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when will shadowhunters realize that malec uniting the divided shadow world with their fierce love for each other and saving the universe is a far more compelling story than whatever they have in store for clary

“Libraries have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.  When I was a child, we didn’t have a lot of money and neither of my parents drove, so while my friends took big vacations during summer we also traveled–to our local library.  My sister and I lived for those summer days when we would carry our lawn chairs, blanket and lunch over to the park where the library was.  Once we had our books we would sit outside and read all afternoon.  Usually we finished and had to return them for more before heading back home.  I guess it came as no surprise when both my sister and I headed for careers  in the library.  I started as a library page at the Central Library of Rochester and Monroe County; that was in 1976.  I am still here, as Circulation Manager.  I have seen many changes through the years as the library reinvents itself to remain relevant.  I always marveled at how, through the thin times, other agencies have had to trim their services.  Library staff are not used to not being able to give patrons what they need so we usually just did more with less.  These days we are so much more than a building with books.  We assist entrepreneurs, job seekers, young parents and have remained an important part of the community all these years.  Many patrons come back to tell us of their successes made possible with our help.  It’s a very rewarding place to work and all our services are free.  Cannot imagine a civilized population without libraries.”

— Cynthia Dana, Circulation Manager, Central Library, NY

Tell us your library story.

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Could I request a vacation HC for Nishinoya?

a singular headcanon? Kidding :p Of course! 

  • His first choice for going on vacation would be to the beach, since he likes swimming and playing beach volleyball and stuff and also gets to see hot girls
    • Long Island Beach, to be specific 
  • He likes places with some sort of hiking trail as well
  • He loves lying in the sun, trying to tan
    • The key word is “try”. Boi burns very badly
  • He takes a ton of pictures so he can show Tanaka and Hinata when he gets back from vacation 
  • He also buys way too many souvenirs to bring back for his teammates
    • He gets Tsukishima a ‘I Love NY’ shirt as a joke
  • He adores visiting aquariums. He loves looking at all the different kinds of fish. 
  • Window shopping is also pretty fun for him. 

Thanks for the ask! <33

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Can you tell us more fun(ny) stories about working in a lab?

Omg, seriously? :O yeah! I have lots!

-there’s a sign above our thermacycler that says “instructions: set PCR products in. Set cycle. Run gel electrophoresis. Get no bands. Cry”

-we like to play pranks on each other. We printed out a cardboard cutout of the head of our lab and put him in his office at his desk on a day he came in late. People asked Flat Scott questions.

-my coworkers went to a concert last week and stole a bunch of sterile 15 mL conical tubes and filled them with whiskey and taped them to my friend’s legs. Proceeded to get trashed at a Chainsmokers concert.

-when I overcaffeinate, my boss sends me into the 37 degree C room because it makes me warm and sleepy

-there is a plastic lizard that lives on the shaker. I don’t know why he’s there but I love him.

It actually really fucking sucks that my family have given me a bad taste for everything like I can’t even laugh about something because it hits home for me