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ive been literally watching nothing but the great british bake off so naturally this had to happen

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what your favourite golden age pink floyd album says about you

the dark side of the moon: always orders the same thing at restaurants, likes drugs (probably acid), seems chill but is actually not

wish you were here: music snob, has minimalist fashion sense, sneers at corporations, romanticises loneliness

animals: a fan of dystopian stories, angry all the time, writes angsty poetry with too many metaphors

the wall: dramatic bitch, composes elaborate fictions that they want to tell other people about, most likely to offend in the name of art

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Sub harry who is just discovering his kinks and your fucking him one day and put your hand on his neck and he says tighter in a breathy little whimper and so you do and that's how he finds out he likes getting choked


okay so he’s come home from a day of recording at the studio and he’s all tuckered out but feeling really needy as well so he practically begs you to fuck him.

He’s so docile you don’t even need to tie him down. He’s laying out all sweaty across the bed, sheer black shirt unbuttoned all the way and his pants and briefs are discarded on the floor at the end of the bed. You’re riding him hard and fast, bouncing on his cock roughly with the back of your thighs slapping down on his, feeling his balls against your ass every time you sink down. His arms are above his head, splayed out limply with his fingers messing at the ends of his mussed up hair, whining softly as you bite down his neck and scratch up his chest, blowing on the stinging red lines and causing him to whimper all throaty and high.

“God, you’re amazing, y'know that?” Harry’s voice is soft and timid, eyes glued to your chest hungrily as it bounces in your perky lace bra– one he’d bought you at a fancy boutique when he was off shooting for the film in France.

“And you’re extremely thick. Did you know that?” You drag your lips sloppily down the spine of the butterfly tattoo, tongue peeking out to lap at one of his puffy nipples.

He answers with a short, wispy hiccup of, “Maybe.”

Your arms are holding his elbows down against the mattress, making sure he doesn’t move to touch you. Your knees are pressed up against his hips to give you balance as you slam down on him, his entire body jolting against the bed, cracked moans and soft keening stuttering from the heavy movement. He looks absolutely enthralling, with his cheeks tinted rose and his big green eyes all doe-like and innocent, swollen bottom lip tucked under his front two teeth as he thrums out shaky hums of gratitude, filled with, “Fuck me so good, darling. No one takes m'cock like you do.” and “You’re so tight, peach. Snug little cunt gonna fuckin’ ruin me for good, innit? Gonna make your baby boy come so hard it hurts…”

You’re hand reaches towards his neck out of instinct, fingers wrapping around the back as your thumb presses softly against his bobbing Adam’s Apple, using your palm to bring him towards your mouth. You keep his throat stuck to your lips, teeth sinking in sweetly and marking deep purple bruises into his soft, tanned skin. Something to look forward to seeing on him tomorrow morning as he’s spread out over the pillows with the side of his face pasted to the cushion, hair in a fluffy, wild halo with the sheets hanging low on his hips, revealing all of the maroon and violet love bites scattered down the tight muscles of his back, across his broad shoulders and speckling his delicate neck.

You’re so caught up in your thoughts you hadn’t realized you’d tightened your grip, thumb pressing down harder into his juglar and causing his breathing to shutter.

You immediately release your hold, apologies spilling from your lips as you kiss at his flushed ears with care, worried to death.

“More.” Harry’s croak is airy and quaking, but insistent nonetheless.

You stare at him for a second, surprised by the new development. But you grant him his wish, wrapping your fingers around his throat and tightening like before. “Like this?”

He nods feverishly, suckling his bottom lip into his mouth, bright, canopy green eyes rolling into the back of his head as the edges of his mouth twitch up into a teeny, satisfied smile. “Jus’ like that.”

You continue rocking against him, other hand cradling the side of his face as you gradually close your fingers further around his neck, relying on his body language and sounds of pleasure to guide you on this new territory. And what a discovery this is.

Harry looks incredibly sexy with his head tilted all the way back against the pillow, jaw flexing alluringly as his ruby lips are parted, heavy whimpers and short gasps rawing his lungs. His eyes are barely cracked open, heavy lashes brushing the tops of his simmering cheeks as he looks down on you with so much lust it burns. He pouts his bottom lip out pleadingly, talking meekly. “Can I have a kiss?”

You respond by flushing your lips against his, tongue dipping in teasingly and pulling out to skim his upper lip temptingly, drawing a deep, needy whine from him, air puffing out shallow and quivering.

“Such a naughty boy. Getting kinkier every day, y'know that?“

Harry returns your comment with a coy grin, tilting his head forward so that your fingertips dig deeper against his throat, bruising himself in the process and smiling as he feels the marks blossoming. He softens his eyes into looking all watery and innocent, but you can see a devilish glint in the specks of gold that shimmer in his irises.

“And you’re a pretty little thing with a tight cunt and a knack for returning my kinks. Did you know that?”



An Adventure Through Atem's Yuugi feels
  • First Arc/Season Zero: "Look at my tiny, precious other self. He is too good for this world, and anyone who looks at him OR our friends funny is getting the business end of a penalty game."
  • Duelist Island: "-how are you so wonderful? I can't even process this, like what? You still trust me? You want to help me? Work with me? I'm your friend? I just- I-" *Beams into oblivion.*
  • Otogi Arc: "You are perfect. I want you to be happy and get everything good in life and I'd rather be here to witness every second of it, if that's cool with you."
  • Battle City: *Just Plumb's "Don't Deserve You" playing quietly in the background.*
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! R: "H-he might, resent me? Might HATE me???" *Instantly hyperventilating, full blown panic attack, cannot handle this!* "...W-what? Oh, you DON'T hate me? ...Okay then, I'm cool." *Instant recovery, you saw nothing.*
  • Millennium World: "Boy, I sure hope my partner AND friends are okay." "Partner... friends... where are you?" "Partner!!! Friends!! You came!!" "...What do you mean I keep referring to Yuugi like he's somehow unique and it wouldn't fit to just lump him in with my other friends?? That's crazy. You're crazy. You need to watch that."
  • Ceremonial Duel: "Okay, let's all ignore how blatantly I was trying my damnedest to win that duel so I could stay with my partner, and focus on how I couldn't be prouder of him. Cool? Cool."
  • DSoD: "So, I just thought I'd show up at the last second. You know, break all of the laws of life and death to help you and share a totally platonic, lingering, goes-on-forever smile. ...........Okay, I'm good. See you the next time Zorc refuses to stay dead~" 💕

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an amnesia fic idea for a setting where sid and geno aren't together (yet): sid loses his memories but somehow no one knows. he just goes to practice like normal because he found his schedule and he knows what day it is. he remembers hockey, of course. he can figure out who his teammates are by watching them interact and call out each other's nicknames. then geno comes directly up to sid and BEAMS at him and sid instantly decides that this wonderful guy MUST be his boyfriend. (lol he's not)

lmao thats wild but how about 18-yo Sidney mind-traveled (just pretend it’s a Stanley Cup magic thing) to his 30 year old body, and he’s so pleased that he has a team who loves him and also a boyfriend too!!! until Geno shows up with a woman he introduces as his girlfriend during their team outings and Sidney is just…..heartbroken.

“Oh,” he says, looking at Geno and the blonde up and down. “I, uh, I’m–”

“Sid, you okay?” Flower asks.

“Yeah, yeah I’m fine,” Sidney says quickly, setting the drinks down and backing up. “I just, um, I just remembered something I had to do at home.”

“You not having dog, Sid,” Geno says.

“Well, maybe I do!” Sidney yells back, then lowers his voice when he realizes that his entire team is staring at him, and Geno looks taken aback. “I mean–I’m sorry. I’m going to go home. Sorry.”


Sidney calls Taylor first. No dice. Then his mother, who picks up on the second ring.

“You alright, honey?” her voice asks warmly. Sidney feels the tears start to well up.

Mom,” he says. Then he just absolutely loses it. 

“Sidney,” his mom says, but he can barely hear her voice over the receiver and his own blubbering. 

“Mom, I want to go home,” he sobs. “Are you home? Can I come home?” 

“Sidney, shh, shh,” his mom says. “It’s alright, baby, you’re alright. Shh.” She keeps making these soothing noises and lets Sidney finish crying. 

(basically the following scene is just him explaining to his mom that he knows he’s 18, but somehow he time traveled to his 30 yo body, and let’s say they get his dad on the phone too and they believe him because this is like a hockey magic thing that happens when people get stressed, like getting deaged or something. Sidney can’t come home, but they do promise that he can call them again anytime until he’s back to normal, and that they love him very much.

Later, after Sidney has showered and is getting ready for bed, his doorbell rings. He really doesn’t want to open the door, but then his phone rings too. It’s Flower.)

“Took you long enough,” Flower begins, then takes in Sidney’s red-rimmed, puffy eyes. “Woah. You okay?”

“I’m okay,” Sidney sighs. “Just tired.”

“You left the bar so suddenly. Geno’s pissed. He’s been wanting to introduce his girlfriend to you for weeks.”

“Oh,” Sidney says, his voice small. “I’ll…I’ll apologize to him later. I’m sorry, Flower, this is a really bad time–”

(Flower eventually wrangles the truth out of him, and listens in shock as Sidney reveals that he’s not himself, that he’s time traveled.)

“I thought we were dating,” Sidney admits in shame, hating how dumb he sounds. “I just–he was so nice to me–I thought–after all these years, I’d finally…you know. Have someone. Be happy. But, um.” He looks up, bites his bottom lip, and tries to blink away tears. “I’m just. You know. The same.” 

“Oh, Sidney,” Flower says, and wraps him in a hug. “Fuck.”

“I really liked him, Flower,” Sidney whispers. “I really, really thought I finally had it all. But that’s really asking for too much. I’m just being stupid. Sorry.”

“I’m so fucking sorry,” Flower replies.

(He eventually tells the team the truth, that he can’t remember anything past age 18, and the team doctors eventually say he’ll be back to normal soon.)

“Yeah, well, that’s the good news, at least,” Sidney says, looking at the ground and trying to ignore the eyes on him. “That, and me still being able to play.”

(He pulls Geno aside before they head out for practice, even though his legs are shaking.)

“Hey,” Sidney says. “Geno. I’m–I’m really sorry…the other day. I shouldn’t have been so rude.”

“It’s okay,” Geno says gruffly, not looking at Sid. “You not know.”

“I didn’t know how to tell you.”

“You should have telling me. I’m best friend, I’m help,” Geno says.

“I know, I just–” Sidney sneaks a look behind him. “Look. I’m really sorry. I already told Flower this, but I think I have to say this. I thought we were dating.”

Geno stops moving. “What?”

“I thought we were together. I’m–” He sighs. “I didn’t know what was going on. You were so nice to me. And no one’s ever that nice to me unless they want something, but you never did, so I just assumed–” He wrings his hand helplessly. “I freaked out. I’m over it now. But I’m really, really sorry about what happened.”

Geno opens his mouth, then closes it again. “So…you think, at bar, I’m cheat?”

“No!” Sidney shakes his head, but purses his lips. “Well. A little bit, in the beginning. But after a few seconds I figured that we weren’t together in the first place. So I was just mad at myself, and I shouldn’t have taken it out on you.”

“You want date me?”

“I wish you’d stop rubbing it in,” Sidney grumbles. “I’m going to head out. We good?”

“No, we not good,” Geno says, pulling Sidney back. “What happen after? After you leave bar?”

“I…went home.” Geno is still staring at him, so Sidney admits, “I called my mom. Cried a bit. Went to sleep.” He shrugs. “I really don’t have a dog.”

“Sidney, I’m so sorry,” Geno says mournfully, which just breaks Sidney’s heart even more, because it means Geno’s confirming that there won’t ever be anything between them. Sidney wishes everyone could just stop apologizing. 

“You don’t have to be sorry,” Sidney says.

Then Geno kisses him, out of the blue. Sidney gasps a bit and nearly bites off his own tongue, but Geno is insistent, slotting a leg between Sidney’s thighs and tipping him back a little bit. 

“I’m sorry for make cry,” Geno says breathlessly, when he pulls back. 

(anyways it turns out that Geno is also sorry that he was too chicken to ask sidney out sooner, and the girl was just his friend visiting from home, and geno just brought her to make sid jealous etc etc. sidney is back to normal soon and they date and everything is roses the end)