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Bodak yellow freestyle I threw together ; I’m not a rapper but if you think I got bars — reblog and I might really get into the booth. Support your new fav queer lyricist!!

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uk ge2017 voting incentive?

Uk followers i’m actually begging you, please vote in the general election on thursday!!! the tories are counting on young people like you staying home. if u message me that you voted or take a pic of yourself at your polling station and tag me in it, i’ll follow you, add you to a shout out post i’ll put up on friday of all my politically woke uk peeps and reblog your latest selfie, i’m 100% on this, literally anything to get as many people as possible out tomorrow!!! if you’re not sure who to vote for this site: will tell you what to vote in your constituency to prevent a tory majority. it’s really important we stop them leading us in to another 5 years of cuts to education, welfare and healthcare, down the hard brexit route, and legitimising closet ableists, racists, homo/transphobes and misogynists.


i just reached 6k!!!! you all wanted doodles so here we gooooo!!!! above is some quick sketches i did (if i used ur @ sorry ily) just so you can get an idea. ofc, i’ll take longer than a few seconds with yours! before i begin, i want to say thank you to everyone who’s been with me and the new peeps! i love you so much, i wish you a life time of doggos and good health (:

what i will draw:

- a portrait of you (tell me if you have selfies on here and what tag they’re under so i can pick one to draw. if you haven’t posted any, send one pls)

- a lil handwritten note? (if we’re mutuals so it can actually mean something)

- url doodles

- your fav studio ghibli character

- your pet

- anything that i can animate (lol i kinda suck at drawing)

how to get something drawn:

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- when i finish drawing something i will send it to you

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- don’t be rude

- if you have any requests that you don’t see listed above then just ask and i’ll tell you if i will draw it or not

- i haven’t drawn in like 2 years? so i’m a bit rough… but i thought this would be great practice for me and would get me to start drawing again!!

Burn Part 3

Seth Rollins x Reader

Part 1Part 2 Special thanks to @50shadesofadamcolebaybay!

Originally posted by deathprincess777

You and Seth bought yourselves some iced coffee before hiking. Seth picked out a route while you were showering. It was a warm and sunny day. You talked about everything you had missed during your time off. Seth reported about new make up artists and staff. You were happy to hear that Bayley, Sami and Roman were doing just fine. As the time passed, your conversation with Seth grew more serious. You told him about your doubts and fears. Seth silently listened to you, giving slight input here and there. He knew that you had to get this off your chest.

“You know, I followed Raw and don’t get me wrong, I know that they had to do this, but now that Bayley’s storyline was fused with mine, where am I supposed to be? Like what new story will I be in?” You asked him.

“Hm, I see,” he nodded.

“What if I get in one of these stupid love storylines. Or even worse, what if I become just a Jobber because they don’t have a story for me. I mean there are enough babyfaces with similar personas, they won’t need me anymore.”

“Just to clear one fundamental fact here, Y/N. You can’t be replaced by anybody. Raw does need you!” Seth looked down at you with an honest expression. You blushed slightly under his gaze.

“Have you ever thought of maybe changing things up a bit?”

“What do you mean?”

“Like gimmick wise. Now after your time off you can comeback like a new Y/N. Changed attitude, wanting the title back because it got ‘stolen’ from you.”

“So you’re telling me to turn heel?” You creased your eyebrow.

“Well yeah, I mean you don’t have to go the whole way. You could still be a naive face who gives Charlotte the fault,” he furrowed his eyebrows, taunting you.

“You know what, I think I like the idea of a heel Y/N,” you smirked. “Do you think I could pull that off?” You worried instantly.

“Of course! You’re feisty and your constant sarcasm comes in handy. Plus, your theme is written for you to be heel.”

“Whats wrong with my theme?”

“Nothing. It’s just a bit too… heavy?”

“Too heavy? Well, Nico Vega’s song fits perfectly to my nickname,” you shrugged your shoulders.

“Yeah I know, the Beast,” he chuckled. “When I first heard of you I thought you would be that angry and self-centered heel. But then, when you made your first entrance, strolling down the ramp with a big smile and these cute little pigtails, I have to admit, I was kinda disappointed… ” he laughed. You playfully hit his arm causing him to pull a pain consumed expression which made you laugh too.

“Oh shut up, Rollins! You’re supposed to be a face too and your tune isn’t all lovey dovey,” you stuck out your tongue. Seth began to laugh more.

“I’m not saying that I don’t like your persona. I mean, it’s technically your real self, it’s just really different from what I expected at that time. But I really think you should consider the heel turn.” You nodded in agreement.

“You know, Y/N, the most important thing right now is that you’ve been cleared and are able to wrestle again. That’s the first and most important step in the right direction. All the other details will come together by themselves.”

“You’re right… I actually have a meeting with Stephanie in about two weeks. I’m probably gonna mention that idea.”

“She’s going to love your idea.”

“Your idea,” you corrected him.

“Our idea,” he smiled down at you. He had locked his gaze with yours just a bit too long when he cleared his throat.

“Hey, wanna make a selfie?” He smiled like a little child. Even though you hated pictures you couldn’t deny his silly request.

While driving you home Seth made a deal with you to start your training again. To ease the beginning of your training he offered to be your personal motivator/taxi driver. You two decided that with the gimmick change you could also change your workout. Of course, Seth suggested cross fit. You were hesitant at first, but he pouted and made big eyes which eventually made you cave in once again. Secretly you were happy that Seth wanted to spend even more time with you.

“Soooo, we’ll see each other on Monday?” He smiled out of his car window.

“We’ll seee…” you teased.

“Oh come on. It might be different in the beginning but you’re gonna love the results. Plus, we can be training buddies,” he argued.

“You got me there, Rollins,” you winked.

“And the week after that, would you fancy a movie night?”

“After the meeting? Sure, why not. But we have to get a bucket of ice cream if Steph tells me that I’m gonna be a jobber,” you joked.

“Of course. A bucket just for yourself. It’s my treat,” he proclaimed with a warm smile. “Then, ‘til Monday!” He said while he drove away. You waved to him until you couldn’t see his car anymore.

Your phone buzzed minutes later in your pocket. When you took it out, a wide smile formed on your face. Seth had tagged you in the selfie he took earlier during the hike with the caption: “Taking the first step in the right direction!” It was a cute picture of you two. You stood slightly in front of Seth and he leaned over your shoulder. Both of you were smiling. This was the first time in weeks you saw yourself with a genuine smile. You were happy to have such an amazing friend, even if it meant you had to stay quiet about your feelings for him. It was better to keep things how they were.

The following week you really started to train again. You couldn’t believe it until you were lying sore on your bed. Of course you had accepted Seth’s request and joined him at his crossfit training. It was hard the first few days. It was just so different from your regular workout but it felt good to be sore again. It also felt relief because you didn’t have the time to overthink every single tiny thing in your life. After the training, you and Seth usually hadlunch together and spent most of the day together. He didn’t leave your side and he really helped you with your self esteem with nightly discussions about what you felt and how he saw you differently. Sleepovers became normal. He would listen for hours as you talked about your insecurities, encouraging you to become the old but slightly improved woman you were. It felt so good to be back on track again.

The Monday morning you had your meeting with Stephanie McMahon, Seth picked you up to drive together to the venue. He comforted you during the ride, telling you that everything was going to turn out great. You even stopped at a diner to get breakfast first.

When you entered the venue, you heard Bayley squealing immediately.

“Y/N! Y/N, you’re back!” She stormed over to you, hugging you violently. You gasped out.

“Yeah I am, I guess,” you mumbled.

“Bayley, don’t crush her. She was out long enough. She doesn’t need another injury.” Seth shook his head.

“Uh, yes, of course,” she said slowly loosening her grip. “I’m just so happy to see you again!” She was jumping up and down.

“Me too. I missed you Bales,” you beamed at her, “and your hugs of course.”

“Aww me too! So, how are you doin?”

After a little small talk with Bayley, you decided to greet the rest of the roster. Seth had to record a segment so he had to leave you by yourself. But you didn’t mind it. You walked around with Bayley, hugging and catching up with your friends. You apologised to everyone for your odd behavior but most of them shrugged it off and assured you that it didn’t matter and that they were just happy to see you again.

When it was time for your meeting you began to grow nervous. Would Stephanie be ok with your ideas? Would they even have a storyline planned for you? Or were you damned to become a jobber. You entered the office on wobbly legs. That meeting would determine your future in the WWE.

“I don’t know man, I don’t think I can do that to her,” you heard Seth as you strolled down the corridor.

“Just tell her!” Roman almost desperately groaned.

“Tell her what?” You asked as you came around the corner. Seth swiftly turned with a shocked expression. You looked at him puzzled.

“Yeah, tell her what, Seth?” Roman mocked.

“Ehh… I have to tell you that we… can’t… have the movie evening tonight because… because my TV is broken,” Seth stuttered. You raised an eyebrow.

“Ok? Well, you know that I still have a totally functional TV at my flat so we don’t have to cancel, if you don’t have anything planned,” you suggested.

“Oh brilliant. Of course, I didn’t think about that. Then it’s still a thing,” Seth nervously chuckled. Roman shook his head in amusement. He said goodbye after a few minutes and Seth walked with you to the entrance together.

“If you have to do something else, we don’t have to watch movies tonight, you know?” You said shyly.

“No, no! Of course I wanna watch movies with you, Y/N. I just didn’t think of your TV.” He sounded nervous.

“Oh ok…” You nodded.

“So, how was the meeting?” Seth ended the awkward silence.

“It was ok. I’m cleared so Steph is letting me wrestle again. They’re planning a big comeback.”


“And what?” You innocently raised your eyebrows.

“You know exactly what! Don’t make me pull every single bit of information out of your nose!”

“Ok, ok. Calm down,” you laughed. “Well, the creative team was already planning a new storyline for me as a face-”


“…but Stephanie likes the idea so much that she’s going to talk to them and make me a heel.” You grinned like a cheshire cat.

“That’s awesome! This is going to be exciting, Y/N.” Seth pulled you into a hug swirling you around.

“Yeah, right?” You giggled happily.

The ride went normal. You talked as if nothing happened even though Seth’s behavior seemed kinda odd. When you arrived at your flat, you ordered Pizza and Seth went for a quick shower. He had some spare clothes at your place from your occasional sleep overs.

While you were setting everything up, the door bell rang. ‘Goodness gracious’ you thought. You hadn’t eaten anything besides the breakfast Seth had gotten you and that consisted of a coffee and marmalade toast. You were way too nervous because of your meeting that midday to even think about eating.

You swayed to your front door. While paying, the delivery guy tried to make some unwelcoming small talk.

“2 big Pizzas for the pretty lady.” he cooed.

“Yep,” I said, giving him an uncomfortable small smile.

“Are you even able to eat these by yourself?” You weren’t sure where the conversation was going but you definitely didn’t like it.

“Probably,” you answered short, hoping that he would give you your change quickly so you could close the door.

“Want help?” He asked in a husky voice quirking his eyebrows.

“Not really,” you answered coldly. Could he hurry with that damn change?

“Oh come on babe. I’m volunteering here.”

“You know what, keep the rest,” you scoffed and tried to shut the door with a loud bang. But his foot denied it. You looked at his foot, then at him in shock.

“Don’t be so cold, sweetheart,” he hissed. “I’m just trying to be nice.” He had an arrogant smile on his lips. You just stood there, frozen, unable to do anything.

“You heard the lady!” A strong, enraged voice came up behind you. ‘Seth’ you thought, feeling relieved. ‘Right on time.’

“Woow, woow!” The guy gestured wildly, “everything’s alright, we were just chatting. Nothing to get upset over, big boy.”

“Yeah? It sounded kinda different to me.” Seth glared at him.

“Hey man, you got to understand that I have this effect on chicks. You should probably get your lil bitch under control,” he laughed. With that, Seth’s eyes got even darker. His chest heaved violently, nostrils flaring rapidly.

“I recommend that you leave my property right now! If someone talks like that about the woman I love, I can’t promise I won’t straight up murder the son of a bitch. So, get your ass going, pronto!” he yelled. The smeary guy audibly gulped and took a few steps back before turning around and basically running to his car. He looked mortified. Seth grimly chuckled, he was proud of his effect on that jackass. He slowly closed the door as he glared after the car. You had never seen Seth like that. But that didn’t mean you didn’t like the protective and impulsive side of him.

“Did you mean that?” You asked him as soon as the door locked. You didn’t know where that boost of confidence came from, but you definitely welcomed it.

“Eh, you know… love like… like a really close friend… like a sister,” he stammered trying desperately to avoid your gaze.

“Oh, that’s a shame,” you exclaimed, your gaze never leaving his.

“Shame? So you wouldn’t mind if… ” His mouth gaped.

“Why should I mind? That the man I’m completely and utterly in love with, the one man who’s my best friend and also knows me the better than anyone, the man that never leaves my side, who’s always there for me, the man who proved multiple times that he cares about me and supports even my stupidest ideas, that this man shares the same feelings I have for him? What did I overlook? Where is there anything to mind?” You looked him deep in the eyes. It felt so good to voice all of those feelings you had gathered over the years. Seth still stood in front of you but during your declaration he slowly moved closer and closer until he was only a few inches away from you. You could already feel the heat radiating from him.

“Aren’t you afraid?” He merrily whispered.

“Of course I’m afraid, I’m constantly afraid. But I’m less afraid of everything that might come if I know I have exactly that man I described right next to me.” You smiled sincerely at him knowing that it was probably the most corny love declaration.

“I love you! I really, really love you! I’ve loved you since I saw you coming though that curtain in NXT.” With those words, Seth’s hand reached out to your face, his thumb caressed your cheek shortly before he pulled you in for a kiss. The kiss was slow and passionate. You could feel all the pent-up emotions behind it. And not just your own.

As you pulled away after what seemed like an eternity, you looked up again to see Seth with a sly expression.

“We should’ve done this waaaay earlier,” he exclaimed making you giggle against his chest.


You don’t need a blog dedication towards them to take part, just need to watch and like the sidemen. On the 12th, 13th or 14th whatever time is best for you upload a few selfies and talk some about yourself. This fandom is known for having a load of drama in the past and I want this to all be a time to get along and share the love. Tag my blog in your post to make me aware you have taken part, and hashtag it as #sidementumblrfanmeetup. Reblog peoples selfies and message people to make new friends, follow people with similar blogs and have a nice time. 

I would love for everyone to please reblog the hell out of this post so the most people can see this as possible and can get involved.

At the end of the meetup I will be giving out rewards-

I will make a separate post telling others to follow the rewarded blogs.

These rewards will be things such as ‘most friendly’ , ‘need more followers’ , ‘most dedicated’ . You are more than welcome to message me for more suggestions for rewards.

Hope to see all you’re lovely faces soon ! xx 

blog rates + fancasts! (◕ᴗ◕✿)

because I’m getting super close to a follower goal and I just wanna love you guys okay I’m cheesy <3 these most likely will go on for a while, I’m in a mood

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the rates will look like this! (under the cut) 

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drawing tumblr people

so um hi

I really like to draw, but I’m not very good at faces yet, so I thought it would be fun to draw people on Tumblr ^-^

Because I usually don’t get that much notes, I’m going to draw everyone who reblogs this and if you could follow me that would also be very nice, or at least the first 500 or something if that amount of notes is even possible with my smol blog (your blog must include selfie tag) (if you use a different tag to tag your selfies you can always tell me!)

As I said before, I’m not very good at drawing faces yet, so there may be some differences in style because I’m still figuring everything out.
I’m still in school as well, so it might take a while before I’m done.

so um yeah

let’s hope this doesn’t get like 2 notes

I would firstly like to apologise for the crappy artwork but woahhh it’s my first follow forever!

so the reason why I decided to make a follow forever is bc I hit 2.6k quite a while back and I wanted to celebrate it whoo


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creds to emma for the little doodles of 5SOS!

okay so I am on the train for about 3 and a half hours per day and recently I had a rad idea. What if there was a secret banquet passed around from rainbow drinker to rainbow drinker about a banquet only for rainbow drinkers, for an exchange on what blood they prefer, how they consume it (as in, out of a glass as if it was wine or freshly drawn, etc) and how they even became rainbow drinkers (i smell the drama…… feeling it)?

to make this real I thought about making a blog, setting up rules and opening a time window in which RP logs and stuff can happen for this event. I also thought about making a list of people who want to join, linking to the bio of the rainbow drinker(s) they want to join with (ofc you have to message me on said blog so i can put you on there), so people can check the list and if they see someone they wanna RP with they know or even only look through it for new encounters they could ask them for an RP, already having a complete set up makes something like that a whole lot easy than when you first have to pull a base-plot out of your ass for that.

To this blog you can then submit favourite quotes from RPs in this set up, maybe even what your troll is doing right now so people can join them with their troll and, which is like the best thing, have art from threads in there, my dream is to have a whole tag only with fantroll selfies from the party

External image

if you would be interested tell me in some way, if I get at least 10 people I’ll get this started

Yep, you read that right, I’ve reached 10,000 followers - haven’t stopped smiling all day long. I have the best bunch of lovely followers, and I wanted to do something for you all, so hey ho - here we go, have some blog rates! 

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hello friends it’s plant-petal here! I want  to make my first ever favourites page because you are all so wonderful and due to the fact I hit my next thousand (!?!?!)

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I will be choosing in a few weeks so get reblogging!! I hope you are all having the loveliest day!!  

so I’ve decided its about time I give back to the aromantic community during arospec awareness week, so I’m looking for all my fellow arospec buddies, because I want to make little pieces of art of all the aromantics participating. 

-if you fall anywhere on the aromantic spectrum (literally anywhere on the spectrum), DM me with your selfie tag, or a selfie, and anything specific you’d like, like a phrase or particular item, or a pose.

- you’ll get a piece of art of you and the aromantic colours!! if you want any other colours (like a gender flag or a sexuality flag), feel free to tell me that as well!! I would love to include it!!

-even if you dont want a piece, maybe boost for all the other aromantics out there?? I want to give love to everyone

happy arospec awareness week, my aro buddies !! :D

HP Fandom Family!

I was gonna wait until tomorrow to do this but I just hit my next hundred and wanted to celebrate so… It’s 2k16, and about time I started one of these. And I’ve wanted to do one of these for a while anyway. What I want from this, aside from a page where I can link all of your beautiful blogs, is for us all to be able to use a tag for our posts; graphics, edits, headcanons, fanfics, selfies, etc. So I’ve picked out the tag  #hogwartsfam. So, let’s get to it!


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Name Aesthetics / Fancasting

So, punksirius did this a few days ago and because I’m completely unoriginal, I want to try it out for myself! So, here we go, I’m gonna do some name aesthetics for you all!

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anonymous asked:

get your ugly fucking selfies out of the 5sos preferences tag

1) that’s cyber bullying. I may not know who you are but you have actually committed a crime by cyber bullying me.
2) there’s a thing caller manners. Get some and use them.
3) don’t tell me what to do. I am my own person I tell myself what to do. If you don’t like it that’s not my problem, get over it.
4) it never hurt anyone to scroll past it. You could have ignored it.
5) if calling me ugly is meant to affect me, just so you know it really doesn’t. Come up with some new insults.
6) get off anon and be brave enough to show who you are. If you’re gonna act all hard then at least don’t do it over anon.