tell me that he's not in love with her

I, Elizabeth, take thee, Jughead

It’s Betty’s wedding day but she’s not in love with her fiance. And a certain someone from her past showing up doesn’t help the situation.

Word Count: 3k+
A/N: Based on the infamous “I, Ross, take thee, Rachel” scene from Friends. Also, possibly the most angsty and simultaneously idealistic fic I’ve ever written. Thanks for reading!

A knock resounded through the much too big hotel room, making Betty jump. She slowly made her way toward the door, wondering and dreading who it could be.

It could be Cheryl, coming to tell her that some aspect of the wedding was already falling apart.

It could be her mother, coming to tell her that she was “doing her right thing” (a mantra she had been hearing for the last year).

It could be Veronica, coming to claw her eyes out.

Suffice to say, Betty wasn’t looking forward to opening the door.

However, the person she was least expecting was the one she found on the other side of the door.

“Archie…” she said, staring at her red-haired childhood best friend. He didn’t look too happy about saying whatever he was going to say.

“Jughead’s not coming,” he simply said, not bothering to exchange pleasantries. Betty felt pain at the familiar yet foreign name shoot through her. After all, she hadn’t heard his name in the last four months of her life. The name brought back a flood of memories of a screaming match that had ensued two months after deciding to “figure it out”. A screaming match that had ended in them tangled together under sheets and Betty waking up the next morning to no one.

“Okay,” she said, allowing the information to sink in. “Okay, well, we need to - come in - we need to figure out the seating chart because there’s this empty space now. Are you sure we can’t somehow get your great aunt into joining us? I mean, it is your wedding after all - you’d think she’d want to be there. The alternative is asking Cheryl to hang out at the bar. I’m sure she would be more than happy to oblige about that. Honestly, why would someone RSVP and then cancel last minute. That’s just bad etiquette–”

“Betty!” Archie exclaimed, interrupting her rant. She looked up at him, daring him to say whatever he was planning to. “I just told you Jughead wasn’t coming and all you can talk about is seating arrangements?”

“Well, what do you want me to say, Archie? I already knew I was expecting too much by asking you to send him an invite. I never imagined he’d say yes. I mean, I haven’t seen him in four months. How else am I supposed to react to a practical stranger not showing up for my wedding?”

“I’m just saying, Betty. I mean, I know you guys were close and–”

“Close? I loved him Archie. He was as much family to me as my mom and dad - more so considering the predicament I had been placed in,” she said, the admission of how deep her feelings ran making her feel lighter and heavier simultaneously.

“Betty I realise that this is hard but please we–”

We don’t need to do anything. You need to let me figure out the seating arrangement,” Betty said, allowing her hair to fall around her face like a curtain to hide the tears pooling in her eyes.

I loved you.

She waited until she heard the lock click into place and then got up, going to the window and trying to look at her phone through blurred vision. Unable to make out anything, she scrolled blindly through her contacts and picked someone at random to talk to. She wasn’t even sure what she wanted to say - she just needed to be alone with someone other than Archie.

The phone rang thrice before someone picked up.


Instantly Betty’s tears ceased and her eyes cleared as she listened to the familiar yet unfamiliar voice in shock.

“Betty? Is that you?” The voice asked again, pulling Betty back from the memories that had engulfed her again.

“Hi… Jughead,” she managed to respond and heard a sigh on the other end. But it wasn’t the annoyed sigh she had been expecting. It was more resigned like he had known this would happen. She suddenly realised she wished he had been annoyed with her. She wished he would yell at her and she could yell back at him and they could just get into a screaming match about this shitty situation they were in.

“What do you want?” He asked and she could feel the animosity in his tone.

“I just… I needed to talk,” she said, still not sure what she would talk about. She waited for him to hang up. But instead, after a moment of silence –

“What’s up?” He asked, surprising her.

“Nothing much. You?” She asked in her shock and wanted to kick herself for the idiocy of her response. To her further surprise and relief, she heard chuckling on the other end. Hearing Jughead chuckle sent waves of pain through her but at the same time she suddenly felt lighter.

“Well, I was under the impression that you wanted to talk about you, Betty. I mean you called me,” he said and she could see him smiling on the other end. She smiled too, sitting down in the window seat.

“I’m sorry, Jughead,” she finally said.

“I’m sorry, too.”

“Why are you sorry?”

“There was all this unnecessary pressure on you and my constantly asking you to drop everything and come away with me clearly wasn’t helping. I’m sorry, it’s just that I get kinda insecure. Especially when it comes to Archie,” he said and then they fell into silence again.

“You know, I don’t think I was ever in love with Archie,” Betty suddenly said after mulling over Jughead’s apology.

“I’d beg to differ but go on.”

“No, seriously. I mean, I think I was always in love with the idea of us being together. Like some kind of idealistic childhood sweetheart fantasy that I was trying to force Archie into or something. But then I realised at some point that I was never in love with Archie. Well, I loved him platonically but never anything more. Besides, there was always the fact that he wasn’t single long enough for me to work up the courage to ask him out, ever.”

“Not for lack of trying on your part, though,” Jughead said and Betty rolled her eyes but was unable to conceal a laugh of her own.

“I really did believe that Archie and I were meant to be, you know? And somewhere along the line - somewhere around the time he started his on-and-off relationship with Veronica - I just stopped believing and…” she trailed off not knowing how to continue this.

“And then you met me?” He asked and she smiled, tears filling her eyes again for some reason.

“And then I met you.”

It was so easy. So natural to speak to Jughead so candidly about their day. It was as if the last four months hadn’t happened.

And that feeling lasted until Betty realised how late it was. How she had to be up in a few hours to get ready for - oh god - her wedding. She didn’t want to bring it up, though. It was the elephant in the room that they had been tiptoeing around for the last two hours of conversation.

“It’s getting late. I should go sleep. And you need to sleep too,” Jughead said at long last, bringing Betty back to reality.

“It’s a big day tomorrow,” he added, with a strained laugh. Betty mirrored this laugh.

“Yeah. It is,” she said but neither hung up.

“Goodnight.” “I don’t want to get married,” Jughead and Betty said simultaneously. Jughead was silent for a few moments. Then Betty heard the beep, signaling the end of the call. Betty sighed: it had been only a matter of time before he hung up. Maybe she shouldn’t have told him she didn’t want the wedding. It just made things more complicated by saying that. And, considering this was the first time they were speaking in three months, they didn’t need complicated right now.

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"She was. She... Claire. Her name was Claire". Sam pretty much killed me with that one line. The tears in his eyes, his smile, his hesitation in speaking her name again after so many years, the softness in his voice in that moment... How much love and pain can he convey in just a few seconds. I think that's my favorite scene from this episode. 💔

That line killed from the moment I saw it in the preview and then seeing it in the episode broke my heart. He stops what he’s telling John and hesitates to tell him her name, but she means so much to him and he respects and honors her by saying her name and telling John she was Claire. It also shows the friendship building between Jamie and John that he trusts him enough and likes him enough that he wants him to know her name and not just that he had a wife.

New Hopes, New Beginnings

Since it’s Jonerys appreciation week in the fandom, I decided to write small happy stories of Jonerys everyday of the week despite all my work (and studying to do).

Jonerys Appreciation week Day 1.

1st part of 7-day storyline. 

This is taking place after the battle for the dawn, and I know I am skipping time in regards to my previous writings, but I want to write happy events this week, as Jon and Dany deserve to be happy, and I want to give them happiness in my writings..

This story is taking place in Winterfell, right after the battle has ended with the Night King and his army. 

Dany opened her chamber’s windows that morning at Winterfell. She felt the heat of the sun on her cheeks as she directly looked at the clear, blue skies after a long winter. The snow was melting on the mountains and in the horizon, the trees had started to give their first green stems signaling to new hopes, and new beginnings. She had scars, tired from the battle as she had lost her children. All of her three dragons had sacrificed themselves in good of humanity. She knew they had died in noble act, even though her heart was burning from grief. She looked down to the courtyard, people of the North were recovering from their pain, and losses. The peasants were working, Sansa, and Arya were tending to their people. Jon. she thought. As she would call him Jon still despite knowing he was Aegon. He was wounded and Samwell Tarly had been tending to him in his chambers for weeks now. She had spent most of her night sitting next to him in his bedside.

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ummm hamuko going thru new game+ making a beeline for akihiko bc she cant stand him NOT knowing her for any longer than she needs to, keeps 'guessing' his favorite things and winks and tells him 'i have good intuition' when hes left baffled, kisses turning tearful and he keeps asking her whats wrong and she just keeps repeating 'you know i love you right, you know i love you so much' because she cant bear to tell him what she knows is coming

Anonymous said to noctilin:

oh, or how about new game+ hamuko doing her best to stay cold with akihiko so she doesnt hurt him again, but she cant help herself and of course would slip up - laughing at his jokes, whooping with him when he takes down a shadow, throwing a quip in the heat of a moment - only to catch herself and slam back down that stoic distant wall and leave him wondering what the hell he keeps doing wrong, he thought they were connecting there, what is it about him she hates so much?

Anonymous said to noctilin:

Hamuko going through new game+ for the 5th time and wondering if she should try to stay away from Aki this time around cos she’s just. so tired. of running. of breaking both their hearts at the end. but she cant do it, she keeps going back and reaching out to him cos he’s the one, he’s the voice in her head, the voice saying come back to bed late at night, he’s her calm and everything she’s ever wanted and she wouldn’t miss another moment to be with him for the world

i screamed at all of these on twitter yesterday i have nothing else to say so i’m going to just share it to my tumblr followers so they can scream as well

My friend is complaining that her crush only texts her when he is drunk. I see her face go red and her hands go rigid and I can tell that this honestly bothers her. And I understand it, she deserves better. She loves him and he doesn’t even notice her when he is sober, and when he is drunk he only wants attention and knows where he can get it from.

But I cannot relate because I know that you only talk to me when you’re drunk, but I don't mind. We text each other like the old days and for a night, it’s like it was a year ago.

—  Who would have thought this is how it would all turn out?

You’re Everything (p.p.)

Author : @dej_okay

Word Count : 2.4k +

Warnings : like two swear words, fluffff, like 2% angst, cute peter when isn’t he cute though

Author’s Note :  Thank you to some of my biggest inspirations @hufflepuffholland @babyparker and @parkerroos and @sam-a-holland and @rileywrites-parker


Tags : @tiny-friggin-human

Day One

Peter Parker was on top of the world.

The smile framing his baby face hadn’t left all day.

And it was because of her.

How had he managed to score a date with her, of all people. Her. She made him so happy, and she didn’t even try.

Peter was awkward, so awkward he had trouble answering questions in class. What made him so appealing to her? However, it wasn’t a shock that she’d caught his eye.

She was everything.

The perfect girl. She was smart, and independent. She never took anybody’s shit. And she was beautiful. He loved her eyes. Her eyes reminded him of every thing right in this world. Of every thing good, and just.

She was everything. Everything.


She was there, beside him, that smile cheesing straight at him. She was there. So close that he could tilt his head and smell the strawberry shampoo in her hair. Oh god, he thought, she’s actually here.

He smiled, shy, a tight lipped one, trying to control that overwhelming feeling of happiness inside of him. And oh gosh, she’s here.


Day Twenty-four

Here they were again. Together, crisp, cool air of autumn blowing through the cracked window in her living room. The warm material of her leg seeping through her leggings and over to his own leg, warming his whole body.

How did he tell her how much he loved this?


He grinned, and glanced down, her hand gripping his arm, eyes trained on the television, the scene happening in front of her obviously an entertaining one.

God, you’re pretty.

His hand reached down, biting his lip, fingers reaching for the unoccupied hand that was clenching his forearm tighter, itching to feel her palm against his.

The edge of his fingertips skimmed hers, and her gaze snapped down, then up to his.

“Were you…were you trying to hold my hand?” She smiled, clearly amused.

His eyes widened, like a deer caught in headlights. “What? N-No! I was reaching for the, uh - popcorn!” Her amused glare gestured to the empty popcorn bowl. He felt his cheeks begin to burn, his face resembling that of a burnt tomato.

“You’re cute”, she mumbled. What should he do? Should he lay down? Pray? Scream? He looked distressed, like he couldn’t decide what to think.

He felt her slide the palm of her hand over his, fingers crossed between his own. He smiled, a big, dorky, boyish smile.

Peter obliterated.

Day Thirty-Nine

He hadn’t kissed his everything yet.

Peter thinks that it’s partially his fault, because of how nervous and giddy he got around her, he forgot to kiss the lips he’d been waiting to kiss.

He could kiss her now.

As she was hovered over a couple text books, hair pushed out of her face. One of his punny tee shirts sagging on her figure because of how much taller he was than her.

She’s so cute.

Peter thought about kissing her all the time. But he never took the risk.

So that’s what he did.

He sat up, feet nearly drowned out by sweatpants his aunt had bought way too big padding across the floor, over to her place on his carpeted floor. She looked up at him with an angelic smile right as he bent down, grabbed her face, and pulled her lips to hers.

She was shocked, he could tell. He could tell her eyes were still open wide, and she wasn’t kissing him back. Oh god, he thought. Did I move too fast? But then her lips started moving against his, her hands combing into his hair, clinging onto him.

He smiled into the kiss, and when they both pulled away, he heard her speak.


He chuckled, and pressed a few more kisses to her lips. “Yeah”, he agreed, “Wow.”

His everything was wow.

Day Fourty-Four

She was his light.

He thinks he realised this on their third date.

She was glowing, cheekbones swelling with happiness, eyes shining with him in their irises, that smile staring back at him, the feeling of her with him making him feel like the best thing, the only thing that mattered.

She was the only thing that mattered.

“Have I told you recently how painfully beautiful you are?” She flushed at his words.

“No”, she spoke, soft voice coming into the loudness around them, “care to remind me?”

He pulled her closer, a boost of confidence shooting through his veins. “You’re…” He strugged to find the right words to describe her, to describe his everything.

“You’re the sun”, he murmured, “you’re the universe. My own personal little ray of sunshine.”

She reached for the mug of hot cocoa on the diner table, wanting the sweet drink to hide her even sweeter smile.

That smile made everything worth it.


Day Sixty-Three

He lived for her.

He was positive he was one of the strongest teenagers in the world, and nothing could bring him to his knees like she could.

Everything was perfect.

She was perfect.

Peter looked forward to the kisses on the cheek he would get every morning, followed by her timid voice speaking out a small, “Good morning, Peter.” He got used to afternoons spent at the cafe on 31st drinking hot chocolate and watching the way the wind flushed her cheeks for her.

He got used to her.

She was truly becoming everything.

He never went a day without seeing her, without seeing one of the only things that kept him whole. With his happiness, with his everything.

When he started disappearing during school and cancelling their dates, he knew she was hurt. And god, it broke him. He didn’t like seeing her upset, it was his job to cheer her up, to make her smile shine bright everyday.

She was headstrong, though, and Peter knew she would end up confronting him.

So when she did, he wasn’t really surprised.

Why didn’t he just tell her? As she stood there, a look of pure hurt framing her features, he was lost in thought. He trusted her, he trusted her with his life. So why not trust her with his biggest secret?

“-and it really sucks, Parker, because I really like yo-”

“I’m Spider-Man.”

That made her go silent, eyes widening. “What?” She seemed to think it over before she spoke again. “Why wouldn’t you tell me?” That made Peter chuckle.

“Because I…I never planned on you. I already put everyone I love in danger if they know, I wouldn’t…I didn’t want you to be taken away from me.” He glanced down, a humourless chuckle falling from his lips.

“And after all the broken bones and bruised fists, tussles with bad guys wrecking havoc on the world, who would’ve thought that my hardest fight would be you?” The feeling of hands grasping his made a smile dance on his lips.

“Peter…I know, okay? But pushing me away isn’t going to do anything, it’s just going to make me want you more.” She gave him a small grin. “It’s not going to do anything to lessen my adoration for you.”

She was everything.

Day Ninety-Nine

Without her, he was nothing.

Peter Parker had been searching for ways to tell her, tell his sunshine, his darling, his everything, that he loved her. Peter had never said the “L Word” to anyone. But then again he had never felt this strongly for anyone else.

“Be careful”, she mumbled, watching as he pressed the emblem on the middle of his chest to make the spandex material to fit his build.

“I always am.”

“False. That is a lie, Parker.”

“Well…I always come back to you, don’t I?”

He saw her chest rise and fall with a sigh. “I worry about you.”

“As you should”, he joked, “concern is expected when your beloved and courageous so puts himself in danger.” He knew that did nothing to get rid of her worry, and he grabbed her hand in a soothing gesture.

“Hey”, he called softly, comfortingly, “I’ll be careful, okay? I promise.” He left a quick kiss on her knuckles before he let their hands disconnect, and he shot her a wink and his infamous dazzling grin, before he pulled the mask over his head, and swung away from the brick building.

As Peter worked his arms in the air, the familiar sound of webshooters in his ears, he wondered how he’d tell her. Would he make a big grand gesture? Would he whisper it in her ear when he saw her in the halls the next morning?

What would he do?

How was he going to express his love to his everything?

Day One Hundred

His everything was in front of him.

Now was his chance.

“Ow!”, he winced, hands shooting uo to grasp her own, that were dabbing disinfectant onto the scrapes and cuts dotting his chest. “That hurt.”

She confessed a sorry from her sweet lips, eyes wide with concern. “Maybe if you were careful like you promised”, she chided, and she meant it in a teasing way, but their was warning behind her words.

“Yeah, yeah”, he said.

“I’m serious, Peter. What if one day you don’t come back?” She swallowed, and let out a shaky breath. “I’m always so scared that one day you won’t come back. A-And I’m gonna have to find out on the news that you’re just…gone, and then I wouldn’t know what to do, or…I wouldn’t be able to live-”

“I love you”, he rushed out. She paused, lips parted, shaping around a word she was interrupted in saying.

His shoulders raised in a half hearted shrug, and he smiled. How could he not fall in love with the one person that made Peter Parker feel like Peter Parker? “Duh”, he mumbled jokingly.


He frowned, not liking the way she was staring at him like he’d made the biggest mistake in the world. Maybe I did, he thought, maybe she’s going to destroy me. But he wouldn’t want to be destroyed by anyone else, now would he?

“Because you’re you. You’re Y/N. You can’t whistle, or multi-task. You peel the crust off of the side of the sandwich you take the first bite out of, but you eat the rest of the crust just fine. You like the smell of rain. You watch Supernatural like it’s a lifestyle-”

“It is a lifestyle-”

“You’re you, Y/N, and I fell in love with you!” Peter’s chest was heaving, the word vomit he just suffered taking a toll on him. “I love you.” She looked down at her sock clad feet, and when she looked back up, he saw everything.

She didn’t need to say anything for him to tell that she felt the same.

Maybe she’s going to destroy me, he thought again, maybe she’s going to destroy me in the best way.

His everything loved him back.

Day One Hundred and Twenty-Six

How had he managed to have everything?

He loved the way the lights in the gym, blue and gold and white, reflected off her skin, off of the dress she wore, the dress she looked so beautiful in, so everything.

He loved the way she smiled at him from across the room, the chatter of students and the boom of music from speakers nothing compared to his heart beating when he saw her.

He loved her.

Fuck, he loved her so much.

He admired her as she laughed at something Michelle said, ears catching the change of a fast paced song with absolutely no way in deciphering the lyrics to a slow one, calming and soft.

And he was off, walking across the gym to her, looking at her, starstruck. “Mind if I steal her away for a minute?” Michelle raised her hands, dismissing it as she turned to grab more punch, which was most likely spiked.

Peter took her hand, and tugged her with him, to the middle of the floor. “May I have this dance?” She giggled, and he was estatic that he was the cause.

“I can’t dance!”

“Well neither can I.” A lie. Peter had begged Aunt May to teach him how to dance, since he’d forgotten since the last homecoming dance. At least he’d get to enjoy this one.

“Peter”, she whined. He smiled, and placed both hands on her waist, lifting her slightly, laughing at the squeal that left her, and setting her down on his feet. He guided one of her hands to his shoulder, and the other he held in his own.

Peter began to sway back and forth, and a content sigh left him. “I love you”, she confessed, pressing a kiss to his cheek. She kept her eyes on him, fingers digging gently into the material of his suit.

“I love you.” Her nose crinkled.

“You never say ‘I love you too’”, she said, “why?”

He paused before answering. “Saying 'I love you too’ makes it seem like I only love you when you love me. And I don’t, I love you all the time.”

“Take me away”, she blurted.

Peter Parker was happy to do that. He took her back to the very top of the building, where the stars almost shined brighter than her smile, but not quite. He guided her near the edge, where they looked down at the entire town, on top of the world.

His hands were shaking, reaching back into his pocket to pull out a little velvet box. “Y-Y/N?” He sank down to one knee, and god, she had finally brought him down to his knees for good.

She turned, and backed up a little, and he felt his heart jump, greatful that there was a rail to hold her up. “Peter?” She let out a breath.

“I-I’m not proposing, not yet at least, Mr. Stark only pays me n-nine bucks an hour, b-but-”, he wet his lips, and closed his eyes, “this is a promise ring…a-and I’m not good at speaches, so…I uh…” He took the ring out, the small ruby resting on it, that flinted snd flirted with their eyes, something for his everything.

He held his hand out, and waited.

She reached her own shaking limb out, and allowed him to slide the jewelry onto her finger. She laughed, that laugh lifting a weight off of his chest.

How had he managed to have everything?

How had he managed to have her everything?

God, he loved her.

“You’re like my oxygen, and I can’t live without oxygen.” He spoke with hesitant words, shaky and final.

“You’re my everything”, he spoke, “and I can’t live without my everything.”

“You’re everything.”

So, I was bored and severally suffering from Olicity withdrawal and decided to go back and watch a few older episodes.

I started with 3x01 and I forgot how much I completely adore the first 20 minutes before it all blows up.

I mean really, we start with the LOVE FERN

Their little smiling faces, so in love and their complete lack of personal space.

And Digg and Roy’s faces in the background.

They totally had a bet going on how long it would take these two to get their act together.

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i love you V's hc!!! ♥♥♥ Could you write about V finding out that mc is pregnant and they're going to be parents?? Thank you! ♥

I got two of these in a row so here you go lovelies! -


  • I have mentioned this before, but I believe that MC and V would have a baby girl
  • God, he would be so excited and just unbelievably overjoyed 
  • When you tell him, it’s after a long tiring day, and he’s just sitting on the couch, thinking about the events of the day, sighing every so often
  • He’s a tired boy
  • MC would walk over and clear her throat as she sits down beside him, looking a bit nervous
  • “What’s wrong, MC?” 
  • “Nothings wrong, but… How would you feel about me and you starting a family?” 
  • He would kinda shrug and then realize the underlying meaning behind your words,
  • “Are.. Are you pregnant…?” 
  • When you nod and he grabs you into a tight hug, relief washes over you
  • He starts crying
  • OF COURSE, he starts crying, he so got damn happy boys
  • The first thing he tells himself is that no matter what, he will support his child in whatever career they want to pursue 
  • He doesn’t want to be like his dad - he wants to be the best, most loving and supportive parent ever
  • Like his mom
  • Jihyun Kim actually never ever imagined himself becoming a dad? Like it never crossed his mind it could happen even when he was with Rika 
  • And he is so glad that it’s you - it’s you who is having his child, and he knows you are going to be the best mother
  • He already knows he wants Jumin to be the godfather of your baby, for fucking sure
  • He won’t be able to stop smiling, or giving you soft, loving looks. 
  • He is so happy, he loves you, and your unborn child so much.

I was bored and this happened, here is some domestic shit 

Stydia both love each other so much, they gonna grow old next to each other, they gonna share so many happy and sad shit, they gonna move in together and learn new details about the other routine. 

  • Imagine Stiles making breakfast as Lydia sits on the kitchen counter checking him out and admiring him, cant believe that she is in a happy relationship and loved by him. imagine him turning around, smiling softly at her. Imagine him walking to her, with a overloaded spoon in his hand, telling her something like “tried new thing today, tell me what do you think.” as he settle one hand on the top of her bare thigh, and the other feed her before he leans down and kisses her slowly on the lips. He hums against her lips something like “good?” and Lydia mutters something but stiles doesn’t have the time to process it because she is opening her mouth against him, giving him all the access he needs. 
  • Imagine Stiles coming back home from work one day to find Lydia already home, sleeping on the couch with all of her work around, he sits on his knees next to her face and caress her hair gently, the other is on her cheek stroking it. When her eyes open, Stiles asks “tough day at work huh?” She nods before reaching for his hand, the one on in her hair, placing it instead on her forehead and mumbles “headache” Stiles frown before dropping a kiss on her forehead, he lets his lip linger there for more than 10 seconds. “What do you think about us having a hot bath, then I will make us dinner and I will give you a whole body massage before we go to sleep?” He suggest. When he pulls back only inches to look at her face, he is welcomed by her soft and loving eyes, “I love you.” Stiles smiles before he leans down to capture her lips in a soft kiss. “And I love you too.”
  • Imagine Stiles Lying his head on Lydia lap as she reads, he doesn’t say anything, he closes his eyes and strokes her knee delicately, just enjoying the way her hand run through his hair and the sound of her breathing. 
  • Imagine Stiles coming back to his and Lydia’s home, to find his fiance and his dad baking together, he grins before he runs to hug his dad and say something like “I didn’t know you’re coming.”

His dad reply “do you think I would miss your 23th birthday.” After he pulls back, Stiles moves to drop a kiss on Lydia’s lips.

 After they bake they watch a movie in the living room, Stiles and Lydia cuddled next to each other on the couch, while Stiles’ dad is laying on the other. While they’re watching Stiles keeps dropping kisses on Lydia’s shoulders making her smile. Out of the blue he softly thanks her and she asks him for what and he just says “Just for everything.” and then she turns around in his arms to face him. She smiles before cradling his cheeks and kissing him. Stiles cradle her face as well and tilts her head to the side, deepening the kiss, Lydia pulls back quickly, whispering, your dad.” Stiles hums against her lips “he is snoring.” Lydia looks over her shoulder, to see his dad in deep sleep. She untangle her limbs from stiles’ making him frown but it’s gone when she tells him to meet her upstairs. THEY HAVE SEX, MANY MAAANY TIMES. 

Lemme stop now and go cry because stydia gonna really share everything together. 

First You Fall

Maisie Dalton fixed things.  And Niall Horan was definitely broken.

Chapter 32

Niall pushed his feet under the covers on Maisie’s bed and burrowed under the sheets.  He shivered slightly.  Had he known Maisie was one of those people who kept her air conditioning on year round, he would have brought something more substantial to wear to bed.  Like a down sleeping bag.  But as it was, the fall months were upon them and Maisie’s house was freezing, leaving Niall with only the option of cuddling under the ice cold sheets until they warmed up from his body heat.

Maisie walked out from her bathroom, rubbing lotion on her hands.  She smiled when she spied a quaking Niall in the bed,


He gasped in a breath,

“Yes.  Jesus Christ it’s freezing in this house.”

“You could turn the air off ya know.”  Maisie answered dryly.

Niall jolted a bit as a severe chill hit him,

“I ain’t gettin’ outta this bed again.  I just got it warm under here.”

Maisie rolled her eyes,

“Alright, I’ll go turn it off.”

Niall’s teeth chattered as she walked out of the room,

“Thank bloody Christ.”

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What we see of Eggsy/Tilde

- they fuck after he saves the world.
- a couple (?) of years later they’re living together and in love.
- she’s likes his friends
- he tricks her (admittedly arsehole) father into liking him ( i like to think he calls Roxy AFTER the king asks an awkward question)
- when he calls to tell her that he has to sleep with a mark she holds out on saying it’s ok - fair enough - but as soon as he says he wants to be with her forever she jumps on it and immediately tries to guilt him into marrying her. I don’t know about you but if I was someone’s SO concerned about them sleeping with someone else I wouldn’t immediately feel better if they proposed. She was basically holding out to see what he was going to offer her in his guilt.
- when he suggests that they postpone a serious conversation for later because he’s honestly on a schedule and is WORKING she basically breaks up with him. Not by telling him but by cutting off all contact with him.
- he has a legitimate reason for not wanting to marry her as it would make him a public figure and mess with his career
- she only calls him back when she’s ill. Now I know it can be interpreted as her calling him while delusional, but I kind of interpreted it by her smile when she first calls as her calling her spy ex to see if he could help her.
- she comes back to him when he saves her life. It’s adorable. It might have happened anyway.
- They get married in a wedding scene where he has more of a significant moment with his best man than he does with her

Now I’m not saying that its a badly written, boring, no homo-esque romance that has no build up and little to do with the plot but that’s exactly what I’m saying.

24th Sept // Day 5 – favourite location


Hear me out.

In season 1, episode 13, “The Bet”, Jake and Amy go on a stakeout in which they sit on the roof. It is on that rooftop where Jake finally admits to himself that he is in love with Amy. This provides us with one of the most iconic Peraltiago moments of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

In season 3, episode 5, “Halloween III”, the squad climbs 16 flights of stairs just to find AMY dressed as a janitor revealing the stolen crown. It is on a rooftop where Amy tells the squad her elaborate mission and proves she is an amazing detective/genius.

In season 4, episode 18, “Chasing Amy”, Jake finds Amy on a rooftop where she went when she panicked about taking the Sergeant’s exam. Following (another) one of the best Peraltiago moments, Jake “Die Hard”’s off of the side of the building.

Rooftops are where the action happens on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

That’s a Wrap!

Logan and Veronica end character week with style (and some LoVe).

“Thank God character week is over,” Logan says, sprawling across the sofa. “That was exhausting.”

Veronica rolls her eyes. “Exhausting? YOU didn’t do anything.”

“Come on, snookums, do you really think most of our ‘friends’ participated out of the goodness of their hearts? There were threats to be delivered and promises—”

“Promises?” she squawks. “Please tell me you didn’t promise my services to any of your 09er buddies.”

“Ah, I may have implied your help with a favor or two,” he says. “But if they chose to infer that as something concrete… well, that’s not on me, right?”

“Hmph! If even ONE of them asks me to get dirt on their parents or find their missing pet,” she grumbles. “I’m going to charge them a special character week rate - DOUBLE my usual fee.”

“Uh, don’t you already charge the 09ers double, Love Bug?”

“Fine, TRIPLE, then.” She pokes his rib. “And if they don’t pay, YOU’RE going to have to make good on their bill.”

Logan bobs his eyebrows. “Can I pay you in trade?”

An hour later…

“Hey,” Logan says, sitting up and searching for his T-shirt. “Why don’t I get a character week? I want people to draw pictures of me, make gifs, and write odes to my magnif—”

“Your ego is already big enough,” Veronica interrupts, stealing the shirt from his hands and tugging it over her head. “Besides, there are TOO MANY posts about you. There was an entire series of gifs about your FACE, a hotel scene with all this”—she runs her hands across his abs—“on display in a pair of boxer briefs, which frankly, was reblogged way too often for my liking. AND there was even this long debate on the size of your ‘big stick’ - grr.”

He smirks. “You’re STILL cute when you’re jealous.”

Veronica glares at him and he throws up his hands in surrender. “Fine, what if we share the week? We’ll make it a celebration of our luurve and you can tase any followers who get too… frisky.”

She folds her arms over her chest. “I suppose.”

“Aw, don’t be grumpy; I promise we’ll end the week with a big BANG.” Another eyebrow waggle and Logan bends his head to kiss her neck. His lips graze her skin and —

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Kaneki find out Touka in a playboy bunny costume, what is his reaction?

Mod S:

1st reaction: “You’re not going out in public like that, are you?!”

2nd reaction: “Please tell me this is for me?”

And she teases him, obviously. He can’t handle it and takes her right then and there. She’ll whip out that costume every now and then because that’s how much he loves it.

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Hmm, i've always been a little torn on Mildred's "pining" line and Dean's reaction. Subtextually I think it applies to Cas even if Dean didn't realize it at the time. I think we the audience were meant to draw the connection. Cas was in trouble at the time and Dean was missing him and worrying. But I also think Mildred's words troubled Dean because of the connection to Amara. He *was* pining for her, and we were meant to be repulsed along with Dean. So I think it's about both Cas and Amara?

Yeah. I mean. I assume you’re sending this to me because of that post where I said, 

(You could say he’s thinking “pfft being harassed by a primordial force of darkness and chaos is hardly having a “lucky lady”” but the entire exchange works on both levels of “I don’t love her I love Cas” and “Help me Amara wants to eat me how do I tell this nice old lady I’ve literally had to contemplate I might get Bilquis’d in the near future if I don’t watch out.” Obviously I prefer to think he’s thinking about Cas, since the entire episode supports it, as he’s worried about Cas, had the weird Casifer exchange, and the last shot of him parallels 8x16 where he was praying to Cas and freaked out, all of which was a huge part of the Cas and Amara parallels of this part of the show… You literally can’t tell apart what he’s reacting to here :P)

so obviously I completely agree with you. And that was the reading that most people seemed to settle on after the episode and then after 11x13 when things about Amara we’d been saying all along were stated in the text. Dean had a freaky connection to her, paralleled to the bond with Cas just through comparisons at first and then literally put to the test between them in the latter part of the season, and Dean had made it clear how he felt about Amara. 

This scene came at the point before we could say with textual certainty how he was doing but the fact he had this ambiguity that Amara was looming over him and possibly consuming his thoughts and how he knew he was in so much trouble this time and all was a huge part of how he was feeling all the time in the first half of the season. And in 11x13 he and Sam managed to talk it out about Dean’s connection to her and how it didn’t mean Dean WANTED to destroy the world or anything he just had a weird connection because she was fixated on him and it created a dub-con pull on him he found hard to resist. 

And after this turning point it gets more and more about how Dean has intense feelings about both Cas and Amara and puts them next to each other properly after this build up - these episodes were the sort of expositional part about his feelings, showing us Amara as his “darkest desire” (pfft) or having Mildred read or misread his heart. 

Tea & Lies

“Tell me, Mister Harris, what do you think of me?”

The question came suddenly, delivered in the most innocent tone the baroness could muster. A polite smile graced her lips as she lowered her teacup to the table. Emerald eyes met his muddy brown as she awaited his response patiently.

“Why, my Lady,” he began cautiously. Light knew he wasn’t the brightest of men, but even he knew what a precarious situation he found himself in. She had invited him, just a simple man from the village that shared a name with the lovely estate he now found himself sitting in, Lilydale. His friends would never in a million years believe that Lady Daniels herself had sat across from him, and shared tea and cookies.

Unsure exactly what to say to a woman of her standing, he lifted the porcelain cup to his lips. A nice long sip of hot tea served to give him time to gather his thoughts. What was in this tea? He wondered, surprised by the slightly bitter aftertaste, barely concealed by sugar. Must be some fancy herbal stuff, he decided. Clearing his throat, he set the cup on the table and looked her over.

“Well, I think you’re doing a mighty fine job with the village. Mostly we’re happy with the rebuilding after that strange attack some months back. The new mill is up and running and it’s helped a lot. But…” he trailed off, looking her over. She didn’t seem near as dangerous as some had whispered, he mused. Such a pretty thing, with all that curly red hair, and big green eyes. The freckles across her nose and cheeks gave her a more innocent look, and coupled with her petite frame, she looked more like a sweet young lady than the dangerous murderer he’d heard rumors about.

Originally posted by lexzim

“But?” Eve prompted gently. Her patience with this man was wearing thin, and a cursory glance toward his cup told her he had very little time left to finish his statement.

“But some think you’re dangerous, my Lady, and too easily swayed by the men in your life,” he finished quickly. A strange feeling in the back of his throat had him coughing, covering his mouth politely of course. “I’m sorry, I don't…” he began, only to have his words cut off as his throat began to swell and close.

Seated across from him, Eve sighed gently. “I wish you had taken a smaller sip. Perhaps then we would have had more time to continue our little chat.” She shrugged, rising from her chair and smoothing the purple silk that covered her, as unfortunate Mister Tom Harris writhed on the floor, clutching at his throat as he struggled for breath that would never come.

Shaking her head slowly, she looked down at him with a disappointed frown. The look of a mother catching her child in a lie. Shameful, she thought, the coward hadn’t even had the courage to speak his lies to her face.

“This is the cost of spreading lies,” she said, gaze locked on his now nearly purple face, as the life drained from his eyes. “I know you told everyone I was with child. The little maid you’ve been sleeping with behind your wife’s back, the one who began the lie, she took a little visit to the sea cliffs. I’m afraid she had a rather rough time of it.”

Turning on her heel, Eve strode from the room, never once looking back at the dead man lying on her parlor floor. “Have someone clean this up,” she ordered the closest guard. “Send for his wife. I’d like to speak to her next.”

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Okay confession. Is it weird that I wanna see Harry kiss Stevie Nicks? Like I can't picture him wanting to kiss anyone else but Louis, but I really wanna see him platonically kiss Steve lmao

OK BUT HEAR ME OUT, Harry is Platonic Smoocher Extraordinaire??? Like I imagine him being that guy who gets drunk and spends the whole night hanging on random people telling him he loves them and that they’re wonderful and that they smell good and that they should be friends and hang out??? And smooching them? And people are like omg this fuckening Harry Styles kid is too much help??? I TOTALLY HEADCANON HIM AS HAVING MET STEVIE WHEN HE WAS DRUNK ACTUALLY and getting like….really emotional and falling to his Knees to kiss her boots or something and crying into his martini about how horrible and embarrassing he acted around his idol??? And kicking himself for like weeks afterwards and needing Louis to comfort him and tell him it was fine and he wasn’t THAT bad and then, shockingly, Stevie emails him awhile later and was like “you kissed me at a party awhile back and cried on the floor and I dig that.” 

I think what I’m trying to say is that I think about Platonic Smoocher Harry a lot and about him being absurd around Stevie a lot so I clearly like these things together: Harry Platonically Smooching Stevie is pure and wonderful. 

My life is shit and its all their fault. Dad was stupid enough to marry a woman who wanted nothing but his wallet. She hated my big brother and me so so badly. My brother moved out right after he graduated because she always emotionally and physically abused him. I still have two years to go. She had a child with my dad and she loves the child, her own daughter is so much more perfect than my brother and I. Even now as I lay in bed with a fever and she comes in my room and I tell her to get out because I’m sick and my head hurts like all hell she tells me how pathetic and rude I am and her own precious daughter would never be rude to her like that and slams the door when she leaves. And my dad excuses all of this and says its too late to change anything even though he often tells me himself that this woman is driving him insane even though they’ve been married for fourteen years. Yet he still blames my brother and I for not being good enough for our stepmother. I may be an atheist, but boy do I hope that they both get the punishment they deserve for what they did to the children they brought upon this earth.

TAG HER PLEASE 🙏🏻 Because of @lanadelrey I wish I could tell you the best things in the world, tell you how much love I have kept inside me, how happy I am to know, that even far away, you are happy, well. This is so important. You are such a surreal person, so extraordinary, I can not find words to tell you the importance you have in my life, the importance that your love has, the change he made, and how much you deserve all the love that you and Returned. Never, in any case, think that it is not important for someone, that your smile is your happiness makes no difference, you are the most important person in the world for me, and you do not know how grateful I am for you, for the love you have made To be born, for all certainty, is mainly reciprocity. Thank you for being a light, for being my love, and for having this beautiful heart. You are completely owner of my heart, there is no one in the world capable of occupying a place that is yours alone. You are very important, and always will be. My love for you is unconditional, I have never felt anything like it, it is unshakable. #lanadelrey


The last project took us over an hour to complete, when it should’ve taken us half that time. I stared at the next one, it’ll take me forty-five at the most. This one was more complicated, but I loved challenges.

“I do love her okay? I’ll talk to her, soon I will.”
“Hana, you two were so in love at one point. What happened?”
I handed him a screwdriver, “She left.”
“She’s back now, so you need to catch up or tell her to fuck off.” He grunted as he tried unscrewing something.
I quickly looked up. “I’m sorry I talk your ear off about her.”
“Nah, it’s okay. I just want you to move on and be happy. You’re not moving where you’re at, and that’s not good in life. With anything, you know?” He grunted again.
I nodded and extended my hand. “I’m just scared.”
He placed the electric board in my hand and scratched his head roughly. “You can’t let fear stop you banana. We’re all scared.”
I slowly looked up and saw a lot of fear in his eyes for once. “Oh, I…”
“It’s fine, that’s why we have each other. You can fall back on me, and Charlie. Whenever things get hard.”
“I don’t know about Charlie.” I mumbled and easily unscrewed the stubborn screw.
“How…” He shook his head. “Charlie will deal sooner or later. Don’t worry about her. If anything we’ll keep them apart. Just please Hana, talk to her already.”
“Yeah Salim, soon.”