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Photo posted on twitter earlier of David Tennant filming on the set of Mad To Be Normal


“I do spend a lot of time back in Massachusetts, and, you know, my mother, and my sister, and my other sister, and their family, they all still live in the same house that we grew up in, so when I go home, you know, I’m still in the same house that I, you know, I was studying for math tests.”~

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pairing : ereri text from last night: THE GIANT BOOB THOUGH..............have fun

I don’t know how this happened but I’m in love anyways, enjoy xD

It was late at night when Eren and Levi finally arrived at their place.  

Eren’s arm was around Levi’s shoulder, leaning again him heavily to try and support himself and keep himself from falling on his face. It was Erwin’s bachelor party and Eren and Hanji made sure it went off with a bang.

“C'mon, let’s get you to bed” Levi whispered, moving his arm around Eren’s waist to hold him up better and Eren just hummed in reply.

He managed to get Eren to bed safely without any incident, regardless of the incoherent mumbling and something about his phone, and started undressing him and then tucked him in before he went to get a glass of water and some Aspirin for him.

When he came back, Eren was lying down, face lit up by his phone and giggling helplessly. He shook his head helplessly at his husband’s antics and placed the glass of water on the bedside table then went to get changed before he joined him in bed.

He took out his phone to set the alarm for the next day and charge when he noticed he had a new message from Eren.

It was a picture of Erwin from earlier in the night when Hanji insisted that he wears a deep plunged dress, because according to them he had the right body for it, posing like he’s on the runway and doing his best duck face. Under it was Eren’s comment and Levi couldn’t hold his laughter anymore.

Babe, Erwin wore a dress tn8, look at that giant boob though. I cnt believe u missed it!!!!!!!!

He looked beside him where Eren was still giggling at his phone like it was one of the best things he’d seen in ages and simply shook his head.

“You idiot, I’ve been with you the whole night” Levi didn’t know if he should be amused or horrified that his husband had forgotten that. Then again, he’d been hanging around Hanji all night and god knows what they made him drink.

Eren’s head turned so fast and he looked so surprised to find him there. “Babe, I was just texting you. What are you doing here?”

“Eren, we live together.” Levi started slowly trying to make sure that Eren understood him. When eren’s eyes widened comically though he couldn’t help but snort at the expression. “We’ve been married for over a year now.”

“Oh, way to go me” he said, completely proud of himself for some unknown reason.

“Go to sleep idiot.”

“Okay.” He said sleepily and turn to snuggle against Levi’s waist. “Hi Levi’s stomach, please tell him I love him”

Levi just rolls his eyes, carding his fingers through Eren’s hair and just replied with a simple I love you too and kiss to the forehead before they both drifted off to sleep.


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