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SPOOPY PROMPT: Bellamy and Clarke work at six flags fright fest and they compete to see who can scare the most people.

So a little disclaimer–I have never been to a Six Flags but I did do some sleuthing around their website to figure out what the deal is.  Hopefully this isn’t too inaccurate!


Fright Night

Clarke Griffin fucking loved working Fright Night.

In fact, it was that short, barely a month long stretch that had made her decide to apply to work at Six Flags in the first place.  Even the unbearingly long, hot, and filled with tourists months of the summer when she had Halloween to look forward to.  She’d always loved scaring the crap out of people and getting paid to do it was just an added bonus.

Spirits were running high.  It was 8 PM, just before the second and more brutal shift of “scarers” were set to be released into the park and Clarke was sitting in makeup, having the finishing touches on her own look done.  There were four day and counting until Halloween itself and Clarke couldn’t wait.

“Looking good, Griffin,” smirked an all too familiar voice from behind her.

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