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Context - my players just arrived outside a goblin encampment with a pretty powerful minotaur leading it and I was expecting them to use their stealth advantage to try and pick off a few goblins and bugbears to get an advantage in the fight but I didn’t think about the fact that our gunslinger finally finished his first gun.

DM (me): “Alright so you guys weren’t very stealthy because you hear the tell tale sound of a goblin scrabbling up the wall to look over it, but you have a chance to hide, what would you like to do?”

Gunslinger: “I shoot it in the head as soon as I see it.” Rolls dice. “23”

Everyone: “…”

DM: “Alright so there was a goblin head there, it is now gone, and you hear loud bellows from in the camp. Roll initiative cause guns are loud.”

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I'm so here for your "Asmodeus getting Dean's phone calls" posts but can we talk about how funny it would be if Dean tried to have phone sex thinking it is Cas he is talking to? Dean: Hey angel, what are you wearing?? Asmodeus: *screaming internally* this isn't happening, someone tell me this isn't happening please.

Ha!   Yes!   I am so here for that

Dean:  Hey, did you hear my prayers earlier?

Asmodeus:  Um, actually I have uh…did not…weird

Dean:   K, I said uh…I wish you were here

Asmodeus:  Me too, I have to go now

Dean:  You’ve been really BAD, going away for so long

Asmodeus:  What?!

Dean:  What ARE we going to do about that?

Asmodeus:  *Whispering to Lucifer*  Help me

Lucifer:   Ask him what he wants to do about it.  But in like, a suggestive way

Asmodeus:  Not that kind of help!

Pirates Heart (Chapter One)

Welcome to the story! Regency(ish) era here, featuring Proper!Tony with Pirate Captain Steve and First mate Bucky. Buckle in for some angst, some action, some (alot) of smutty smuttness and hijinks on the high seas!

PLEASE PLEASE REBLOG FOR ME, share the love for this fic, get lots of people reading it, I hate to be one of “those” authors, but honestly, the more interest in this thing, the more often Ill post. 

I cant wait to hear what everyone thinks, remember this is just the beginning so dont get too many solid opinions about characters yet lol All my fics are a guaranteed Happily Ever After so hold on through the angst!

Let me know if you want to be added to the tag list! 



“Tell me about your nephew.” the blonde man commanded, and Obadiah Stane grimaced at the order in the deep voice.

“You misunderstand, Rogers.” he said smoothly, covering his irritation. “My nephew is not a part of this deal. I’m not sure why you would—”

“It’s Captain Rogers.” God the interruption rankled Stane, but he bit back an oath and smiled placatingly.

“Of course. Captain Rogers. My nephew is not to be included in this deal. He is promised to the Viscount, Tiberius Stone, and they are set to announce their engagement any day.”

“I see.” Captain Rogers tented his fingers in thought, giving a critical glance to the man sitting across from him. “And your nephew– Anthony, is it?– desires this marriage?”

“He has no choice in the matter.” Stane waved off the inquiry. “Marrying into a titled family will benefit both of our homes, and Tiberius and he have a favorable relationship.”

“The Viscount is willing to marry someone without a title?” The Captain pressed. “Why would that be?”

“The Starks are very rich.” Obadiah cut the end off his cigar and lit it casually, drawing deep of the scented smoke to hide his annoyance at the Captain prying into their matters. “Rich enough to turn the heads of different levels of royalty, regardless of their Colonial heritage.”

“And you, Stane–” the word was spoken as if dirty and Obadiah had to work hard to ignore the flare of anger.. “– you control the finances of the company until your nephew is of age?”

“Until he is thirty.” Obadiah nodded. “And beyond that, as long as his husband sees fit to keep me involved.”

“And Viscount Stone is willing to do that? Your nephew has no interest in the company? In learning the workings of it?” Rogers leaned forward in his chair. “You and the Viscount will be the ones I report to at all times? I have no interest in being in the employ of a child who has no idea what he is doing.”

“Anthony is not a child, but he has no interest in the company, and will be content to simply be wed.” Obadiah said smoothly. “I have been running the company for nearly fifteen years now, which should tell you that you will have no issues dealing with me. We have several ships, and our merchandise is very valuable, and a Captain such as yourself commanding my fleet would be beneficial for everyone involved. The Viscount as well has an affinity for finances and business ventures, you should not worry.”

“You would require my ship to be part of the Stark fleet.” Captain Rogers mused. “To ensure my loyalty.”

“I can assure you, you will be compensated greatly for it.” Obadiah grinned around his cigar. “A partnership between yourself and Stark Company, with the backing of the Viscount will make us all very rich.”

“I see.” The Captain rubbed at his chin. “I will have to converse with my First Mate, as he would be coming along, as well as my crew.”

“Naturally.” Obadiah agreed. “Tis no small feat to give your independence up to work for the company. But you– a decorated war hero, owner of your own ship with a crew that is entirely loyal– this a smart step for you to take.”

“Hm. I will require knowledge of your routes.” Rogers said firmly. “I aim to know exactly where you travel and when before I make my decision. I would also like to meet the Viscount Stone, to see the man I will be working for.”

“Naturally.” Obadiah repeated. “If you would give me some time, no more than an hour, I will have all of it acquired for you, and the Viscount is staying here in the city, I can send for him shortly.”

“That is acceptable. Is there somewhere I may—” He motioned vaguely. “–take a reprieve?”

“Oh, by all means. This estate has some of the largest, most beautiful gardens in New York, please spend your time there, I will send a servant to fetch you when I am ready.”

“Thank you.” Captain Rogers stood to his full height, putting him eye level with Obadiah. “An hour then.”

“I look forward to working with you, Captain Rogers.” Obadiah managed a smile to hide the way he wanted to snarl at the Captain’s superior attitude. “I will send for you in an hour.”


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man! i hope my ex is doing just great! and is having the time of his life and never thinks about me! dear god i hope he’s real happy!

Saddest line in Starwars

Alright so can we all agree that the saddest line is “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…” ????

Because let me just tell you right there - they are getting ready to throw down some angsty and we just didn’t know it. Little old us, first time we ever see these movies we don’t know what were about to get. We go into these movies expecting to see an epic space-battle-war insanity, and we get it. We go to see an epic bromance for the ages, and we get it. We go to see intrigue and intensity and battle and war and things that make a movie great - and we get it. We go to see made-families, and culture completely foreign to us, and to see space as we can only dream it - and we get it.

But we also get betrayal, and anger, and political shit. We get death, and pain, and regret - and we get to see it all go down, and we get to see it all go in a cycle. 

And it’s already happened. 

A long time ago. A galaxy far far away - yet not far enough.

We can’t change anything, we can only watch parallels in our own universe and we can only say “Oh. That’s what it meant,” 

We can only see the cycle continue.

Somewhere, our story has already been written. 

Somewhere, someones already suffered as we have.

We go forward.

Be Smooth Shawn

a/n: I’m not sure where I was going with this one but had always wanted to do a fic about a first meeting. Anyways this is 1.3k of unedited stuff, I hope you enjoy and tell me what you think!

He first saw her in a bar a week ago. Shawn was home on a break mid tour and went out to celebrate with the boys at some “exclusive” club. He wasn’t looking for anything. All he wanted was to get drunk and have a good time but when he laid eyes on her standing at the bar he felt his plans crumble.

She had on a black skirt and red lace bralette showing just a bit of skin, no doubt gorgeous. It hugged her curves in all the right spots and fit perfectly like a glove. Shawn was never one to judge solely based on looks, but she was exquisite. A piece of art. 

“Hey man what can I get for you?”

“Can I buy a drink for that girl over there?” he said, angling his head towards her. “Just another of whatever she’s having.”

Shawn watches her as the bartender approaches with the drink and points to Shawn after she says something to him. He didn’t expect an immediate response but she’s walking towards him and he’s repeating a mantra in his head. Stay calm, don’t panic, be smooth Shawn.

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kwannonie  asked:

I don't even KNOW what to say about your new comic but I got a question, in your tags you mentioned something about a collection, do you mind telling what you meant? I'm really behind these days. (And not gonna lie I did think about Pennywise luring Haru by promising to take him to Rin or some shit like that)

Hi there! :D

I’m sorry for getting to you so late - but your question gave me an idea for a follow-up to that comic, and I wanted to finish it before answering your message. XD

About Haru’s ‘collection’, don’t worry… it’s not something that was actually mentioned in any of the new Free! material, but simply a joke born from the fact that Haru has canonly shown to have a weakness for creepy mascots that remind him of Rin - like Samezuka-chan or Loosey-kun. XD

Basically, it is my headcanon that Haru probably has a collection of creepy Rin-like mascots that he keeps in a corner of his house - and I want him to show it to Rin at some point because reasons.


„I‘m not interested in small talk.

Tell me about your fears

Your dreams, hopes and what you wish for the future.

Tell me why you lay awake at night

Or who broke your heart in 5th grade.

I want to know what you feel,

When you hear your favourite song

Or which artist you would die for to see live.

I want to know about your past,

But not only the happy days,

the dark nights,

the ones you never talked about before.

Tell me if your life is the way you like it

Or if you would change something and why.

Tell me where you would go if you could go anywhere you like

And about what you did in summer when you were a child.

I want to know about your first love,

First kiss and first loss.

How you think the universe was made and if you believe in god and a live after death.

I‘m not interested in small talk.

I want to talk about real stuff,

stuff that changed people and made them who they are.“


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Eddie! Please tell us what kind of father you think Richie would be? because you've said you think he would make a good dad but i need DETAILS

I’ve thought about this a lot you guys, so I hope you are ready for a long ass answer! To make it easier, I will do this in list format!

- Richie would be sure to tell our child that he is proud of them every single day for so much random shit. They will eat cereal dry out of the box or make a really good joke or just randomly when they come home or are doing their homework. He will do it so often that they will joke that the word is mealiness but everyone will know they are lying because he would mean it every single time and Richie would have a certain way of  saying he is proud for the bigger things that will feel bigger and they will fucking know how proud he is of them. 

- Richie would be the king of Dad jokes to the point where they will groan at least 20 times a day and go ‘Daaaaaaaaaaad!’ and Richie wouldn’t back down until they run away from him whinnying 

- Richie would curse but than curse for cursing and just give up on being a curse-free house. You know that comic where the mom is like ‘the fuck dude?” when she gets a call that her child cursed in school? That will be Richie

- Richie will be the fun dad. He would be the one who would let them get away with dumb shit and help them hide silly things from me. 

- Richie would ask our kids to cover for him when he eats sweets before food or if he didn’t double check their homework or whatever. And they will totally have his back. the fuckers.

- Richie would send them to me instead of saying no for the smaller things, but would have no issue putting his food down for the bigger things. He wouldn’t be unkind but if Richie said no to something, it meant no. 

-Whereas if I said no, they would totally be able to go to Richie and try to convince him to change my mind. It would work about half the time.

- Richie would have weekly pizza nights no matter how much the kids ask for Chinese food or tacos or whatever instead 

- Richie would be super accepting and warm to our kids, except for one thing: he would be super critical of their taste in music. 

- Richie would have the whole ‘I rather you drink at home than somewhere unsafe and let us know if you drink elsewhere’ talk and mean it. 

- Richie would also totally ground our kids for way too long if they smoke or drank without letting him know where they were or who they were with. 

- Richie would take way too pictures and videos and would have a shareable folder of his favorite ones to give to any knew friends or romantic partners. They will hate him for it. I will 110% encourage it while pretending to yell at him for it in front of our kids.

- Richie would forget he grounded the kids and take them to the movies or bowling or to get fastfood and shit

- Richie would have dress as our kids for Halloween when they are a teen just to fuck with them

- Richie would end every fight with them like “I still love you, but you are being a little shit so get to your room!”

- Richie would be the best fucking father. He would make sure his kids felt loved all the time.

- Richie would have the worse nicknames for them and he would still call them that well into their adulthood 

- Richie will always make a show of dropping them off at school with big kisses and shouts of affection, no matter how much they protest it

-Richie would know all of their friends and the drama and shit going on and would inform me of all the updates every night because my face would get too judgey and Richie would forever make fun of me for it

- Richie would be all about big family vacations and trips

- Richie would just… be the most amazing father, you guys.

- eddie 

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This fic is a two shot, Betty thinks Jughead wants to break up with her and is talking with Veronica about it. Veronica then tells Jughead this and "forces" him to fix it. Jughead is being distant from Betty because he thinks she doesn't want to marry him. I've been looking for this for a long time, hopefully you guys can help me :)

Love this one! You’re looking for I’m So In Love With You (And I Hope You Know) by @anactualcaseofthetruth


Rated: Mature  Chapters: 2/2

Summary: “What is going on Betty Cooper? What did Jughead do? I’ll rent a billboard to display his real name on it, then kill him after he’s been tortured by it.” “Wow, calm down, V,” Betty ordered with wide eyes. “Well something happened, and I’ve been picking up on it for at least ten days, but have said nothing about it until right now when you brought it up.”“That shows a lot of growth for you, V, I’m actually proud,” Betty insisted. “Letting me try and handle my own life and emotions is good.” “Obviously not if something is happening, so spill.” “Nothing’s happening!” Betty exclaimed, then quieted down as others looked at her. “I’m serious, nothing happened.” “So you’re just feeling…disenchanted? With what? Jughead? Life? School? What?”

“I’m not,” Betty replied, “but I think Jughead is. With me.”

A December To Remember - Sunday 10th

Parring: Mysterious avenger(s) X Reader

Word: 473

Summary: Christmas has arrived, and Y/N discovers through a game of Secret Santa that one of the boys at the team has feelings for her. While she’s trying to figure out who that is, Nick Fury has also given her a secret mission, that will, without a doubt, change everything.

A/N: There are some curse words in some of the parts, so beware! And please tell me what you thought about this, if you want to be tagged, and what you think is going to happen!


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Can we all just agree that, even counting all its problems, FR is probs the best VPS game on the market rn (or if you don’t agree, tell me which you think is best & why).
I always get reminded of this when I try to get into a new game, and I see how inefficient everything is. Though, that’s probably because it’s not an alpha.

In terms of customization, lioden obviously wins, no doubt. But what I’m talking about is that fact that you can actually play the damn game, navigate it, get your pets in an efficient way, can do what you want with them, and has decent was of getting currency. This the game I always come back to.

The mistakes of most other VPS games:
- Map navigation
- You can only buy the premium currency, can’t be earned
- Crappy site navigation in general
- no/bad tutorial
- Copies neopets
- Hardly playable
- etc

What FR does with this:
- Only map they have is used for lore stuff.
- There are a total of 5 ways of freely earning gems.
- All the major locations are at the side at all times.
- Simple tutorial for an equally simple game. Gives you the needed basics.
- Only copies the basic concepts but polishes them and does regular maintenance, actually updates.
- Even with how much the coli sucks at times, you can still get around just fine if your computer/WiFi doesn’t suck.
- etc

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we're mutuals but I sit here staring at your page and thinking "man I wanna be her FRIEND" and not talking to you, because I think "what if she thinks I just like her for her art"!! you seem SO sweet and like the personification of strawberry shortcakes and sparkles so have an anonymous friend crush confession

;w; oh friend…

Well one, strawberry shortcake is my favorite dessert, so that is really nice to be compared to!! Two, I’m sure I like you too. I’ve gotten pretty good at telling who likes me for me and who wants something else, it’s rare that I get surprised anymore, though it does happen. But I like to assume the best about people. I don’t have a lot of close friends and I spend a lot of time feeling lonely–that’s really awkward to admit but it’s true! So if you ever wanted to pop by and chat, I would be okay with that. :) 

And if you don’t, that’s okay too! Just knowing someone thinks highly of me is very nice in and of itself. :) So thank you for taking the time to send me something sweet.


Requested by herhero

Edmund watched from a far as you and Lucy laughed together. He considered walking over there and starting a conversation but he wouldn’t know what to say.

”You’re staring” Peter pointed out, walking up to his brother. Edmund jumped higher than he’s ever jumped before. His first instinct was deny Peter’s claim but the older boy beat him to the punch.
“It’s obvious that you feel something for [Y/N] Ed. Everyone can tell”.

Edmund blushed, thinking of the possibility of you knowing about his little crush.
“Shut yo Peter! You don’t know what you’re talking about” Ed snapped back, unsure of how else to respond. Peter simply chuckled and shook his head at that.


Be More Chill, Ethan Nestor

To think that I’d end up writing a BMC au for some of my favorite YouTubers is not what I thought I’d be doing in all honesty. Yet, here I am with a part one thinking about writing a part two of enough people want me to. Now, I wanna say a few things about the squips in this before it begins. Squips are not actual computers in this au: they are capture demons forced into the pill.

But that’s besides the point. Here, read and tell me what you think and if you want more, please:

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The tag that you put on that book title post is what made me laugh so hard bless you

ok these messages ALWAYS make me happy, when people message me about the thing i put in the tags. mostly because I think im funny as hell.

the post went like:

[x]That moment when you’re reading a book and you read a sentence that contains the title of the book.


and I wrote in the tags “me reading harry potter”

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Um did I say all of yall are racist?? No. I said MOST of yall, and please dont tell me ur THAT stupid to think that I got that from an anon message. Obviously I was talking about the fandom in GENERAL.

please reflect on what you’re doing right now. you’re entitled to your opinions and that’s fine but you dropping urself into my inbox and calling me stupid on this nice sunday evening isn’t doing anyone any good

Every Choice Is A New Reality

If I am alone then another version
of me isn’t. If I am alone
then you are or you aren’t;
I’m not self-centered enough
to assume.

In another reality I answer your text
and I drive to your apartment
and we lie on top of each other
in your twin bed and watch the sky
quickly turn to night and then slowly
turn back to day again.

In another reality I tell you what I’m thinking
and it’s a good or a bad thing
and I either leave or I don’t.

There’s nothing wrong with my reality
except when there is but no reality
would be perfect except
the one that is. Infinite possibilities
and I hope I’m never always sad
and I hope the me that’s always happy
recognizes that as special
and thinks about me sometimes

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whatever you do, don’t think about a sleepy grayson. raspy voice, messy hair, sloppily pressing kisses to your face. don’t picture surprise trips to go get an açaí bowl with grayson, a huge smile on his face. dont even think about watching a movie with him, sitting on his lap, cuddled under a blanket, but his mind is elsewhere. his large, dark eyes telling you what he really wants as he kisses your shoulders and neck softly. it’ll be hard but whatever you do, just don’t think about it. -b

But I love a good sleepy Grayson. Why do you guys enjoy torturing me?? 😩