tell the new ppl i'm not always like this

No matter how much I try I’m never skinny enough. My thighs are big, I have slight stomach n big boobs. I know i can never get right of thighs n boobs. But once I start excepting my body n working out just so I’m happy with myself as a person. My mom always tell me “my body is too big, my thighs are too big, my boobs are too big” I’m know I’m not perfect but I’ve been battling my depression n bulimia for years. Everytime I feel better like I’m truely can be myself again. Someone (my mom) always comes around ruin what process I’ve made to get better n be more happy with myself. I know I’m 15, I weight about 180 but that’s how my body is. My mom seems to forget that I weight much less than her in high school, and is more active too. Cuz I do basketball all year around n I workout n run a lot more than ppl think. I try to better myself. When she’s not home I’m usual working out for hours at times or on a run through my town to just get away. So what I’m big, I’ll always be a bigger girl and I want to learn to love myself for it. That’s all without everyone’s fucking opinions telling me what I should look like. I’m sorry that I don’t look like a toothpick or every other girl, I’m different I stand out, it makes me unique to others. Like a new kind of candy or drink or anything.

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OMG Taylor yes tell me more about this first novel aka I'm ready to obsess about your ocs some more

nooo it was so dumb. layla is this brute who has always been really aggressive and better at everyone at EVERYTHING like star of every girls team in high school and she finds out on like her 18th bday or something she’s not a human at all but like a genetic experiment. the new and improved version.

but the only reason that ppl find out is because someone tries to steal her away from the family she was raised with and they take her to this underground facility hidden in a mountain where A WHOLE BUNCH of “hybrids” just like her are being conditioned and trained for?? ( a war? civilian life? i can’t remember its been forever since i read any of it lol)

and anyway, every hybrid has a counterpart that was written into their dna and hers is david. he is the exact opposite of her. selfless, and gentle and sensible. and very very very kind. and they start training together and they’re just this duo that is inseparable. the best of friends.

well then this new hybrid comes into the mountain a couple months later, just like layla did, and he’s this smug beautiful man named alexander and layla instantly is like wow he is hot and i love him. and he’s a nice guy but david didn’t like him. i think alex and layla became kind of a thing?

and stuff went south when they left the mountain for the first time for a “mission” and layla believed that alex was just “malfunctioning” and she got taken by the bad guys from the beginning of the story? i think he was actually just written with bad programming oN PURPOSE like he was a different kind of hybrid but no one knew it except for his maker.

 anyway, a bunch of hybrids came to rescue her and the others that had been kidnapped and one girl layla really bonded with in the prison cells never made it out and while layla was recovering in the hospital david went to get her except david never came back and layla was in AGONY because david is her other half and she can feel his pain.

and that’s where the book ended lol