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A moment of your time

I saw a Brendon Urie quote telling us not to call ourselves trash because it makes him sad, and it really was like a smack in the face for me. My selfie tag is “I’m trash”. I realize that he never said a name and was addressing us as a whole but it still really got to me that Brendon really does care about us and it’s not just like a singer normally does. He actually takes time out of his day to talk to us on a livestream and read our comments and talk to us and sing to us and take requests for songs to sing. Like he genuinely cares about all of us and he supports all of us and that should be enough to make you believe you aren’t trash. Brendon Urie wouldn’t devote hours upon hours of his life to a piece of trash so just saying. I think I’m gonna change my selfie tag?

so I’ve decided its about time I give back to the aromantic community during arospec awareness week, so I’m looking for all my fellow arospec buddies, because I want to make little pieces of art of all the aromantics participating. 

-if you fall anywhere on the aromantic spectrum (literally anywhere on the spectrum), DM me with your selfie tag, or a selfie, and anything specific you’d like, like a phrase or particular item, or a pose.

- you’ll get a piece of art of you and the aromantic colours!! if you want any other colours (like a gender flag or a sexuality flag), feel free to tell me that as well!! I would love to include it!!

-even if you dont want a piece, maybe boost for all the other aromantics out there?? I want to give love to everyone

happy arospec awareness week, my aro buddies !! :D

drawing tumblr people

so um hi

I really like to draw, but I’m not very good at faces yet, so I thought it would be fun to draw people on Tumblr ^-^

Because I usually don’t get that much notes, I’m going to draw everyone who reblogs this and if you could follow me that would also be very nice, or at least the first 500 or something if that amount of notes is even possible with my smol blog (your blog must include selfie tag) (if you use a different tag to tag your selfies you can always tell me!)

As I said before, I’m not very good at drawing faces yet, so there may be some differences in style because I’m still figuring everything out.
I’m still in school as well, so it might take a while before I’m done.

so um yeah

let’s hope this doesn’t get like 2 notes