tell you no

I just want to thank Dan and Phil for showing what a healthy relationship looks like. It really helps me see them interact and determine what traits I like to see in people I want to be friends with or associate myself with.

don’t think about driving with tom and singing maroon 5 together and his fingers intertwined with yours over the center console and then she will be loved came on and at a stoplight he’s tracing his thumb over the back of your knuckles and tapping his other fingers on the steering wheel and emphasizing the lyric “she will be loved” with a cheesy smile in your direction

Ok, I’ve waited 12 hours and had a good long sleep, thought it over, and I’m still kinda upset. Someone recently posted some false information about me and my actions while directly insulting me. I don’t want to have to post about this, because what can I do that won’t exacerbate things? But I’m an individual human being, and I try very hard to hold myself to a certain set of values, so it cuts me very deep when someone goes around telling other people that I’ve done things that I haven’t.

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Tweek: I used to…A lot of bad stuff would happen because we were gay. The violence was almost always directed at me. I wasn’t weak, I could fight back but…Sometimes…it was too much to handle. I wanted to end it. Craig was bullied because of ME….But he was always there to save me. He would say that…he needed me just as much as I needed him. He was hurting too, but we always had each other.

…and over time I realized….that if we were happy together, it didn’t matter who disagreed. Because he helped me with my anxiety, he was there at the hardest part of my life, and I was there for him to spill his emotions when being the ‘strong and silent’ type got to be too much.

So now, if someone doesn’t like  use being together….too bad.

We’re happy.

That’s what counts.

also can i just say that the amount of people that have told me they have a crush on phil is ridiculous

i’m not even talking tweets from you guys that you tag me in like i’m talking actual people we know in actual real life that have told me over the years

and every time i’m like… great? good for you? why don’t you tell him that? do you want my blessing? because your sorry ass isn’t getting it

- dan

I’m a top. Like I’m a top. Imatop. Like when someone says, “that’s a cute top” I’ll be like “lol, me. Becauseimatop”. But. But but butt but…

I have a few ( many ) mutuals that could pack and ride this ass like a train in Tokyo during rush hour


tsc meme [2/10] scenes » mark and kieran’s farewell

“Lightly, Mark touched Kieran’s cheek. The faerie prince’s eyes were wide and tearless. But in them Mark could see a wilderness of loneliness. A thousand dark nights spent riding with no home to arrive at. “I do not forgive you,” he said. “But you helped us, at the end. I do not know what would have happened if you hadn’t. So if you need me—if it’s a true need—send for me and I will come.”

i guess what i’m trying to say is that the writer’s deliberate intentions are important of course, but there’s going to be a hell of a lot more in any story than what the writer MEANT to put in it. and the reader makes the story, too.