tell me something i don't know podcast

Podcast Crusher: I’m into it

I work alone, mostly, and my taste in music is boring me and I feel like learning something is a better use of my time. I started with a book and ended up crushing over 100 hours of Podcasts at work in the past month and a half or so.

  1. War of the Worlds is definitely worth a listen. It was really understandable why it caused a panic the first time it came on air as a serial. I went to look up a link…Here it is. Apparently only 1 out of every 12 people panicked. Sorry to crush your hopes and dreams. 
  2. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea – Librivox recordings are the shit
  3. Fall of Rome Cool podcast about why the Roman Empire failed, and only that. I am not normally a history person but I like the stories and the speaker is smart and entertaining.
  4. Then I was lost. Then…I remembered a friend suggesting Welcome to Night Vale. Suffice it to say I listened to 100 episodes weird, modern Millenials do TwilightZone oddness over the course of two weeks, over 30 hours of content. It’s glorious and entertaining and strange and original. Welcome to Night Vale also introduced me to 
  5. Alice Isn’t Dead and 
  6. The Orbiting Human Circus, both, I believe, under the Night Vale Presents umbrella and they’re all different and strange and I’m pretty sure no one creating this content plans to procreate because 90% of their characters are in homosexual or many headed many limbed multi-dimensional being couples. 
  7. Then my entertainment ran out. And I’d broswed a few episodes of Materials Today which I got hooked on for a bit because I like knowing that someone out there is making flexible conductive translucent ceramic paper and other such breakthroughs, and then ran across
  8. Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People. It’s wonderful. You’ll like it and the host has a nice voice.
  9. Beautiful Anonymous is very good but I was looking for a little learning and a little more polished storytelling but I already binged Welcome to Nightvale so I landed on the Myths and Legends podcast. Solid, good format, initial episodes don’t have the best sound quality but I think its improving. 
  10. Tell Me Something I Don’t Know is rather good as well and I like learning things. Eventually, according to the first episode of the second season, eventually you won’t need to know anything. Memories will be able to be stored and shared without a need for learning. Goodbye Calculus.
  11. If you don’t know about the presidents, Presidential is up for binging as it was made in the year leading up to Trump’s presidency. Each episode covers lesser known information like dateability about one former president. 
  12. Oh god how could I forget Freakonomics Radio? It is not always about economics and it is always fascinating and has a political flavor but it avoids the politics of the situation in favor of analysis.
  13. As well as On the Media. I don’t know, I like it, but I’ve also recently found a liking for NPR, because I’m evolving into an adult, or some approximation of one.