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angrykeylimeslice replied to your post “hello I just finished s1 of wynonna earp and WOW WHAT DID I JUST GET…”

Btw, writer Emily Andras has given the episodes a 1-10 gay scale, for reference: 2x01: 3/10 2x02: 7/10 2x03: 12/10 *because of some particularly killer scenes*

HELP????????????????????????? ive only started watching SO IDK ANYONE IN THE FANDOM WHO ELSE WATCHES PLz TELL ME im like abt to burst. also like wayhaught went from like 2 to 200 in a split second and then the I LOVE HER bomb

Bruce (over the radio): “I’ll take Crime Alley, you and Jason take The Bowery distract!”

Tim: “Roger that!“

Bruce: “And Tim….be careful, because there’s a rumor going on that there’s a gang in The Bowery’s that targets and kidnaps pretty boys”

Tim: *Looks back at Jason*

Tim: “Don’t worry Bruce I’ll keep an eye on Jason!”

This is a response to @xsbateena ’s comment concerning this post.

I find that argument to be incredibly fallacious. One, either you honestly just completely missed the point of my post, or you’re purposefully using a Red Herring to shift the argument to be about something I wasn’t addressing at all (I’ve actually sort of addressed that elsewhere). And two, after you shift that argument, you then use a false moral equivalency to compare situations that aren’t actually alike or comparable. So first, I’ll address the second fallacy and then clear up the first by revisiting my actual premise.

You said, “you know you can say literally everything on here about Dean too though, right?” This is a classic response to Sam criticism, and it basically amounts to “Dean’s just as bad!” as if that magically excuses what Sam’s done. It doesn’t. As if it were true. It isn’t. Because honestly, no, you can’t say the same about Dean.

1)  Dean has lied to Sam less than a third as often as Sam has lied to Dean, and most all of Dean’s lies have been to spare either Sam’s life or to spare Sam emotional pain. Notice, I never referenced all the times that Sam lies to Dean, just the worst ones, which happen way, way too often and way too consistently. Two years is a long time to deceive someone, and those lies over-lapped a lot. Like I said, it’s the consistency, PLUS the motivation, PLUS the caliber of the lie. Just season 1-4, Sam lies to Dean’s face upwards of 13 times.

2.)  Dean has never willingly abandoned Sam and, Dean always communicates even when they do separate, so much so that Sam is sure in Scarecrow that something’s happened when Dean doesn’t pick up his phone. (notice the difference between leaving someone high and dry, when they are counting on your help, in anger or punishment, vs distancing yourself for their own safety. Notice I did not include Sam’s departure in GGY for that reason).

3.)  Dean has almost always been the one to resist a choice he has reason to believe will have consequences for innocent people, often to Sam’s frustration. There are times Sam has convinced him that it’s “worth the risk” of innocent lives for a cause (giving a monster another chance for example), but Dean shown an awareness of and a serious concern/ consideration for the collateral damage, only assenting when they’ve seriously have no better options. He may be reckless with HIS OWN life, but not with others. He’s never for example ,suggested they abandon victims to die to serve a personal goal, or sacrificed someone for a spell, or chose a path he’s been warned could likely cause death to millions for suspect, personal reasons. He’s never started an apocalypse either.

4.)  Dean actually has a pretty excellent record with discerning those who can be trusted and those who can’t. Not that he’s never been tricked, but he is incredibly keen on spotting those trying to deceive or manipulate them or those who are just bad news—he just has trouble getting Sam to believe him. For example, when the YED was masquerading as John, the guy in Croatoan, Ruby (despite all her considerable attempts at deception), the angels, Jack, Samuel, S! Sam, Rowena w/ the BOTD, the BMoL, and yes even Crowley who he worked with only b/c they had no other choice, not b/c he trusted him (noting the entire time that he didn’t trust him) until Crowley actually became trustworthy. He could even tell that the visions Sam was getting in S11 weren’t from god. On the flip side, the people he has approved have proved to be true friends, like Cass, Benny, and Cole.

5.)  Sam often doesn’t trust Dean with his feelings, and that’s fine because it’s his right to talk or to remain quiet as he sees fit. But Sam is not villanized or bullied, either within the story or outside of it, for failing to do this to Dean’s satisfaction, for saying “I don’t wanna talk about it.” And when Sam does talk about it, Dean usually goes out of his way to reassure Sam, encourage Sam, comfort Sam, or attempt to cheer him up. I’m not saying Dean’s never been insensitive. Of course he has. But he’s never mocked Sam over a serious trauma, or screamed at him for not talking about it or told him “this is crap and I’m sick of it,” or used it to judge/ condemn him. Dean’s judged Sam for his actions, not his feelings.

6.)  Deans almost never uses emotional blackmail (less than the average person even), while Sam uses it all the time. Dean doesn’t blame his brother for his own choices and actions. Sam does. Dean doesn’t use shaming tactics in an argument—not even while under supernatural influence. He talks about Sam’s behavior and why he feels it’s wrong and how he feels about it. Dean doesn’t demand Sam support him emotionally or accuse him of not “believing” in him if/ when Sam disagrees. Sam may make the most accusations, but usually that’s because Sam is emotionally blackmailing Dean into silence about something Sam’s done and Dean (the horrible monster) is openly upset about. Asking someone to account for their bad behavior is only “guilting” when it’s unfairly exaggerated or a lie, NOT if the person has done exactly what you’re calling them out for and its hurt you exactly as much as you say it has.

7.)  Finally, the worst thing out-of-control Dean has done to Sam is to chase him with a hammer. Something that didn’t even happen until late in the series. Sam doesn’t have a history of being severely harmed. Yes, he has been threatened, and yes it’s scary (some you love’s trying to kill you, of course it’s scary). But he’s never been beaten almost to death, to the point where his skull is practically caved in on one side. He’s never been tortured. He’s never been shot. Even in the fight that he started with MOC Dean, he’s never been significantly wounded or otherwise severely injured.

But here’s the thing: even so, EVEN WITH THE HARM BEING MINIMAL, SAM HAS EVERY REASON AND EVERY RIGHT TO BE WARY, AFRAID OR NERVOUS ABOUT DEAN GOING OUT OF CONTROL AGAIN! If Dean were playing with demonic powers, pitting himself against evil mind controllers in a battle of will, or putting himself in other positions to be supernaturally compromised, Sam would have every right to question it, to complain, to argue against it. He wouldn’t be required to “believe” that Dean could do it or villanized for not being on board with Dean’s plans.

And that really brings me back to the Red Herring, because my argument was never a contest of “who’s lied more.” It was a statement about how Dean doesn’t owe Sam trust, especially when Sam can’t manage to be even marginally, even basically trustworthy. And I’m going to make a bold claim and say that Dean is the most reliable character on the show. It’s why literally everyone depends on him for things, looks to him for things. It’s why all of their allies, true allies are from relationships with Dean, not Sam. And yet, neither Dean himself, nor his fans villanize Sam for failing to trust Dean. No one is claiming Sam has NO RIGHT to be wary or distrustful after the few times Dean has lied to him or after Dean has not been emotionally supportive (the only 2 on the list that Dean could even marginally, fit into).

It’s why I added the fact that Sam changes his mind too much as a point. Because Sam is not expected to, or condemned for failing to anticipate what Dean wants. He’s not condemned for being skeptical if Dean’s going to change his mind. Dean is the one condemned because he couldn’t figure out if Sam really wanted to stop hunting or not. Dean is the one accused of keeping Sam in a profession Sam wants out of, despite Sam telling him on multiple occasions that he didn’t want to leave now, or that he’d accepted it and wanted to continue. Dean is the one punished for not getting the signals right. Sure Sam can change his mind as much as he wants. But then Sam and his fans don’t get to be angry and pissed off and blame others when they fails to keep up with the changes, or fail to take yet another change too seriously. Wayy too often Sam and his fans try to villanize Dean for his perceived failure to give Sam the trust Sam seems to believe he’s owed, but that he has not earned! That is the discussion my argument sits in and the reason for my premise being “here is why Dean might have trouble preforming as Sam et, all believes and demands he should.”

Was Sam distrustful of Dean after Amy? Or during S9? Of course he was. And he had every right to be. Even with Dean being leaps and bounds more reliable and more trustworthy than Sam, Sam still has the right to keep his feelings to himself or to distrust Dean after Dean’s lied to him. It’s a human reaction. And DEAN has the same, exact right. THAT IS MY POINT! It is unfair that he is constantly villified for having a human reaction, both within the show and outside of it. It’s disturbing that he’s expected to suppress it and screamed at or punished for failing to do so. My post was to show how wrong this is. That Dean has every right and has had every motivation to be untrusting, or nervous, or afraid, and to disagree with what Sam wanted to do when he has been. Despite what he’s told, Dean doesn’t need to turn off his humanity in order to accommodate Sam’s feelings. He can’t do it, even if he tried. Because humans just don’t work that way.

Faithfully (Bruce Wayne x Reader)

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Can you do Faithfully by journey with Bruce ? Or Earth Angel by the penguins with Jay? Pleaaaase

“I love you. You know that right?” Bruce smiled playing with your hair as you were sound sleep legs intertwined with each others “and I would never ever trade anything for you. Your on my mind.” Bruce kissed your forehead pulling away

You woke up your eyes fluttering “Baby? Why are you not out. It’s 4 am and gotham needs you.” Bruce was surprised about how easily you woke up at the sound of his soothing voice. You whispered  into his chest “You are so faithful to me you know that?”

Bruce raised his eyebrow and pulled the white covers off of him and he admired your body wrapped up in the white sheets “I enjoy these conversations at 4am you know?”

“I’m glad you do you look beautiful wrapped up in the sheets. And your hair looks stunning with the light hitting you..” You smiled blushing as you stood up your lingerie complementing your body nicely fitting

You sighed getting up walking around the room “Do you think we could ever start a family?”” Bruce raised an eyebrow looking at you standing up snaking his arms around your waist as he whispered into your ear

“I know you want to but don’t you think the boys are enough?” Bruce sighed and turned you around placing his hands onto your hips. “Your on my mind.” You smiled looking down hugging him tight your body’s embracing each other

“It’s always just been you and me baby.” Bruce kissed your forehead smoothing your hair out as he pulled away going into the closet “I have to patrol baby.” You looked down nodding your head “yea…go do what you need.”

Bruce could see the fear in your eyes and the sorrow and the need for love “I can ask one of the boys to take patrol?” You nodded your head.

By the time you two were done talking it was almost 5 am which meant you had to go to work “Fuck it i’ll stay up. It’s already 5 anyways.” Bruce groaned “We have that meeting tonight and then the gala remember?”

You nodded your head as you got dressed along with him. Time passed pretty quickly and you checked your phone seeing it was already 6:00 am. “Bruce! Come on let’s go!” He smirked tying his tie and fixing his jacket


“Are you almost done?” You smirked at bruce putting your gold studs in your ears and fixing the curls in your hair “It’s been 2 hours bruce calm down” You smirked and nudged past him as he caught your hips spinning you

“You understand how much I love you.” You nodded at bruce kissing his forehead. You jerked his hand a bit pulling him down the stairs with you as your heels clicked on the shiny hardwood floors. “Alright. Let’s go.” He assured you picking up his jacket

“Never forget your mine forever.”  You smiled at him saying the words you always loved saying to him “I’m still yours” Bruce grinned as you two walked out of the manor and got into the car “Faithfully.”


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ok but .......what are your linkallen headcanons its Imperative that i know

!!!!!!!!!! ANON WHO ARE YOU?? It’s imperative that I know!

Anyway some LinkAllen headcanons… :3

  • They are the most domestic couple you will ever meet and they are so adorable. Link is always stern and grouchy, of course, but Allen is just so lovable he softens up pretty quick. (as canon is slowly confirming~)

  • Link mother-hens Allen constantly, making sure he has enough to eat, that he takes an umbrella with him when it rains, or a scarf when it’s cold. He also mends any rips or tears in Allen’s clothing.
  • Allen makes sure Link doesn’t overwork himself. He gives very nice massages when Link has headaches or muscle tension…and sometimes he’ll flop down on top of Link to keep him from getting out of bed and going to work.

  • Allen hugs Link from behind when Link is cooking or baking, resting his head on Link’s shoulder and sometimes stealing a kiss or two. Link has long since gotten used to it. 

  • It takes a lot of coaxing to get Link to cuddle for any length of time, but Allen wears him down and he’ll acquiesce with some soft grumbling. They take turns being big spoon and little spoon.

  • Allen loves holding hands. Link’s firm grip always makes him feel strong and steady.

  • They always go grocery shopping together…even though Allen and Timcanpy tend to eat half the food before they even pay for it.

You are a precious human being. Thank you so much for letting me talk about my OTP!!!! <3