tell me what you don't like about yourself

  • somebody: wow! such a nice and warm weather, it feels like spring!
  • me: nice
  • me, muttering under my breath: shut the fuck up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's JANUARY it's not supposed to be this warm yet!!!!!!!!!!! global warming is HERE and our cold snowy beautiful winters are forever history!!!!!! yet we are doing NOTHING about the case!!!!!!!! and even if we did something trump is the president of united states now and he's going to FUCK everything UP because his climate decisions will affect EVERYBODY!!!ON!THIS!PLANET! this weather is not _NICE AND WARM___ WHAT THE FUCKKK it's the awaiting HELLFIRE THAT'S RADIATING HEAT UPON US SO SHUT UP

Please tell me explicitly when/if you want me to kiss you because even if we kissed 548145 times before I’ll still be too shy to do it and also I’m always the one being put in the “make the first step” situation and I am very stressed because of it so just be kind and use simple words I’m a fragile gay

Don’t tell me you know what it’s like
Unless you’ve repeatedly slammed your head into a wall just to make the noise stop.
Until you’ve convinced yourself a million times that there is not one person who gives a shit about you.
Until you’ve taken a blade to your flesh and you can’t even see the seriousness of it because who gives a shit right?
Until you’ve spent months alone because you’ve been rejected by everyone you know.
Until you’ve destroyed yourself time and time again because you’ve decided that you don’t care anymore.
Until you’ve failed in everything you’ve tried because the plethora of symptoms that comes with mental illness has held you back at every turn.
Until you wake up everyday wondering who you will be today.
Until you’re so prepared to be hurt that you don’t even get hurt anymore.
Until you’ve seen the look of horror on people’s faces when you’ve blurted about your illness because you forgot people don’t wanna hear that shit.
Until you’ve latched on to someone you’ve known for two minutes because you’re so desperate for some kind of attention, affection, love.
Until you’ve pushed away people you love because your mind wouldn’t let you believe you could be loved,
Because you convinced them they didn’t love you,
Because your constant questioning stopped being cute and became overbearing.
Until you’ve tried to convince people that you’re amazing whilst simultaneously self-deprecating in an attempt to force them to realise what a fucking mess you are so they can leave you now before you’re too attached.

Don’t stand there and tell me you know what it feels like.
Don’t tell me everyone has those days
Because you don’t fucking having these days!

—  Those Days, CC (the coffee table book)
my father lied about so many things, physically abused my mother, and emotionally abused me. i still have to spend time with him. my mother says that I need to have a relationship with him. my father fucks with my head and acts nice to me one day and horrible towards me another. he hasn’t gotten violent with me in months, and it is making me question what I remember him doing. I wish he would have beat me, I can handle physical pain, but he just screws with my head in the worst way.
—  Posted by Anonymous

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it's 8:49 nd i'm dying at uni but i'm thinking about joon being cute also about bea's face when she was talking about him and at one point thought about all force one and her expression changed to one of complete admiration

ppffFFFFFFFF EVEN IF YOU’D HIT THAT ANON OPTION AND LET MY EFFING NAME OUT OF IT IT’D BE CRYSTAL CLEAR WHO IT IS hello my sweetest dude my bromeo i hope you’ll be able to power-nap in between classes or properly later and that guk follows you into your dreams and next time i won’t stop gushing abt his bunny teeth for 15mins (also we do not talk abt my facial pudding when it comes to kim namjoon or bts in general or YOU /pokes cheek)

have a good one slay them with your grin reaper looks anja!!!!!!

that’s me laughing abt bashful you bC I TOLD YOU TO SLEEP

this is me ripping the ninth cup of coffee from your trembling fINGERS STOP

this is me pretending to know what a healthy sleep schedule is and telling u abt it my dude 

and this is my attempt to bring you home when you pASS OUT BC OF NO SLEEP

this is me smashing myself on top of you bc i haven’t slept either hAH

but srsly rest lots when you’re back home look you’re chim i’m taeguk and next time you better listen to good ol’ bea’s shark bedtime stories and go to bed my love >:^(

Anonymously (or nah) tell me what time it is there and what you’re thinking about.

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Hi, I don't mean to pry, but I'm interested in you and your life in general - would it be to rude to ask you to tell your followers more about yourself? I get this wonderful feeling based on your blog, that you're an intriguing person!

oh gosh honestly i am not, like, at all, but that’s very sweet of you to say

you’re not prying but i feel like the best thing is to probably just message me whatever you want to know because i don’t know what people would care for and what they wouldn’t and i tend to ramble a lot if left to my own devices, lol.

Ask me/ tell me some random shit

1. What’s your favorite holiday?
2. What irritates you about the opposite sex?
3. Tell me about your crush (I can even tell them for you if you would like)
4. What’s your favorite thing about yourself?
5. Have you ever served in the military? (Thank you if you have)
6. What is one thing you will never tell the truth about?
7. What’s your biggest turn on(s)?
8. Biggest turn off(s)?
9. One thing you’ve worked really hard for
10. Do you believe in love?
11. Ever self harmed?
12. Weirdest thing you’ve done when home alone?
13. Apple or android?
14. Do you prefer hot weather or cold?
15. Do you like the snow?
16. What scares you the most?
17. Have you ever had sex?
18. Describe the best sex you’ve ever had
19. Favorite tumblr blog?
20. Do you have a tumblr bf/gf/crush? Who is it?
21. Favorite thing to do during each season
22. How do you take your coffee?
23. Favorite alcohol?
24. Do you prefer giving or receiving oral?
25. Dirtiest thing you’ve ever done?
26. Ever had sex in public?
27. Describe the perfect date
28. Describe your perfect partner
29. Favorite kind of ice cream
30. Are you allergic to anything
31. Favorite kind and color of flower?
32. What’s the best date you have ever had
33. Hardest thing you have been through
34. Ever fucked a melon?
35. Favorite candle smell for each season
36. Truth or dare
37. Favorite time to see the sky
38. What is the main source of your stress right now?
39. Biggest fear you ever faced?
40. Do you struggle with a mental illness? If so what is it?
41. You’re cute af
42. I’d date you
43. I’d fuck you
44. I love your blog
45. You’re perfect
46. I’m in love with you
47. Are you on mobile or web?
48. Favorite day of the week?
49. Are you a good kisser
50. Do you know I’m here for any of y'all?

I can’t define it for anyone else, but for me self care is about being good to yourself in a lot of different ways. Sometimes I want to do things like yoga or exercise, but I feel like I don’t deserve to feel healthy or I hate my body too much to do something good for it, so I appreciate posts that tell me it’s ok to do that. And also sometimes I need to just make a blanket fort or take a bath because I’ve had a hard day and need to relax, and I appreciate posts that tell me it’s ok to do that too. Self care is different for everyone and you should just do whatever works for you, because you are the only one who knows what it is you need. I’m honestly just happy if you practice it at all, because you deserve to feel good and take care of yourself.

Do you ever just get really sad because everyone is so great and you really want to be friends but it’s really hard because you get nervous thinking about talking to someone and then you tell yourself they probably wouldn’t even remember who you are and they have so many other friends anyway so what’s the point

/Guys. Please don’t let anyone make you feel like your interests aren’t relevant. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re not talented enough to do something big. Don’t let anyone convince you that you don’t deserve to enjoy something.
Take it from me. Do what you want. Do what you love. Allow yourself to get excited about things. I’m eager to see what you’re capable of.