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I was thinking abt the fact that a lot of stuff was revealed right at the end of the episode which makes sense but also like. was smart bc now they have time to figure out exactly how they want their character to react- also their remembering things slowly, so even Taako won't know much about Lup at first?

probably a clever tactic on griffin’s part so that they can all do as they please and lup can become whoever the rest of them say she is organically rather than having to have them try to guess and griffin comes in like “actually your memories tell you otherwise, shes this way!” which is just…. necessary in this medium lol. hes doing so many storytelling things that are real cool but REAL real hard to actually execute in a game of dungeons and dragons. and its awesome how hes managing it but it also makes a lot of things become painfully predictable bc his vehicles for getting this information across are so limited.

you can be unapologetically ace/aro!

you can be loud and proud about your asexuality/aromanticism!

you’re allowed to be happy about being ace/aro!

don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

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I sometimes feel that if I weren't poor I'd be more happy. Or less sad. I'm a young adult and I'm now realize how much my father hardly contributed to the family. He never had a constant job, always stays at home watching TV and smoking dope never put much effort into being a parent. All while my mom struggled to pay for everything with a good job. But her good job with four family members still made us lower class. 1/2

Long story short I resent him and feel as though if he contributed more I’d be in a different place. I find it fustrating that dreaming about owning a house in a decent area with a steady income and possibly having a pet is such a big thing to me but is no sweat to most others. Sorry for venting. I’ve been holding that in around everyone.

Owning a house with a steady income IS a big deal. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise…being poor is awful and makes people unhappy, of course you’d be unhappy if you couldn’t afford things to live.

I was never on the poverty line but there were times in my life my family was very poor because of bad decisions made by my dad… it’s obviously not the same experience but to a degree I understand how you feel. It really sucks being there, it really really fucking sucks. You’re not “letting” it make you unhappy, you’re not weak for realistically being effected by it. You’re not any less of a person because money effects your happiness, I think anyone who says otherwise is incredibly ignorant and harmful.

Thank you for venting to me and trusting me enough with these tender thoughts. I hope talking about it made you feel relieved at least. Please don’t be ashamed for your goals, they’re not small in the least. They’re wonderful dreams that you absolutely deserve, and I hope you can get them someday

Can we take a moment to appreciate

Chris’s facial/body hair?

girls of color are so precious!!
queer girls of color? fucking beautiful!!
nonbinary girls of color? hella sweet angels!!
trans girls of color? goddesses among humanity!!
sapphic girls of color? marvelous!! 100/10!!
disabled girls of color? so pretty!!
autistic girls of color? gorgeous!!
chronically ill girls of color? pure n adorable!!