tell them keep my name

i finished yowapeda and cried a lot but also where are my imaizumi/onoda/naruko hugs??? ;_;

“I have an art request, just a simple idea. Scar-face Ben Solo redeemed with his bride Rey.”

Sort of kind of? I can’t see them getting traditionally married, but I can see them exchanging marriage-like vows in private.

anonymous asked:

What would you do if there was someone who was super nice and happy to you but then turns around and constantly talks crap about you and makes fun of you?

Tell them to keep my name out their mouth, and then keep my distance from them

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Why can you be convinced to ship anything, provided there is a woman involved? Why that restriction?

Well, I’ve been in fandom for 12 years by this point, and after a while, the endless parade of white dude ships gets exhausting and alienating. So at some point I decided I was only going to show up for pairings where at least one female character was involved.

I could ship her with other female characters, with male characters, with non-binary characters, with multiple characters of varying genders at once. Neither she nor her partners had to be cis, or white, but someone, somewhere in this fictional relationship in which I was investing my time and emotions and tag novels, there had to be a woman.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve read great slash and there are a handful of m/m pairings that I return to, again and again, and will defend to the death. But I’m a woman and I like women’s stories, about women falling in love and people falling in love with women. They’re my favorite stories, I love those stories. So it doesn’t take much convincing to get me on board with them—you just throw up the batsignal (or whatever the signal is for “someone wants to kiss a lady and she’s into it”) and I’m there.

Woolly Sabo is ready for hugs.