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Marvel’s Luke Cage Meme: [4/5] Scenes - Mariah Dillard and Patricia Wilson confront Inspector Ridley and Detective Knight about police brutality (1x10)


ALEX AND JO IN EVERY EPISODE || You Haven’t Done Nothin’ (13x09)

After the trail, if I just take off, if I leave, it’s not because of you. It’s because my testimony will be a matter of record or whatever. But I don’t want you to think that it’s you ever. 

Hey! Don’t go anywhere, no matter what happens, okay? 

I don’t want him to find me. He can’t find me.

This is your life. You’re Jo Wilson. You belong here. 

few screeenshots of redraws I’ve never finished and probably won’t :’3

i made my own fantasy football avengers team and i also made them matching outfits 

“The process starts with character. It starts with story and character and that drives everything else because all the detail and explosions and fidelity we add on top of that is nothing if you don’t believe in those characters and the story they’re telling you.” ~ David Wilson, Blur Director


I’m watching House MD, s4e03.

House’s just woken up from a coma induced by electrocution for a near death experience attempt. Wilson is at his bedside (of course), they snipe at each other a bit, and then there’s this exchange:

WILSON: Just looking at you hurts. I’m gonna order up some extra pain meds.

HOUSE: I love you.

House in pains = Wilson in pain.

“I love you” is one of the first things House tells Wilson after a near death experience. His face is not that of a man who’s just joking. The tone of his voice is not that of a man who’s joking.

I CaN’t EVEn

Don’t Tell Stark - Sam Wilson x Reader

Prompt: Sam fic prompt: you’ve smuggled an animal into your room at the Avengers Tower and Sam catches you playing with it.- @agentraven007

Authors notes: This one is much shorter than I intended but here it is. :)

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 “Hey, (y/n),” Sam was staring at his phone when he barged into your room and when he looked up he found you frozen in your tracks with a kitten in your hands. “Oh, man, Stark is gonna loose it.” He laughed.

 There were no pets allowed in Stark Tower. Not after the incident with Lucky, Clint’s dog. Tony had his ‘bots cleaning that mess up for weeks. Stark banned all things furry and fluffy ever since and you hated the rule, not that you always followed it.

 “No!” You cried out. “Please come on, Sam don’t tell anyone! I’m taking him to the shelter tomorrow. Let me keep him, just tonight.” You gave Sam the best puppy dog eyes you could and held the orange cat up to your cheek, hoping to double the cuteness.

 “How did you even get it in here?” Sam asked as he snapped a picture of you and the kitten for evidence.

 “Easy,” You scoffed. “My purse can hold, like, twenty pounds of whatever I want. I could have smuggled in fifteen kittens if I had found them.”

 “You swear you’re taking his to the shelter tomorrow?” He prodded.

 You beamed a toothy grin. “Cross my heart and hope to die.”

 Sam squinted at you not entirely believing your promise but letting it slide none the less. “He is kinda cute.” He smiled, reaching out to rub a finger on the tiny cat’s head. “You can’t tell T’Challa about this. I’ll never live it down.”