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DAI Companions React To: My Immortal

So it’s late and Mod Katalyna, Mod Tiarne, and Mod Sarah were fucking around on Skype (again) and we questioned what would happen if the Inquisition companions somehow got access to My Immortal and then this happened. Mods Are Cray. Enjoy.

Cassandra: She’s disgusted and goes on about how awful it is and refers to it only as garbage. She’s found re-reading it inexplicably out of so much disgust she’s interested.

Blackwall: He laughs his ass off at it and tried to play the drinking game with Bull and passes out before the end of the third chapter.

Iron Bull: He laughs at every fucking word. He loves playing the drinking game with it and both he and Blackwall always end up with the worst hangovers after.

Sera: She thinks this is the funniest fucking thing in the world to her. She re-reads it and cackles every time, laughing so hard it echoes through Skyhold. She leaves snippets of it (the worst parts) in places as pranks (usually around Vivienne and Dorian, the tale’s worst critics) and quotes it ironically.

Varric: He’s full-on sobbing with laughter (silent laughter at some points), wheezing and clapping his hands like a walrus with glee. It takes tremendous effort and time to finish it because he’s pretty sure he’ll stop breathing if he laughs any harder. He does dramatic readings in the tavern, often with Blackwall, Sera, and Bull among his audience, all sobbing with laughter.

Cole: He’s so confused by the different reactions to it and have no idea what’s going on. “Why does Ebony hate everyone? They just want to help.“ he asks. “Stop trying to analyze it, Cole!” everyone else tells him.

Dorian: One of two things could happen. Either he sets it on fire the second he understood what horror was before him, or he reads it, laughs, and gets drunk, and then burns it. Depends on how he’s feeling.

Solas: He takes one glance on the inside and tosses it up to Dorian, who he fully expects to burn it. He refuses to comment or acknowledge its existence.

Vivienne: Burns it and sends a very sternly worded letter to the author about their writing skills. She gets a response calling her a prep and is told to stop flaming.

Leliana: She hunts down every copy and destroys it. Her birds are trained to collect it and destroy it. Or just spontaneously shit on it.

Josephine: She refuses to comment. She could not remain composed if forced to comment. She has a lot of feelings about the fic but refuses to let them out because they’re all negative.

Cullen: He pretends it doesn’t exist and ignores any reference to it.

Krem: He reads it out of curiosity because Bull won’t stop laughing. He almost vomits at how bad it is.

Soulmate Wonwoo

Part of the Seventeen Soulmate Series

Everyone has some sense of tangible connection to their soulmate. No matter how far away you are, they become a physical mirror through which your body experiences the world- your life a string tied with their own.

It’s a very abstract thing which even the greatest minds of the modern age find hard to define. All anyone really knows is that bound soulmates have some sort of bodily connection which seems to provide indicators of well-being and health. When one person is hurt or sick, the other feels an echo of the pain. When one person gets close to death, the other loses grip on their senses. If one person dies, well, the other will experience indescribable pain and then never be the same again…

But when soulmates are together, especially in physical contact with one another, the touch somehow provides healing. Not complete, but enough to make a difference.

Scientists link it back to all sorts of things- the evolutionary benefits of having a connection to your perfectly matched life partner and being able to monitor their survival even from a distance, and to help with it when close. The more spiritual among the population would call it a divine providence- something that gives you a soul deep connection to your destined other half. 

And those who are simply romantic minded? Well, they just seek comfort in the fact that they can feel the presence of their soulmate in every breath and beat of the heart. 

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anonymous asked:

How would the dads react if Dadsona owned a bad ass motorcycle???

Robert had assumed you were lying the first time you brought up your motorcycle. Like, look at you, there is no way in hell you have ever ridden a hog. But then you finally convince him to let you lead the way for once (“We’re not taking your truck again. That thing is a gas guzzling machine and it’s just the two of us”), and low and behold, show up on his driveway on a motorcycle. At first he looks at with a stunned, interested sort of air, and then bursts out laughing. “What the fuck! You actually have one!” He gives you shit about how he should probably be the one driving because he “looks cooler doing it, anyway,” but in actuality he’s just a little nervous about not being in control. Eventually he settles in behind you, pressed as close to you as he can possibly be, and vaguely wonders to himself how it is you can be such a dork and simultaneously be the hottest person he’s ever met.

Damien is immediately opposed. “They’re so dangerous, darling, wouldn’t you rather we drove your car instead?” He asserted time and time again that he would rather ride in a horse drawn carriage (“It’s prettier, anyway”) that get on the bike with you. Mostly, he’s just really worried about the safety of a motorcycle. For awhile he refuses to get on it with you at all and rather it becomes a big bonding tool for you and Lucien (because he thinks it’s the coolest fucking thing), but eventually you coax Damien onto the back for a short ride around the neighborhood. When you drop him off at home he won’t make eye contact, and he hesitates at the door. “Ahem…Um, [Your name]? I would be ever so grateful if…at some point in the near future…you would be gracious enough to give me lessons. I think I would like to learn the art of…well, of the motorcycle.”

Joseph is fucking DOWN. You’ve never seen him grab something as fast as he latched onto those handle bars. He immediately rushes into some long winded story about how he used to have this beautiful bike that took him years to fix up—about how he isn’t even sure he knew how to ride anymore, but he was darn excited to try. You let him take it around the block a few times, then he tosses you a helmet and winks. “I think it’s time I give you a ride to the happiest place on earth,” he would grin slyly, holding out his hand to you. “Margaritaville.”

Craig remembered you talking in college about how you always wanted to get a motorcycle but couldn’t afford one. So when you pull up to the softball field with your motorcycle he doesn’t even realize it’s you at first. And then he suddenly very, very interested in finding someone for the girls to get a ride home with (it’s not hard for him. Those thirsty moms would jump on the opportunity to do him a favor). “Sooo….you actually ended up getting a bike, huh?” He chuckled, tossing the ball to you during another after-hours game of catch. “I ever tell you about how I have a thing for guys with motorcycles?”

Mat is around people that own motorcycles all the time, so he doesn’t think much of it at first. It’s not until you guys take a trip out town, when it’s just the two of you and plenty of space, that he really gets to see how comfortable you are while you ride. And he just finds it breathtaking. Beautiful, really. He could watch you circle around him for hours. He doesn’t really feel a strong need to ride or not ride, but he sure as hell enjoys the look on your face as your make lazy figure-eights in the field. Once again, he’s struck by how much you inspire him. Maybe he’ll be in the mood to write a rock song soon…

Hugo thinks motorcycles are childish. At least, that’s what he first says when you ask him how he feels about them. But the look on his face when you pull up on yours tells a different story. He’s blushing and re-adjusting his glasses and definitely into it. That night, after you get home from watching another wrestling match, he invites you inside and asks you about your knowledge on motorcycles. The more you know the more flustered he seems to get. He’s really into you being passionate about something, and it becomes almost a guarantee that if you show up on your motorcycle you’ll be getting a little extra…affection….from him that night. IfyaknowwhatImean

Brian is surprisingly dumbfounded when he learns you have a motorcycle. He might just have to admit you’re cooler than him. He gets kind of shy when you offer him a ride, though; “Won’t I uh, be a little too heavy for that?” You assure him that no, you can handle the weight just fine, you’re stronger than you look. Every time you rev the engine it makes him jump and then let out a big laugh. He thinks the motorcycle is really cute and he likes how comfortable you are with it! He’s not particularly interested or taken by it but he doesn’t dislike it either.  

Let me speak to your manager

My first job was at a trampoline park when I was 18. Which is its own monster in the customer service industry. I worked my way to the top within 4 months and became a manager. I was the youngest manager at the company and never looked like one to being with. Which was a blessing and a curse depending on the situation. Anyways, the CEO of the company made it clear in our weekly meetings to give 0 refunds and to never hand out anything for free. Since we had issues with previous managers handing out free items to calm customers down. Now you can imagine the anger when we tell a customer, no. Especially over a refund.

One night while we were beginning to close an employee tossed out a customer’s melted icee to put up chairs on the tables. An older man comes down from the trampoline area, and begins to yell at my employee about the icee being thrown away. I immediately walk up to my employee and tell her to continue cleaning while I talk to the gentleman about his $2.50 melted icee.

He turns red in the face yelling that we have no regard for his children and his well spent money. His children then walk behind him and get in on the belittlement, yelling with him about a refund for the $2.50. He “demanded” I give him 3 free icees to compensate for the one which was thrown out. After continuing to tell him no, he screams, “I WANT TO SPEAK TO THE MANAGER”.

A smile cracks on my face to hear those magic words. I calmly reply, “sir, I am the manager”. Both him and his children are jaw dropped, he becomes belligerent, yelling “OH YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME”. I tell him I can no longer help him and walk away to assist with closing.

Nothing more gratifying than hearing, “let me speak to your manager” to only reply with, “I am the manager”.

everyone is gay: the musical // magnus & even, t+

aka: magnus has an awakening and even is unfortunate enough to be near it.
(for ceecee aka @westiris, thank u for supporting my impulsiveness love u)

“I gotta ask you something.”

Magnus blurts it out over lunch one day when it’s just him and Even sitting at the table. Even doesn’t even have to look up from his phone to know that Magnus is staring intently at him, hands in his lap as he waits for Even to tell him, “go ahead, lay it on me, I’m a human search engine.”

“What’s up, Magnus,” he all but sighs instead, tossing his phone onto the table.

Magnus doesn’t even hesitate before beginning with “So you’re bisexual,” and Even’s patience is already compromised.

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Shiratorizawa HCs

-So Semi and Tendou are legit called “Mama and Papa Swan” behind Semi’s back. Tendou basks in all it’s glory.
-Sometimes they argue in the middle of practice and then subsequently make out in the middle.
-Reon is a polite cinnamon roll and decent child so he turns away and pretends not to see anything.
-Yamagata covers Goshiki’s eyes.
-Shirabu gags.
-Ushijima doesn’t really know what’s going on.
-Kawanishi is a not-so-closeted fudanshi who takes tons of pictures.
-Tendou once tricked Goshiki into believing in a Volleyball Ghost in the gym by the old Fishing Rod trick.
-The poor baby was traumatized for weeks until Shirabu gave him a nice, no filtered lecture about how ghosts weren’t real and “How were you stupid enough to fall for that you dumbass?”
-Shirabu has a bad habit of staring at Ushijima when he thinks no one is looking. Staring alot. And turning red.
You can practically see the heart eyes and the drool.
-They all notice actually. Sans Ushijima of course, and well maybe Goshiki, who is the only person as dense as Ushijima.
-Tendou pops up like “Kenjirou-kunnnn~ How’s Wakatoshi-kun’s ass today?”
-Shirabu chokes and buries his face in his hands.
-They gossip in the clubrooms like “Oi, did you hear about Oikawa and Seijou’s Ace being a thing?” And “Are those two freaks #9 and #10 from Karasuno dating?”
-Reon surprisingly knows lots of gossip. They all thought he was so pure.
-Semi and Shirabu get lots of gossip from the Pretty Setter Squad ™.
-Ushijima is just kinda confused.
-Taichi just sits there and listen to all the gossip while reading one of his BL mangas.
-Taichi really isn’t even trying to be subtle about his love for BL.
-“Hey Ushijima-san, if you kiss Shirabu, I bet he’ll toss more accurately.”
-“Hmm.. If you say so Kawanishi.”
-Ushijima literally spins Shirabu and dips him and gives him a sweet short kiss.
-Shirabu is a blushing mess.
-Taichi then proceeds to take lots of pictures.
-Taichi’s phone’s gallery is pretty… packed. He also has tons of pictures of Semi because “He’s aesthetically beautiful let me enjoy his beauty.” (A.K.A. A Not so subtle crush on a taken man.)
-No one tells Semi.
-“This is why you’re single idiot.” -Yamagata.
-Yamagata SLAYS on the drums so like when he’s not playing volley, he drums.
-Reon is an amazing artist. Some even buy his art and give comissions.
-“Draw my Semisemi for me pleasee~” “I think Shirabu would be amazing to draw, wouldn’t you?” “I’d love to pose for you while I drum, sure.” “DRAW ME YAOI”
-Mention “Oikawa” or “Yahaba” and Shirabu will throw a volleyball to the person’s face. (Except of course, Ushijima.)
-“Those… incompetent foolish no good setter with no class and no strategy and-”
-“Awwww Shit-rabu don’t be jealous because Ushijima wanted Oikawa to set for him instead of you and Yahaba is more skilled than you are.” -Semi
-Glaring contest ensues.
-Goshiki hangs out alot with “Karasuno’s Chibi-chan” so he’s picked up a few of Hinata’s mannerisms.
-??????? The rest of the team is like ??????
-Goshiki thinks Hinata is super cute and sweet and “Why aren’t there any people like that in Shiratorizawa…..”
-“You should have come to Shiratorizawa” is banned to be said ANYWHERE near Shirabu or else.
-Ushijima likes puppies so occassionally he’ll bring in injured puppies to the gym and dorms secretly and nurse them back to health.
-Shirabu has fallen way too hard.
-Tendou likes anime.
-How many times have they all heard him laughing at anime and sobbing like “I CAN’T BELIEVE THE CUTE WHITE HAIRED ONE IS DEAD.” In the middle of dead night.
-Overall, they get along pretty fine in their own quirky ways.

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Shatt! ;)

I GOT THREE OF THESE ALREADY.  Oh my original love, so glad people are still here for it.

Who said “I love you” first?

Shiro.  Matt mostly doesn’t say it outright still, because he’s a little shit.  He’d much rather call Shiro ‘Starshine’ and doodle on his natural arm and leave him sticky notes telling him his butt looks good in his armor.  Same thing, right?  Totally.  

(He does say it, but it’s in the quiet of the night, when the lights are off and everything feels muffled and slightly unreal.  Then Matt can say it without fear.  The rest of the time he makes do)

Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background?

Matt.  They are all terrible pictures, and he will NOT let Shiro at his phone, because he would delete them.  It’s damn hard to get a properly ugly picture of Shiro, and but Matt’s perfected the art.

Currently, it’s a picture of him first thing in the morning.  He’d been telling Matt to stop chattering before he was awake enough to respond, and he started to sneeze right as Matt took the picture.  It’s his pride and joy.

Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror?

Shiro.  It’s only on occasion, and it’s a toss-up if it’s something sweet or something ridiculous.  One time it wasn’t intentional: a thought had occurred to him about a calculation he’d been doing for flying one of the little escape jets on board.  In an effort to get it out of his head, Shiro started to write the equations out on the mirror.  About two thirds of the way through, he stopped to go get a pad and pen since it was starting to face, and found Matt finishing it up in his absence.  

Who buys the other cheesy gifts?

Matt.  He’ll get anything he thinks will make Shiro pause.  Now Shiro has a bunch of novelty items and kitsch memorabilia.   This goes double if the item in question is ugly.  There’s a lot of cross-eyed figurines in awful outfits.  Shiro keeps them, but they’re all turned to face the wall instead of his bed.  It’s a problem to wake up to their stares.

Who initiated the first kiss?

Shiro.  Matt wouldn’t stop talking to let him get a word in edgewise, and was working himself into a lather about no, he knows Shiro doesn’t feel the same, he’s not going to make it weird, it’s been the whole times so- wait, no it hasn’t, shut up, forget I said that, it’s fine, it’s just a crush-

So Shiro kissed him on the nose to startle him.  Then he asked if he could kiss him for real, because he’d wanted to do that for a long time now.

Who kisses the other awake in the morning?

Shiro. Matt would, except he never, ever wakes up before Shiro.  Because he doesn’t wake up at 6 in the goddamn morning like certain assholes.

Who starts tickle fights?

Matt.  To be fair, Shiro is asking for it when he’s being all reserved and stoic and acting like he’s above human needs like wanting to fool around and relaxing.  So Matt tickles him until Shiro’s smiling too hard to keep up the Black Paladin Seriousness and then kisses him until he agrees to take a break.

Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower?

Matt.  He has a very effective seduction technique that involves nearly slipping and falling on his face, holding onto Shiro and then trying to play it off as smooth.  It always earns him a laugh and kisses, and usually something after, so he’s going to count it as a successful seduction.

Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch?

They eat together with everyone else, but Shiro brings Matt meals when he forgets them, and they eat together.  This happens less these days, but he’ll sitll occasionally lose track of time and haze out for a bit, and Shiro will stay with him until he’s fully back to himself.

Who was nervous and shy about the first date?

Matt didn’t act like it, but he was.  By this point, Shiro was pretty calm about the whole thing.  They’d basically been dating for months already, so what was the difference except titles?

Who kills/takes out the spiders?

Shiro.  Matt would climb the walls to get away from a spider.  It doesn’t help.

Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk?

Shiro.  Mind, he’s the one who would loudly proclaim their love anyway, but a drunken Shiro is one that clings to Matt’s side and starts telling him how gorgeous and adorable and smart he is, and then gets distracted with a very empirical study on the effects of kissing on Matt’s neck.

This would not be that strange, except he did it in front of Sam, who hasn’t let them live it down.

Super Star (Part 2)

Originally posted by iwriteaboutdean

Summary: Jensen brings the reader over for dinner at his place…

Part 1

Pairing: Jensen x reader

Word Count: 3,200ish

Warnings: language

A/N: A wee bit of angst but only a teensy bit…

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136 and 48 for Yondu please :)

Characters: Reader x Yondu Udonta

Warnings: mentions of nightmares

Prompts: 48: “We’ve become the clingy couple that you used to complain about.” 136: “You had a nightmare, tell me what it was about so I can fix it.”

Word Count: 300

A/N: first Yondu request !!

Want to request a drabble? Read this post [x]

You stared blankly out the window as the crew rushed around the ship. You were so spaced out you hadn’t heard Yondu call your name for the third time.

“y/n.” he grabbed your shoulder, and you jolted. You looked up at him and tried to plaster on a smile, but you didn’t fool him. He sat down besides you and you leaned on his shoulder, and he put an arm around you. “What’s wrong, honey?” 

“Nothing.” you muttered, and Yondu scoffed.

“You had a nightmare, tell me what it was about so I can fix it.” he said, and you looked up at him. He shrugged nonchalantly. “You kept tossing and turning in your sleep.”

“It’s okay, Yondu.” you leaned back into his chest. “I’ll get over it.” 

“Nah, I don’t want you to mope around like this.” he took your chin in his hand and lifted it up. “I wanna see you smile again.” 

You giggled a bit, and Yondu grinned triumphantly. One of the crew members called his name and Yondu turned around and waved him away.

“I don’t want to distract you from your work.” you said a little guiltily, and Yondu shrugged.

“You distract me everyday with you’re beauty.” he gave you a wide grin, and you gave him a shove but blushed. “I wanna spend time with you.” 

“Oh, Yondu,” you laughed. “We’ve become the clingy couple that you used to complain about.”

“Well I don’t mind being clingy if it means I get to be with you.” he shrugged, getting to his feet. He offered you his hand and pulled you up, and took your face in his hands. “Feelin’ better?” 

“Much better.” you reassured him, and he took your hand as the two of you walked towards the cockpit of the ship.

  • so the first time peter gets rlly soft around michelle is a lil after he tells her that he’s spider-man
  • so it’s cool now right cos mj is the person who calls him out on his shit
  • or will occasionally grab ned’s headset and yell at him if he’s doing something reckless on a mission
  • and they don’t have to be extra cautious around her anymore- which they weren’t actually
  • which is how she found out
  • and mj does a lot of research and takes first aid classes and eventually becomes his official spidey nurse
  • so one day he climbs through her window, expecting to see her reading a book on his bed
  • but she’s not there
  • and he’s like ‘tf’
  • bc no offense but where else would she be on a friday night
  • but as he’s climbing into her room he makes a whole lot of noise
  • and he hits his head on the window
  • “ow! shit, that hurt!”
  • and then mj runs into the room
  • and oH MY GOD
  • he looks at the baby the way ned looked at him when he saw him on the ceiling
  • “would you relax, spider-man? it’s just a baby.”
  • and somehow, peter manages to think of the impossible
  • “am i going to be a dad?”
  • even i, the biggest peter the dramatic dork™ supporter, facepalmed at that
  • i just wanna throw it out there that they’re not actually together so you can imagine michelle’s reaction when he said that
  • “what?!”
  • she’s genuinely scared because she can’t tell if he’s joking around or if he’s actually looks serious because he looks super scared
  • “…what?”
  • “he’s not mine, peter. or yours.” she rolls her eyes
  • and then she looks at the state he’s in and shoves the baby into his hands all whilst yelling
  • “support the head! support the-I SAID SUPPORT THE HEAD!!!!”
  • and then she gets her first aid kid and patches him up as the baby walks around her room
  • he’s 11 months old, relax
  • so they’re both cross legged on the floor and as she’s trying to put a plaster on a scar on his forehead,
  • the baby giggles and leaps into her arms
  • basically hugging her but he’s rlly tiny so he’s super smol and the baby is basically just curlin up on michelle
  • making her giggle
  • and with any other person, peter would feel a little awkward
  • but it’s michelle
  • and her eyes are shut tight and she’s hugging the baby so close
  • and he’s hugging her back
  • it’s adorable
  • and he wants to join in on the hug too!
  • “yay! cuddles!”
  • so he mimicks the baby
  • and because he’s spider-man,
  • he ends up tackling mj and the baby to the floor
  • “peter! the baby!”
  • she’s holding the baby close to her stomach now, and she’s looking down at the baby in worry but she’s also smiling at it
  • and he’s holding himself up by his arms that are on both sides of her head
  • i mean, he’s basically pinning her to the floor sooooooo
  • and he’s looking down at the two of them
  • it feels strangely intimate although michelle is his best friend??
  • so he wonders if it’s just the tiredness kicking in
  • and he asks her if he can crash at her place
  • she says yes, obviously because her parents are away on business trips anyway
  • so she tells him to make himself at home and she goes to put the little baby to sleep
  • peter learns later that she’s babysitting her nephew, mike
  • and her aunt’s gonna pick him up soon
  • he needs a towel and some clothes because he needs to take a shower so he calls for mj and she doesn’t answer
  • but then he stops in the doorway of the guest room when he sees mj
  • she’s holding mike close to her and she’s rocking him back and forth as she hums the tune of some beyonce song (typical michelle, honestly)
  • mike yawns and she gasps because it’s so damn adorable
  • inspired by that one zendaya gif
  • and peter’s heart melts
  • bc even though they’re like bestiesss! now
  • peter’s only ever seen her cry or coo during the up movie
  • y’all already know what part i’m talking about
  • and this whole night has been making him feel some type of way
  • he can’t quite put his finger on it
  • but all he knows is that he might want to be a dad one day if it meant getting an adorable baby
  • he also knows that mj is going to be a great mother one day
  • so he tells her that
  • and she smiles for a second but she calls him a loser and tells him he could borrow one of her older brother’s hoodies and she tosses her sweatpants at him
  • bc this boy may be smol but he has rlly broad shoulders ok and mj is tall but she’s actually rlly tiny and petite
  • and in a few months, he’ll tell ned about his inevitable MAJOR crush on mj, and when ned will ask him when he started crushing on mj,
  • he’ll look back at that night and realise that maybe he’s always thought about mj like that
  • that it had always been michelle, and that it will always be michelle
  • ok gn

jorgiepiie  asked:

Uh oh, I don't know how I feel about Amy visiting Host in his cabin. For some reason I feel like this is gonna take a bad turn...

“Host?” Amy knocks on the front door of the little cabin and waits. She’s only heard stories about this place, and she never in a million years would’ve dreamed that Host would want to come back after everything…

Host opens the door, clean bandages over his eyes and a smile on his face. “Amy!” He lets her hug him tightly, giving a soft kiss to the top of her head. “I’m sorry that it’s been so long.”

Amy pulls back and looks him over again. “You seem like you’re doing alright?” She didn’t mean it as a question, but she wants so desperately for him to be safe and healthy.

Host smiles and gestures for her and the others to come in. “Have a seat, have a seat,” he urges.

Amy and Mark sit down on the couch while Host takes his armchair, and Google stands to the side, looking over the books on Host’s shelf in the den. Host pulls at the buttons on the front of his coat, and Amy can’t help but notice. It’s his tell.

“Host, are sure that nothing’s wrong?” She leans forward, hands folded in her lap. Why won’t he talk to her?

His smile is genuine, bright, much brighter than she remembers, but something is still off about him. She glances over at Mark, and he can sense it to. He looks around nervously and strikes up a conversation about his next tour. He and Host chat for a while, and Amy gets up, joining Google by the bookshelf.

“Tell me he’s alright,” she mouths to the droid.

Google makes a face, and his eyes flick to the Host. “He’s been here on his own for so long,” he whispers. “One can’t help but wonder why.”

Host jumps to his feet suddenly, hands plucking at his clothes, his hair, his bandages. “Well, I really should be getting back to my project. It’s… it’s rather important.”

Mark stands up. “Host, you’re really worrying us. Why don’t you tell us what your project is first?”

The Host looks like he wants to push them all out the front door, but he holds himself back. About the time Amy clears the room to get to him, a door to the rest of the house opens, and someone steps out.

His button-up is sloppy, and his hair is tossed back out of his face. When he strides in, very confidently, he asks, “I thought you weren’t having anyone over?” before he sees who is in the room. “Oh.”

Mark and Google both gasp, and it takes Amy a moment longer because she’s never seen this figment in person before. Host turns around to face the other man, placing himself between him and Amy, but she’s already seen.


The Author grins at her and takes a mocking bow. “At your service, milady!”

you look happier

summary: Radio DJ David Nolan’s sister Emma moves to town to be close to him as he prepares for his upcoming wedding to Mary Margaret. Maybe he’s just a little bit crazy from wedding stress, but he kinda wants to set her up with his co-host and best friend Killian. (oneshot)

word count: ~16,500

also read on: ao3,

a/n: this story came from a prompt i received from @onceuponaprincessworld- “how about a captain swan where Killian is dating his best friend’s sister or Emma is dating her best friend’s brother? Maybe with some secret dating?” and then with help from @swans-and-pirates it sprouted into this giant oneshot monstrosity. 

If you like the secret dating, matchmaking, and romantic comedy, you’ll probably dig this.

“Good morning! It is seven o’clock and you’re listening to The Charmed Morning Show on 90.2 FM.” David Nolan smiles against the microphone in front of him. He glances over at his companion, Killian Jones, finding the man grinning from ear-to-ear. “I’m David, as always joined by my dashingly handsome co-host Killian. How’s the day treating you so far?”

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Asking Maggie

She’s asked her the thing that was hard.

Kara told her to never let Maggie go, and Alex never was one for hesitation.

So she’s already asked her the thing that was hard.

The whole ‘marry me’ thing.

But after that comes a slew of other questions. A slew of questions that maybe should have come before the first question, but hey, they wanted a lifetime of firsts; they never said they had to be in a particular order.

So they’d stayed up late – so many late, late, beautiful nights – curled in each other’s arms and asking soft questions and giving thoughtful answers about what marriage means to each of them. If they want children. What their finances will look like. House or apartment. Put roots down in National City before traveling, or life a lot of places. Combining health insurance plans. Taxes. Monogamy. The eventuality of getting crushes on other women, and how they’ll deal with it. 

But in the midst of all that, Alex hasn’t asked Maggie about the ceremony itself. About whether they can have a service that incorporates whatever’s important to Maggie, of course, but also Kryptonian elements to honor Kara, and Jewish elements to honor Alex.

She’s always been embarrassed about her faith. 

About how proud she was the first time her father let her wear a kippah and led her through making kiddush in Hebrew. 

About how meaningful it had been, how painful but how fitting, when she’d taken her father’s place at the head of the table, the year he’d disappeared from her life, and led the sedar in a shaky voice, with trembling hands and wet eyes. 

The way Eliza had held her when Kara went to search for the afikoman – no x-ray vision allowed – and told her that she was proud of her.

She’s always been embarrassed, because faith is incongruous with being a scientist, isn’t it?

And now, isn’t it incongruous with being… well, with being a lesbian?

So she paces and she wrings her hands, and when the door finally cracks open, she jumps, and she gulps and she turns, but it isn’t Maggie that steps into the apartment.

It’s Adrian.

“Hey Agent Danvers, sorry, Maggie said I could come over to study, I – hey, you okay? You’re doing that nervous pacing thing Maggie talks about.”

“Maggie told you about my – “

“Maggie tells me everything. Everything,” he emphasizes with a cheeky wink, and Alex laughs despite herself as she tugs him in for a hug.

“What are you studying, Ade?” she asks, but he shakes his head resolutely as he shrugs his saddle bag onto the floor and kicks off his converse.

“Nope. We can do that later. Something’s wrong. Talk to Uncle Adrian.”

Alex furrows her brow at him and he shrugs. “Listen, you two might be my queer mamas, but I’m a big boy, I can dispense advice like a champ.”

“You are a champ, kid,” she nudges him with her shoulder, and he nudges her back proudly.

“Seriously, Alex. What’s up?”

He grabs two bottles of root beer out of the fridge, tosses her one, and strides over to collapse onto the couch.

Alex thinks about how tall he’s getting, and she sighs as she sits down next to him.

“You know I’m Jewish, right?”

Adrian sips while he nods. “Kara was telling me about how you all used to combine Kryptonian and Jewish stuff for holidays.”

Alex grins. “Yeah. I… for the wedding, I want to… do you know what a chuppah is?”

Adrian shakes his head, and Alex takes another swig of her root beer.

“It’s like this canopy thing. Jewish couples get married under it. And I know Maggie’s not Jewish, but I… I never really thought about getting married. As a kid. I wasn’t one of those girls who fantasized about it, you know?”

“Probably because you couldn’t imagine yourself with some man,” Adrian nods knowingly, and Alex clinks her bottle against his.

“Probably. But for some reason, I don’t know. Some of those things are… are important to me, but I don’t want to… I’m gay, we’re gay, lesbians, you know – “

“Yes, incidentally, I’m aware – hey!”

He swats away the pillow she hits him with.

“I just… I don’t want to offend Maggie, or hurt her, or something. By asking to have something religious part of our ceremony. Especially a religion that’s not hers. I don’t – “

“Alex, hey, hey, you don’t have to cry. She loves you. Maggie loves you so damn much it’s almost annoying, always Alex this and Danvers that and yes god Danvers don’t stop – “


“I mean, that last one was a guess. Which I imagine was pretty accurate – ow! no more pillow attacks, not all of us have DEO training! – but really, Alex. Tell her exactly that – that you don’t want to trigger her, and you’re open to compromise and all that, but this is important to you.”

“But it’s… it’s stupid that it’s important to me. Isn’t it? Religion? And science, and… and lesbianness?”

Adrian sighs and shakes his head. “You know my folks are really religious, right? But you know what they get from their religion? That they should love their damn kid. Unconditionally. And Alex, Maggie… you know, I think that’s what Maggie loves most about you. The way you’re like, super hard and scary – Winn’s words, not mine – but also kind and soft and bottom-y and stuff. Ow! Not all the time, I know – hey! – I’m just saying, she loves how you’re both. How you’re everything, you know? She’ll love that you’re all hardcore sciencey and yet your Jewishness is important to you, and she’ll love that you’re a religious, or spiritual, or cultural, whatever word you want, lesbian. She’ll love it because she loves you. How much you hold in your personality. You know?”

“Couldn’t have said it better myself, Danvers.”

Maggie’s voice in the doorway makes them both jump slightly. 

“Hey babe!”

“Maggie! We were just talking about you.”

“Yes, I hear that.”

“Oh, you detected that, did you?”

“Wise guy. Come here.” She wraps Adrian in a deep, hard hug, whispering a thank you in his ear. For his kindness, his intelligence, his sensitivity and his insight. 

“And I feel like you have something you want to talk to me about, sweetie,” she pulls Alex in for a soft, tender kiss that makes Adrian awwww and Alex swoon.

“Yeah,” she whispers, breathless, her fear evaporating, because Adrian’s right.

Maggie loves her so damn much. All of her. 

So maybe asking her about their ceremony will only bring them closer.

Maybe asking her will be another beautiful, beautiful first.

Death Will Come As Sure As the Night [KHR/SH]

A.N - For the Fandom Bingo spot 3-4; lygophobia. Mild crossover with Silent Hill.


At fourteen, Sawada Tsunayoshi should be the past the point where he fears the darkness. He shouldn’t need to keep the light on at all hours, even when he sleeps. He shouldn’t have lights in his bedroom and beneath his bed and in all the little nooks and crannies of the house.

Reborn kind of wants to laugh when he first meets Tsuna. Before he discovers what drives that fear of the dark. It’s so childish, so stupid to him then. That first night, he deactivates all the lights, and smirks when the room goes dark.

But then in the next moment he’s covering his ears in shock as Tsuna screams and howls at a level he’d thought previously unreachable. Reborn lunges for the bedroom light, and turns it on. He’s shocked to find deep, furrowed gouges on Tsuna’s arms and face, like claws. He stares, and then looks at Tsuna’s fingernails, which are clean.

Tsuna sobs, wrapping himself up in a ball and rocking back and forth. Nana comes rushing into the room with a lantern and a crowbar of all things in her hand, and looks wildly around. She goes to the closet, checks under the bed, and then whirls on Reborn, looking far more furious than he’s ever thought her capable of. “Did you do it? Did you turn off the lights?”

“Yes,” Reborn says. He’s still looking at Tsuna as he says it. He’s not sure what to make of what he’s seeing. Those marks are claw-marks, far bigger than any wild animal he’s seen. Tsuna couldn’t have done that with a knife or any weapon. And even if he could, why wait for Reborn to turn off the light to do it? There’s just no way, no explanation. But then, what did cause those marks? “I think…I’m missing quite a few things.”

He doesn’t know it, but saying that is the only thing that saves his life that night. Nana Sawada has no problems burying him for harming her child. She’d thought it malicious until he spoke those words. She sighs harshly through her nose, and helps bandage Tsuna up. Reborn watches as she tucks Tsuna into bed, and then beckons him downstairs.

And once there, she tells him about Silent Hill, and how Tsuna spent the last three years of his life in that hellhole. He went in at eleven - even now she doesn’t know why, because Silent Hill draws in those looking for something, either to punish or help, and what does an eleven-year-old go looking for that would draw such a place’s attention? - and came out at fourteen, barely four months before Reborn showed up.

She tells him about the monsters, about the constant threat of death, how the darkness drew the monsters, and Tsuna always kept a crowbar by his side for the longest time. And she tells him about how, two months ago she started believing too, because the power went out in their whole house during a storm, and for the next several hours she had to listen and watch by lantern light as Tsuna fought and killed creatures that were beyond description.

“The darkness is their doorway,” she tells him, the coffee she placed before him long since gone cold. “Even the tiniest bit is enough. So we keep the house bright, and we… we stay inside at night. We don’t leave windows or doors open. Vents either. If you ever go out at night, always take light with you. And a crowbar, or some kind of weapon. Guns, swords, it doesn’t matter what. They’ll all work.”

It’s a tall tale, to be sure, but Reborn finds himself believing it easily enough. Not just because of Tsuna’s injuries, but because of the near-visceral reaction both mother and son have had. 

“I won’t do it again,” he tells her. And then, “I’ll make sure he’s back well before the dark comes, and if… if for any reason we do have to go out at night, I’ll make sure we’ve got lights.”

She nods. It’s really all Reborn can promise at that time.

And then, after Mukuro and the Varia, after Byakuran and the Vindice, after so much time spent together with Tsuna, he finally discovers Silent Hill.

Fog rolls into Namimori one morning, and right off the bat, Reborn knows its not right. It’s unnaturally thick given the time of year, and there’s so much of it, it almost looks like it doesn’t end. Tsuna’s sleeping soundly, but something in Reborn’s gut is urging him to wake the boy, so he does. Tsuna wakes up almost immediately, rubbing his eyes. “Reborn?”

“Fog,” Reborn says, and he watches as Tsuna freezes, and transitions from calm awakening to panicked horror. He lunges for the window, and stares out. His face goes pale, and drawn, and his eyes gain a haunted look. 

“No,” he whispers. His legs shake, and he drops down onto the carpet. “Please god no, not again…”

“Tsuna? Tsuna, talk to me, what’s going on?” Reborn’s by his side in an instant. He notices the door to their room is open, and hastily goes to shut it and lock it. There’s a rising sense of alarm creeping up his spine. Something is wrong. 

“We’re here, Reborn,” Tsuna tells him, and its no longer a broken voice he speaks it. It’s an eerily calm one, the same as when he goes into Hyper mode. Driven. Focused. “We’re in Silent Hill. Specifically, we’re in the Fog World.”

Reborn feels his stomach drop. “How?”

Tsuna shakes his head. “I don’t know. I don’t know if its us, or if its calling someone else, but its here now and we need to find a way out.”

“Okay. You’ve been here before.”

Tsuna nods, and goes rooting under his bed. He emerges with a crowbar, two pistols, and what looks like a handheld torch and a water bottle of gasoline. “I don’t know the way. It’s never the same - the place changes depending on who’s here.”

“Do you think… is it me?” Reborn asks. He almost doesn’t want to. 

Tsuna looks at him, and it feels like he’s being weighed. “I don’t think it is. But who knows. For now though, we need to–”


Reborn jerks around. That’s the sound of gunfire in the distance.

“Huh,” Tsuna says, tossing him one of the two guns. “Looks like we’re not the only ones here.”

“What about Mama?” Reborn asks. Tsuna shakes his head.

“She’s safe, back in the Real World. She’ll know why we’re gone, don’t worry about it.”

That’s good, at least. “Tell me what to do, Tsuna.” 

Tsuna taps his shoulder. “Get up here, and stay close. Keep your guard up. We’re going to go out, and see if we can do a quick scavenging run, and then see if we can find out who’s called the fog in. Silent Hill proper is in Maine, but if you travel through the Worlds long enough, you can end up there. So we’ll have to be careful.”

Reborn tugs his hat down more firmly, and ensures the gun he’s holding is loaded and ready, urging Leon beneath his hat for safety. “Then let’s do this.”

“Same rules apply,” Tsuna murmurs. “We don’t go out after dark, and we stay in well-lit areas. I hope you’re ready, Reborn. Because some of those lit areas, they’re not nice.”

“We’ll make it, Tsuna,” he replies. “I trust your judgement. You do whatever you think is best, and I’ll follow you until the end.”

Tsuna’s smile is faint, but it is there. “Then let’s go.”

And they step out into the fog.

thiam + lacrosse headcanons

another LONG AF post prepare yourselves

  • theo supporting liam by hanging around at his lacrosse games and cheering him on, but everyone seems to move away when he sits down so he sort of avoids the bleachers and will just, like, lurk in the shadows. he thinks he’s being super sneaky but he’s really, really obvious when he’s shouting and cheering and yelling at the refs every time they make a call against beacon hills
  • this is the reason everyone moves away from theo raeken: not because he’s, you know, technically a zombie, but because if you sit near him you will be treated to one of the most cursing-heavy sports narration/rant ever.
  • despite lowkey being super pissed off at theo raeken for this, everyone thinks that theo and liam are just SUPER CUTE together. 
  • even the lacrosse team loves it when theo shows up, in part because liam gets a lot less prone to flying off the handle at the slightest offense and also because he generally gets a lot more fun to be around! and play with! 
  • (and also because theo raeken is freaking hot, and let’s be real, only like 3 people on the team are actually straight. and the other three can appreciate the aesthetics anyways)
  • part of why everyone loves thiam is because RIGHT after the game ends, before the team has to cheer for the other team, they have this little thing they do. theo pretends to look all broody and mysterious and liam will throw his helmet on the ground and sprint to theo, leaping and clinging to him like a freaking koala
  • it’s super gross because liam STINKS and is super sweaty and gross but theo doesn’t mind ‘cause liam gets this HUGE grin on his face
  • if theo can extricate one of his arms from liam’s death grip he’ll stick a hand in liam’s gross sweaty hair and haul him in for some good ol’ fashioned necking
  • the first time brett sees this he yells “YOU GO, DUNBAR” and liam flips him off without breaking the kiss shh brett’s not dead what are you talking about
  • scott drives them home once in a while ‘cause the mccall pack is big on carpooling, and seeing how they both get super animated as they argue over plays is one of his favorite things about watching lacrosse
  • sometimes some players don’t show up to practice. theo will sometimes stick around to watch, but when they’re a couple men short coach will just toss theo one of the goalie sticks because theo raeken is pretty much unparalleled when it comes to ~supernatural reflexes~ and if you can get a shot past theo you’re either liam or a god. it’s good training, and besides, a little demoralization is good for the spirit!
  • one day the coach just tosses theo a whistle, declares him assistant coach, and tells him to get to work
  • liam practicing his throws and theo, fully shifted, catching the balls very very gently in his sharp, sharp teeth
  • fluff + sports + thiam in general is just. a good combination
Lethal | Jungkook x Reader | Smut | Part 7

Holy moly, angsty scenes ahead (with a bit of fluff, nevertheless). Please don’t hate me for writing this!

Originally posted by queenwithcollars

Ever so slowly, you woke up. With your eyes still closed, you attempted to move, but found yourself unable to. You forced your eyes open, and identified what was holding you in place immediately - you wrapped tightly against Jeon Jungkook.

You forgot about that.

Who would have thought you would have ended up with this cocky bastard?

Oh, well - you would be lying if you said you had any regrets.

Jungkook’s chest rose and fell rhythmically, still sound asleep (and shirtless, which you attempted to ignore). He was snoring softly, and you couldn’t help but smile at his sleeping form. God, you were getting soft.

Seeing as Jungkook was still asleep, your fingers, as if by their own accords, began to trace his features, which were softened by sleep. Gone was his scowl, his cocky grin. He looked younger, and more innocent - far from a dangerous hitman.

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Bumi Things
  • because he couldn’t bend, Aang taught Bumi how to play every instrument he could think of so he would feel special
  • bumi was a mama’s boy from day one
  • bumi could kick your ass in .3 second by the time he was five, bender or not
  • bumi got in trouble at school once for beating up a boy that made fun of him for being the avatars son and not being able to bend
  • “look at your face and tell me i cant bend” (bumi broke his nose)
  • uncle sokka showing bumi around the ways of the trusty boomerang
  • bumi actually getting pretty good at it
  • “sokka! you are not letting bumi play with that- katara! sokka’s letting-” “run, run, run!”
  • bumi was incredibly good with animals
  • baby bumi was protected by momo in his crib
  • bumi’s four when kya is born
  • bumi was (and still is) fiercely protective of kya
  • for the longest time, kya doesn’t bend and bumi is incredibly excited to have a sister just like him
  • when kyas 3 she accidentally freezes a pond her and bumi are playing in and it’s all waterbending all the time from that point on
  • he still loves his sister all the same but wishes that his dad was as excited when kya froze that pond when he mastered another instrument 
  • for every water bending outing katara takes kya on, bumi gets another wherever he wants to go, just him and mom
  • (katara always proposed it in a way that it doesnt seem like catch up for kya’s trips)
  • aang teaches bumi all his best jokes
  • bumi has his mothers penguin catching spirit and his fathers penguin sledding spirit
  • bumi sometimes tagged along on kya’s waterbending outings and practiced the form with them (maybe he would start bending, right? maybe he just wasnt doing it right..)
  • bumis crying by that same stupid pond when four year kya finds him and hugs him so gently he cries for different reasons
  • bumis eight when tenzins born
  • bumi was holding tenzin when he was seven months old when he first blew a gust of air into him so hard they both end up crying (go figure, an airbender…)
  • “way to rub it in, tenzin”
  • izumi is about the same age as bumi
  • when hes six, bumi asks his mom to get him the prettiest flowers at the flower shop and gives them to izumi
  • izumi burns them
  • little lin scares the living shit out of bumi (and everyone else) after she lifts a bolder above his head that couldve easily killed him when he accidentally bumped into her
  • bumi always somehow getting stuck babysitting
  • “but mom! izumis a month older than me! why do i have to watch su? she’s not even potty trained!”
  • bumi holding a crying kya whos struggling to figure out why she doesnt like boys yet
  • bumi being the first person she told when she kissed lin when she was 13
  • “you did not kiss a girl before i did”
  • bumi also being the first person tenzin tells three years later that he kissed lin
  • “what? why are you making that face?”
  • uncle zuko letting bumi come down and visit him 
  • zuko sparks his interest in the united forces, unintentionally
  • awkward teen bumi hanging around the fire nation and running into ty lee (who he definitely didnt have a crush on from his mom and dad stories) who teaches him to always show humility and not to demonize the enemy
  • when bumi finally joins the united forces he writes to his family, guilt ridden, telling them that he got kidnapped as if to make the whole peaceful air nomad thing easier
  • he also writes to kya telling her the truth
  • bumi finds out tenzins going to get his tats, takes a leave in the united forces, and stays with poor faint hearted tenzin the entire time, telling him his war stories to get his mind off the pain
  • bumi keeping tabs on kya when she flits around the world, finding herself (cause that’s what he was doing, wasn’t he?)
  • bumi taking a young kid, bum-ju (not that he’d ever tell thats who bum-ju was really named after) in the united forces under his wing
  • bumi coming to consider bum a son
  • bumi helping bum rise through the ranks, protecting the world side by side
  • bumi being devastated when bum dies in combat
  • bumi putting all of his hurt aside and staying with his mom and kya when his father dies for as long as he can before he reluctantly has to return to duty
  • bumi actually does end up dating izumi, if only for a little bit
  • bumi and izumi deciding that they’re better off friends
  • bumi helping izumi through her first pregnancy (hes stationed in the fire nation) and staying with her through Iroh’s birth when her husband dies
  • bumi getting a letter from izumi a few years later with her new husband and new little girl
  • bumi being there for the birth of all of tenzin’s children, too, pre rohan
  • bumi always bearing weird gifts to the his nieces and nephew 
  • bumi getting meelo his own boomerang (that tenzin keeps neatly under a glass dome that meelo can observe
  • bumi having heart to hearts with jinora about being the oldest
  • bumi teaching ikki all the jokes his dad him to one up her little brother
  • bumi tossing rohan extra high in the air with a gust of air he doesnt let pema see
  • bumi breaking down and crying when he tells his mom that he can air bend
  • in the same breath, bumi comforting kya about being the only non air bending cloud baby 
  • bumi branching out, not only knitting things for bum-ju but for his family too
  • bumi finally visiting bum-ju’s grave (bum-ju comes with him)
  • bumi volunteering to test any and all inventions asami makes
  • bumi telling his war stories to varrick, who turns them into movers
  • others, zhu li turns into books
  • bumi urging kya to talk to asami about her harbored feelings toward korra 
  • “why me?” “i dunno i figured it was a gay thing?”
  • bumi laughing until his stomach aches with bolin
  • bumi meditating in mako’s company
  • bumi taking it upon himself to be the comic relief korra needs
  • bumi feeling a huge burst of pride when korra says that shes proud of him before she shakes her head and apologizing awkwardly
  • “i dont know what that was about”
  • bumi belonging somewhere, being apart of his family as a respected equal
  • idk bumi 
  • i have a lot of feelings about bumi