tell me to delete is u want i guess

[[   …   i may be   …   slightly obsessed with salmon run   .

let me just drop these guys down here for now bc idk what in the world i’m gonna do with em but   ,   apparently i made a salmonid     ling   …   salmonling   ,   who’s a cunning little jerk who plans on invading both inkopolis and octo valley/canyon with the other salmonid that blindly follow his orders to try and snatch some of their land for themselves   .   the other three chum beside him are his trusty bodyguards   !   ]]

remember when i used to not be a hunk stan? remember how blind i was? when hunk has always been RIGHT there? hunk sweetie if ur reading this i’m so sorry at how ignorant and blind i was….you are my only lov…my only light….my one and only fat sunshine boy..i lov sweet yellow boy :’)

anonymous asked:

You mentioned you are currently working on writing a book. Can you tell me a bit about what it might be about ? ^_^ also,i love u !! xx

Oh!! It’s a book of poems and drawings and short stories! I haven’t fully organized what I want it to be yet but I have most of the writing done I think & also the title. Some of it is also just unused tweets or ones I’ve deleted but think were worth saving. I’ve been collecting sentences and fragments for over a year now! I write a lot on the bus, more than anywhere probably. There’s no real theme to the book rly! It’s mainly love poems I guess and it has exterior themes of being locked inside of a castle. Maybe some poems about birds and towers and ghouls and stuff. A bit whimsical and a bit dark at the same time. It’s mainly just a collection of various different things! Not like a huge release or anything but I thought it would be a good way to start. I want to write longer books in the future tho with stronger concepts! This one will be fun