tell me this isnt cute

When a hot guy stretches and his shirt pulls up:

Imagine Armin being ridiculously ticklish and Eren always chases him around threatening to tickle him. When he does catch him, he tickles Armin like crazy and Armin just lets out the sweetest laughs and giggles that Eren just melts and just stops because it’s too cute…

A cute lil ghosty telling you that gender isn’t as simple as people make it <3

Ghost from positivedoodles, who says her images are free to use for any noncommercial purposes

image by james

[[image description:

A purple circle with a cute orange ghost in the center. Top text reads “Gender is more of a color wheel than a spectrum” Bottom text reads “Nonbinary does not mean between male and female”

solas is cute it hurts my feelings so bad when people call him ugly like how can u look at this tiny bald boy who wears pajamas 24/7 and likes taking naps and just call him ugly. look me in the eyes and tell me he isnt cute.