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Junkrat decides to sing his s/o a song. What song does he sing? What his voice sound like?

He sings an old bush song he heard somewhere growing up, his mouth stumbling on a few of the words. It takes a minute until you realise he’s singing a Waltzing Matilda

His voice is surprisingly good, a bit raspy as he dwells in the lower notes. His chest rumbles as he paints his voice with a darker chest tone. His leaps are a bit off but he quickly corrects them, he’s got enough of an ear to fix it. Junkrat’s timing stumbles forward, quickly getting faster a common mistake.

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EVERYTHING. Byakuya's been shot? Something happened to Komaeda?

(I’m going to answer it myself because it’s too long to do it with the characters. I’m doing it this time but please next time just scroll down a bit to search the answer by yourself, it didn’t happen that long ago at all ^^’

So => Hina was on a dangerous mission with her team from her division, something happened and she was MIA for more than a week and so, following the FF’s protocol, she has been declared as dead and her team stop searching for her. Refusing to give up, Kirigiri asked Byakuya to go there and search for her. He did it but they were attacked a few times and he was shot. He found Hina in critical state and now he is coming back with her in a helicopter brought by Fukawa (Fukawa and Komaru went there when he was attacked and shot to help him). They aren’t back yet so no one knows the real situation.

Nagito is fine, Hajime explained it but even if his illness isn’t a threat to his life anymore he still suffers from the damages it caused so that’s why he still has some episodes of dementia and times when he feels really weak => today was a bad day for him so he spent it sleeping and looking pale and weak.

Here it is, if you want to know more details about how/why/when things happened, just scroll down and search for it, as I said, it’s really recent :)

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Okay guys but listen

Its only being like 78 days since Yuri on Ice came out and it already has 4419 fics so we have been writing at least 56 of them per day and I didn’t count the ones that are on Wattpad or Fanfiction

There were 1,440,596 Tweets made only from November 24 to December 14

Some of the most famous figure skaters in the world like Evgenia Medvedeva, Denis Ten, Ashley Wagner, Evgeni Plushenko and Johnny Weir have talked about this anime

Also the ep 10 ending scene has been approved and praised by professional Pole Dancers

It even appeared on South Park

Our Dean Fujioka made it 5th in the list of the most searched musicians

Queerbait? no thank you this fandom doesn’t know what’s that, our love is canon and about to get married

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And we broke tumblr like wow guys our fandom is amazing

Yuri!!! on Ice is amazing


“Everything is ‘terrible?’ Don’t make me laugh. So what about me…for me, it’s been terrible since I was born.”

Rose Quartz’s reason for Steven

Now that ‘Storm in the Room’ has come and gone, I want to remind you of a line of dialogue from a very old episode.

Steven says this about Amethyst, which turns out to be true. We still see signs of it in the Amethyst arc where she pours herself into defeating Jasper. But I think this line is true for all quartzes.

Amethyst doesn’t wanna think about herself. She hates herself. It’s a miserable thing to think about. You can see the stark contrast with the Famethyst; they all have eachother to think about, which is why they’re so happy.

Jasper doesn’t wanna think about herself. Although she is full of herself, she’d rather be a part of anyone else. First Lapis, and then corrupted quartzes, if that’s what it takes.

Steven doesn’t wanna think about himself. He doesn’t wanna think about the expectations riding on him and all the horrible things he’s done and been through. He’d rather think about everyone else and what he can do for them.

And Rose was the same way. She didn’t wanna think about herself. She was always asking everyone else about themselves. Whenever she’s asked about herself, she either evades it entirely or delays it as long as possible. She dedicated herself to – quite literally – everyone else. Both the Crystal Gems, and the entire human race.

But it backfired. The rebellion caused a war, the war caused the destruction of so many gems (and maybe even humans), caused her to bubble Bismuth and shatter Pink Diamond, and who knows how many other awful, dreadful things.

She didn’t want that anymore. But she couldn’t escape it. She couldn’t just run away from it. But she couldn’t just NOT think about it.

Everyone around her was so unique, so full of life, so free of burdens … and she wanted that.

Rose Quartz wanted to be anyone other than herself.

She didn’t make Steven to escape her mistakes. She made him because she thought so little of herself. Because she knew, anyone in the world would be a better fit as the leader of the Crystal Gems than her.

She wanted to live life as someone who would know what to do. Someone who could be strong. Someone who could make the right decisions. Someone who could create good where all she created was bad. Someone that could set out to do what she never could; to save everyone. Someone that could be everything she wasn’t.

She can’t give Steven the answers because …

Steven is the answer.


*inhales deeply* SO back in 2013, I made a shitty Ace Attorney PowerPoint so my bf could have context to all the shitty AA doodles I did. I’ve dug up this relic and decided to update it with all the hip and happening characters and plot. It’s spoiler free imo, except Mia, but it’s like known by anyone who has played past case 1-1, so….

AAI slides were done primarily by @doodleblah because I never got around to playing those and she loves them. Not everyone is on here because they’re just the characters I primarily draw so sorry von Karma, Kristoph, Dahlia, Fulbright, etc