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Underaged littles

Hi unicorns,

Let me start by saying I know i will possibly get back lash from this and im prepared for it but it needs to be said. A while back i made a post on underaged littles more of a warning to doms about underaged littles that are complete assholes and lie about their ages. I ment to follow it up awhile back, but i got side tracked and i apologize. Let me start by saying i support underaged littles. There is nothing illegal about wanting to act 3, color, eat snacks, suck on pacifiers and so on. It is however illegal and very rude to tell someone to kill themselves (yes i read a text post and decided to include it in this post). There are good underaged littles out there that dont want anything more than to be treated like all littles do. Unfortunately there are assholes that think they should be banned because this is bdsm and isn’t for children. I agree it isnt for children if You’re having sex. Sex isnt for children. However you are not their parent and neither am i. My page is for anyone who wants to learn more about the community doesn’t matter if your underaged or not you can come and learn. The thing that bugs me the most is that people try to block underaged littles from ddlg until their of age. Well let me tell you a few things. In Britain the age of consent is 16, in Japan its 13, and in America its 18 (but that changes depending on what state you live in). Everywhere the age of concent is different. What might be legal in some places might be illegal in others. Im not saying that underage people should have sex. No definitely not! Have sex when your ready and be safe! But i am saying that by people blocking them out of a community that they’re intrested in is bad because they wont get the infomation they need and will go in blind. I seriously can’t see the difference between a 17 year old and a 18 year old little (doms are different and i will explain that in another post. I know double standard but until you hear my reason please dont judge). I know you’re probably going to say “well its proven that your brain is more developed at 18” ok but by that logic its more developed at 19. 18-25 is when people make their biggest mistakes which is funny because thats when their ‘grown up’. I just hate when i see someone go “18+🚫” but then turn around and support underaged littles. I realize the 18+ is for show and they dont want to get in trouble but it seems like youre fake supporting. I also realize that yes they might get older doms and those doms might treat them horribly, but isn’t it possible that maybe if so many people weren’t against them and allowed them to learn more then maybe they would’ve been able to see the signs of a fake dom early. Im not saying go to an underaged person and go “hey you know whats fun? Ddlg” no im not. Im saying if an underage little comes to you or wants to follow your page you should allow them. Because 1. You aren’t their parent. If their parent is careless enough to allow them to look up stuff like ddlg or bdsm then thats on them & 2. Because i feel as if it’ll help alot more underaged littles not be hurt.

You say they’re stupid but isn’t it possible they haven’t been taught? They didnt have anyone going “no he seems like a really bad daddy. I know you want one but not him! Trust me” instead they had people going “of course you got hurt because you’re to young to understand any of this! You shouldn’t even be in ddlg. Its bdsm and you’re still a child” on the subject of the “youre still a child” i wanted to point out that some underaged littles NEVER got to be children. They had to grow up faster than normal humans which is why they want a chance to be little. On a side note i do feel as if youre younger than 15 or 16 you shouldn’t have a dom and i will explain that in a different post as well it has less to go with the little and more to do with the dom but as i said im not your parent if you like older doms then im not going to say its wrong because so do i.

Bottom line of this post was please dont treat underaged littles bad. Because they need to learn or they might get hurt. Its not their fault if they had no one to teach them and all they had was articles and porn so they do it incorrectly and now are scared for life.

Ok, thats the end of this post im sorry its long.


Please, stop sending me comments, mail, etc. that states relatively the following:

  • trigger jokes
  • saying people, including me are ‘triggered’
  • ‘kys’ “JOKES”
  • saying you’re going to kill yourself but then say you are ‘joking’
  • saying that anything you do, say, etc. is correct and better than anything I do, say, etc.
  • saying that I should go die
    • telling me to kill myself
    • to get killed
    • to get a disease
    • to die in a mental hospital
  • saying that I should get abused
    • by my father
    • by a sexual abuser
    • by anyone who wants to harm me, including the senders of these messages

Please. Think for one second. One fucking moment before you send these types of things to me.

I do not, I repeat, do NOT think that telling people to go kill themselves is a “joke”.

It is a serious. fucking. topic. that should not be joked about at all.

It’s my opinion. Unfollow me if you don’t think the same right now. Please. Do it. I do not want anyone following me that thinks that telling people to kill themselves is a joke. I don’t care if it’s a modern-day ‘joke’. It’s not to me. It’s harmful. It’s hurtful.

Trigger jokes are completely unfunny to me. Not only are they unfunny, but they really just.. Don’t make sense. What is funny about saying someone is ‘triggered’? Oh, boy, yeah, someone who is triggered is so obviously going to kill themselves. Someone who got offended by a simple comment can be offended without killing themselves or harming themselves. Stop thinking that everyone who has feelings is the fucking same.

Even now, I’m still getting messages telling me to go kill myself. I am so beyond shocked that people are so childish to continue wasting their time sending these messages to me that I could be spending time reading a nice comment or something actually worth reading.

This is not a call for help. This is to express how fucking upset I am at people in this damned world who could become so inhumane. It’s unbelievable.

I’m afraid. I’m seriously, genuinely so shaken by these people who think telling someone to kill themselves is fucking funny.

Please. Stop sending me messages telling me these things. I can barely even answer messages anymore because I am so afraid of them suddenly snapping and telling me to kill myself over a simple damn sentence I say.

Kyouhaba fic rec

I was punched in the face by Kyouhaba feelings this week so I’ve found a lot of great fics and I wanted to share some of my favourites! Please check the warnings and tags of the fic for anything you don’t want to read! Descriptions for this were written by me so even if you think those are bad you should still check out the fics because they’re amazing!

Presentability by darkmagicalgirl

Rating: T, Words: 2k+

The fic that did the aforementioned punching. Yahaba shaves Kyoutani and Kyoutani suffers (in a good way?)

The art of fighting in heels by boxofwonder

Rating: T, Words: 8k+

Kyoutani is a magical girl (because fuck gender roles) and Yahaba is a villain. Iwaizumi wears heels. No description I write could ever convey the joy this fic brings me so please read it.

Dragonsong by kiyala

Rating: G, Words: 10k+

They’re dragon riders!! Kyoutani returns to the squadron after running away and Yahaba tries to deal with it. There are dragons and beautiful writing! Dragons!

Close to the Chest by  darkmagicalgirl

Rating: T, Words: 61k+

A fic about Yahaba growing up and coming to terms with his sexuality, finding friends and falling in love. I think most people have read this fic by now but if you haven’t you absolutely should.

The Sweetest Smile by FindingSchmomo

Rating: T, Words: 6k+

Kyoutani starts working at a bakery and Yahaba tries to see him smile. This fic is as sweet as the cakes they’re baking in it.

Safe in Your Hands by shions_heart

Rating: T, Words: 8k+

Kyoutani wearing eyeliner. This one is a bit sad but it gets really adorable later!

meet me at the fucking pit (and let me hold your hand) by anyadisee

Rating: T, Words: 5k+

Yahaba gets a threatening letter and freaks out just a bit. Kyoutani should probably work on getting his feelings across. This fic is so much fun to read I love it.

Yeah it sucked. Yeah she shouldn’t have done it. Yeah she should have been better.

But Tobin loves her team and she loves her sport and if you think for one second that she isn’t trying her damn best to be a good captain for the thorns then you can fight me.

We’re all human, Tobin Heath included. And while it’s not a good look, I’m sure she’s more pissed at herself rn than anything else.