.” He stopped what he was doing and checked his watch, “Alright. I’m coming.”

Finally, he got up, and in a matter of seconds was by your side, his arm wrapped around your waist, pulling you close to him. Clinging together, you made your way into the bedroom. Waiting for him to get ready, you already made yourself comfortable in the bed. A few minutes later, Nemo snuggled under the covers next to you, pulling you closer again. You kissed his cheek, then rested your head on his chest. “You know, there’s something I wanted to tell you during dinner.” “Yeah, what’s that?” You smiled, “I’m pregnant.”

Nemo glanced down at you, double checking if he heard you correctly, “You’re pregnant?” You nodded smiling. “I’m going to be a dad!”, Nemo shouted excitedly, almost jumping out of the bed. “Oh my god, this is amazing!” He laid down on his side, so he could face you, “I love you so much, Y/N.”, he said smiling, kissing you softly. “I love you, too.”
Nemo scooted down a bit, now facing your belly, “Hey little one, I’m your dad.”, he spoke to your belly, the excited tone still in his voice, “I can’t wait to meet you. But for now, don’t give your mom too much trouble, okay? She’s absolutely amazing, and she’ll be the best mom you could ever wish for.” You laughed, “So, no pressure then.”
Nemo, jokingly, glared up at you, “Shhh, I’m talking to my daughter. Anyway, I love you so much already but I think now, we should probably both go to sleep. Good night little one.” He gently kissed your stomach. Running your hand through his hair, you looked down at him, “You’ll be a great dad, and I’m very lucky to be your wife.” He chuckled, “And I’m very lucky that you agreed to go out with me in our last junior high year. I love you.”

Time skip: 8 months and 2 years later

Today was Y/D/N second birthday. You couldn’t believe how fast time had gone by. It felt like almost yesterday that you held her in your arms for the first time. Even though she was still little, Nemo wanted to throw a big party for her, so you invited a lot of the kids from around the neighborhood, and some of the children from her kindergarten.
The party was in full swing, and while Y/D/N was very content snacking on a piece of cake, your husband took great joy in entertaining the rest of the young guests. Dancing around to the music, playing games, and making sure everybody was having a good time.

A bit out of breath, Nemo came up behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist, “This is so much fun.” You giggled, “Yup, and in 1-2 years, Y/D/N will be right there with you.”
“She’s now, too. I was just stopping by to tell my beautiful wife that she did an amazing job organizing all this, and that I love her. And now, I’ll kidnap our child, and show her the greatness that is the bouncing house.” You laughed, “Alright, but be careful. Both of you.” Nemo smiled, kissing you quickly, before picking up his daughter, and making his way out into the garden.
Seeing him be so happy and excited, you couldn’t wait for the party to be over, and find a quiet moment to tell him that in a few months, he would have another little one to entertain and care for.

“(Y/n) baby girl come sit with daddy!” Yet another intoxicated guy yelled towards you.

You were currently at a ‘small’ get together that was currently a full blown out drunk party. You were somehow center of attention, probably because your boyfriend nor his friends were there. So you were on your own in the small black cocktail dress.
“Nooooo” you slurred.
Yeah you were drunk as well.
You couldn’t help it. You and Nash had just recently gotten into a fight because lately he hasn’t really been paying you much attention. He’d promise you he’d take you out considering you hardly got to do anything with him with him being busy with so many things, but then he’d cancel the plans at last minute.
Like for tonight for example. You had asked him he wanted to go watch a movie in theaters with you since he wasn’t doing anything he rejected your quest to hang out with Cameron and Carter. So you decided you were going to go hang with your friends as well.
Unfortunately for you though, there was more alcohol in the punch than they claimed.

You stumbled your way to the couch where a pile of guys were at, laughing.

Before you knew it, you were sitting one of the guys laps while others were throwing cheeky pick up lines to you.

“Get your hands off my girlfriend!” You heard an oh-so familiar voice yell from behind you. You saw Nash, Cameron, and the jacks all standing there, looking at you. Your eyes widened. Of course you weren’t going to cheat but that didn’t mean you didn’t flirt and lead these guys on, which Nash could tell that you had done that. “Oh come we’re just having a little fun” the guy said from under you. “(Y/n) let’s go. We’re going home. Now.” Nash commanded pointing to where his feet were. You sighed like a kid, struggling to stand up from the built guys lap. “Bye guys!” You slurred right as you turned around to leave you felt one of the guys tug your arm back towards him making you once again fall on his lap. “come on baby girl. We know you don’t want to go with this guy” the built man said. You furrowed your eyebrows at the man. You of course wanted to go back with Nash, you were just so out of it you couldn’t really make your way to him. “Seriously, that’s my girlfriend! She’s not even 18 yet! Let her go!” He said to the man. All of them looked at you with wide eyes not realizing your age before letting you go. “Babbbbyyyy” you slurred with open arms. Nash didn’t even hug you, he just tossed you over his shoulder, bringing you outside to the car. “You just don’t know when to stop whoring around do you? ” nash said while buckling you up I’m the front seat. The rest of the guys piled in the back seat being as quiet as they could. You just sat there pouting with your arms crossed over your chest. It was a good hour long drive and you only had a 15 minute ride left until youd grt to your destination and by that time you had gotten pretty much sober, and you knew nash was beyond pissed with you. “Do you have any water?” You asked turning to the pink faced boy who was gripping at the steering wheel. He just gripped it tighter, his knuckles going white. You stared at him for a few seconds until you saw a water bottle being handed to you by cameron. “Thank you cameron” you said loudly. “I really appreciate the fact you care about my needs” you said in a sassy tone. You were about to turn around when Nash slammed on the breaks, stopping the car in the middle of the road. “Nash!” You yelled looking at him before looking behind your seat out the back window. “What if there was a car behind us!? We would have all just died!” You yelled. “And if it wasn’t for me you’d probably be getting raped and thrown into the ditch!” He yelled back just as loud. You lowered your head, looking out the window. Guilt filled in your stomach. You couldn’t thank him enough for that. There was no telling what those guys would have done to you and if it wasn’t for nash fighting to get you back, you don’t know where you’d be right now. You silently watched the street lights as nash continued to drive to the shared apartments. After a good 15 minutes since the Minny fight you had, you were there. You and nash were the last ones out of the car as the other three boys did not want to stay behind to witness anymore arguing. You were about to walk inside when you felt nash pulling at your elbow, your back hitting his chest. “ I want you to be completely naked on the bed when I get inside and if you’re not, you’re going to get even more punished than you are going to be already” he growled in your ear. You felt him place the key to the room in your hand before he pushed you slightly towards the lobby doors of the hotel. Your eyes widened but you quickly obeyed, running in the lobby towards the elevator, Nash staying behind at the car. Your heart was racing as you imagined the things he might do to you. You knew you were gonna get it from the first incident but you probably added extra from the incident in the car. You finally made it to the hotel room, your hands shaking while you tried to unlock the door. You sighed heavily as you unlocked the door leaving it just barely cracked so he could get in but then decided to shut it fully considering he probably had both keys and now just his. You ran towards the bedroom, unzipping the dress from the side. “Fuck!” You groaned as you struggled to pull the dress down past your waist since it was so tight. You finally got it off, kicking your heels off. You laid flat against the bed on your back Completely nude. You were nervous, there was no telling what Nash was going to do to you. He was hardly ever rough when it came to sex so you had no idea what he had in planned. As more and more kinky thoughts crawled through your head, you couldn’t help but to trail your hand down your stomach until you hit the heated area that was throbbing for touch. “(Y/n) in pretty sure I didn’t say you could touch yourself” you heard, causing yourself to jump. You sat up to see nash standing there breathing hard, his shirt already off. “I’m sorry” was all you could say.

You watched as his eyes darkened before he crawled onto the bed towards you before kiss in you roughly. “You don’t understand how scared I was tonight” he said through kisses. “I thought you were going to stay with those guys… A-and I would’ve lost you” he sighed, his weight getting heavier onto you. “You’ll never lose me, ” you whispered in his ear seductively, craving him, needing to feel him in you. “Shh. You’ve played enough bad girl tonight. ” he said before plunging a finger roughly into you, making you moan loudly. “Still so fucking tight” he groaned before kissing your chest as you moved up under him. Nash had continued to tease you in many ways until he couldn’t handle it himself. Just watching you frustrated was teasing himself. “Nash please just fuck me already” you groaned, your sexual frustration getting the best of you. “Your wish is my command” he said simple before he pushed his pants down enough for his member to spring up. You watched him as he slid himself easily into you, you both moaning loudly to the feeling’s. “I wish you knew how amazing you feel” he mumbled as he thrusted roughly into you. You just kissed his shoulder as his tip hit your g-spot. “Oh god I’m close” you said throwing your head back. Nash suddenly pulled out, lying next to you after fulling kicking his pants and boxers off. You were about to say something when you felt your body being lifted over. You immediately realized what he wanted as quickly slid your self down on him, instantly rocking your hips back and forth. You watched his mouth open slightly as his eyes closed tightly, his eyebrows furrowed together and his hair stuck to his for head from sweat. You heard the head board of the hotel bed hit the wall multiple times as you roughly rode Nash. “I can see you’re close baby girl, come for me ” he said before roughly rubbing your clit. “Fuck!” You screamed as you hit your climax, nash shortly after. You continued to thrust against him a couple of more times before falling off of him and laying next to him. “I’m sorry” you said softly after catching your breath. “Don’t be sorry that felt amazing” he said before kissing your forehead. “Not that nash” you said, your shoulders slumping slightly. “Then what baby girl?” He asked. Rubbing his hand up and down your nude side. “I was being immature and that’s what got us into the mess earlier. ” you said, laying your head against his hard chest. “What do you mean?” He asked, concern filling in his voice. “I guess I was just wanting attention. I mean lately, you don’t really notice me anymore. You’re always out with the boys and you’ll make promises with me and break them like they were nothing. But that still doesn’t give me a right to get secretly drunk at a club. Once again I’m sorry” you said, a single tear falling. “Hey don’t cry! I don’t blame you for feeling that way. I didn’t realize how much I was leaving you out until you sent me those messages” he said looking down at you. You furrowed your eyebrows, looking up at him. “What messages?” You asked. He grinned before reaching out of his pants pocket, pulling his phone out. He handed you the phone and you were immediately embarrassed. (You)- ‘bbbabbbbyyy I miss you :( ’ (N)- ’ I miss you too love’ (Y) - ‘no nash I swear you’re secretly dating Cameron, you spend more time with him than me’ (N)- ‘come on babe, you know that’s not true. I thought we already discussed this..’ (Y) - ’ I want more alcohol!’ (N)- ‘what?’ (N)- ’ are you drunk?’ (Y)- ‘fine be that way! I’ll just fuck this guy with food in his beard, he’ll appreciate me more’ (N)- ’ (y/n) where are you? I’m coming to get you ’ (Y) - ‘idk (y/f/n) brought me here lol’ (Y) - ‘nasshhhhhhh ’ (Y)- ’ text me backkk nash’ (Y)- ‘nashy bear ;)’ (Y)- ‘fine loser I don’t like you anyways -.- ’ You were giggling by the time you were done reading. “that’s embarrassing. I hate drunk texts.” You said hiding your face. “No I’m glad I was on your mind, or I would have never came to the rescue” he said before placing kisses on your lips. “I promise from now on to spend a lot more time with you. You deserve it” he said. “Deal”
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Request: The reader and JB have a cute 2 year old daughter and she constantly demands for a sibling, but reader is reluctant so JB convinces her and they “get to work”

Length: 450 words

Genre: Fluff/Suggestive

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The assassins reaction to their child asking them how babies are made

Altaïr: Is a no-nonsense parent so he’s definitely the kind of parent that is like “Okay listen up I’m going to tell you where babies come from.” At the end of it his child is usually utterly mortified and go tells you about it. You scolded the assassin later. Telling him that he should have waited until your child was older.

Ezio: He’s the type of parent who promises he’ll tell his kid where babies come from one day, but not today. This has been going on in a vicious cycle ever since his child first started asking him when they were like 6; they’re 13 now. After much encouragement (forcing him) from you he finally tells his child.

Connor: He goes instantly red in the face when his child asks him the dreaded question. He doesn’t know what to do. Are they ready to know? What will happen when they learn this new information? What wOULD THEY DO IN THE FUTURE? “Go ask your mother!” Is his only response.

Edward: Edward’s pretty chill about the whole situation. He’ll first decide whether or not his child is ready to learn such information. If they are he’ll sit them down and they’ll have a serious talk, Edward figures they’re going to learn sooner or later so they might as well learn it from their father.

Arno: Arno’s definitely going to tell his child about where babies come from, but he’s the type to skim over the major details. He’s the type of parent that would be like, “Well when two parents love each other so much, they decide to show their love to each other, and then you’re born!” You’re going to have to be the one to actually tell your child where babies come from.

Jacob: In his mind he’s like, “Oh no, the day has come. I’ve been preparing for this ever since you were born. Ready to have this talk with you as I was given when I was your age. I’m ready to help you take this step into maturity by giving you this knowledge.” But when he actually speaks all he can get out is, “Penis.”

Evie: She’s that parent that’s going to go FULL OUT when telling her child how babies are made. She’ll be detailed and will like use diagrams. She’s also going to be that parent that ends up telling her kid too early. After he child asks the innocent question at like age 7 she’ll be like “Okay so first the mommy and daddy-” “Evie no!”