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Hello, I'm not a 'larrie' but anyways i wholeheartedly agree with your thoughts-on-Liam post. It feels so weird thinking of him as an actual father. Now, I'm a Louie girl but his kid doesn't stop me from thirsting over him and i was wondering why that was the case and i guess its cause he doesn't give two shits about being a dad for freddie lmao but with Liam its different because he's so genuine with it. (And If larry is a thing, then I'm sorry Harry for thirsting on your man sorry not sorry)

“And If larry is a thing, then I’m sorry Harry for thirsting on your man sorry not sorry” - I need this framed and also harry to see this 

I was curious how it was determined that Lebanon, Kansas was the geographic center of the contiguous US. I thought like maybe they measured the amount of land on every side and had it try to match the amount on the opposite side or something that makes sense and at least sounds a little official.

Turns out, “in 1918, the Coast and Geodetic Survey found this location by balancing on a point a cardboard cutout shaped like the U.S. Incredibly, this method was accurate to within twenty miles.”

That is is both very underwhelming and better than any hoity-toity scientific way of figuring it out.

EDIT: I’d like to thank everyone for pointing out that this is in fact a scientific way of figuring it out. Pardon me for thinking balancing a cardboard cutout of the US sounds pretty bullshitty. Fuck y'all.

  • *on the hogwarts express for the first time*
  • Rose: this is it. This is where our parents first met and this is where we'll meet the people who we'll spend the rest of school - maybe even the rest of our lives - with. This is a BIG DEAL and it's important that we choose the right people to-
  • Albus: *pointing at scorpius* that one
  • Rose: what?
  • Albus: that one
  • Rose: ...
  • Rose: you... you can't pick that one... he's not... but he's
  • Albus: THAT ONE

What a happy kiddo!!!!!

(@thecelticassassin - Mob in C1!!)

I’m so proud of tsukki from the last episode so i drew him

Frank (Ian Alexander) and Josie (Rowan Blanchard) are the only new kids in their freshman class, and quickly become best friends, bonding over their shared fascination with everything mystery related - Frank has done extensive research about famous unsolved cases for his tumblr blog, and Josie is an aspiring crime novelist, with a large collection of Agatha Christie books. With the help of their english teacher, Mr. Aoki (George Takei), they form a mystery club, but only one other student joins - a junior, Nancy (Amandla Stenberg). At first, the only mysteries they have to solve are things from Encyclopedia Brown novels. But when one of their classmates goes missing, and the club finds themselves caught up in it, they find that real mysteries are much more complicated than they could have imagined.

ok, this is my 2 cents and then i’m done lol: 

harry saying nothing rn is totally cool and fine IF he’s still on hiatus and not dropping an album in 10 weeks (or less). the registration of a touring company does show an intent, regardless of when it’s going to happen. so, i really hope he’s not putting out an album until after dunkirk. mainly because he’s so distanced from 1D fans right now and it makes him look like a person that i know he’s not. 

if he were to wait until after dunkirk, it would be perfect timing. he would have re-engaged his fans and also engaged new ones with dunkirk promo…awesome segue! 

and yes, i’ve been a total supporter of harry’s right to silence during this hiatus. which he DOES have and it’s totally copacetic IF he’s continuing hiatus until around when dunkirk promo starts. but to just not be engaged at all and then suddenly drop something out of NOWHERE and just expect everyone to buy it just because we’re here…seems arrogant and presumptuous and i don’t like it. 

so…in conclusion…i love harry TO DEATH, as if he were my own, but i don’t like this vibe right now. don’t get me wrong, i’mma still buy his album but…i don’t like the whole… situation (IF it is in fact, the real situation) and jeff should Do Better if this is happening Soon.