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Bad Idea

Character: Newt Scamander

Prompt: 41

“I’m personally offended that you accepted that solo mission when you knew that you’d be away from me for four months.”

A/n: Super pleased with this one :D

“You never mentioned to me that you were leaving for four months.” Newt said, holding up the letter that the Ministry had sent to you, requesting your talent to investigate Grindelwald’s escape.

Newt looked down at the letter, eyes skimming over the scrawled and curling ink painfully. “And is says here that you’ve accepted.”

You sighed heavily, eyes falling shut as you felt the oncoming storm arriving. “I didn’t know how to bring it up to you.”

Newt folded up the letter and tossed it to the side. “Well now seems like a wonderful time to talk about it.”

You leaned against the kitchen counter, warm teacup in your hands as you tried to find the right way to tell him. “It’s the biggest case I’ll probably get to work on, and they want my talents specifically.”

“Yes, and it’s also investigating one of the most dangerous dark wizards that’s out there.” Newt countered, folding his arms as he stared at you unhappily.

“I’ve done several dangerous cases before what’s the difference?” You argued, setting down your tea before it sloshed all over the floors you had just cleaned.

“This difference is Gellert Grindelwald!” Newt exclaimed, his voice raising louder than you’d ever heard it.

“And the difference is you are in actual potential of getting seriously hurt or killed.” He added on, much more quietly than his last outburst.

You let out another sigh, eyes falling upon the window were you could see stormclouds beginning to formulate in the once blue sky.

“Newt, I’m an auror, this is what I do.” You tried explaining again, keeping the level head.

“I know that.” He said, moving from the table to stand infront of you. “But did you seriously think I would react well to you being away from me for four months, let alone doing something like this?”

“No…” You admitted, looking off to the side. “To be fair though, you have left me on my own to go chasing after dragons and Merlin knows what other ferocious creatures.”

“I can tame those creatures, my love. I know how to control the situation, you won’t be able to do the same.” Newt said, and you could see the worry stirring in his eyes as he thought of every possible bad ending.

“Four months isn’t that long.” You said, reaching up to gently brush a curl out of his eyes. “Four months and then I’ll be right back.”

“The amount of times I’ve heard that sort of thing said followed by a tragedy could could fill the Pacific ocean.” Newt said as he took your hand in his.

“I worry for you, my darling.” Newt said as he focused on your hand. “Being an auror is immensely dangerous, and knowing that it could be weeks to months before I even hear that you’ve been hurt is, completely unbearable for me.”

“And I’ve managed rather well up until then haven’t I?” You asked him, smiling ever so slightly whenever he nodded. “So don’t worry so much.”

Newt moved to nuzzle his face into neck, resting his forehead upon your shoulder.

You stood there, stroking the back of his hair as you knew it always calmed him. “If I could promise you that nothing will happen, I would. But you and I both know there is always a possibility.” You said softly to him.

“Yes, I know.” He said, lifting his head to look down at you.

“So if it gives you any solace, pretend like it’s all going to be okay until you hear from me or until I come home.” You told him, trying to give him any sort of comfort, no matter how small.

“But know that I’m very capable of taking care of myself, and that I will be surrounded by just as skilled wizards and witches. We don’t even know if anything’s there, I could very well go and look at destroyed castle debris for four months and do nothing but complain about it.”

That drew a laugh from Newt. “I can only hope.”

You smiled, gently stroking his cheek. “There’s that smile.” You said to him. “That is the kind of attitude I want you to keep while I’m away, I won’t have you moping about, and that’s an order.”

Newt raised his hand in a salute. “Yes, ma'am.”

You laughed at his antics. “See, this won’t be that hard. And in four months, I’ll be right back here. Safe and sound in your arms.”

Newt placed a small kiss on your nose. “Four months then.”

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a few months after the book ends, steve tells ponyboy to meet him alone one afternoon in the privacy of his car. at first, pony is nervous and thinks he must have fucked up bigtime without knowing, because the only plausible reason for steve wanting to get him alone would be to yell at him or beat him into a pulp without any witnesses to stop him. when pony begins to open the passenger door of steve’s car, though, steve simply pushes it back shut and tosses pony the keys. “welcome to your first driving lesson, kiddo,” steve says, “and don’t tell your brothers about this or i’ll run you over. besides, i don’t wan’t you picking up on soda’s bad driving habits. you’ll be much better behind the wheel once you’ve learned from me.” with that, steve winks and tries to keep the corners of his mouth from smiling. ponyboy picks his jaw off the ground and hastily shuffles over to the driver’s side of the car. thus begins steve and pony’s transition from gang-members to buddies.

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Hello! I've been thinking (probably over thinking, forgive me) about Jensen's comment about D, the "lock it up" one. One theory I've been tossing around. Maybe it was a convo/comment she said, but in different context? RE: more the bearding contract. We know Jared's G stories get confused, but Jensen really keeps the stories to a minimum. Sorry for the rambling. Have a great weekend!

Hello, dear anon!

I can tell you that you’re definitely not alone with that theory. I’ve seen many people discussing it and I’m bound to agree with your assessment. Jensen implies that D was asking him to propose to her and he rushed off to buy an engagement ring for her, but it can also be read as “let’s sign this thing and you can go back to Jared.” Right?

What intrigues me about this exchange especially was that the question was already answered, but Jensen felt the need to add this bit. And like you said, he doesn’t volunteer wife stories that often, so why was this time an exception? Was he pissed off or did he want to draw attention away from Jared’s fumbling response? Whatever the reason was, he certainly gave us quite a bit to chew on.

Thank you for sharing your theory, sweet anon! Don’t worry about over-thinking or rambling here. I do those both on a daily basis, like you’ve probably noticed. ;) Have a relaxing Sunday!

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@sizzlycrisp and me came up with some drunk headcanons for Overwatch characters, pls add your own because we know about 10% of things and this cast is too big for us. 

- Hanzo: Unusually slutty. The more he drinks, the less clothes he’s wearing. Refuses to admit that he’s taking them off. You can’t stop him, so don’t try. Also a lightweight. 

- McCree: He either wants to fight everyone, or he wants to make out with everyone. It’s really a toss-up and no one can tell what it’s gonna be, but it takes a LOT to get him to that point. 

- Zarya: Wants to fight everyone but doesn’t really want to hurt them. She just wants to wrestle a bit, and have fun. What no she didn’t mean to break your arm. 

- Tracer: EVERYTHING IS HILARIOUS. Won’t stop laughing. Saw Zarya break someone’s arm and kept laughing because for some reason she thought it was funny. Gets the worst hangovers of the group. 

- Mercy: Just wants to help. No, you can’t sleep with that guy, drink some water, stop trying to dance on the bar. Often forgets that she needs to take care of herself too. Such a lightweight.

- Lúcio: Tries to get everyone to participate in some sort of group game. Considering his friends, it doesn’t often work. Surprisingly still just as good at dancing when he’s drunk. Always seems sober, but definitely isn’t. 

- Soldier 76: Extra grumpy, won’t talk to anyone, but he secretly wants someone to come cuddle him. Has a tendency to get really morose if nobody does. Sad drunk, generally. 

- Reaper: (This is assuming he can get drunk?) He no longer cares about anything. He’s just here to lay on the couch. He gives no fucks. Someone wants his opinion on where to get food? He has none. 

- Junkrat: DO NOT GET JUNKRAT DRUNK. He will take a car (no one knows whose), joyride down the highway, crash into a Wendy’s, and show back up at the party without the car but with 40 chicken nuggets. 

BokuAka headcanon that got out of control

Akaashi gets a tattoo his senior year and doesn’t tell anybody, however during one practice Bokuto shows up because he doesn’t have class and gets akaashi to toss for him.

“Bokuto-san! Nice kill!” Akaashi calls as Bokuto spikes it beautifully. Bokuto eagerly runs and crushes Akaashi in a hug, lifting him up off the ground and proclaiming “Just like when I was in high school! Akaashi, you haven’t changed!”

Akaashi is about to retort with somethings witty when Bokuto freezes, his eyes locked onto the expanse of skin at Akaashi’s hip where a small dark owl sits, Akaashi’s heart stutters as Bokuto’s large calloused hands caress his tender skin. Akaashi can feel his face heating as Bokuto makes small noises of surprise and awe.

The thick arms that encircle Akaashi’s waist only tighten when Bokuto looks up at Akaashi “I guess you have changed Akaashi.”

The redness that rests upon Akaashi’s cheeks spreads down his neck and disappeared under his tshirt.

Bokuto sets Akaashi back down, however his arms don’t leave Akaashi’s waist.

Akaashi lets out a noise that’s something of mix between a yelp and a moan when Bokuto’s hands lift the hem of his shirt and rest upon his stomach skin.

“I wonder, Akaashi, if you have any other changes from high school that you haven’t told me about yet.”

False Positive
  • Featuring: Mamoru Kishi from Kissed By The Baddest Bidder
  • Rating: M
  • Requested By: @anime-and-randomness-with-lucy 
  • Author’s Note: Is the tag working?! Anyway, hope you enjoy this! 

Beer cans and cigarette ashes littered the floor, a sure sign that Ayu hadn’t been here for a couple of days. Mamoru was on his bed, puffing away. His eyes focused on a spot on the ground as he thought about what he found in his trash bin earlier. Hell, why was she so silly? Leaving that where he could see it. Perhaps she did it on purpose. It was a huge thing, one that changed lives. She might not have known how to tell him. His phone rang, the music annoying him even more. That particular ring tone was for Eisuke. He didn’t wish to get his ass off this bed.

“What.” He answered the phone, flatly. “Uh huh. I’ll be there.”

Tossing the phone aside, Mamoru glanced over at what he found in the trash. A pregnancy test kit box. A positive pregnancy test.Throwing his finished cigarette aside, he picked up his jacket, making his way out of the tiny flat. Eisuke had called a meeting regarding the next auction. He didn’t see the point of it. It wasn’t as if he did anything different. Oh, well, at least he’d be able to nap. The only interesting thing that happened during the auctions? That was when Ayu showed up on stage to be auctioned off. That piqued his interest, even if he hadn’t shown it.

He thought her to be an irritant. Not that she wasn’t one now, but she was… his special irritant.

She was working today. He remembered that as he stepped into Tres Spade London. There was nothing sexual about the maid uniform, but whenever he saw her in it, he had to resist the urge to tear it off her. Mamoru suppressed that particular need right now when he spotted her assisting a guest. Her eyes lit up as she saw him, and he made his way towards her.

“Got a minute to spare, kid?”

He could practically hear her heartbeat going up, from the way her expression changed.

“No, I’m busy.”

“You’re dating a detective, I figured you’d be know how to hide the evidence of your guilt.”

“What? I’m not hiding anything, Mamo…”

Mamoru took her hand, tugging her towards a less crowded area. She didn’t resist, but she certainly didn’t look happy.

“I’m working! Look, whatever it is, can’t it wait until after my work?” Ayu pouted, and Mamoru smirked, leaning forward and kissing her lips.


“On what?” She sighed, eyes closed after the impromptu kiss.

“If you tell me the truth right now.”

“T-The truth? I’m not hiding anything.”

“Twice you said that now.”

“Because it’s the truth!”

“Look, I found it, okay?” Mamoru’s voice held a hint of impatience in it. “So, unless you got rid of our child and didn’t tell me…”

“What?” Ayu looked up at him, eyes wide. “No! I wouldn’t! I mean, I-”

Before she was able to continue, Mamoru enveloped her in a sudden tight hug. “Good.” He murmured. While he wasn’t sure he was prepared to be a father right now, or ever for that matter, he was warming up to the fact that she was pregnant.

“Mamo, I think you’ve got the wrong idea.” She tried to untangle herself from the hug.

“What wrong idea can someone get from a positive pregnancy test?” He stepped back, frowning.

“It… I… Urgh.” She clenched her tiny fists, seemingly readying herself to tell him something important. “I’m not pregnant. It was a false positive. I went to the doctor yesterday.” Her expression changed again and this time, she looked ready to cry. “I wanted to make sure, I didn’t want to tell you if I wasn’t pregnant and make you mad or get your hopes up.”

Mamoru watched as a single tear rolled down her cheek. Some days he wondered what he did to deserve such a wonderful girlfriend. Pulling her into another hug, he ran his hand down her back, comforting her.

“Sweetheart, I would never get mad because you weren’t pregnant. I would not be mad if you were pregnant. I did have a part to play. In case you haven’t noticed, I quite like the baby making process.” He heard her muffled laugh, from her face pressed into his chest.

“Shut up.” She mumbled.

“Oh, you rather like it too, from your loud moans.”

“Mamoru!” Ayu exclaimed, beating those fists into his chest now.

He grinned, pleased that the sad expression was off her face. “Want to take a break now and get to baby-making?”

“I can’t, I’m working and besides…” She jumped out of his arms when her pager vibrated. “Mr Ichinomiya said something about an auction meeting earlier.”

Mamoru let out a long-suffering sigh at the mention of the auction meeting and earned himself a slap on the shoulder with his words.

“Cockblocked by Mr Ichinomiya.”

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Hitman Part I {Maloley FanFic}

So since I’ve got an obsession with the Mafia and Nate Maloley I figured I’d right about them both so here you go.


Nate’s POV

“Wake the fuck up man, boss is coming in today if we’re late he’ll actually kill us” my boy Sammy tells me and tosses a pillow at me.

This mother fucker is lucky I like him other wise I’d murder him, don’t interrupt my beauty sleep.

I take the pillow he just threw at me and toss it back hitting him right in the face “fuck off man” “hung over?” He asks laughing I roll my eyes and give him the finger “Get the fuck out” I tell him and he leaves my room.

Sam and I have been friends for years he’s practically my brother, he’s got my back and I’ve got his it’s all about loyalty and in our lifestyle loyalty is rule number one, if you don’t got it you’re as good as dead.

I honesty don’t even remember how I got into this or how I meet my boss but it brings in money, helps my mom out since my piece of shit dad left her with 3 kids and a house and no money. No my mom has no idea how I get this money but it’s better that way, it’d break her heart if she knew what I’ve really been doing to provide for her.

I love my mother, I’d do anything for her so hell yeah I’m a mamas boy and I’m damn proud of it I don’t care how pussy you think it makes me my mom is the strongest most beautiful woman in my life.

I get out of bed finally, feeling dizzy when I stand up to fast and due to the massive headache I’ve got from being hung over.

I throw on my uniform of all back clothing from head to toe but I try to make myself look as “normal” as possible so I don’t get followed or stared at anytime I go into a store.

I go into my bathroom, smirking when I see the Victoria’s Secret panties on the floor memories from last night come back.

Damn, Isabella oh no wait was it Ashlyn or maybe it was Kaycee ah fuck it who cares what her name was she was pretty damn good last night and that all that matters.

I throw water on my face to wake myself up a little, do something with my hair then I go find Sam and we’re out.

We get to the warehouse where the boss’ office is located and luckily for us he isn’t here yet.

Boss is cool and all but he’s not a fan of people who aren’t on time.

Sam, myself and some of the other guys all do our routines of making sure we’re strapped and ready just in case we’re invaded, you know always expect the unexpected.

“So how was that girl you left with last night?” Sam asks drawing the attention of myself and all the other guys.

“Why you so interested in my sex life?” I question raising an eyebrow “I’m not but yall were so damn loud last night I couldn’t sleep so now I wanna know, maybe I’ll try her out sometime” he tells me and shrugs like what he just said was normal.

Just as I was about to say something back I was interrupted by a door opening and slamming shut.

“Maloley you have been summoned” Sonny, bosses right hand man tells me. Sonny doesn’t fuck around he’s been in this business longer than I’ve been alive I’ve got mad respect for him.

As I leave the room I hear all the guys make immature sounds of “Ooooo” I roll my eyes and continue following Sonny to the office.

I get there and boss is on the phone, I wait patiently. He looks at me and motions for me to sit in the chair in front of his desk, so I sit.

Once he hangs up I straighten myself up and wait respectfully for him to start the conversation.

“Maloley, how’ve you been kid?” I shrug “I can’t complain” “how’s your mother?” Boss has met my mother a few times only to help make the story believable that I’m working at an insurance place. He’s got a lot of respect for men who care for their mothers so that’s why he helps me out an I appreciate it.

“She’s good” boss nods then continues on to tell me why I’m here.

“Maloley your new assignment is coming today” my boss tells me.

“What is it?” I ask confused since this is the first I’m hearing of it.

“More like who, kid. You’re new job is to protect y/n”

“Why I gotta babysit this kid?” Why the hell would I wanna have some little kid following me around all day, I ain’t got time for that shit.

“This kid is 17, and because I said so” he tells me and I roll my eyes “Whatever” “Ay watch that attitude and sit up straight when you talk to me” I do as I’m told “My apologies boss”

“I ask you take this very seriously, because you’re one of my best soldiers and I trust you” boss tells me and this may be weird to you but this means a lot to me, respect that boss has for me is envied in this lifestyle.

The door opens I stand up and turn around but don’t look up because I really don’t wanna babysit some kid.

“Maloley meet your assignment, y/n…my daughter

My head snaps up and I look at her and automatically I think to myself.



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Part II

A Napoleon Solo Appreciation post (A.K.A. Why Solo is great at what he does)

I love how everything Napoleon does, he does with flair and style.

  • He helps Gaby get out of East Berlin by making her drive her car into a narrow street and tells her to “Take another left through that window” then they go down a zip line together
  • He puts truffles in his risotto
  • He follows Gaby and Illya on a snappy vespa
  • He gets the lady at the hotel to join him for a memorable night by saying that it would be a shame to drink his champagne alone
  • When he realizes that Illya’s bugged him, he doesn’t get upset, he just tosses the bugs back at him. “These. Are. Russian. Made”. Then when Illya tosses him his bugs he accepts them and tells him that a bowtie doesn’t go with that suit.
  • He forces a meeting with Victoria by making one of her guards suspicious about him, then insulting him so that he’ll hit him. After that he pulls out the invitation that he told the guard he forgot in his car and fans himself with it.
  • He pulls the tablecloth off of a table without breaking a single glass to wipe lipstick off of Victoria’s face
  • He cheerfully has a picnic with someone else’s lunch while Illya’s being chased
  • Then he deliberately drives a truck into the water to save Illya
  • He makes it look like he was just coming out of the shower when Victoria enters his room so she won’t suspect anything
  • He’s aware of the attraction between Gaby and Illya so he leaves Illya to turn on Gaby’s tracker but he’s also a delightful jackass so he interrupts them before they can kiss and says, ‘Are we all turned on now?’ 
  • He knows he’s about to pass out so he fluffs pillows and settles down on the couch so he can pass out in comfort

  • The thing he mourned most about Uncle Rudy’s death was the loss of his jacket
  • He finds the man who stole Illya’s watch and stops him from calling for help and reclaims it for Illya with a very Cary Elwes as Westley kind of look like, ‘You have a very nice watch (six fingers on your right hand) I know someone who’s been looking for you.”
  • He chases down Alexander and Gaby like a boss and tells her to hold on so he can ram into the car and stop them
  • He sidetracks Victoria with a whole long spiel so they can get her location, then as she’s about to get bombed he says, ‘How’s that for entertainment?”
  • He knows that Illya is there to kill him and it looks like he’s debating whether or not he should take the first shot but ultimately ends up tossing him his father’s watch and saving both of them and starting a beautiful friendship.

Now that Act III of the Strongest Mega Evolution is subbed, I want to take this time to explain what I think makes Manon so good in this Act.

After the Rayquayza attack in Act it left Manon shaken up, which makes sense as it was a very frightening experience (especially for Manon who is still a beginning trainer) and it’s what costed Alana shoulder injury to protect her from Rayquayza’s rage, which is something that stuck with her.

Now we have Alan showing no hesitation in tossing himself into the grinder again, this time with three Legendary Pokemon in one spot, Manon does not hesitate to tell him that he could very well die just for the sake of him wanting to grow stronger, to which Alan just rudely brushes off and leave her behind (despite Manon’s pleas to get him to stay).

Now, this is where we really see Manon’s true convictions and how deeply she cares for Alan. Despite all her fears about the current situation, she still tags along because Alan’s safety and well being is more important to her then anything else, and the best part about this? When Alan DOES get himself knocked out in the ensuing battle Manon instantly springs into action to rescue him, she walks through a battlefield of dueling Pokemon gods just to rescue her friend. She still shows clear fear at the events transpiring around her, but it doesnt stop her from doing what she has to.

There’s an saying about what it means to have true courage, a person isnt brave because they have no fear, a person is brave when they do have fears but are able to overcome them, and that perfectly encapsulates Manon’s character development in this episode.

I did the thing!

I wrote KageHina!!

Title: by this time next year
Summary: “I got offers from two universities,” Kageyama announces, pointing at his chest with his thumb. “I’m going to play volleyball at Keio this spring.”

“You still have to pass an exam, even if it’s an easy one,” Takeda-sensei hurries to add, although he is beaming and bursting with pride at his fluffy little crow chick taking off to play volleyball at a university level.

“I’ll pass,” Kageyama says with the same kind of confidence he uses when he tells Hinata he’ll get the toss to him. He looks straight at Hinata, and Hinata jerks and turns red, wondering if maybe Kageyama knew he was daydreaming about something as stupid as the way Kageyama talks to him during a game.

But then Kageyama just points at him and says, “You’d better get in, too.”

Hinata, stupid, naive, idiot that he is, grins wide and nods and says, “Yeah!”

He doesn’t know what he’s in for.

Link: here!

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GOM reacting to Alex kissing their s/o? ;u;

Akashi Seijurou: Akashi had heard of her reputation through the grape vine and if she saw that she was getting too close for comfort, he’d immediately pull you away and avoid the situation all together. He would give her a look that clearly told her to back off, which might not end so well as it’d be easy to interpret his jealousy and possessiveness as a threat to her.

“No one else will get to know the taste of your lips but me.”

Aomine Daiki: Aomine would be torn between feeling extremely turned on to upset that someone else was touching you in an intimate way. He’d eventually get a hold of himself and grab you, pulling you away from Alex and telling her she’s lucky that she’s female or else he would’ve had more to say about the situation. Later that night he’d ask you about how it felt, leading you to toss one of his gravure magazines at his head and telling him to use his own imagination.

“Did you… like it?”

Kise Ryouta: Kise would let out a little noise of discontent when he saw her leaning for you, stepping in between and getting the brunt of it himself. He turns to you to apologize, as it hadn’t been his intention to be the one getting kissed but he didn’t want to see you kissing another person, even if it was just supposed to be friendly. He admits he had heard about her before from Kagami, but he had thought the other had just been lying to him.

“I’m sorry, (Name)cchi, your kisses are the only ones I like!”

Kuroko Tetsuya: Kuroko, though he’d only met Alex a few times, had learned about how she acted from Kagami and would know exactly how she was around attractive people. He would swiftly pull you away before she could make contact, giving her a chilling look that clearly told her to back off, which only made her laugh about how possessive boys could be these days. 

"Not today.”

Midorima Shintarou: Midorima would be the most shocked by her actions, watching her lips meet yours with wide eyes. He’d become immediately disheveled, pulling you away from her grasp and placing you behind him as a protective measure before turning his attention to her. He’d scold her about respecting boundaries and other people’s relationship, making sure she got an earful before he leaves with you.

“The audacity of that woman…!”

Murasakibara Atsushi: Murasakibara would glare jealously at her as he hadn’t expected her to greet you in such a way, pulling at your arm once she released you and keeping you close to him the rest of the time spent around her. His arms would wrap around your waist and he’d lower himself to your level, eyes carefully watching her much like a guard dog until he felt the area was safe enough for him to leave you be.

“I don’t like to see you kiss other people.”

He Leaves You When You're Pregnant (Muke part 3)

A/N: Hi guys! So, here you go! The final part of the series. I’ll do Cashton’s tomorrow and yes, the ending of the Michael one was necessary.
Luke: All through the night you were worrying about how to break the news to Luke. Would he hate you for not telling him? Would you give in and love him again? You had no idea what you were going to do, and as you tossed and turned in the darkness, Luke was awake too. Him and the boys were discussing how to get you to fall for him again. He was pretty sure Leon was his and he couldn’t stand the idea of being away from you two again. He’d fallen in love with Leon the second he laid eyes on him, he couldn’t give him up again. When you woke the next morning, you found yourself groggy and under rested, and yet you made an extra effort to look nice that day. Luke’s presence had always done strange things to you, you couldn’t deny that, but you knew you were overthinking everything. He wanted to see Leon, not you. When you finally made it to the coffee shop at 10am, Luke was nowhere to be found. You sighed as you slid into a booth sideways as your thoughts drifted to your son. What would Luke’s return mean for him? He was currently at play group, giving you and Luke plenty of time to chat. You couldn’t help but shake the feeling that everything could be okay. Could be. That is of course if Luke decided to act like a responsible adult and actually buckle up to the job of a father. You were ripped from your daydream by a looming shadow; Luke’s giant frame hovering above you. He sat down in the booth and gave you a small smile. It was then that you realised that he was holding a rather flamboyant bouquet of roses. He gave you a small, cute smile before sliding them across to you.
“I’m allergic,” you said bluntly, not really sparing Luke’s feelings as you pushed his gift away. You knew it was harsh, but you couldn’t develop any sentimental attachment to him. Not even his gifts. His eyebrows furrowed in hurt as he cursed under his breath. You could tell you’d upset him but pretended not to notice as sadness filled his eyes. You had been through shit 10 times worse than this, he deserved a little heartbreak.
“Uh, I’m really sorry,” he mumbled.
“Yeah, me too,” you said coldly, giving him a death glare with the eyes he loved so deeply.
“Listen, Y/N,” he started, but you cut him off.
“No, you listen Luke. I’ve been through shit you wouldn’t believe since you left. You took off without any warning and, although it was for your own good, a last farewell would’ve been nice. Now I’ve been raising YOUR son, okay? I’ve been raising the little boy who looks so much like you, all alone. Imagine that. Imagine looking into the eyes of the only boy you have left to love, and seeing nothing but the arsehole who knocked you up and ran. I’ve had no one to turn to; nobody to help me; not even a boyfriend to turn to for love and support. Now I’m not saying this is your fault, but responding when I tried to contact you would’ve been good. I wanted to tell you about your son, ask for help, financial help, but you were too much of a coward to pick up the phone. You’re a shitty person who’s done shitty things and I hate you,” you finished. The calmness in your voice is what scared Luke, as though you were beyond being angry. You’d moved into a numb paralysis of pessimism and he knew you meant the words you said. You did mean them, all apart from the bit about hating him. You never could hate Luke, however hard you tried. Luke was crying, droplets of despair trickling down his cheeks.
“Y/N,” he choked, “Y/N I love you so much and I know you don’t love me but just let me say one thing. I have always loved you, from the second I met you. I left you because I couldn’t bare the long distance. I had to be near you all the time so I tried to forget about what we had but I couldn’t. I still can’t. I know I’ve been shitty, I know I’ve been a coward, but the love I have for you and that little boy already is unbelievable. Now I know you’ll never take me back, no matter how hard I beg, but I promise I’ll help. I have some money saved up and it can all go towards the boy. I swear, I love you so much,” he cried. His head was in his hands, tears leaking through his fingers.
“Luke,” you started, but he interrupted.
“I’m so sorry,” he cried, hysterical now, “I’m so sorry Y/N please love me,” he screamed. People in the coffee shop were staring at you as you moved around the table and let Luke cry into your chest. You cooed and hummed and rocked him back and forth. Luke laughed after a while.
“Wow that little boy is lucky. Please, what’s his name?” he pleaded, wishing to know at least a single scrap of information about his son.
“His name is Leon,” you muttered. Luke repeated the name, smiling. You closed your eyes before taking a deep breath.
“We can start again Luke,” you whispered.
“We can start again, but you have to work hard. 10 times harder than I ever did, and that’s very hard, to regain my full trust,” Luke was smiling like an idiot as you led him to the play group centre. You kneeled down to Leon’s height before looking up at Luke and saying: “Leon, meet your daddy,” Leon giggled and smiled, clamping himself onto Luke’s leg as you smiled and laughed together. At last, everything was okay.
Michael: You ran off the stage, your hand covering our mouth. You were going to be sick. You could tell. You dashed to the nearest bathroom before spewing the contents of your dinner all over the inside of the toilet. You were coughing and spluttering as you felt a warm hand hold back your hair and rub your back soothingly. You recognised the warmth and texture of his hands. You recognised the comforting hums and you were not surprised to see Michael when you finished vomiting. You turned around and muttered a thank you before rising to your feet. You daren’t look him in the eye but somehow he managed to corner you whilst you were washing your hands.
“Don’t blank me Y/N,” he whispered softly.
“I can do whatever the hell I want,” you retorted. You became angry, just at the sight of him. His breathing was still rapid and you could tell he was burning to say something.
“I-is Olivia mine?” he finally burst out. You stopped rubbing your hands together under the water. You still didn’t meet his gaze. “Y/N, is Olivia mine?” he begged. His eyebrows were drawn together in desperation and you knew you had to tell him.
“Yes,” you said. Michael broke down. His hands flew to his hair and he exhaled heavily. There was a look of happiness and shock riddled on his face. You watched him closely, still petrified of his reaction. He suddenly stopped smiling and looked at you.
“You never told me…” he said. It didn’t sound angry or malicious, just enquiring and confused.
“I didn’t want the only man I’d ever loved to think he had to give up his dream for me,” you said. It took a lot to admit, but was more effective than a spiteful, angry response. That was it. You started to cry. All the fury, pain, heartache that had been built up inside you came rushing out all at once, with the angry weight of an army of tears with it. You started to collapse slowly, to find yourself landing in Michaels arms. He held you close. He kissed our forehead and rubbed your arms. He whispered sweet nothings into your ear as you opened your heart to him. You told him of how much you’d missed him, and how much you wanted him to be there for Olivia. At the end of your story, Michael held you closer still.
“I’m gonna be there, okay? I’m gonna be there for both of my girls and I’m never going to let you go. I love you so much Y/N. I love Olivia too and I promise, Christ, I swear on my mother’s grave that I will never let either of you go. We’ll make it work. I swear,” he muttered down your ear. A stage crew member entered the room, but after receiving a firm request to leave, he scurried away, Michael’s words following him. You dried your tears up and sat with Michael.
“Do you, I mean, do you have any pictures I could see?” he asked, “Of Olivia I mean,” he said, worried about your response.
“I’m not going to pretend this will be easy Michael, but I really love you and I want you to be there for Olivia,” you told him. He nodded understandingly before turning his head to your phone, where a picture of Olivia was waiting for his comment.
“Geez she looks exactly like me,” he breathed, in awe of the creation he’d helped make. You smiled fondly.
“Yeah, she does doesn’t she?”
“Thank god she doesn’t have her mother’s looks,” he whispered in fake seriousness. You laughed at his cheekiness, cuddling into his side as he kissed your cheek. All in the middle of the bathroom floor.