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Galra Like Me
Galra Like Me

i’ve had this “Strangers Like Me” parody from Tarzan written up about Galra Keith since last summer I just never got around to actually doing it lol. i wanted to give myself 3 hours to do this tonight, but it took me 4 in the end with mixing! 

as usual, everything you hear is done by yours truly (including the backing track + arrangement). enjoy!

Does it matter where I am from?
I’m a paladin just like them.
Would things feel the way they feel right now or change? 

lyrics below:

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@sienasiesta lmao look at my dumb fanfiction header, but it pretty much sums it up. 

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dazatsu hc where everyone knows they are dating except chuuya. and chuuya is mad as hell like. bitch, i am your enemy!!!! i was your partner!!! we go way back, asshole and yet. you. didn’t. tell. me. YOU’RE DATING PRETTY BOYS.

and dazai is like “haha :) if u ever touch the man tiger i’ll see u in hell” since chuuya called atsushi ‘a pretty boy’

and chuuya just enjoys. having new material to tease dazai with. BUT STILL HE DESERVED TO KNOW.

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iron scenario where he thinks youre cheating on him with his friend because he sees you always on the phone with him and sending texts to but youre reallyplanning a surprise party for him with the help of his friend

Originally posted by undergroundkoreans

Warning: Explicit content….well sort of lol

Just don’t answer his calls, or tell him that you’re busy or something like that.‘

You texted Iron’s best friend and a wide smiley crept onto your lips in excitement. It was a brilliant idea, you thought. You boyfriend always told you that he didn’t really care much about his birthday and stuff like that, but you knew he was only trying to deceive himself, because he didn’t have good memories of his birthday. He always had it hard, ever since he was little. His parents didn’t have a lot of money and they were constantly busy with work to earn a living, so there were no such things as gifts, a party or even balloons. It was just a ordinary day, like every other. But this year, you wanted to prepare something special for him, to show him that there are so many people who care about him and love him. With the help of his best friend you planned his surprise party and you also wanted to give him a special birthday gift after the party. 

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The Bidders Fear - KBTBB Headcannon

Hey hey hey!! I re-wrote an old headcannon of mine and I hope you like it! Tell me what you think about it and sorry for the English mistakes, there might have a lot haha Dedicated to my lovely @tresspadesmaid and @gotta-love-voltage (especially the Mamoru’s one :) D) xx ~Gabi

Eisuke: You were chatting with Soryu and Mamoru at the penthouse lounge while waited for Eisuke finish his work so both of you could go out for a date. Mamoru was teasing the cold mobster, but he’d always pay back. It was fun to be around them when they weren’t trying to kill each other. A scream coming from Eisuke’s room made you jump on your seat. Soryu pulled his gun out and so did Mamoru, you quickly got up and said “Leave it for me, I don’t think there’s someone else in his room.” “(Y/N), how can you be so sure about that?” “Well the person would need to pass though us to get to his suite, we would have seen.” “The kid’s right… Ya sure ya can handle it?” You nodded and they put away their guns. A lot noise only made you rush to your boyfriend’s room even faster. You opened the door “Eisuke, what hap-” “Not. One. More. Step. Be careful.” He was hiding behind his bed and spying carefully my movements. “Careful with what Eisuke? Are you ok, honey?” “(Y/N)… There’s a spider next to your right side.” A tiny spider was on the wall. Probably it didn’t even cared about him, but you were 100% sure that freaked him out. You felt bad but you quickly took your shoes off and… SMACK! There was no longer a spider on the wall. He let out the brightest smile and you started giggling. He soon shocked his head and his smile faded and turned into a very serious expression. He cleared his throat and said “T-thank you, (Y/N).” “Haha The Great Eisuke Ichinomiya afraid of a little spider? Well, that’s new. Haha” “Shut up and just forget what you just saw.” He turned his head but you could him blushing. You walked toward him and embraced his perfect body. “You’re always there to protect me, I’m happy that I could have protected you once.” He kissed the top of your head “Now can you get rid of this shoes?” “Eisuke!” You giggled “What?” You shocked your head and took his hand on yours and leaded him to your date.

Soryu: It was a rainy Saturday and you were watching Tv and cuddling with your loved boyfriend. You’ve decided to go for a horror movie about zombies. It wasn’t scary and both of you were laughing at the stupidness of the characters. When a very ugly zombie appeared at the Tv, you heard a really loud thunder and Soryu let out a scream and jumped. You’ve never ever seen Soryu get scared about something so you got worry. “Sor, honey, are you ok? Do you want me to change the movie?” He turned and you knew that he was just trying to hide his red cheeks “Come on Sor, tell me…” “It’s just… Just… I’m not a fan of thunderstorms…” A mobster? Afraid of thunderstorms? That was what you. You changed the position and then his face was near your chest while you embraced him and played with his hair trying to calm him down. You smiled. Even though he’s a mobster, he would still show his soft side, but only to you. “I love you, (Y/N)…”

Ota: You and Ota decided to go to the zoo so that he could get inspired or paint a tiger or any other beautiful animal. You saw a sign which said that visitors could have a chance to hold and pet the Koalas. You got really excited because you’ve never seen a Koala that close and you always thought they were lovely. Your boyfriend was o entertained observing the lions that he jumped when you catch his and started running. “Koro! Where are you taking me?” “To meet the Koalas! And quit the Koro.” He would protest about your last sentence, but he remained quiet. When you arrived to the place you wanted, you got your ticket and entered. Otherwise, Ota was totally reluctant to take his, but yet he did it for you. You feed them and soon you had a Koala in your arms. You couldn’t take that smile off your face. “Ota! Ota! Please take a picture!” But no response. He was frozen since he stepped that place and saw you with the animal. You gave in asking him and asked to one of the animal caregivers to do it. Reluctantly you left the zoo with the brightest smile, but Ota haven’t said a word since then. When you were lying next to Ota in your bed, you asked “Ota what happened? You became quiet all of sudden.” “I’m fine, Koro. But well… Seeing you with that thing people are used to call ‘Cute Koala’ get me on nerves.” “Haha don’t tell you’re jealous of a pretty Koala.” He turned and got on top of you “I would never be jealous of such a thing. It’s just that… I’m afraid of them… You know, bad experience.” You smiled and before you could say a word he kissed you deeply. A few days later he came up with a new painting of yours with the Koala and named it 'The Princess and The Devil’.

Baba: Baba was always taking you out for dates, but I’ve never took HIM for one. And that’s was what you decided to do. You invited him to go to a small amusement park near the hotel. He agreed without hesitation. You wanted to go at night so that it would be more colorful and fun. Once you arrived, you played shoot the pirate, he won a teddy bear for you on the catching stuffed toy, you ate Cotton Candy, went to the Ferris Wheel, bumpers cars… You were having fun and enjoying each other. That was until a clown appeared out of the blue and Baba freaked out. “Hey Baba, calm down, it’s just a clown. There’s nothing to be afraid of.” You gave him a quick kiss and smiled, but you could see that the clown’s presence was still making him nervous. “I don’t know if I can handle it, (Y/N)… Look at him! He’s evil!” You looked at the clown and he waved toward smiling and gave a flower to a pretty little girl that was passing by. “Yeah… Really scary. I don’t get why you’re afraid of them. You ARE a clown, but without makeup.” You giggled and he put his hand on his chest and made an expression as if I’ve hurt him. “Ow that’s mean, my princess. I have feelings!” You giggled even more and went home hand in hand with beloved your prince.

Mamoru: You woke up early in the morning with barks. You looked next to you and Mamo was still sleeping. The barks didn’t seem to end soon, so you got up and put your bunny slippers and made your way toward to Mamoru’s front door. When you opened the door you saw a tiny little puppy. Your heart melted with its cuteness, so you got I’m in your arms and started to pet it. “Hey sweetheart, ya weren’t at bed. Is everyt-” you turned to talk to him and show your new friend, but he was frozen with his eyes widened. “Kid what the hell are you doing with this in on hands?!” “Mamo, it’s just a puppy.” You extended the little dog toward him and he quickly took a few steps back. “It is not staying! It will turned into a monster ya know?!” “Oh Mamo I never knew you were afraid of puppies.” You tilted your head a little from one side. “I’m not! It’s just… Ota traumatized me with his dog fetish. That’s it!” “Haha you’re so cute, Mamo!” You saw his cheeks getting red. “Well at least let’s take care of him and find him a family. Please~” You made your puppy eyes. He sighed and nodded, making you cheer with your little new friend.



I (think) I managed to get all the Adoribull scenes/banters/shoutouts (if I missed something, please tell me but I was pretty thorough haha) and since I couldn’t sleep anyway, I put them all together for your viewing pleasure (and there are subtitles too!)

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You're killing me with your beautiful art. I love it, I want more of it! :D

Aw, thank you so much, haha! ;D I wish I could just mass-produce art for all you guys, but unfortunately I can’t, art-making is very hard D; The whole process -idea to actual finished product- takes a super long time, and it can be very frustrating at times, but it’s also very rewarding in the end! c:

You will see more of it, that’s for sure! I draw every single day, so that’s about 365 pieces of artwork in a year’s time, if my math is correct xD Again, thank you so much, and -*whisper*- please don’t die<3

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Oh my god have you seen that short 6 second video of When it rains? If you haven't, basically Stevens in the kitchen cooking and it's pouring down with rain, and then it thunders loudly and peridot smashes down the bathroom door, runs into the wall and let's out a little "eh!!!!" The cinnamon roll is scared!!!! Oohhh this means When it rains will be about Steven and peridot!!! EHEHHEHE!!!

…..*was falling asleep* *cuz it’s almost 4 am* *sees this ask* *finds the clip you’re talking about* oooOOHHHH AAAAHHHHHH!!!!


Ha, okay, I’m good… I’m fine. But seriously, that episode is going to be too much. Waaaayyy too much for me to handle.