tell me they dont love each other

Okay but you know what doesn’t sit well with me? The fact that Gansey doesn’t actually receive a lot of validation from his friends?? They all think about how amazing he is, how admirable, how unique, etc (I’m looking at Ronan and Adam POV’s, cause whoo boy), but how often do they actually tell him this?? 

I mean, Gansey didn’t actually understand how much his friends loved him until they followed him into the cave/tunnel in trk!! And he didn’t even think they would come in the first place!! I’ll admit, maybe it’s because it’s been a couple of months since I read the books and fanon is influencing my interpretation, but while someone will think something nice about Gansey, all they’ll say out loud is, “Your shoes are hideous” or “You’re such a buzzkill” or “Why do you talk like that?” Like, he doesn’t actually receive a lot of nice comments from Ronan or Adam??

please just compliment my boy Gansey and tell him that you love him

love letter 2.0

to the boy i am in love with,
i am not sure where to start and how to tell you i love you. i know people feel you’re just another boy that i met when i was young and wasted but it doesn’t feel that way. it doesn’t feel like you’re just another boy who i’ll forget. i dont think i can even bring myself to forget the little things i know about you. like how much you despite okra. or like how much you hate cheaters and liars. or like how much you love me. i don’t think i can ever bring myself to forget how i feel when i am with you, how good i feel when you hold my hand, how my heart beats faster when you kiss me, how my world seems better when you smile at me. i don’t think i can ever bring myself to forget the first time you said i love you to me, and i was just surprised because i didnt see it coming frankly, like i didnt see how strong we would be despite 6500 miles between us coming. i don’t think i can ever bring myself to forget you. ever. i know people always told me long distance is hard, but people always told me the earth is round. i dont believe it, not unless they get me concrete proof because we did long distance and i’m still as desperate in love with you as i were before. i think long distance would have been hard if we let it be, but between busy schedules and time differences, one thing always kept us going. the fact that we kinda are crazy about each other. pretty hard to believe, but since im not deep alseep and typing this at thirty past midnight must be true. so yeah, this is my public display of affection. this is where i tell you, someday im going to move in with you and make you breakfast and kiss you first thing in the morning. and you’ll know then how good a cook i can be. i love you like you’re the sun to my rainbow. i cant be fucking radiant without you. and you know what the best part it, you can’t see a rainbow without the rain.



i scrolled down all the wontaek tag! tell me… WHY HAS NONE TALKED ABOUT THIS OH MY FUCKING GOD THEY WERE TELLING I LOVE YOU TO EACH OTHER!!!!! =((((((((((((( look at leo’s shy shy shy omg his reaction is priceless!!!!! =((((((((((((( why dont they tell that to each other more often?!?!?!?

anyway … kim ravi you said the 3 words so easily, huh? :v 

Dearly Beloved

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You awoke that morning to a beautiful spring day, the sun peaked through soft clouds as they rolled lazily in the sky of gentle blue. You could see the wind shake the leaves of the trees and the golden ends of the barley field next to your home.

“The flowers look wonderful this spring, Miss Fontaine,” You complimented the elderly florist as you examined her daffodils. “And what a lovely shade of yellow.”

“Thank you, dear.” She beamed proudly as you took two and placed them in your basket.

“And how are the lilies?” You asked as she reached under the counter for some shears to cut the stems of her fresh roses.

“Oh just fine, though I still think they’ll need a week or two to fully bloom,” Miss Fontaine saw the minor look of disappointment in your face before laughing softly. “You’ll be the first to hear when they’re ready.”

You smiled at her generosity. “Thank you, have you tried-”

Your words were caught off as the front door of the florist shop opened, a little bell chiming as it did. You whirled around to find a completely out of breath Lefou with his hands on his knees as he huffed the breath back into his lungs.

“Lefou? Are you alright?” You asked as you gingerly placed your hand on his shoulder.

He stood up straight and tall, turning to you as he heaved one final sigh. “Gaston…Gaston is looking for you.”

“Is he drunk again already?” You asked with a clear and sharp agitation to your voice before you placed your flower basket on the counter. “For goodness sake Lefou, it’s barely the afternoon?”

Lefou laughed but it was cut short by a cough as his lungs couldn’t take the strain. “No not-hing like that, I assure, Is there somewhere I can sit?” He asked while simultaneously falling backwords onto the bench by the window, though you still made sure he didn’t harm himself on the way down.

Patiently, you waited for the poor man to catch his breath before he spoke again. “But, Gaston still wishes to speak with you,” He said clearly. “Said it’s urgent.”

You sighed before setting your basket in front of Miss Fontaine. “Would you mind if I left these here? I shouldn’t be too long.”

The old woman giggled and waved her hand. “Don’t you worry about a thing dear.” She then gave you a mischievous wink which only left you perplexed.

Your eyes found there way back to Lefou who, regardless of his disposition only moments ago, was practically beaming.

“Is there something I’m missing?” You asked, turning your gaze between the two of them.

They both shook their heads and Miss Fontaine ushered you both out of the shop. “Everything will still be here when you return, don’t hurry.” She said with that girlish giggle again.

“Will you come?” Lefou asked as he placed his hat back upon his head.

“I dont really have a choice it seems,” You said as you brushed out the skirts of your dress and fixed your hair. “Lead the way.”

You and Lefou had become dear friends in the time you had known each other, so throughout the walk you made simple small talk about how nice the weather was or how lovely Villeneuve looked during Springtime.

Just as you rounded the corner to Gaston’s home, you grabbed Lefou’s arm to pull him back. “Be honest, what aren’t you telling me.”

Lefou laughed awkwardly and shrugged. “I have no idea what you mean!” He then saw the unwavering look upon your face and he sighed in defeat. “It isn’t my place to tell you, I made a promise.”

You smiled at him regardless. “I understand, thank you for escorting me here.”

He tipped his hat. “Good luck, Miss (Y/n).”

Lefou quickly made his exit before you could question him on his words, and with that you walked up to the door and raised on the brass knocker before dropping it against the dark wooden door.

Almost instantly it swung open and you were pulled into two very strong arms that whirled you around once you were inside.

“(Y/n)! It’s a lovely day isn’t?” Gaston said in a rather uncharacteristically cheerful voice, and when he set you back on the ground you looked up to his bright smile.

“You’ve certainly sobered up, last night you could barely keep your eyes focused on the same place.” You teased him as you closed the door behind you.

“Well of course I did, I had you taking care of me didn’t I?” He asked you as he lead further into his home setting you on the sofa before he held out his hands. “Here, close your eyes.”

“What for?”

“A surprise.”

You did as told, holding your hands over your eyes so you couldn’t see him.

“One moment…,” Gaston said and you heard retreating footsteps and a few rustling noises before you heard him return in front of you. “Okay, you can open them.”

You opened your eyes to see a full bouquet of perfectly bloomed white lilies held in his hand.

“Oh my.” You said with a broad smile on your face as you took thek from him. “There absolutely wonderful, where did you get them? Miss Fontaine said her lillies weren’t bloomed yet.”

Gaston pulled one of his chair from the dining table so he could sit with you. “I bought them from her and asked her if she’s keep it a secret, I knew they were your favorite.”

You gently set them down in your lap as you noticed the yellow ribbon holding the stems together. “Thank you, Gaston. It was very kind of you to think of me.

Gaston smiled, “Of course, the lilies aren’t the real reason why I asked to see you.” He said, though his voice was little more quiet and he had moved closer to you.

You looked up from the flowers to meet his eyes with a smile before looking back down at them. “Go on.”

“Well in light of our conversation from last night, there was a question I’d wanted to ask since you left.” Gaston took both of your hands in his and your gazes met each other and you nodded for him to continue. “I’d like to ask you if you’d like to marry me?”

You were completely taken back by the question it seemed to have knocked the air out of you. You’d never think the random conversations you two had after a night were he particularly had too much ale or wine would ever lead to this scenario.

Gaston saw the expression on your face and he couldn’t hold back a chuckle. “I understand if this a bit too foward, considering we’ve never formally courted one another,” He reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a small red box, placing it in your hands. “And I have every intention of properly courting you and asking for your family’s good graces, but I want you to hold on to this until that happens.”

You took the box in both of your hands, staring at with wide eyes before they met his again. “I don’t…”

“You may open it if you’d like. I promise all of the evil in the world won’t sprout from the top the moment you lift the lid.” He said, making you both laugh and easing the tension.

Curiosity got the better of you and slowly you opened this box, smiling whenever you saw the ring sitting in the pool of dark velvet. It was a similar shape and style the engagement your mother always wore, and one you always admired.

“I spoke to your brother whenever chosing it.” Gaston said as he looked down at it with you. “You don’t need to accept or reject me anytime soon, I’m more than willing to wait.”

His hands enclosed around yours and he closed the box. “I shall wait regardless of your answer.”

You opened your mouth before closing it and shaking your head at how silly you were being. “I think…,” You said looking up at him with a genuine smile. “Should the time come, I would like to marry you,” You said, watching the light encase in his eyes and his smile grow. “Very much so.”

Gaston leaned foward, careful not to crush your flowers, and kissed your forehead tenderly. “Then that is very good news indeed.”

Okay, so since JK is not going to get off her butt about it anytime soon, I’ve decided that what I really need is Daniel Radcliffe to guest star on an episode of The Flash.

And he’s a metahuman that has Cupid powers who can create all sorts of havoc by having the wrong people fall in love with each other when he gets angry, and Julian automatically makes him *so* angry that somehow his power goes wonky and latches on to Julian and himself, and they spend most of the episode making out and Barry is sort of like Ron, throwing out “wtf dude?!?!” every few minutes and trying to drag Julian away, and Caitlin, surprisingly, totally ships it, and Cisco keeps muttering about how he’s going to tell Julian’s father “about this.”

I need this in my life to ever be truly happy.


Someone- so how is 2017 treating you?
Me- it’s been better than I have expected TBH.


Reasons to consider 2017 as a good year-

4. Dazai, a shin Soukoku shipper confirmed.
5. BONES ships Soukoku harder than us. (Like…Look at that CHUUYA giving candies TK DAZAI which freaking came out a few days after the Valentine’s Day.)
6. Chuuya is seen in the dark era clear file series with dazai’s badass fashion made fandom’s eyes pregnant.
7. Soukoku nendoroids come out. Specially when atshushi is the mc but before him CHUUYA got his figure.
8. Like his figure literally came out on his bday.
9. Soukoku and chuuya, slowly taking over both the fandom and BONES.
10. Odasaku is seen in the High school April fools au.
Bonus- Meeting lovely people who ships Soukoku, since I m hella new in the fandom. Also discovering seme CHUUYA or otherwise known as chuuda for life.

Note- CHUUYA isn’t wearing his choker in the dark era clear file series…….could it be that DAZAI gave him that chocker? And the official promo art drawn in pen, don’t tell me that they are not touching each other’s chest, just don’t. Also in that high school au, DONT YOU DARE TO SAY THAG DAZAI N CHUUYA ARE NOT FEELING EACH OTHERS ASS.

you know what i would love but would kill me to watch

kim has always been bothered that trini said she didnt have any friends so she’s determined to get trini a prom date. trini agrees because “sure why not theres no bad guys”

so kim goes all out with almost all of the guys in their school and it fails every time but on the plus side they get to hang out a lot every time it blows up in their faces and there having so much fun but at the same time kims so frustrated?? because trini is so kind and funny and p r e t t y she deserves a date!!!!! and one day kim yells about it and trini’s like “why dont you just take me then? oops” and kim internally explodes and runs away and they dont talk

finally billys like “wait why are you two fighting this isnt that hard” and jason and zach (and maybe tommy idk) are all like no billy its complicated let them figure it out and billys like “um no??? it’s not??? they both obviously love each other they should go to prom together!!! now stop messing up the morphing grid” and kim and trini make up

they tell their parents theyre going with jason and billy as their dates for cover but then at prom theyre all happy and dancing and cute in PINK AND YELLOW PROM DRESSES

and maybe they gotta go kick ass in those dresses right after or something idk my brains not able to get past how cute those two would be dancing together

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You can see the way frank is hugging gerard like...he needed that hug

listen…boi…don’t get me started

the hug is….not short. like they hold each other.

and when they pull away franks face :( hes not smiling like you can tell he was when he hugged ray like when he hugged ray he was cheesing but. hes just looking at gerard and i wish it was a clearer video but you know how emotional he is :( i cn tell there’s a lot of feelings in his eyes he missed him and his hugs and their friendship cause like yes they’re all ‘friends’ and they have the group chat but gerard and frank were inseparable they were best friends and things are kinda weird now probably but that hug :( he really needed that :(

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Can you believe we have only had one (1) canon on screen stucky hug in the entire cap trilogy because I can't believe it but here we are with only a single hug right before Bucky went off to war in catfa like???? You cannot even begin to try and convince me that Bucky isn't a constant hugger? @the entire mcu: wyd??? Let buck hug his stevie? and then let him slap steve upside the head for being stupid jfc it aint that hard to put on a damn parachute steven

i KNOW asdfgahsn, it’s so FAKE, they were clearly v casual with their touches before the war, and Bucky isn’t touch averse now, he’s fine when Steve touches him, there’s no flinching away or grimacing, in fact he smiles when he’s close to Steve and Steve touches him. SO ITS JUST F A K E THAT THEY WOULDNT HAVE HUGGED. Like for real Marvel out here trying to tell me these two people who are closer to each other than to anyone else on earth, who love each other more than they love anyone else, find themselves somehow, against every single odd in the universe, reunited 70 years after they were torn apart, barely having aged at all, with a second chance at life, AND THEY DONT EVEN HUG ONCE? Know ur damn audience Marvel bc we are not buying this narrative that ur selling.
Fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake. Just my analysis.

What Messi said as advice for the BdO?

“When the Ballon d'Or gets to you, do everything calmly. Everything is going to fall into place. Play how you play. Do what you know how to do, and then everything will turn out okay.

When Messi told me this, it was something that made me feel good. Because you have this fear to speak about it with your idol, and to speak to a guy that you admire, and when he lets you feel free, it relaxes you a bit. You feel like yourself on the pitch and during training. And this is what happened to me.

We have a great relationship. We’re friends. And this helps a lot on the pitch when you have love for each other, to help each other, to make a pass, when he scores a goal. So we are really happy. It’s not just him, it’s [Luis] Suarez as well who is a great player, a legend, so we get on really well there

—  Neymar during a press conference for the NT | 27.03.17
My Hero | John Murphy


can i request a murphy imagine where like you’ve been overworking lately bc someone made a comment about how you slack off and it rubbed you the wrong way, and he notices and tries to tell you to take it easy, but you don’t listen and end up fainting and he gets really worried and stuff (even though you two dont know each other that well)?? i love your writing btw!!

(im really sorry, I kind of strayed away from the original request without realizing it! If you want me to write it differently I can always do another one :))

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You winced as you walked out of your tent, still not used to the pain in your leg. It had been almost a week since your hunting accident, but the injury still lingered. Clarke told you a long healing process was normal, so you weren’t too worried- just annoyed that you couldn’t do much for the time being.

You walked towards the center of camp, unsure of what you’d be doing today. You had always been on hunting duty before, but since you’d gotten hurt you’d been on a new job nearly everyday. As you passed a group of people, you happened to hear your name, causing you to stop and take a few steps back, obscuring yourself from their view.

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Kevin loves his mission companion a lot and whenever Arnold does feel bad he makes him hot cocoa and tells him how awesome he is, okay. Dont fight me on this. Kevin loves Arnold and Arnold loves Kevin, because they’re the first real friend each other ever had. 

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There, there, fellow shipper. I’m sad, too. Hell, I haven’t had a good day since the beginning of the week and normally, I rewatch Captain Canary scenes or fan-made videos but I felt like I’ve watched it all lol.

Don’t lose hope on the ship! Imagine all the possible angles they could use with WaveriderCaptain!Sara + Legion!Leonard:

  1. Angsty reunion with Sara hesitating to take him out.
  2. Seeing them convince Leonard to work with them instead.
  3. Realizing that Snart’s from a different time but having the two of them fall for each other anyway because who cares about the timeline when you’re a time-traveller
  4. A slow-burn love story that’ll go through rough sh– but will eventually get through it all

And the show’s really good in itself!! I mean

  1. Mick is still being the truest person on board. I love him more and more after each episode.
  2. Sara is still a freaking badass wo 100% deserves to be captain and keeps the team’s asses safe.
  4. Martin, Nate, and Ray are still brilliant, still the entertaining dorks that they are.
  5. Amaya looks so gentle but could literally kill you and y’all know I love my badass girls.
  6. The Legion of Doom has got to be the most extravagant, most wild and ridiculously evil villain-team-up ever and every single second of them on screen just FILLS MY CORE.
  7. It’s still my favorite DCTV show, even without Snart. It’s that show I always look forward to in a week. 
  8. Shart’s gonna be back soon and tbh, to have Wentworth Miller in the show in any shape of form just makes me incredibly happy.

Trying to be positive here!! Whenever we start losing hope, let’s try to give things another chance. Maybe they’ll redeem themselves. Same goes with Legends of Tomorrow and Captain Canary <3


If you find me ugly. Fine.

If you cant stand me. Fine.

But let me tell you something. In the end, i still care all about you. But whatever happens to you is non of my business.

I dont love you. I dont even like you because i was never given a chance. I was only given freedom.

But after that, i couldn’t probably thank you. I couldn’t give you my happiness to finally be free and find out the truth. In the end we cant stand being around each other without arguing or wanting to die.

You will only blame me for all thats happened. You will only shun me because it happened. And won’t care about what truly caused it because i know you will not listen.

In the end, i still dont plan to give up…but im not going to try anymore. We will cross paths soon, i know it…but i wont look to see if that person i passed was you…

I wont ask for your location…i wont even allow myself to wonder how you are….

Wether im rude to you or nice to you…its all the same…

I am beautiful…i am loved…and i still care about you…i still want to be friends…

But right now….i want to grow up ..

Right now… i want to make my own choices.

Right now….

I want to be free.


Inertia [EruRi]

Modern AU. Sometimes they go out and pretend they don’t know each other. Gently nudges this at @zedsdead1001 Thank you for having such lovely headcanons and for being such a sweetheart. Someone help them, they’re so dorky.  Rated M I guess? For dirty dancing… Ao3

He slammed the taxi door and stood on the curb, pausing to let a thrill slither up his spine, prickling at the back of his neck.  Throbbing bass spilled out the open door alongside flickering lights that caused the shadows cast by the bouncers to dance across the sidewalk.  Two women stumbled out of the club, the shorter of the two pausing to toss her head back and laugh, unselfconscious and bright, bubbling over the noise of the club.  The other woman spun her in a circle, dipping to mouth along her neck, trailing a hand down her back, winding the other up into her hair.  The little blonde’s fluttering laugh slid low and Levi shivered, pushed his way into the rolling noise of the club that reverberated until it was palpable.  His lips pulled back from his teeth, wolfish.  He liked the chase.

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I’m worried… He thinks Jesse thinks little of him for some reason…?