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Tangled!AU Cast Extras I actually wasn’t planning on doing but anywaYS HERE THEY ARE and now with captions!

Yurio and Yakov are the most disturbing thing I’ve drawn in a long time. Also: Phichit as the Hook guy who wants to be a concert pianist, and Chris as Gunther, who wants to be a interior designer.

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doniconi asking about seungri’s role in the made album


This is my mare’s left front hoof around 6-7 weeks post trim. Her bars are obviously overgrown, but is everything I have circled in red also overgrown bar? I don’t trim her myself, but I am trying to learn so one day I can.

Barefoot hooves: yep that’s bar or potentially bar and sole squashed together. Looks like it’ll come up pretty easy though!

Percy is the river, the cold dark depths and the quick-churning rapids and the might of the current shaping the world around him, carving out his place in history for better or worse

Grog is the mountains, a stone bulwark standing proud against the wear of the world, and also the destruction of the avalanche, unfettered and unopposed and inescapable

Scanlan is the bonfire, flickering light, always moving, burning bright and dangerous and distracting, but also a safe place to rest, the warm center around which others gather, and nigh impossible to put out

Pike is the sea, the steady tide and the freedom of the ocean, the serenity of a sunrise over smooth water and the ferocity of an ocean tempest, brimming with both danger and peace

Vex is the sky, the endless open dome that crowns the world and the clarity of a clear day, but changing weather too, the bright sun hidden behind slate clouds and lighting lancing down from rain-heavy heavens

Keyleth is the earth, the long slow shift of the continents and the weight of stone heavy in her chest, but growing things too, fresh-turned soil and a safe place for the fragile beauty of new life

Vax is the rain, the steady downpour and the smooth-silent peace that comes after, and the deluge, overwhelmed and drowning, and the thunderstorm too, lightning-quick and dangerous among the dark, churning clouds, unexpected but quick to blow over

Okay I love some fics so much that I sometimes think about the fic so much I write a fic in my head about it. 

I love InuKag fan babies so much. Every single one I read about needs full novels to be written about them.

what the hell is this “we have no more stories for her” bullshit that writers are giving when they’re asked to explain why they kill/write off female characters with so much potential like excuse me they have plenty more stories to tell let me fucking show you myself


when his members (chanyeol, sehun, suho, kai & baekhyun) appeared on the VCR to wish him happy birthday

misunderstoodkings replied to your post ““Most of the humans never even reached Asgore. Only two of them got…”

((Actually it was confirmed that he did in fact kill all of them himself))

// Well then if we’re going with that so-called canon then I might as well delete my blog, because Undyne killing several of the humans and feeling guilty about it is a significant part of my portrayal. Without it, she’s not worth writing.

In other words, shove your “canon” somewhere else, bc it’s not canon here. //

can we just take a moment to think about joyce’s reaction to the boys showing up at the hospital. she expects four of them, and maybe for eleven to hang back around the door to will’s room because she’s shy, but only three bustle their way in. so she goes to check in the waiting room for the strange girl with the buzzcut and she’s… just… not… there…

lol I tried ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Naomi if you submitted this instead of your fic I will actually murder you, hand the fic over

If jroth didn’t want me to ship bellarke, he shouldn’t have let them keep the take where Bellamy hesitates before hugging Clarke back–like some epic reunion of long lost lovers–before pulling her closer to smile into her fucking hair.

Taking my mom to the hospital today. 

She’s been getting more and more violent and has started to threaten her own life as well. 

So wish us luck because she and I both need it. 

(fyi: my mom had a brain tumor and this seems to be related to that)