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okay, so I want to talk about this shot from the 3x15 promo for a quick second because I had some thoughts on it

so one reason for ed doing this is that he wants to take credit for killing oswald.
(firstly let me say real quick that I know oswald isn’t dead, but ed believes he is. here’s an ask I answered on why we know oswald is alive). 

now I still firmly believe that ed doesn’t want to be the king of gotham, I just don’t think it’ll interest him. an audience to see his work, maybe, but an empire to run? no. however, there’s still a lot he can gain for taking credit.

1) it gives him some standing in the criminal world. oswald was able to become king because he made falcone go into hiding, manipulated the events that led to maroni’s death, and killed fish. I know, I said ed doesn’t want to be king, but having credit in the criminal world means he’ll be taken seriously and has made a huge impact already to build upon.

2) his part of the deal with babs and that was to help her rise to the top and become queen, that standing he’ll gain from having killed the king in the criminal world can only help with that

and there’s many other reasons I’m sure as to why ed would want to take credit for killing oswald, however, there’s another option that I like to lean towards and it could work perfectly well in conjunction with everything said so far

I like to think that he left the ? on the painting because he feels guilty about killing oswald and at least some small part of him wants to be caught/punished for it.

okay, let me explain

so back in 2x07, after killing kristen, when ed wakes up hallucination/dark ed says to him “You probably have half a mind to turn yourself in.”

okay, sure, he didn’t mean to kill kristen so it is slightly different, but the point stands that he felt guilty after doing it and wanted to turn himself in. most likely because kristen never did anything wrong (whereas someone like dougherty was an abuser and even beat up ed, and with people like the man who came across kristen’s grave, ed didn’t know them personally so most likely felt no real guilt because “it had to be done”)

skip forward to 2x17 where ed finally gets caught. the only (or major) reason why he gets caught is because he becomes paranoid and decides to go after jim because he believes jim is onto him. we add the fact that he jumped to conclusions and gave them everything they needed to convict him (kristen’s body, his confession, etc) with his guilt immediately after killing kristen, it suggests that a small part of him still wanted to be caught by 2x17 despite him seemingly accepting who he was becoming (and what he’d done)

so ed is no stranger to guilt, especially when it comes to hurting people he loves

  • he felt guilty over killing kristen (we also know this because he straight up tells isabella as much)
  • if he’d killed isabella he most likely would have felt guilty over that, and in a way he probably feels guilty because she essentially died for being in love/in a relationship with him
  • the stuff in 2x17 could suggest that he also wanted to be stopped so he didn’t have to kill jim but I fully accept that maybe that’s my shipper heart talking so hey

anyway, ed most likely felt guilty about killing kristen because he thought he was in love with her and she meant something to him. 

if we include the middle bullet point, he feels guilty for the same reasons, he thought/thinks he loves isabella and she meant something to him, she was also his second (and perhaps first real) chance at being happy in this mind anyway

and if we do include the last bullet point, jim was one of the few people who was nice to him at the gcpd, they were friends, there’s no denying that.

seeing a pattern? these were all people who meant something to ed, treated him nicely, and/or people he loved

even if we step away from nygmobblepot as a romantic ship and just look at them as friends, these things still apply.

  • oswald was at the very least ed’s best friend, that’s a pretty big thing and even just suggests how close they were (especially in the moments we didn’t see)
  • factoring in that oswald can be blunt, he was never really purposely cruel to ed
  • whether it’s romantically or platonically or whatever I have no doubt that ed loved oswald in some way, shape, or form

all of that that added with the fact that ed clearly regrets and feels guilty about killing oswald immediately after shooting him (feel free to read my meta/analysis about that here) it suggests to me that ed, on some level, is going to feel guilty enough to even consider handing himself him

I’m not saying he’s going to be conscious of this, I don’t think he was concious of the fact he was essentially handing himself over in 2x17 when he got himself caught, but whether it’s conscious or not I’m choosing to believe that the question mark on the painting is because a part of him, no matter how small, and no matter how aware of it he is, wants to be caught and punished for what he’s done

also this still stands whether you see nygmobblepot as romantic or not, they were close and have a bond, one that can’t easily be broken, and one I think is never going to sever completely. they, as a pair, are so intertwined at this point that it doesn’t matter if it’s romantic or not because that connection they have is already so strong that there’s no way that ed doesn’t feel guilty, and only serves to back up the idea that some part of him, no matter how small, will want to be punished

it also adds strength to me, that one day, at some point, ed and oswald will come back together and slowly make it back on to good terms

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Can we also talk about how Bakugou went from "weird haired guy" to "Kirishima. Change of plans". Oh man I didn't realize how much I missed the anime *cries*

BOI CAN’T WE I just spent the whole morning crying over seeing the moment Bakugou recognizes Kirishima as an equal animated nbd at all r i p me - I think this might be the first time Bakugou calls anyone by their name, actually, and I just!!! that’s because Bakugou heard Kirishima’s words and recognized him as a good partner and a worthy hero and someone whom he could respect and I’m gonna be grateful for chapter 133 for the insight on this for the rest of my always I !!!!!! have feelings g a h

Anon said: ok ok ok ok but but listen what about BAKGOU AND OCHAKO they are the most popular couple and the most cutest , i think you should try to draw them once i would love love to see this !!! of course just if you want hehe thanx

Ahhh sorry anon but I really don’t ship that - I mean, it’s true that I ship Bakugou with a bunch of people aside from my main two, but if they’re part of Deku’s group you can fairly assume they’re not between my Bakugou ships? And I only romantically ship Uraraka with Deku, Tsuyu and Iida anyway so! You’re probably not gonna see any romantic baku/ocha from me, sorry o<-<

Anon said: Since we know what Bakugou’s parents are like, what do you think Kirishima’s parents are like?

I have a similar ask somewhere asking about Kaminari’s parents as well, so I guess I’ll answer both here?? As a general rule I don’t really like making headcanons over stuff I’m sure the manga will give me in the future, so I can’t say I’ve thought about this too much - there are a few things I work under the assumption of while drawing, like for example I’m taking for granted they both have at least functional families, considering Aizawa personally visited their homes to ask their guardians about allowing them back to school, and if anything had been weird he would have noticed

I like to think Kaminari got his quirk straight from one of his two parents with no mixing happening, and got the Kaminari surname from them as well, but that’s all I ever allowed myself to settle on as far as Kami’s family goes, everything else changes based on what I need for the current scenario I’m thinking about… I do often end back on him being an only child, though - in the same way depending on how angst or lighthearted I want it to be my ideas for Kirishima’s family change a lot, but generally I think I mostly fall back on the idea of him having a big family? In a scenario like that his parents are kind and love him a lot, but having many children and needing to split their attention on all of them might cause them to overlook him a little (it would explain his obsession with being flashy, for me) then again, who knows? I don’t know how canon you can consider the infos SMASH gives, but in one of the strips Kiri mentions working part-time, and the fact that he doesn’t seem to have problems with money kinda makes me believe he might be independent from his family like that (unless he’s a rich kid, also very entertaining as a possiblity)

I’ve seen a lot of headcanons floating around about both of these guys’ families and possibly being related to villains, that would be cool too, though I’m not sure how much I believe it

I’m sorry this ended up being little to no useful at all lol as I said, I just shift between scenarios a lot - imagine settling on one and growing attached and then having to let it go once Hori proves it wrong, that’d be terrible for me

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Why 686 was the final nail in the IchiOri coffin...

I remember after I read the chapter all I felt was eerily fine. That’s fucking crazy cuz as a shipper, I was “supposedly” defeated. The evidence of a big-eyed, incest-looking baby LITERALLY staring me in the fucking face should’ve made me feel depressed as fuck but it didn’t. No lie, reading it the first time hurt like a bitch, the fact that Ichigo literally laid down and fucked her with those half-assed feelings of his made me sick, but even so I never felt like I lost and I couldn’t figure out why. What makes Ichiruki so great that it defies a canon where Ichigo knocked up another woman? Well, I’ve been thinking and there are actually a couple of things that point to Ichiruki being the true OTP of Bleach and Ichi//hime as nothing more than a crackship especially with all the evidence from the last chapter.

I’m gonna say this rn. Chapter 686 of Bleach is Kubo’s most subtle way of making Ichiruki canon.

 I know, chapters 685 and below made Ichiruki canon but y’all 686 was the icing on the fucking cake. If you looked at my other post, you know I firmly believe that this ending was intended to be bad and I stand by that. You know why because EVERYONE doing OOC things means intent. If everyone was in character and did things that they loved or could be seen doing except Ichiruki then that means that Ichiruki was not the true endgame. In this scenario, there is a happy mold being set for the story that has to be consistent for all of the characters. There can’t be some characters that have good ends and some characters that have bad ends in the same story, they either have to be all relatively good or relatively bad. By the way Bleach ended, Kubo went with the relatively bad ending route which means that Ichiruki can not be together. If they were then that would make them a bad ending for the characters. Think of it as Kubo’s worst case scenario and here’s the thing….it actually makes sense within the context of the story. You know what makes it understandable….Ichigo.

I know I was fucking pissed when I thought that Ichigo gave up on being a Shinigami because he wanted that shitty of a life. I was mad at his decision but I never thought of his reasoning and that’s when I started thinking…..What if Ichigo did it all deliberately. Ywach said that he would find the future where he was most happy and fucking annihilate him, right? So what if Ichigo listened…what if he actually headed his warning and decided to become miserable on purpose…. It would make sense, if he really wanted to make sure Ywach never hurt anybody in the future, he would have to do one thing 

….give up his own happiness… 

…and like a domino effect, the other nakama, the soul society, everyone followed suit. If Ichigo had left the human world, Orihime would face the fact that her love would never come to be and she probably would have been more ambitious. Ishida and Chad would probably have followed Ichigo’s lead and done things that they truly wanted to do, they also would have felt a greater need to protect people because they want to make up for Ichigo not being there like they did in the fullbring arc. Ishida would have been there for Orihime after she matured and moved on and they probably would be together (Ishida being so alone and isolated felt so intentional in the chapter, especially after all the hinting throughout the manga, I really do believe that Ishihime would be the true happy end where Orihime is finally on the recieving end of love and Ishida being the one to reciprocate her love). On the flipside, Ichigo as a shinigami would keep the Soul Society from returning to its former corruption. He would be able to enforce more change as a Captian or head Captain. He would be able to be by Rukia’s side every single day. He and everyone else would be without a doubt the most happiest they’ve every been. But that couldn’t happen, because Ywach would come back and destroy them all. So Ichigo became our tragic hero, sacrificing himself for the good of everybody.

I think that not only did Ichigo give up his happiness by choice, he did it with reason. This isn’t me reaching or grasping at straws, I do believe that this is not much of a stretch for Ichigo to act this way in the story.The thought of a villian, that broke his sword fucking thrice despite all his powerups, coming back to destroy everything might’ve been a very valid reason for Ichigo to be OOC and stay where he doesn’t want to be. Furthermore, Kubo has never really been a blunt type of writer (except when it comes to propping Ichiruki). He loves the meta, the beneath-the-surface type of shit, the impied meanings rather than the spelled out ones. It just makes sense, everything you see in 686 is the bad end that happened because of Ichigo and what does that bad end include……….. Ichi*hime married with a kid. 

because of this we can conclude that in no way IH was intended as endgame 

With the way Kubo wrote IH, it can’t even be seen as an true endgame ship just based on their interaction alone. Even with my bias and 686 reasoning aside, they are truly just a weak ass ship… and what really gets me is the fact that THERE IS NO FUCKING EXCUSE. Kubo has shown to be more than capable of drawing Rukia sense things about Ichigo, know how to cheer him up, and protect him so why doesn’t he ever do those things for Orihime? Because he doesn’t want to. He always chooses to have Orihime be the selfish one or the clueless one. Even the fucking Ichi//hime conversations are drawn to be less entertaining. I’m not exaggerating when I say that Ichi*hime has been disserviced so many times in this manga that they can’t even be considered a rival ship to Ichiruki. 

The bias is just too damn strong against this ship with one of the most famous examples being in the beginning of the HM arc. We all know it. Orihime tries to cheer Ichigo up after he gets his ass kicked and still can’t control his inner hollow. She fails and despairs about not knowing what to do. Rukia shows up ,in the most dramatic way ever, knows immediately that something’s wrong and cheers him up like it’s fuckin child’s play. She does it so damn well that Ichigo’s ass is full out smiling and teases her with ‘You’re really noisy, you know that!’ and that’s the point! Tell me one thing that Orihime has done, that Rukia hasn’t done better……. You know what tell me something Orihime has done, that Rukia hasn’t done at all.…that’s right you can’t. If we really compare Orihime to Rukia, Orihime is just barely as competent as Rukia when it comes to knowing and supporting Ichigo. She is always shown to doubt Ichigo and his abilities, where as Rukia is always shown to have an unbelievably high amount of faith in Ichigo. Orihime claims to love him for five lifetimes, but she is the only person in canon to say that 'I can’t see myself reflected in his eyes.’ and 'It’s really you Kurosaki-kun, because of the long hair I wasn’t sure.“ 

She couldn’t tell that if he was her love of five lifetimes because his hair was longer?? what kinda shit! not to mention Rukia’s looking at her like she’s stupid And it’s exactly because of little shit like this that IH just doesn’t work as a true endgame ship.

Hell, they don’t even work as a shock factor ship because that would require Bleach to have a good end. They exist as nothing more than a crackship for Kubo to make fun of.

But the ultimate thing that really tells me that this manga was not intended to end with Ichi*hime is the fact there is not ONE moment in the entire fucking manga where Ichigo stops to just acknowledge Orihime.

This was made glaringly clear when I read 686, and I realized that in all the time he’s known her he never truly compliments her strength, never just thinks about her in relation to him or even just in general. He never went “Orihime really treasures her friends and is kind to even her enemies…I’ve never noticed that before…” or “Orihime’s always worrying about me, she should worry about herself more…” or some shit (but then that would require that she actually has character outside of her Ichigo crush). In all of those chapters, no meaningful action was communicated on Ichigo’s part. And again it’s not that Kubo is incapable!! There’s been too many times where he’s made Ichigo think of Rukia, be awed at Rukia’s power, contemplate how her absence affects him, wonder if he can keep up with the speed of the world without her, and think of how kind she is. SO AGAIN THERE IS NO FUCKING EXCUSE FOR WHY KUBO DIDN'T DO A FRACTION OF THE SHIT FOR ICHI/HIME!!!!! Say what you want about the Naru*Hina relationship, Kishi at least had Naruto clearly acknowledge Hinata. Kishi even did it very early on in the Chuunin exams, when Hinata fights Neji. Naruto goes from thinking of Hinata as that weird, shy girl to someone he can actually relate to. Naruto hears her back story and identifies with her being called a failure. He was so fucking moved that he fucking shouts from the stands and cheers her on! And throughout the whole match, his attention is focused solely on her! And when she looks like she’s been defeated, he is the only person to say “No! She’s got some more fight in her!” And when she stands up, he nods and looks so proud of her. And what did he do after Hinata was defeated by Neji, he picked up some of her blood that she coughed up and swears a vow to win in her fucking honor!!!!!   Hmm, it almost reminds me of Ichigo SWEARING TO HIS MOTHERFUCKING SOUL TO SAVE RUKIA FROM EXECUTION! Ichigo has never thought as highly of Orihime. Ever. 

Ichi//hime’s main argument against Ichiruki is the classic “Orihime is the only one that showed romantic interest in Ichigo.” or “Ichiruki has no romantic development”. Well, the thing that they continue to miss is that surface level, shoujo-type moments are meaningless when compared to the more meaningful aspects of a relationship. You can blush at people you barely know, but you can’t trust them with your life or respect their judgments and opinions. 

Just the way Rukia commands his attention whenever she’s in a room…

 ….or whenever her life is in danger.

How just the sound of her voice can make him focus… 

….and stir his emotions…

And it’s that same attentiveness that was so clearly missing from Ichigo in the final chapter when Orihime was concerned. So clearly, like throughout the entire manga, there is only one person who Ichigo completely focuses on.

This is the moment Ichiruki became officially canon. This animated banter with Rukia is canonically the happiest moment of his intentionally unhappy life.   

Let me say it again for yall fam…






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Go on and let that marinate.

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Ichiruki has always been one of those ships that say it all without saying anything, and this is no exception… 

Edit: I almost forgot…a moment of silence for all the illiterate Origos out there, who will undoubtedly fail to understand how and why this logical explanation makes sense. For those who only understand things when they are spoon-fed to them, this post must be really difficult to read and comprehend. I honestly feel nothing but pity for you all and your mental health since it prevented you from truly experiencing Bleach the way it was intended to be. But It’s okay, go back to look at your incest baby Kazui and headcanon a final chapter better yet a whole manga where Ichigo pays more attention to Inoue rather than Rukia. Right now the only thing I’m sorry about is the fact that your ignorance has been rewarded. A good ending would’ve let you down gentler.

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Can We Please Make A Point Because:
  • People: Killian is no good for Emma! He's so selfish and doesn't have her best interests at hea-
  • Killian: Your hand, it's cut, let me help you.
  • Killian: You are bloody brilliant. Amazing.
  • Killian: Well I offer my ship and my services to help follow them.
  • Killian: Doesn't mean I'd leave your father to perish on this island.
  • Killian: I came back to save you.
  • Killian: Magic is a part of you, Swan. It's time you embraced it.
  • Killian: I'd go to the end of the world for her. Or time.
  • Killian: You're the Saviour, Swan. You can do it.
  • Killian: You can do this!
  • Killian: Are you okay?
  • Killian: I'd rather save yours than hers.
  • Killian: I apologize for overreacting.
  • Killian: You okay?
  • Killian: I'd love to know more about your beginnings.
  • Killian: I just wanted to be a better man for you, Swan.
  • Killian: Swan! Are you alright??
  • Killian: Grilled cheese.
  • Killian: I don't intend to let you down.
  • Killian: And I with you.
  • Killian: Emma, are you alright?
  • Killian: Be careful, Swan.
  • Killian: It's my job, or at least I hope it's my job, to protect your heart.
  • Killian: Save Henry.
  • Killian: I awoke moments before your parents, and came up here looking for your boy.
  • Killian: What is it?
  • Killian: Emma please! NO. Don't do this.
  • Killian: We'll find another way, together!
  • Killian: You can tell me anything.
  • Killian: No, Swan! You can't use dark magic!
  • Killian: It's too much for her!
  • Killian: Emma. Are you alright?
  • Killian: I liked your walls. I liked being the one to break them down.
  • Killian: There's no one here. It's just us. You and me.
  • Killian: I'll never stop fighting for us.
  • Killian: Be careful, Emma.
  • Killian: The Dark One is immortal. Emma isn't. Bring her home to me.
  • Killian: I love you, Emma Swan. No matter what you've done.
  • Killian: Easy, Swan. You got tagged pretty good there.
  • Killian: It's alright! Emma, it's alright!
  • Killian: I'll just be happy knowing you'll have one.
  • Killian: It's okay.
  • Killian: You shouldn't be here. Nobody should.
  • Killian: You alright?
  • Killian: What's wrong? I know when something's bothering you.
  • Killian: I'm sorry, Emma. You were right.
  • Killian: I'm glad you did. Do you realize that's the first time you've slept since you rescued me?
  • Killian: Well as for maybes and hopefullys, I've learned never to question yours. I'm coming with you.
  • Killian: I didn't want Emma to do this.
  • Killian: Emma, please.
  • Killian: Get your heart!
  • Killian: If I helped you take off that armour don't put it back on just because you're gunna lose me.
  • Killian: I bloody well need to find a way to save her!
  • Killian: I can't do that! Not while she's still in danger.
  • Killian: I'm so happy you're alright.
  • People:
  • Me: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (◡‿◡✿)
LOT/CC fic: Just One Night, Ch. 2 (of 4)

When Team Legends returns to Central City for Barry and Iris’ wedding, Sara jumps at a chance to do something, anything, else.

She doesn’t even remotely suspect where that decision will lead her. (Or to whom.)

Thanks, as always, to @larielromeniel for the beta! Can also be read here at AO3 or here at

It’s melodramatic to say that the world tilts around her, but that’s precisely what it feels like. Sara puts a hand to the wall as if checking to see that it’s still there, that she’s not dreaming, that she’s not going to wake up in a moment, stomach and heart clenched with a pain she can’t show. 

It is there, cool and solid beneath her fingers, and that’s all the moment of weakness she gives herself. And then her gun is in her hand, aimed straight for his heart, and if her hands are shaking just the tiniest bit, well, she knows she can compensate for that. 

“Don’t move,” she repeats, keeping her voice cold, without a quaver. “I will fire."  

Leonard tilts his head just a little and regards her for a moment that feels like forever. 

"Ah,” he says, finally. “Right.” Slowly, he raises his hands in front of him, eyes never leaving hers, and they’re not that rat bastard’s eyes, there’s actually warmth in them and concern… “The last time you saw me, it was that me." 

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how alive are you after the newest hq chapter?


Ok this is less analysis than helpless flailing but SPOILERS for HQ Ch 224 are involved 


Look, I’ll be super honest, I saw a lot of posts after last week’s chapter about how worried people were about Kageyama going back to his “old ways”. And I was REALLY truly nervous about posting my thoughts about Ch 223 when asked but I also really wanted to say how I felt about Kageyama and how far he’s come and how I didn’t think it was possible for him to regress back and just

Are you kidding me Furudate? Do they even know what a great writer they are (they probably do). But what a beautiful, unrelentingly uplifting story they have crafted, in this manga about a bunch of kids who play volleyball.

Even in that one moment when Kageyama snaps a little bit, he does not regress. He just is TRYING so HARD to be what everyone needs him to be (kind of the direct opposite of how he was in middle school, where he wanted everyone ELSE to be what he needed them to be), that it’s killing him when it still isn’t good enough, when mistakes happen, when he sees “that could have been better”. 

But the INSTANT after he snaps, what does he do? He remembers that this is not who he wants to be anymore.

(Notice the “Keep up with me”)

I don’t think anything has ever broken my heart more than his absolute fear in the moment right after he shouts, fear that he’s done something irrevocable, that he’s broken the trust and bond he has worked so hard to build all these months, the bond he was never able to have with his teammates in middle school. And right when he’s probably about to lose it completely (tellingly, he doesn’t snap at Tsukki calling him a king, he starts trying to apologize) what fucking happens? 

Hinata Shouyou is there, just like he always, always will be. 

And the rest of Karasuno steps up so. Fucking. Hard in this scene. Kageyama has had to do a lot of growing, for sure. Some of it, he did on his own, immediately after he realized how bad he fucked up in middle school. But a lot of his issues in middle school, I think, are inherent to his personality. They even say that nothing he’d said in the Date Tech game so far was wrong - he just has a manner of speaking that is heavily abrasive, and doesn’t understand the nuances between saying something and saying it in a socially acceptable way. 

And you can’t really unlearn personality flaws in a bubble. You need other people to teach you where you’re going wrong and how to interact in a more acceptable manner, and that is what Karasuno has been essentially dedicated to doing for him right from the start, because not only are these kids his teammates, but they are also his friends. And that means they are there for him, even when he’s being difficult, or demanding, or not very nice, because they understand he’s not a mean person. He’s just Kageyama. He needs a little more help than most. 

Karasuno gets that he is far above the skill of the rest. They get that it’s frustrating for him, having to come down to other people’s level (this is so true of anyone who is really gifted in a particular area). So that’s why they don’t try to make him. They know he is doing his best, and they’re going to do theirs, and they’ll make it work that way - they understand it may be frustrating, but Kageyama, in turn, understands that he can’t expect everyone to always keep up with him. He can’t get angry about that now, because he knows it’s simply not always going to be possible. I think his anger is directed inward, more than anything else. I think he’s got it in his head that he needs to make up for the shortcomings of his teammates. But that’s just not how a team functions. Everyone supports everyone else. And he’s learning that, with Karasuno.

I love what Suga says in this chapter. That Kageyama, now, is open to the possibility that he might be wrong. And you can see that change in the way he interacts with all his teammates, how even as he’s trying to make them better, he’s still learning from them. And he is always and ever aware of that line he crossed in middle school, that chasm he could never seal up - and he will never go there again. 

I also really loved that the goody two shoes line from Miya really came back around in this chapter - Kageyama still wants to be the best, and most supportive setter for his teammates - but that doesn’t mean giving them the exact toss they want if he feels they can jump higher, play harder, go bigger. It’s all about finding a balance, and I think he has found his now (or has at least come very, very close).

And a final thought….. Hinata. Of course, Hinata.  

Hinata Shouyou, reminding Kageyama of his own egotistical words, his own pride - and telling Kageyama to own up to it, to be the fucking champion he is meant to be. To stand on the court and rule it. Hinata Shouyou, openly embracing Kageyama’s nature, king or not.

To take that hurtful, toxic nickname - that Kageyama has truly suffered under the weight of, but that Hinata has always thought is badass - to yank it back from the recesses of Kageyama’s fears and reclaim it and crown him a king again. 

Because that’s what Hinata believes his friend is, and he sees nothing, absolutely nothing wrong with that.

How alive am I after this? 

I’m so fucking alive I’ve ascended into Haikyuu fucking heaven, to live at the right hand of Furudate-sensei, in all of their wonder and glory. 

Bless them, bless this chapter, bless this fucking ship. 

@stfukatha requested Bellamione for the femship headcannons so herE I GO AGAIN <3

  • Holy shit they would hate each other at first
  • Literally the wlw enemies-to-lover trope of my dreams tbh
  • Bellatrix would hate her because Hermione is everything she has been brought up to hate, not to mention she’s obnoxious and thinks she knows everything and is far too idealistic for her own good
  • Hermione would hate her on principle, because Bella’s a prejudiced bitch and is unapologetic for her vindictive and cruel streak
  • And as crazy and cruel and honestly sociopathic as Bella is, there is no doubt she is also has an insanely sharp wit, and a keen understanding of people and how they think and how they work and she has perfected the art of pinpointing people’s weaknesses and just ripping into them without restraint
  • Like literally give her the most confident, self-assured, egotist you can find and she would have them on their knees crying in like five minutes
  • Enter Hermione, stubborn and short-tempered, told her entire life she was less than everyone else, made to feel inadequate ever since she was a child, and there is nothing Bella can tell her that she hasn’t already heard before
  • Bella is simultaneously annoyed and intrigued, because while Hermione is exceptionally easy to anger, she is considerably harder to break
  • Bella gets this intense, kind of creepy, subtle obsession with Hermione Granger because oh my god Bella is nothing if not obsessive
  • Hermione cannot for the life of her understand why Bella won’t just leave her alone
  • And its like Bella’s ability to read into people is suddenly backfiring on her because the more time she spends picking Hermione’s brain the more she likes her
  • Because yeah okay Hermione is everything she has been bred to hate, but she’s so fascinating, and she’s vicious, and the way her eyes flash when she’s about to go off on some intellectual rant because of something she said has Bella higher than she’s ever felt
  • And it’s not as if Bella has ever really listened that much to her family in the first place, they were never close, she never liked them, but she liked Hermione
  • And Hermione, quite against her will, starts noticing positive attributes about Bella’s personality. And its not as if she forgets all the horrible parts of Bellatrix’s personality, its just that she’s also noticing how observant she is, and intelligent, and her hooded eyes when she smiles and oh my god her legs
  • It’s like Bella’s not this one dimensional evil woman anymore, she’s intelligent and witty and interesting and troubled and Hermione finds herself wishing she could just look at her and understand her the way Bella seems to do with everyone else
  • And one day Bella makes some flirtatious comment–probably not even purposefully, it just sounds vaguely suggestive–and Hermione freaks and Bellatrix is just like yes
  • And it just spirals, and Bella finds that the dirtier the flirtatious comment, the bigger the reaction she gets out of Hermione, and oh my god Bella would be capable of the filthiest dirty-talk oh my god
  • And its like suddenly their interactions lack the animosity of before, and its still Bella picking at Hermione and Hermione lashing out but they aren’t angry anymore, and they don’t hate each other, and its almost as if their day isn’t complete unless they have their tiff at some point
  • It’s subtle, because to everyone else nothing has changed, the two of them still hate each other and every time they’re around each other everyone sort of braces themselves because there’s never any stopping it, you just have to let it run its course
  • And that’s why when it happens, when they’re suddenly a thing, its so shocking
  • literally no one understands
  • Because they don’t even like each other??? They only ever fight?? at any given moment Hermione looks as if she is literally just about to slice Bellatrix’s throat open and honestly Bella’s expression is no better?
  • But that’s just the way they are, they throw insults and Hermione loses her temper and Bella loves seeing Hermione angry and Hermione loves putting Bellatrix in her place
  • and you know Hermione would be dominant in bed–out of the two of them she is clearly the control freak, and as if she wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to get back at Bella for being ridiculous–and oh my god Bella loves it
  • Neither are big fans of PDA, especially Bella. 
  • When they’re alone, though, Bella is so much more affectionate
  • It’s sort of a different type of affection, its quiet, it’s sliding her hand under the waistband of Hermione’s shorts when her hand is around her waist just so she can feel her skin, it’s threading their fingers together while they’re in bed 
  • (it’s sitting at her feet and spreading her knees sliding her hands up the inside of her thighs because goddamn it put your book down you read all the time pay attention to me–)
  • And Bella gets hella jealous. Of everyone. And she acts on her jealousy. With violence.
  • But Hermione isn’t an idiot and 99% of the time she is able to intercept Bella’s attempts to incapacitate anyone she perceives as a threat
  • They never get comfortable with PDA, it’s just not in the nature of their relationship, but oh my god they flirt and it is so jarring to everyone around them
  • Hermione tries not to, honestly, it’s just that Bella is very good at getting under her skin, she always has been
  • So Bella will say something decidedly filthy and Hermione will threaten her with something horrendously sexual and everyone around them is just like ‘oh my god please no I don’t need to know all the kinky shit you two get up to oh god please stop
  • (Hermione is at least embarrassed if someone overhears. Bella is always just proud)
  • Basically just this ridiculous couple that everyone assumes hate each other but then you find out they live together and have a cat and its so confusing because there is no way they are a couple clearly they hate each other
  • But its there’s no animosity when they’re throwing insults, there’s a strange sort of fondness instead, and the way their eyes seem to linger on the other as often as possible, as if the last thing they ever want to do is look away
  • No one really gets it, but Hermione seems happy regardless, and Bellatrix is decidedly less of a problem in Hermione’s hands
  • So they let it be

anonymous asked:

Can I request a scenario where Saitama and the reader were together before he started his training. But Saitama decided it would be best if they broke up cause he was worried for her safety. Then 3 years later they see each other again and he finds out that they too became a hero just to see him again? Sorry of this made no sense!

Don’t worry! You made perfect sense! :>> I hope you enjoy this scenario! (IT’S SUPER LONG!!!)

Word count: 5517

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Kakasaku Mermaid-AU: Salt Skin Ch. 1

Title: Salt Skin*
Summary: In all her years at sea, Sakura had thought she’d finally seen everything. She is dead wrong. “Kakashi, what have you done?”

*Set in the year-long gap in “Holy Grail.”

Mermaid AU Masterpost

A/N: This is the first story that I’ve worked on consistently since high school, but also since starting my medication last year. I’d forgotten how much work it was to write a bit everyday, but it’s been so gratifying to watch my writing improve like it used to. This chapter is heavily inspired by the Moana soundtrack (which is fantastic and everyone should go watch the movie and cry with me), and I hope you enjoy reading it!

Dedicated to @youkaiyume for all her lovely support and patience with me as I slowly churn out Mermaid!AU for her. Check out her art/blog if you don’t already follow her because dude, you’re hella missing out.

Chapter 1

Years away from civilian life, Sakura can still remember the routine that would fall on her village when the sun went down. It doesn’t take much to remember how the streets would empty as children were called in for dinner and entire families were shut up in cottages. The hearth would glow through the window of every house, and she remembers how she thought they looked like fireflies. Her mother would scold her for staying up past her bedtime, and she remembers how she would wait until her parents were both asleep before slipping to the window, watching the lights extinguish one by one through the night. When the last glow of her neighbor’s candle finally slipped away, she would finally slip back into bed and see the ghosts of fireflies on her ceiling before finally going to sleep.

There is no such thing on her boat though. The last lanterns have long been turned down for the night, and while the memories can still be fresh in her head, she is still miles away from the warm glow of a firefly hearth. At this late hour, there is only the moonlight that streams through a porthole in her room, silvery, stark, and cold on the dark wood floor.

She stares up at the roof of her cabin and rakes her eyes over the grain of the boards for the twenty-seventh time. It is late–much too late for her to be awake at this hour. Her crew is fast asleep and the candle has long since burnt into oblivion on her desk. She has been staring up into the darkness for hours now, unable to sleep. The smell of smoke still curls up from a thick pool of wax, and against the gentle lap of waves against the hull, her eyes slam violently into their object of fixation again and again.

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To my fellow Johnlock shippers and the rest of the Sherlock fandom

There is something I need to get off my chest and, as per usual, I’m going to do it on Tumblr. First of all, I want to clarify that I am in no way, shape or form trying attack and insult anybody, I don’t want to start a fight. Also, this is probably going to be a bit long and it is 100% my opinion so I understand if you don’t give a fuck about what I have to say and scroll past this post. I do this myself, too. I just hope that there is going to be at least one person who will hear me out, or actually read me out ayyy (here goes the only person who would have given me a chance) and maybe even agree with me.

So. I’ve been a fan of Sherlock and a Johnlock shipper for more than 2 years now. Even tho I don’t post much, I think I’ve been a part of the TJLC community for over a year now. I’m one of those people who believes Johnlock is end game and is constantly deep in meta. But I am also in a several other fandoms and in some of them I ship the unpopular ship. That has helped me to notice something that Johnlockers do that isn’t quite right.

People don’t choose what they ship, they just either ship it or they don’t. And although to me Johnlock is the whole point of the show, I also see why people ship the other ships. Here is an example:

Sheriarty - from the moment Moriarty was introduced to the show, he’s been treated as someone who is quite similar to Sherlock but is “ön the other side”. Moriarty is portrayed as someone who is very interested in Sherlock and he has been pretty suggestive a few times. There was even an almost kiss on the actual show. I can see why people would ship it. I personally don’t because I believe that a) Sherlock is neither dark nor an actual sociopath and b) he’s always seen Moriarty as the biggest villain and has shown signs of in his own way being afraid of him. Also I think he needs someone who doesn’t present themselves in a similar way to who he tries to be. But that is just my opinion and it is equally as valid as of those of the people who ship them.

The same thing goes for every other ship concerning the characters of the show that may exist. They are all equally as valid no matter which one I think will actually become canon.

Also, there are some people who don’t have any ships on the show. They are just there to watch a very well made tv series about a famous detective who has been a fan favourite for over a century now. And that is perfectly okay, too.

Here is my problem. I’ve seen some, not all, but quite a few Johnlock shppers talk down on people who don’t ship it. I myself have probably done it too before I experienced what it felt like first hand. We call everybody who doesn’t agree with us “casuals” and although this might be okay, what is not okay is all of the time we talk about them like they are very stupid which is not okay. I also remember seing this post recently on the tag of something that had nothing to do with Sherlock at all, which said something like “Do peple who don’t ship Johnlock even exist?”. I don’t know what the person who posted this intended to do with it and what they meant but I’ve seen a lot of people making fun of my ships and me and the rest of the fandom and Ï have seen posts adressed to people like me that say that we are weird and our ship is dumb and how we’re just some odd minority. And let me tell you, it is not nice. Now, I’m not saying that this is what that post meant but to some this is what it looked like. This is why everyone in the fandom is either a Johnlock shipper or hates Johnlock. Because we love insultng them.

Long story short, what I’m trying to say is that we should all respect each other and that no one is a lesser human because of what they ship. Because at the end of the day, it’s just fiction.

Love Song - Shattered


Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10  Part 11 - Fluffy Ending  Angst Ending  Depressing Ending

(You should probably read in chronological order to understand everything that’s going on, otherwise you may not understand.) 

Member: Woozi

Genre: Fluff and Angst

You were so in love. You would have never thought that he could ever break your heart, until he did.



You were happy. You both had worked on the song, perfecting it for months. You then got into the recording process with each member.

“Okay, it’s your turn,” said Woozi. You looked at him, worry spread across your face. He kissed your forehead.

“It’s fine, you got this.” You smiled at him, then slowly stood up.

You were nervous, you had never been in a real recording studio before. You made all of your own songs, but you didn’t have a studio to do it in.

You walked into the booth, the door closed behind you. You put on the headphones sitting on the stand underneath the mic. Woozi spoke, his voice echoing though your ears.

“Are you ready?” You smiled at him through the window and nodded.

The music started. You were ready.

You finished and stepped out of the booth. Woozi had gotten up to meet you. He embraced you.

“You did a wonderful job.”

“Thank you.” You shared a kiss, then pulled back to look into each other’s eyes. Looking at the light, the joy that was contained in them.

But soon, all of that would change.

The song was released and everyone was so excited. You all went out to dinner together and talked and laughed for hours.

Although, after a few weeks, things started to change between you and Woozi.

He wasn’t talking to you as much. You weren’t spending as much time together. You two were slowly growing apart. You had brought him dinner to the studio several times, like you usually did. You two would sit together and talk and laugh and smile. Now, you would drop off his dinners and he always made you leave soon after, if not right away. He wouldn’t allow you to stay with him. So you would leave.

You didn’t want to push him. You knew he was under a lot of stress. Although, he always made time for you. He was never this … cold.

Soon, you wouldn’t bring him any more dinners, you wouldn’t talk to him, you would barely even spend time with him. You would wait for hours for him to come home, lying in bed, reading or working on a song. Only to end up falling asleep and waking up to him on the couch, or getting a text from Mingyu that says that he was spending the night at the studio, or at the boys’ dorm. He wouldn’t even text you.

Your relationship was breaking, there were cracks, several pieces missing.

It was broken.


*Woozi’s POV*

About a week after the song came out, my boss called me in to speak with him. He told me about the new song. He said that it was high on the charts and that people loved the song. But they didn’t like Y/N.

Not because she wasn’t talented, because she definitely was. But she wasn’t favored by the fans.

They didn’t like that I was with her, they didn’t like how she got to “take over” and be in our songs. I argued that none of that was her idea, it was mine, I wanted to do a song with her and all the other members did too.

He knew, and felt bad, but they wanted the best for SEVENTEEN.

They didn’t want me to be with her anymore. They wouldn’t allow it.

I argued that there had to be something else to do. He declined, I had to let her go.

I wouldn’t let her come to the studio as often, I tried to keep our love a secret from the company. They found out and wouldn’t let me.

I asked if we could just keep it a secret from the public, they wouldn’t allow that either. They wanted me to end it.

I waited a couple days to still love her, to spend time with her truely, I wanted my whole life to love her, but that was no longer an option.

I had to drift away, I didn’t want to. I didn’t want to let her go.

I needed her to let me go.

I wanted her to hate me. If she hated me, than she’s would leave, we wouldn’t be together.

It made me sick just to think about my life without her.  I knew if I told her the real reason for breaking up than she would try to find a way around it, but there wasn’t. I didn’t want to give her hopes up that we could get out of this.

I slowly restricted my time with her. I didn’t just want to drop it on her.

I wanted time. Time that we could still be together a little bit.

The company got mad at me for taking it so slowly, but if they were going to make me get rid of her, I was going to do it my way.

They instead gave me a deadline. I had to break up with her by a certain day, or it will already be coming out saying that I wasn’t with her anymore. So I continued to loosen my hold of her.

I didn’t let her come to our practices anymore. The members didn’t know about any of it and they just figured that she didn’t want to bother us or she was busy. I wasn’t going to tell them. They were all close with Y/N and I knew one of them might let it slip.

Slowly, I didn’t let her come to my studio anymore. It hurt me every time I turned her away.

It crushed me.

I stayed in my studio most of the time. I couldn’t see her as much, I couldn’t hold her, be with her, talk with her. I tried to work and focus on my music. I had to try to keep my mind off Y/N.

In the end, I was always listening to all of the beautiful songs that she had created. I would listen to them all on repeat. I would softly cry, knowing that at one point I will never get a song from her again.

I would never be able to listen to her new songs and her ideas, never experiencing her get excited about a song she was working on. Her moments in the middle of a conversation where she suddenly pulled out her phone typing or recording something really quickly before the idea spilt from her mind.

I wouldn’t be able to hear her voice, be in the same room as her, helping me with harmonies or sharing a little bit of her song acapella.

I would miss her. She would be out of my life. We would no longer exist. It would be her. Or it would be me.

Not us.

Never us.

Slowly, I became more and more cracked.

Pieces of me were missing.

She was missing.


*Your POV*

One day you had enough. You didn’t want him out of your life, although it seemed like he did.

You hadn’t seen Woozi in two weeks, but you were still determined. Your eyes were puffy and red from crying. You needed him. He knew it too, or at least he did.

You went to the studio when it was late. You knew he’d be there. No one else would be there. You just needed to talk to him. You stood outside the studio door for a second. Taking a deep breath.

Breathe. Just talk. That’s all you’re doing. Talking. Stay clam. Breathe.

You entered the code and turned the handle. You thanked God that he hadn’t change the code. You opened the door and walked in. He sat there with his headphones on. Your presence unknown to him. You just looked at him for a second. You let out another breath before closing the door behind you. He turned around at the sound of the door. You turned back and your eyes met.

His were red and puffy as well. He took off his headphones as he stood up. The sound of a song you made and sent him a couple days ago was playing. Your voice and you playing the piano faintly fill the room.

You always sent him your music whenever you finished a song. Even through this crack in your relationship.

He quickly turned around to turn off the music. He turned back around, taking in your messy appearance as you took in his.

*Woozi’s POV*

My stomach was turning and my heart ached, seeing her in front of me. I hadn’t seen her in such a long time. I thought it was over already.

Two weeks. We haven’t talked to each other in two weeks. I thought that she would be gone by now. Without a goodbye or anything.

Just, gone.

I could see that she was having a hard time, that she had been crying. I felt so guilty. I made her feel this way. It’s all my fault.

I wanted to step closer to her. Closing the void. I wanted to hold her.

“Did you like the song?” Her soft voice hit me like knives. Just being able to hear it again made me want to loose it. To tell her everything. But I couldn’t. I won’t.

I loved your song. Everything you do is so beautiful, just like you. “It’s good.”

It came out sharp, no feeling behind it. She was shocked and a little hurt. I could see that.

I’m so sorry. I love you. Please forgive me.

*Your POV*

“It’s good.”

I stepped back a little. It was cold, dark. Shallow. I looked at his face more. It was cold, dark. Shallow.

His eyes didn’t have the light anymore. It seemed like a film was over them.

A gate that pleaded for entry, but still prevented it. It was impossible.

Everything in him pleaded to come closer, yet pushed away. I couldn’t hold back any longer.

“Do you still love me?”

*Woozi’s POV*

“Do you still love me?” Her words stung.

Of course! I love you with all my heart! I would give anything for you! I will always love you! I will love you till the day I die!

“Not anymore.”

(Thank you for reading! I hope you liked it! Please give feedback!)

**Note: I’m sorry if Part 1 was not that good. That was the first imagine that I ever wrote! It’s not that great, but yeah. Sorry. I didn't want to change anything from when I posted it originally on @kpop-imagines-and-ships, so I didn’t change it. But if you thought the last one was not that good, I’m sorry, and that’s why.

I’m also writing the ending already but I have three different ideas to end it. I am planning on writing all of the ideas so you can read whichever one you want, or all if your heart desires. Sooooooo that’s what I'm working on right now. I have a lot of ideas for new imagines that I’m writing down but I want to finish this series before I start to write anything else. I hope you are having a good day!

Season 4 head cannons/game changer
  • So I have no clue what's going to happen at the end of season 3. I surprisingly haven't seen many spoilers from the finale lol. However, I have seen some very vague spoilers and from what I gathered, I definitely could be wrong, they are not going with the game changer.
  • Now I already wrote a post saying I personally think it would be cool if they did the game changer and the show actually didn't end. Because let's be honest, we all know the game changer could be the end of the show. BUT if it got renewed I think it would be interesting. But yes everything would change.
  • So I have so many head cannons on if the game changer happened
  • -time skip (but only like a year because I wouldn't want them to go through more than that) I imagine the "game changer" would come to an end by the time the kids are ready to go to their junior year of high school preferably the summer before
  • -Maya and Zay get SUPER CLOSE. Can't y'all just see it?! I have so many head cannons for them alone, that's for another post
  • - Of course Maya and Riley are still the bestest best friends in the land! FaceTime, snapchat, text, call you cant keep them apart lol. When things first go back to normal there is a little awkwardness because that's normal but overall they are SOLID 🔥👌🏾
  • -rucas tries, they really do, but obviously that doesn't work out lol. I ship rucas I really do, but only for Riley's first BF. I think with this game changer, their relationship wouldn't last. Shit from the spoilers from the finale it doesn't even look like Riley and Lucas are going to try 😂 at least in my head cannon they would try and really like each other but just can't make it work. When the game changer ends they realize they still have low key feelings for each other and that insues a LITTLE drama but quickly they realize they are both different and it is never the way that it was and that's the end of that but they are still great friends.
  • -Joshaya kind of falls apart. Well not really falls apart per se. They said someday so... But I think with the game changer realistically, Maya wouldn't see Josh. So they don't really fall apart as much as, no new developments with them, actually, Josh gets a new girlfriend or something and Maya starts dating other guys. Basically they don't really see each other for the duration of the game changer. They probably won't see each other again until Maya is like 16-17 (and I've made my feelings for joshaya very clear before. I have head cannons galore for them lol that's another post for another day)
  • -Riley has changed, grown up. Now Riley is always going to be Riley. She is always going to be positive, look at the best in things and have a certain innocence to her but after the game changer she is different. Not lost different, but more grown up. She is for the better. Listens to some cool music that she learned about and wants to share, her clothes 😍 imagine it now. She has met new people, done new things, some things that may/will be surprising to her friends. Everyone is impressed and almost in awe at the new Riley. Again she hasn't changed drastically, she is definitely still Riley but she is more grown up. Everyone is here for it.
  • - Farkle and Smackle have broken up by this point too. They are still friends but it fell apart somewhere lol. Now here's where things get dicey lol I ship Riarkle I mean who doesn't but I want riarkle done the right way, I saw someone describe it as a slow burn. IF riarkle did happen I would want it to be when they were older, possibly junior/senior year. Farkle is now one of the low key hot popular guys, he has options and recently has been turning up 👀 (not in a true fuck boy way because Farkle is too good for that. He was just one of those glo ups that people started to notice, which happens a lot in high school) but lol head cannon riarkle happens in a very casual way Riely and Farkle hanging out, doing homework, laughing, play arguing (maybe Riley teased him about his latest "girlfriend"), and somewhere between laughing and playful jabs, kisses happen Lol I want riarkle to be THE friendship to relationship on this damn show lol I want laughter, friendship, the MOTHER FUCKING BURN. Honestly to me i would rather no riarkle than Riley still low key liking Lucas riarkle that's why I'm happy af Riley and Lucas are together right now. GO RUCAS! 😄
  • -although Maya and Riley stayed as close as could be there were things both did that they didn't tell the other about. Post game changer, things are admitted, great friendship moments, more growth, more Maya and Riley balance.
  • -Topanga was LIVING for the game changer but glad things are back to normal, her wardrobe is BOMB
  • -Auggie and Ava. Oh lord! when your a kid it's harder to get through something like this. Post game changer Ava gives Auggie the cold shoulder feeling betrayed and she made new friends. Poor baby Auggie honestly had the hardest time with the game changer and post game changer. Auggie and Ava, like Cory and Topanga go through some "lost years" (BMW reference) but FTW IF NO OTHER couple on this damn show is endgame Auggie and Ava are. At the end of everything Auggie and Ava will grow up and get married. And I think THAT is going to be a damn story.
  • -Cory just goes with the flow completely in love with his wife and kids, tries to give lessons when he can. Learned A LOT from the game changer very happy for the experience. Post game changer makes corny jokes about his experience and uses accents 😉
  • -I have nothing specific on Lucas or Smackle. And Zay, I would need a whole other post to do head cannons on him 😍

anonymous asked:

oh c'mon, you can't ship everyone with everyone. stallison? really? they didn't even have more than 5 scenes (maximum) together, please stop it. oh i know, let's ship isaac with scott's mom. what? he was in her house lots of times. who know what they've been doing? see? it is ridiculous

So, I didn’t really want to answer this, because I try to be 100% wank free, but I feel like I have to because ship shaming is my least favorite thing. 

First, in defense of Stallison, in canon the two are shown to be best friends, not like Allison and Lydia or Scott and Stiles, but still best friends and a strong team. For starters: 

  • In season one, Allison makes sure to invite Stiles to come to parties.
  • He makes sure that she gets a ride home before helping Scott in the pilot. 
  • He checkes on her whenever she could be in danger.
  • Scott, Lydia, Jackson and Stiles are the first and primary friends she makes in Beacon Hills.
  • Her friendship with Stiles is independent of her relationship with Scott.
  •  When Scott and Allison are fighting, she is still talks to Stiles. In fact, he basically smoothes over their relationship multiple times. They talk pretty frequently canonically. 
  • Literally of the Argents, were easily able to identify Stiles.
  • Kate recognized him easily and knew that he and Allison were close friends. 
  • No seriously, all the Argents seem to know Stiles well. 
  • Stiles and Allison are Team Human. They’ve saved everybody’s asses together. Multiple times. 
  • They plot together. 
  • They banter and it is adorable. 
  • Also, 2x05. Enough Said. They really trust each other. 
  • Allison and Stiles have a really trusting relationship. She trusts him to tell her everything, and he trusts her to tell him everything, especially when they had to be quiet about things in Season 2. 
  • They protect each other constantly. 
  • I’m bringing this up again because I think it is important: They talk quite frequently in canon. (Though, her parents do see a spike once she is involved with the supernatural.) In Season 2 and Season 3, after Scott and Allison break up, Stiles and Allison still appear to be close and communicating. 
  • The sacrifice scene when they all look to each other for comfort. 
  • Stiles literally says, ”I guess the only good thing is it looks like I’m dying, too”

And i think that last quote is what really sums it up, okay? Teen Wolf is terrible at showing friendships, it mostly just tells us that they exist, and Stallison is one of the many victims of this sloppy bit of writing. But Stiles and Allison were close, and after Allison dies, Stiles says the only good thing is that maybe he will die too. They are close friends canonically that love each other in a friend way. And that’s great, their friendship was amazing and underrated, but really important to both of them. As the only humans in the group, the two constantly worked together and were kind of each other’s human anchors. AND THAT IS ALL CANON. 

I, personally, think that this canonical chemistry, works as both a friendship and a potential romance. (Their banter is fab) I like them as both and celebrate their great friendship. And just because we don’t see every moment of their friendship doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. It clearly does. 

And to go back to your arguments that they onle have five scenes together, that invalidates a good amount of Teen Wolf ships: Derica, Dennifer, Sterica, Scisaac, Stisaac, Allica, and STEREK.

I guess that I’m saying is that Teen Wolf doesn’t really like to develop nonromantic relationships, which means that we, as a fandom, tend to forget that these KIDS are best friends who would die for each other. Stiles and Allison did love each other, as friends, and that is enough for me. 


Olicity Meme: favorite thing about them
*slow burn*

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Married But Not Dating

25 Days Christmas Romance Challenge || Day 8

Character A’s ex will be at the Christmas Party A is attending. Character B poses as A’s fiance. (kinda)

(header by the incredibly sweet and talented @katie-dub)

Married But Not Dating; ~ 2, 200 words; FF.NET || AO3

Now, don’t get him wrong, Killian Jones is a lucky bastard and he knows it.

He has known it since the day Emma Swan almost broke one of his ribs with her elbow and spilled his scalding coffee all over his pristine pinstriped shirt, giving him a first-degree burn. Well, alright, he didn’t feel extremely lucky in that particular moment. But he began to change his tune on the very next day when he went to get his daily dose of caffeine (careful to look both ways for wild blondes sweeping down everyone in their path) and found her waiting outside the coffee shop where she’d crashed into him the day before, twiddling her thumbs and glancing somewhat apprehensively in all directions.

The second she saw him is still the only time in his life he has seen a person cringe in relief. She was apologetic yet defensive, sincere yet standoffish, uncomfortable yet utterly (adorably) determined to buy him a coffee and a new shirt.

He, being the ass that he is on occasion, managed to stretch her simple attempt to make amends into a proper coffee date, followed by a walk to the harbor, and a day of shopping, at the end of which he didn’t actually let her purchase any of the shirts he picked but managed to talk her into getting herself a stunning pink dress, that Emma kept insisting she had nowhere to wear since it was too elegant for her everyday needs and too innocent for her perp-catching needs (the reason behind their entire ‘meeting’ he found out).

And since then, for some unknown reason, lucky bastard that he mentioned he is, Emma Swan decided that they should make a thing out of their coffee/shopping… thing.

Which then turned into a movie night thing and a dinner thing and a theater tickets thing and a concert tickets thing and a ‘Killian, I know it’s 3am on a Tuesday night but my car won’t start’ thing and an ‘Emma, I know it’s 8am on a Sunday morning but we need to go to this fair’ thing and a book exchange thing and a ‘Killian, my fridge broke, come help me eat all the food’ thing and a ‘Killian, you need to come pick a new fridge with me ‘cause I get bored in appliances stores’ thing and a ‘No, Emma, I don’t own a TV, what’s so difficult to understand’ thing and a ‘Emma, I have no idea how I turned this router off but I certainly cannot turn it back on’ thing and a reading the book and then watching the movie only to hate on it together thing and a making cookies at 2am despite the fact that we have 3 hands, no butter and no knowledge or experience in baking between us and a ‘my apartment has cockroaches, Emma, I’m coming over’ thing or a ‘There’s no water in the building, Killian, I’m coming over’ thing and a Halloween party thing and a drunken night of tragic backstories thing and a Christmas shopping thing and a sober night of holiday planning.

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anonymous asked:

But why didn't DOB dial him? And all those gifs are old. I just feel fooled by them all. I'm sorry. I feel like they baited us with sterek and hobrien. Im just really sad by this.

Why in the world would they have laughed while looking at each other, high fived each other, done any one of a thousand tiny, subtle, and completely unnecessary things just to bait us?

Why would they have interacted when no one is even supposed to be paying attention to them

if it was all staged?

Do you have any idea how exhausting that would be, and how completely unnecessary to promoting the show? They didn’t have to hang out together or go out of their way to compliment each other, or say repeatedly how much they enjoy working with each other. There is no question in my mind that Stiles is Hoechlin’s favorite character, and Dylan was his favorite person to work with, because he is simply too happy when he talks about him and too consistent with that enthusiasm.

We can tell when they’re faking it, when they’re baiting. Which, yes, they have done with Sterek. And it’s a completely different energy. The ship video, on the boat? It’s cute as fuck but their cuddling is very obviously staged.

The genuine way Hoechlin lights up when talking about Stiles is completely different. The way they found moments to look at each other and smile at each other and make jokes with each other is completely different.

You’re right that none of the gifs I used are from the past six months or so, because they’ve been apart, and working on separate projects. Hoechlin hasn’t been involved with the promotions for TW because he’s not part of TW anymore, and Dylan hasn’t been able to make it to the conventions he’s been to because of Scorch Trials filming and promotion.

Why wasn’t Dylan the one to call him? There could be a lot of reasons for that. Serious shippers have suggested that Dylan didn’t want to give anything away by calling Hoechlin (if Hoech gets a call from his boyfriend and thoughtlessly answers “hey babe” on speakerphone, well there goes any deniability). Some people say Dylan was high during that panel, and might’ve had a hard time trying to find his number/make the call. Maybe he was feeling lazy and knew if he waited a few seconds Posey or Holland would do it. 

Maybe the panel/MTV/whatever other PTB didn’t want Dylan calling him, because they’re trying to play down Sterek/Hobrien (makes more sense than them trying to play up a ship for a character that doesn’t exist anymore tbh). Maybe Dylan dropped his phone in a fountain that morning (don’t laugh, I’ve lost many an electronic device to water-related tragedies) and hadn’t had time to program anyone’s numbers into the new one. Maybe one of a thousand different things, but if you’re going to base your entire opinion of their friendship on the fact that Dylan wasn’t personally the one to call Hoechlin one time (a phone call that Dylan eagerly participated in, by the way, leaning in and trying to talk to Hoechlin the whole time, trying to get the audience excited for Hoechlin, and telling him he loved him before they hung up) instead of looking at the entirety of their relationship, then it kind of seems like you’re looking for reasons to be upset.

I’m not even saying they’re secretly in love here. I’m putting any shipping feelings aside and saying that they clearly at least care about each other. They’re at least friends. It honestly baffles me that anyone could look at their interactions over the years and suggest that they don’t even like each other.

lenfaz  asked:

Hilary! Can you imagine that moment? Killian's pain? But also Liam's instant worry? Liam, who probably didn't even have time to be hurt by his dad's abandonment because he had to be strong for his little brother? Liam, who probably lay awake at night trying to figure out how he was going to put food in their mouths?


The voice barely even registers behind him as he is still staring in disbelief at the empty hoist where a boat was swinging last night, having completed his frantic scouring of the Sea Witch from forecastle to poop deck and found no trace of his father – nothing but the sailors telling him they always knew when a man was going to jump ship, got that edgy look in his eye and took too much apparently casual interest in asking when the watches changed. He’s gone, boy. Ain’t coming back. Only a few days out and this a busy shipping lane, probably picked up by some other vessel and given them a proper tale of woe. The passage was paid in advance, so there is at least no chance of the two of them being pitched overboard to join him, but –


The voice comes again, and this time, slowly, as if through mud, Liam Jones turns to see his six-year-old brother standing by the capstan, thin cheeks smudged and dark hair sticking up in its perpetually untidy cowlicks. Killian is small for his age, but a feisty wee brat for all that; he’s had to learn how, their life being how it is, but right now he looks pale and afraid. “Li, where’s Papa?”

“He’s…” Liam struggles for the words. How does he say this? What in the gods’ name does he do? He has very little idea of the port – Misthaven – that they’re bound for, and he’s sixteen, tall and strapping and strong, able to swing a sword or a hatchet well enough, but right now his legs feel like ice water, his stomach like lead. He wants to cry himself, but he absolutely cannot. He forces down a sickly-feeling gulp. “He… he’s gone.”

Killian stares at him, not understanding.

“He stole a boat.” Liam swallows. “The sailors said he must have jumped ship in the night.”

Killian’s lower lip begins to wobble.

“That one,” a passing seadog says cynically, spitting through a cheekful of chew. “He’ll only slow you down, boy. Leave him with us, there’s places in Agrabah will buy a lad his age, and for a good price. That way everyone comes out smellin’ of roses after all, eh?”

Liam gives the older man an extremely cold look, crosses the deck to Killian in one stride, and pulls him hard into his side, feeling his brother’s thin shoulders start to shake, his small grimy fingers clutching at the worn white muslin of Liam’s shirt. “Piss off.”

The seadog shrugs. “Don’t blame me when you both starve to death, then.” Called by the bell and the glare of the boatswain, he moves along to his next task, the Sea Witch rocking and shuddering in the rough seas; the dark clouds on the horizon are an omen of more than one ill sort. Killian has proved a remarkably good sailor; the salt is in his blood, as the saying goes, and Liam has grown up around the ports and docks and tall-masters as well, seen the proud Navy ships in their chequey coming and going. Something will have to do. Somewhere they can be together. Splitting up is unthinkable. I’m not like you, you bastard. I never will be.

Killian is crying softly, his hot tears soaking into Liam’s side, as Liam keeps giving him small comforting squeezes and ruffling his hair, before finally kneeling down and taking both of the boy’s shoulders in his hands. “Kil, look at me. Kil. Look at me.”

Red-eyed, pale-faced, Killian stares back at him from under that ragged mop of hair. “A-aye?”

“I’m not leaving you. Not at all. Not like Papa did, not ever.” Liam looks him dead in the eye. “Trust me.”

Killian considers a moment, chewing his lip, looking achingly young and small, until at last, he nods.

“Good lad.” Liam gives him a hug and a quick, fleeting kiss on the hair, boosting Killian onto his hip; the boy’s skinny legs dangle like a heron’s. “We’re going to have a lot of adventures, you’ll see. No more Papa to tell us what to do or when to go to bed. It’s just like being grownups. It’ll be fun.”

Killian flashes a shy, gap-toothed smile, before snuggling his head onto Liam’s shoulder as he carries him below to their rented bunks. It’s still early, and the boy is yawning fit to crack his jaw, so Liam tucks him back into the warm, tousled covers they were sharing, the empty one of their father’s standing in stark reproach beside. Sits and smiles at Killian every time the boy peeps through a cracked eyelid to see if he’s still there.

It isn’t until he is absolutely, utterly sure that Killian has gone back to sleep, and will not be wakened by anything short of the gale they are sailing into, that Liam finally allows himself to cover his face and sob.

anonymous asked:

I don't ship caryl anymore because there is no evidence that Carol loves Daryl. They're hinting that she and Ezekiel will get together. Meanwhile, Daryl is being tortured. I didn't sign up for that. Why would they do this? It breaks my heart.

Right now, Carol isn’t technically “showing” that she loves anyone in her family. Not in a traditional way. But that absolutely does not mean that she doesn’t love them. Love was the entire reason that she left the ASZ. Because she felt that she had to get away from it, from those she loves.

Sure, Carol isn’t showing that she loves Daryl in the way that she used to. She’s not flirting with him, she’s not teasing or joking around with him. She’s not doing that with anyone – including Ezekiel.

Love is a painful thing for Carol, at the moment. Because she’s trying to run from it and she’s trying to isolate herself from it. So of course she’s not conveying her love for Daryl the way she used to. She’s trying to bury it and repress it.

But she’s not doing a very good job, because to me, it’s still very clear that Carol loves Daryl.

[.gif by @rottenwasp​]

I saw Carol’s love for Daryl in the way her expression turned shocked and overwhelmed when he hugged her. Because if Daryl meant nothing to her, and if that hug didn’t affect her – then her face would not have looked like that. This is not apathy. This is Carol feeling Daryl’s love, the love that she’s been trying to evade. She’s tried to make herself numb, but Daryl – her Achilles heel, the one person she can never seem to shut out completely – hugs her, and she feels his love.

And it terrifies her.

And that is because she loves him so much. If she saw him as simply a friend, that hug would not have impacted her so deeply. Carol didn’t look comforted because the moment Daryl embraced her, she started to feel things and as she had told Daryl previously, “I can’t let myself feel it”.

[.gif by @hypernovadust​]

I saw Carol’s love for Daryl in the way that she looked at him here, with tears in her eyes. She can’t pretend she’s fine around him. Because he knows her. She can’t lie to him. She can’t wear her mask around him – not for one second. She loves him too much and that’s why she has to walk away. It’s painful, it’s heartbreaking – but it all comes back to the fact that she loves him.

[.gif by @emskinney​]

I saw Carol’s love for Daryl when the heartbreak was evident in her eyes as she watched him dig Denise’s grave. Because Daryl is Carol’s light. She sees him as someone who is purely good, and no matter how many times the world drags him down, he stays good. That’s beautiful, to her. So as she watches him become consumed in his guilt and rage and need to kill Dwight, her heart breaks. That’s because she loves him, and she can’t bear the thought that this man who she loves so much, is going down this dark path, and is becoming “like her” (in her eyes). She can’t stand to watch the world tear him down. That, I think, was the last straw. That’s what did it for Carol, and that’s what prompted her to make her final decision to leave the ASZ. It’s what pushed her over the edge.

So Carol and Daryl’s relationship may not be what it once was, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t still love each other – because I believe they do, very much, even if it’s shown in a more painful way, even if it doesn’t look like it used to and it doesn’t mean that they’ve hit the point of no return.

It’s not over because they both still love each other very deeply, and although they are both miles apart, and although they are both running away from love in their own ways… we know that they can’t run forever. We know that they’ll find each other, down the road. And if Gimple wanted us to think it was over, that would be easy. Just don’t have them reunite again. But we know that they do reunite again. That they find each other, yet again, against all odds.

They always find each other, no matter what.

And what we know so far about episode 10 tells me that no, Caryl is not over. Rather, it’s progressing. And Carol and Daryl are learning that they can’t run from love forever.

As for Ezekiel, all I can say is, TPTB troll. It’s what they do. They thrive off of it. But I’m pretty adamant that nothing will become of “Carzekiel”. In my opinion, it’s yet another ruse by our guy, Scott M. Gimple, in his ceaseless attempt to shock viewers with every single storyline. He wants us to be surprised when Carol and Daryl reunite and I believe that these are just the lengths he goes to in order to fulfil this need to shock his audience.

I see this ship going somewhere. Everything in the show is bleak right now, it’s at what is probably its lowest point. But it can’t be like that forever. Even in the twd world, as dark as it is, there has to be some hope, and some reason for these characters to keep going, keep surviving. And in all honesty, I think Carol and Daryl are each other’s reasons and I think episode ten will solidify that.

Anyway. I hope I could cheer you up at least a little bit. And while I totally understand why you feel this way, I think there’s hope for this ship. I think there are good things coming in the future for us. Because it can’t all be bad.

anonymous asked:

how about chef derek and baker stiles that hate each other but were hired to work at a 3 month cruise and only realized they had to work together (in the cramped kitchen) after the ship sailed?

this very quickly got out of control and ended up way too long. I had to stop myself from making it any longer tbh

also on AO3!

The kitchen was small, cramped, and Derek already missed his own kitchen back in town. His kitchen was at least big enough to fit a whole crew of people - they were four, it counted as a crew - while this kitchen was barely big enough for himself, let alone a whole other person.

As he bend down to open up the cardboard box of pots and pans he had brought along - because there was no way he was going to use someone else’s - he kind of hated Erica a little bit.

Hated her for convincing him to agree to do this dumb job on a dumb cruise. He didn’t even like the ocean, why was he there? Oh right, “because it’s great promotion for your restaurant and you need to get out more, Derek,” as Erica had said while she emptied his closet into a suitcase.

She didn’t have to make breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, and various other small meals for a whole cruise full of hungry people for three months straight. She just had to bring it out to them, that was easy. Derek had to make all of it, all the while sharing his kitchen space with some baker the cruise had hired.

Derek was putting a pan into one of the cabinets in the far end of the kitchen, when the door behind him got pushed open, and someone walked inside.

“Oh wow!” whoever had entered exclaimed, and… Derek knew that voice.

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