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Lance is a Boy #4

Lance wasn’t asleep. He didn’t fall asleep in the hallway while being soothed by Hunk. He closed his eyes and sat there silently. Hunk was a source of comfort. He had always been. He remembers the day he came out to Hunk. It was unintentional and Lance wished it never happened but in this second he was so glad it did. He was forever grateful to the gods that Hunk knew.

Hunk and Lance had been paired up by fate, they were on the same crew AND had managed to somehow be room mates. Lance liked Hunk right from the get go, their first greeting and Hunk and Lance both shared an instant connection. They figured they’d be friends but never anticipated their bond to be near-blood. Lance remembered Hunk being sheepish at first, a little shy, nothing Lance couldn’t use his charisma to work past. It had been 2 days they were roommates, they were settled down after a long day, still getting introduced to teachers and classes, they had decided to watch a movie. Hunk chose the Princess Bride and Lance scoffed but didn’t refuse, it was a guilty pleasure. They started talking and the movie turned more into a source of background noise than a source of entertainment, but every single time Inigo Montoya came in screen the conversation dropped and they both recited his lines almost in sync with the actor, giggling like school girls when they finished and returning to their conversation. A silence fell upon them as if they were out of topics and Lance glanced up, Hunk looked uneasy and Lance suddenly turned into the protective uncle he grew to be as his older siblings had kids. A gentle hand was placed on Hunks arm and Hunk looked up, eyes uncertain and shoulders hunched.

“Buddy? You ok?” Lances voice cooed and Hunk decided that moment that he was going to say what he needed to say. “Hunk?”

“Lance I need to tell you something.” Lances face flashed fearful curiosity. “I… I’m.” His voice faded and his eyes dropped.

“Hunk you can tell me anything it won’t change how I look at you or make me like hanging out with you any less.” Lance gave a reassuring squeeze on Hunks bicep and Hunk smiled.

“Lance, I’m Not straight.” There was a silence, but Lances hand didn’t move and it wasn’t uncomfortable. “I don’t know what label I fall under but…. I just” he pulled away from Lance slightly, as if to tell the smaller man it was ok if he didn’t want to be there anymore. “I figured I should tell you so that you know… I know a lot of people are uncomfortable with having a roommate who’s…” for once in his life Hunk couldn’t find words, but a faint voice brought him out of his anxious thoughts.

“…awesome?” Lance had a gentle, supportive smile on his face and hunk felt his chest grow and fill with a sense of worth and love. A brotherly love, a love that he would easily let go of. “Just try and resist me, I know it’s hard but I’d hate to ruin our friendship by sleeping with you.” Lances gentle face melted away to a shit eating grin as he teased at Hunk who laughed and pulled Lance in for a hug. Hunk could feel him tense slightly but soon accepted it and hugged back.

The next couple of weeks made Hunk realize a couple of things

1) Lance was a liar.

2)Lance felt uncomfortable.

3)Lance didn’t like sharing a room with a not-straight roommate.

Lance would always change in the bathroom or his bedroom behind closed doors. Hunk shrugged it off as him being slightly self conscious or because he grew up in a big family where if you wanted privacy you needed to have your doors closed.

It turned into more than that, Lance was never shirtless, even when he went to shower he brought clothes with him so he didn’t have to traverse back to his room in a towel.

Lance would shy away whenever hunk appeared shirtless, Hunk would come out of the shower with a towel around his waist and walk to his room and Lance always avidly avoided eye contact.

Lance would compliment Hunk, then back-peddle, there was a night Hunk made supper and Lance joked “y'know if we were a married couple I would still feel the need to pay you for this cooking. It is Five star.” Hunk had liked that compliment, but only for the praise of his cooking, of course Lance had to backpeddle. “I-I mean not that we would ever be married” then there was silence and the warm feeling seeped into cold. Hunk had had enough.

“Lance I’m getting a new roommate.” There was a heavy sigh after he muttered those words and he realized it came from himself. He had decided this in the past two days, he enjoyed having Lance as a roommate but if it made him uncomfortable… Hunk was willing to let go.He was looking at the counter, not daring to look at his friend, bracing himself for any kind of anger or question that the small pilot had for him. He heard a fork clang on the counter and glanced up.

Lance was sitting upright as if he had been struck in the back. His hand was frozen in the position where he once held said dropped fork. His eyes followed Hunk and watched every action he made, every slight movement in his face and Lances eyes would dart in panic to study what Hunk was thinking. His face was a form of sad that Hunk had never seen before, his eyes were wide and desperate, his mouth fell open, just slightly, like he wanted to ask why but couldn’t remember the word. He sat there for a few seconds before standing up and pushing the stool away from the island he was seated at. He stiffened his face and purses his lips. Holding back tears. Hunk thought he was going to scream and cry and ask why in that wet anger sort of way. When you want answers but your voice keeps cracking and your throat can’t cooperate and your eyes for fucks sake why won’t they stop crying. But no. Lance just inhaled like he was going to say something, but his lip, then turned and headed for his bedroom as fast as he could without running.

The next couple of seconds made Hunk realize a couple of things

1) Lance wasn’t a liar, he did accept Hunk and loved him dearly as a friend

2)Hunk made Lance cry and he needed to fix it as soon as possible

3)Hunk loved Lance in a way he couldn’t explain.

He didn’t want to be Lances boyfriend, he didn’t want to sleep with Lance, he just wanted to experience life with Lance. He wanted to be his roommate and his engineer. He wanted to rely on Lance and have Lance rely on him. He wanted to be brothers with Lance. He loved Lance more than anything in this life in the most platonic way possible. And he had just somehow managed to break him. Lance was in his bedroom crying and it was Hunks fault and he needed to fix it as soon as possible.

Hunk walked over to the bedroom hesitantly, his hand shaking, ready to knock. He pulled it down to the doorknob, he couldn’t give Lance an option to say no to him coming in, if he did then Lance would take it and it would all be over. He opened it and right as he was about to say Lances name, Lance screamed.

It wasn’t a scared scream. It wasn’t an ‘I’ve just been caught doing something I shouldn’t have’ scream.

It was wet anger.

It wasn’t wet anger. It was wet despair. It was Lance crying and someone finding him and him getting defensive and putting up walls as quickly as possible. It was the kind of scream that sounded like a wail and made his voice crack and Hunks heart clench. Who had made him like this. Nothing Hunk could have done would have made him this broken, not in just a week of knowing each other. This is built up. This was years of terrible nightmares and Hunk blowing over the house of cards, making it all crash down. There was one thing that caught Hunks eye. Hunk saw scars.

Lance was shirtless.

…to be continued…

Riza Hawkeye: OK, sir, you sign this top form, then initial all the rest.

Roy Mustang: Initial, Hawkeye?

Riza Hawkeye: Oh, yes, sir. Your initial signifies that instead of signing, you initialed. Then you have to sign this form, which states that you merely initialed the forms that required signing. Then after you’ve signed you put your initial where you signed so that people will know that you OK’d your signature with your initial.

Roy Mustang: Hawkeye, tell me the truth. Do you understand any of this?

Riza Hawkeye: I try not to, sir. It slows up the work.

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Dear customers: please do not fucking touch me! I get if u bump into me by accident when I'm on self scan, accidentally knocking my hand while packing etc but ffs pls do not grab my hand when I'm giving you your change,Do not stroke my arm and say 'good girl' when I fix your problem on self scan,dont ruffle my hair,dont stand stupidly close to me unless u have no choice just no! If u have no choice fair enough but some people will try to stand as close as possible even when they have the choice

Please people listen. All of you. Yes sir you in the back too. This is really important and I know it has been said before but I’ll restate it as many times as it is necessary. Are you ready? Ok here goes.


There is no reason you need to touch another person. There isn’t a single day that goes by where I don’t have to tell someone to NOT touch me. Don’t pat may back! Don’t grab my hand! Don’t pull fuzz off my shirt! Just don’t do it!

Thank you!

OK @darthluminescent , it’s not  Anakin “oh my god I have a cold and I’m probably dying now” Skywalker, but it is more Texts From Anakin. ;) 

Anakin: [text] SNIPS
Ahsoka: omggggg WHAT IS IT NOW MASTER it is 1 am 
Anakin: im just worried what if he doesnt like the chocolate cake 
Ahsoka: you SAID he likes chocolate cake. i have seen him eat chocolate cake. it’s FINE. i’m going to bed now, Master. Please do the same. I’m putting my phone on silent. Goodnight!!

Anakin: pls say u r awake 
Padme: I have an early Senate meeting tomorrow. I care about you, but if this is about that birthday cake again, I am going to have to block your number. 
Padme: Was it about the birthday cake?
Anakin: no but now im not gonna tell u 
Padme: goodnight Ani. I am sure he will like everything you’ve planned. 💕

Anakin: look I am just really really worried about all of this bc it has to be perfect and is that one photo of me i put in his card too much? like i know i look hot but this is a man who gets embarrassed when people kiss on the holonet 
Mace Windu: wrong number skywalker
Mace Windu: and if you ever text me at 2 am again with this ridiculous bullshit i will bust you back down to initiate again 
Anakin: shit sorry 

Anakin: OK no one else is awake so i need ur help: i bought 17 kinds of tea for obiwans birthday do u think that is enough???
Quinlan Vos: Skywalker, the man got a rock for his birthday once, OK? u need to RELAX. He owns like 2 pairs of pants and he’s eaten the exact same breakfast every day for 35+ years. 17 kinds of tea is going to be like Space Mardi Gras for him. Plus he’s gonna be getting it from your pretty self. 
Quinlan Vos: Getting the tea from you, I mean. Of course.
Quinlan Vos: 😏
Anakin: omg why did i seek ur counsel 
Quinlan Vos: hey I’m just a fan 

ok first of all i want to thank @13lackout with all my heart for making this gorgeous banner i absolutely love it and i love paige so so much 💕

now!!! hello it’s your local irrelevant taekook stan - aka me (iulia) - coming at you with her first follow forever! but this is really just me wanting to show my utmost appreciation to all these fantastic blogs that i have had the chance of finding and to all the people that brighten my dashboard simply by existing  ✨💖🌷 i’ve had this blog for nearly a year now which is pretty insane?? (though i’ve only started using it in december or sth) and since then i’ve been able to meet such lovely people that i utterly adore 💗💖 because let me tell you that i’ve been on tumblr for about 5 or 6 years (but pls don’t be concerned about my mental sanity as i’ve also took some pauses in-between lmao) and this is the first community i have truly felt like i belonged in since my pastel blogger days 💓💖💕 so yeah here it is!! thank you so much to all of you for existing!! ✨🌷 💓 ✨✨🌷 and if i’ve forgotten any mutuals please come and scream at me (and know that i do not love you any less i’m just a rly huge mess ok) 

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hey guys

maybe this is too much to ask but

if i ever say something rude or make you uncomfortable with one of my text posts, can you tell me?

i dont want any of you to feel that im unreachable and that i cant be reasoning with. i want everyone to feel as much as safe as i can provide.

i know sometimes it takes me a while to warm around people (trust issues and my overall anxiety that in any moment im going to fucked up) but im just a goofus that likes to ramble about cartoons and shows and movies.


Every time I play sonic adventure do you have to go through this?! >:’v The last time I stepped… I got scared, Is that it came out of nowhere! T-T I do not know if it happened to you but it happens to me all the time x’D

And to make this somewhat comical I did this… Somehow I had to tell them this and I liked the idea a lot! By the way… it’s the first comic I make… and I’ve loved the result, Also several people were telling me to do one xD

And remember do not trust that taxi… Can attack at any time! /;_;/  (ok no xD)

hope like it!!!!!!!!!  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


Diego, erís el más seco 🤓 ( y el final jajajjaja)

y ahora una mala traducción:

L: Diego, one minute!
D: What happened?
L: A pleasure, Luis Romano from Uruguay
D: Ah, from Uruguay, nice to meet you
L: It’s for channel 10 from Uruguay
D: Greeting to Uruguay
L: Before anything I want to ask you, what did you do good to get to be jury
for the Berlinale?
D: I don’t know, they dont know me that well, rather. But no, what I did good? I dont know. Its an incredible gift to come see movies to a festival without pressure, to have the opportunity to celebrate the filmmakers and to meet this group of people whom im gonna be with 12 days, discussing cinema, Its a great gift.
L: Have you seen any movie already?
D: We have seen 1 movie, yes.
L: Which one?
D: mmm, I can’t tell you.
L: Ok, and i was gonna ask you one thing
D: Tell me.
L: So this is the most political Berlinale from the last years.
D: Well, its the world that’s changing and is urged for us to give our opinions and for us to be involved, and cinema is a reflection of the reality we live in, so not only this festival, I think all film festivals from this year, and in general in the opportunites where there are microphones to comunicate with the people they will be used to send messeges…
L: I wanna ask you a question, and i don’t wanna waste your time, later if you want we can speak longer, but I wanna ask you, you as a mexican, how do you see the situation between Mexico and the United States now with the subject of the wall?
D: It’s not a situation between Mexico and the United States, there are many United States, and theres a part in the United States with which I conect really good and I have family and I have friends. Theres a problem called Donald Trump, and we all have to face it, and confront it, sorry, not face it.
L: And how do you think the Seventh Art has to stand with regard to this types of politics?
D: The same thats it’s already doing, but cinema has always, I tell you,  been a reflection of the reallity and its a opportunity to comunicate us, to express us, to conect us, to put themes on the table that need to be discussed and to wake awareness. It always has been.
L: Well, before anything, thank you so much, and can you send a greeting to channel 10 from Uruguay?
D: Greeting to channel 10, I’m freezing, gotta go.
(he said actually: im shitting myself from the cold lmao)

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Why would your therapist be thinking of you? You're just a client. She's paid to listen to you, you're not friends. I'm sure she has her own life, with friends and relatives that she knows personally that she will be thinking about. Also why are you missing her of all people while you are on holiday? Clearly you're in denial about your attachment to her. Yes, forming a relationship with your therapist is vital for successful therapy but your need to feel special by her needs addressing.

Ok so I’ll take the bait and properly answer this one because I’m missing therapy.

I know I’m just a client and that my therapist has her own life, but that doesn’t mean she won’t ever think of me. When I worked as a doctor, I still thought of my patients every so often when I was off work, wondering how they were doing. I’ve been seeing T once a week for five years so we have a long relationship and it’s not unreasonable she might think of me from time to time. In fact, I know she does because she tells me so.

Don’t be ridiculous, of course I’m allowed to miss her. She’s an important person to me and it’s completely natural that we miss people who are important to us when we can’t see them. You can’t and shouldn’t turn feelings on and off like that. I’m not in any denial of my attachment to her, I know I’m attached and it’s ok, she’s ok with that, I’m ok with that, and if an anon on tumblr is not ok with that, well that’s not my problem.

I never thought I’d have to write this type of thing? Uhm, as an abuse victim, I’d like to apologize for anyone who ships 2doc and got like, death threats and such. You don’t deserve that bullshit. It’s kind of funny. The people who hate it because of the abuse, because it is abusive, but yet go to people and write such hateful things are promoting what they’re against.

Gorillaz is literally the only fandom where I’m terrified to like a ship and post about it. 

I wish we could be peaceful and respect others, but unfortunately rude people exist. (There’s a difference between letting people know you don’t like it, and taking the time to go to a specific persons blog and wishing them death) all in all, if you tell someone to kill themselves or any variation, I hope you pee your pants. (Like, actually urinate in your pants not kill yourself. Apparently that’s a thing now?)

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1. I kind of want2borrow that love-sick drug! I think it a lot,I LOVE THE WAY YOU DO CONSENT IN EVERYTHING!Thank you!(I know, it shouldn't be a big deal, but it is)3. Please tell me Ani isn't going to just give up there?Like if Obi-Wan had a"I'm genuinely unhappy with my love for you"reason ok fine,but"But judgy people might judge!"is not an acceptable reason2not do something that will make them happy!Especially since Anakin is ok with the'Jedi first'thing&I know that would really matter2Obi!

‘He loves me…he loves me…he loves me and yet…’ Anakin stared at the sleeping shape only a meter from him in the dim light, Obi-Wan curled up on his side facing the tent with a blanket over his form.

Obi-Wan refused to talk about it, refused to as much as acknowledge the fact that he felt something more then fond friendship for him and it was driving Anakin up the walls. And if their troopers didn’t stop looking at him with such sympathy each time he tried to get Obi-Wan alone, he might honestly bash his own head in.

‘Perhaps I should just…let it be?’

He sighed and then blinked when he heard some shifting, Obi-Wan rolling onto his back with a low noise.

Anakin shifted onto his elbow and watched the other, Obi-Wan’s mouth slightly open and his eyes closed, face soft with hair feathering out across it. He looked…

‘No… I’m not giving up. Not yet…he loves me. I know he loves me. I just need to…convince him.’ Anakin shifted and reached out with the Force, gently brushing the others hair away and smiling when Obi-Wan shifted at the touch.

“…I’ll convince you yet Obi-Wan.”


Of course in the end he didn’t actually have to do anything to convince Obi-Wan.

Not really.

Instead he just had to be involved in a shuttle wreck, almost die in the following ambush lead by Ventress and get laid up in the med bay of the Resolute.

Honestly he wasn’t even that badly hurt, fading bruises all that was left beneath bandages.

And yet apparently he had scared Obi-Wan.

Because the other Jedi hadn’t even waited until Kix had left the area before he was there, arms wrapped tight around Anakin’s sore form, hands fisted into the medical gown and lips on Anakin’s.

A desperate, needful kiss.

Until Obi-Wan pulled back, staring at him as he sat at the others medical bedside.

“…Don’t ever do that again.” Obi-Wan whispered. “You…you stupid…idiotic…”

“Hey, I’m fine.” Anakin reached up and cupped the others face.

“You were barely BREATHING.” Obi-Wan hissed before swallowing hard. “…Moot point telling you that we can’t do this huh.” He looked away. “I’m…compromised anyhow…keep thinking about if you’re safe or not.” He whispered.

“Hey.” Anakin made him turn back, catching the others eyes. “Look, we’re Jedi, its dangerous, its always been dangerous but…that doesn’t mean we should stop living and being human does it Obi-Wan? You’re allowed to feel.”

“We’re not suppose to let it control us.”

“Are you letting it control you?” He stroked the others face, feeling the beard prickling at the skin of his flesh hand.

Obi-Wan looked down at Anakin’s chest. “…The first thing I did when I heard you were ambushed…was to change my attack plans to make sure I was close to you, to…to…be there.” He whispered. “I set a lot of people in danger with that change.”

There was a dark corner of Anakin’s mind that was utterly thrilled to bits, that Obi-Wan would just…do anything for him. He shifted his mech hand to cup the others chin and make him look up, smiling at Obi-Wan.

“Obi-Wan, was anyone hurt?”

“Not this time.” He whispered, leaning into the hands. “But what about next time?”

“Then you’re more careful next time.” Anakin stroked the others cheek gently, smile softening when Obi-Wan leaned into it. “And so will I. I didn’t want to get injured you know.”

Obi-Wan snorted then sighed. “This is…such a terrible idea… we won’t be able to hide it. Not really.”

“The council already distrust me, but if you really don’t want to, then we don’t Obi-Wan.” Anakin murmured.

“But I want to.” Obi-Wan sighed quietly. “…Perhaps…I should go in harder for the reforms.” He looked away, dislodging Anakin’s hands.


“Me…Plo and Depa have been…talking. About how…stuck the Order has become, about how change is needed…” He looked back at Anakin. “So far we haven’t really…done anything but…perhaps its time.” He breathed out then leaned into the other, resting his head on Anakin’s shoulder. “…Because I’m not ready to give you up.”

“Then you don’t.” Anakin pressed a soft kiss to the others forehead. “And if you need any help with those reforms…I’m here. For you. My lovesick Jedi.”

Obi-Wan snorted into his shoulder but smiled. “…Alright…lets…try it.” He chuckled softly.

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Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you've written, then pass on to at least five other writers (◠‿◠✿)

Yes good, pls give me the chance to tell you all about my fave fics (even though they might not be anyone else’s faves). <3

1)  And You Understand Now Why They Lost Their Minds and Fought the Wars

My Sense8 AU. I have written a lot since then but I haven’t managed to top that (at least in my head). In any case, it’s my sincere recommendation.


Because you know how much I love soulmates AU and this is basically a soulmate AU with multiple people because platonic friendships are my fave, ok? (Bellarke totally bang, tho)

2)  Kept Going, Kept Rolling with Nowhere to Go

Spain, sangria, angst & Bellarke. Need I say more?

3)  What We Do to Each Other

“ A Bellarke AU in which Bellamy and Clarke are childhood best friends, separated by life and trying to relearn each other again.”


4)  Like Maybe You Are Magic

I invented a new genre with this one and I’m really a huge sucker for urban fantasy.

“A Bellarke urban fantasy social activism AU.”

See what I mean? And no, Bellamy isn’t a literal dragon ffs. 

5)  Magnetized

A soulmate AU with compasses! Also childhood best friends to lovers! Feels! (my personal fave out of all my soulmate fics)

Thanks for this opportunity to remind me of how much I liked writing these! Have an amazing day! <3

Bts reaction to their underage friend drinking


Can I have a bts reaction to you drinking underage with a group of friends please

ahaha is this me? btw im making them only friends because i think its innapropriate for the to be in a relationship hope thats ok


Full mother mode activated. Jin would not be ok it and when he found out you had gone out drinking with your friends after telling him you was staying over at a friends to do some revision together.

“y/n youre too young! its bad for your health youll have lost a kidney by the time you turn 18 if you keep doing that!”

Originally posted by jjilljj


i feel like suga wouldnt mind too much about the drinking. He would be more annoyed at the fact that you said you was sleeping over at a friends house when you went out to a local park all night to drink with some people, as he would be angry that you never told anyone where you was.

“ah y/n what if something happened? We wouldnt know where to find! if you ever go drinking please tell someone, tell me and any time you’re in danger or just want to go home call me and ill pick you up no matter what time ok. i just dont want anything to happen to you”

Originally posted by syuba-inu

Rap monster:

He would be fine with it depending on who you was drinking with and where you went. If it was you and a few of your close friends that Namjoon new or atleast new off he wouldnt see a problem but the moment you said you was going a house party or somewhere he did not know of he would not be happy. He looked at you like you was his little sister and wanted to protect you but also new you wanted to have fun sometimes and just be a teenager.

Originally posted by bangtannoonas


You told jhope everything and when you told him about your sleepover with your friends where you all got very intoxicated i feel like Jhope would be ok with it. He would probably laugh at you “ah i remember when me and my friends did that. good times, of course i cant remember most of it” he would exclaim laughing. The only time Jhope would have a problem is if you ever when out drinking at night with people you didnt know. Then he would have a different view/ “if you dont know at least half you’re not going!i will restrain you myself if i have to y/n”

Originally posted by hopetaeguk


i feel Jimin would bug you about being careful. “i dont mind you drinking y/n but please tell me so i can make sure you’re safe. Dont ever be afraid to call me ok? if you ever find yourself in a situation where you cant go home because you dont want you’re parents seeing you call me and ill look after you. If you’re ever in danger or anything please call me ok. Dont go to parks and drink at night or anything” He would be very protective motherly like jin but wouldn’t scold you as he knows what teenagers are like and you only want to have fun.

Originally posted by spongecakechimchim


Tae would be chill about it. He would probably tease you about getting drunk “ah we got  little rebel, how adorable” he would say squeezing you in a hug. I feel like v would trust you enough know that you are responsible and know how to take care of yourself.

Originally posted by jjks


He no doubt use to do this all the time so would see no problem in it. “aslong as im never holding your hair back as you’re being sick its fine by me” He would chuckle

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Do you know what Lauren died of? Was it to do with the surgery?

I was going to ignore this extremely inappropriate and insensitive ask, or simply say “NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!”

But, there are a few things I’d like to say to you, and everyone reading. Let’s make this a teaching moment.

1. Have you had a close loved one pass away suddenly or due to unclear reasons? Or, have you ever had to handle a loved ones estate, where you’re the one getting the calls from the coroner and medical examiner and you’re the one ordering the death certificates? Because in these situations, in ANY death, it often takes up to 6 weeks for the official cause of death to be declared, even in the most obvious and simple deaths. It took me 5 weeks to receive my dad’s death certificates and he was thrown from a vehicle with severe head and chest injuries. With a more complicated or unclear death, it can take up to SIX MONTHS for the reports to come back, depending on the testing done and the sheer amount of deaths happening in the area. Sometimes the MEs can’t keep up.

2. Daniel has been EXTREMELY open and honest in sharing with us during this awful, excruciating, tragic time in his life, and I know it’s because sometimes it’s all you can think to do when you’re lost is to write shit out here. If he knew anything more than what he knows and he WANTED TO SHARE IT, he would! So beyond that, what is anyone going to tell anyone? No one knows. And if they say they do, it’s bullshit and disrespectful stipulation on their part because they’re not the ME handling her case.

3. How is it any of your, or OUR, business? She is gone. It’s heartbreaking, it makes no sense, but that is what it is.

4. Why, in any way imaginable, is it ok to ask this as an anon? I think I’ve been super open about my willingness to communicate here. Please, in such questions, WHICH SHOULDN’T EVEN BE ASKED, have the courtesy of asking privately as yourself.

5. Why, oh why, would you ask ME of all people, today, on Father’s Day, when I’m clearly struggling with my own shit?

6. I have NO PROBLEM answering questions about the death process (example, when I stated the cost of a funeral and headstone) but please do not specifically ask for details about my dear friend’s passing.

TL;DR do not anonymously ask such questions, and everyone who has been lucky enough to not deal with such death first hand, know that a declared cause of death can take months, and finally these matters are NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS unless their loved ones express permission to make it your business.

"Conversations with myself (my soul)"

Soulmate!AU | Non-Idol!AU | Female Reader |

Genre: Fluff.

Member: Kim Mingyu.

Warnings: Violence, Abuse.

A/N: It’s my first time writing something in this style (it’s my first time writing so many things, i’m such a no0b). This is really long. English is not my first language so let me know if there is any spelling mistakes.


Originally posted by dinochans

  • You see your soulmates life when you sleep
  • It can be a dream or a nightmare
  • Mingyu feels like even his dreams are like nightmares, because your life is absolutely terrifying
  • When he was just a kid he would go to his parents all sad and say “I dreamed I was a mean person who hurted other people and cursed at my parents. But you guys weren’t my parents” and his parents would look at each other and be like “tell us about your dreams everyday, ok?” And they would want his son to be single for the rest of his life
  • When you get to know Mingyu parents is going to be really hard to prove them you’re an actual good person
  • Mingyu grown up low-key scared of you and imagining how did fate thought he was compatible with a deliquent
  • Like, he would apologise for budge into someone while walking and you would deadass push someone on the floor for being in your way
  • But Mingyu still feels the bond you two have and always kept defending you saying​ that you probably have a reason or that you’re going to change
  • And all of that is true

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promise | john shelby

john’s wife is getting fed up of the constant fighting, coming home late and not spending time with the kids.

Being John Shelby’s wife most definitely had its ups and down. People respected you, and you felt special. People would move out of their way for you, give you a quick nod before looking ahead, frightened of what would happen if John had out that they’d been speaking to his girl.

You were nothing like John and the Shelby family, in fact, you were polar opposites which explained why people were shocked when they found out about yours and his engagement. The business was something that John adored, he put his heart and soul into making it work with his brothers but you knew that it was killing him deep down. However, he would never admit it. John loved the adrenaline rush that he got after a fight, even though it slowly started to go once he’d realise the extent of his actions. You hated the fighting, especially when he came home late at night covered in blood with the cheeky grin on his face that he wears so well.

“You can’t keep doing this John,” You mumbled as you dabbed the cloth against a fresh cut.

“It needed to be done,“ John stated as he winced slightly.

“Maybe so, but not every single night. You’re gonna start and give the kids nightmares if you keep coming in covered in blood.” You sighed and pressed the cloth down harder, just to emphasise that you were pissed off at him.

“Don’t be so dramatic,”

“I ain’t, I’m being honest. They always ask me where you are, when you are going to be home and I can’t give them an answer. For simple fact, I don’t know what you’re doing most of the time or where you are. Do I deserve to be in the dark like that?” You asked.

“Of course not, but it’s dangerous. I don’t want you or the kids being dragged into any of the business. The people we are dealing with at the moment are ruthless and they wouldn’t fucking hesitate to kill a kid. So, listen to me when I tell you that I do all of this for my families safety.” He grabbed your face, forcing you to look at him. “Ok?”

“No,” You whispered as you walked away. “I can’t stand it John and I don’t understand. We aren’t a proper family any more. Me and the kids hardly ever see you, we don’t spend no time together and when we do, I’m cleaning up your face, your asleep or pissed out of your head. I’m starting to think that this is a one way marriage.”

“Don’t act so fucking stupid. You know that isn’t the case and to be honest, I don’t expect you to understand. You never will but, just know that every time I go out on business I am thinking of you lot. I think about the future and how one day we will be happy together, in some nice big house, the kids running around and me and you will be happy. I do all of this for us,” He shrugged his shoulders, not wanting to argue and walked out of the bathroom.

You quickly followed him into yours and his shared bedroom and locked the door so none of the kids could walk in. You didn’t like them seeing you and John argue but lately it had become inevitable.

“You know that I love you, don’t you?” John lit a cigarette and stared straight at you from the other side of room. You nodded your head as you looked back. “And I know that you love me, so please, drop this Y/N. I really don’t want to argue with you.”

“It’s not going to go away though John. Six months from now we will be here arguing again about how the business is ruining our lives. I can read you like a book and I know that it is slowly destroying you and I can’t stand that. I want you to be happy and I want us to go back to the way it was.” You walked over and wrapped your arms around his neck. “I get that right now, you can’t just leave but, take some time away sometimes. You don’t need to constantly be coming home covered in blood. Stick to the legal side of things.”

“I’d do anything for you, and one day there will be no more fighting, coming home late and missing out on time with the kids. I promise you that.” He wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you close. “You and the kids will always be my number one priority and don’t ever forget that.”

anonymous asked:

You're whole account is so extra right now, you're 23, go study or something. I'm not even a larrie and I'm not even pressed over everything that's going on. And this is someone whose been a fan of them for 7 years. Shit happens, they do damage control, and they move on. Doubt Harry or Louis or any of them for that matter care about this very much. No one outside the fandom even cares for "ships." People in the real world like music reviewers probably don't even know what a ship is.

I am 23 and I am a graduated journalist, who’s worked with some of the biggest news companies in my country.

I am 23 years old and I am a human being, who cares about other people’s feelings. People who are being harassed and invaded and disrespected and I would bet you wouldn’t be this dismissive if something of the sort had happened to you.

This is my blog. I do not enjoy seeing a person I love and admire being invaded and disrespected and for SEVEN YEARS, as you’ve mentioned, cause yes, I’ve been here for that long. I am done watching toxic people getting away with their hurtful behavior.

If you’re so bothered by how I react to this and if you think this is, in any way, ok and not a big deal and if you actually think this doesn’t bother or hurt Harry and Louis and their loved ones, feel free to unfollow. No one’s stopping you.

But don’t come here on my blog to tell me how to react to this because I am a fucking grown woman who knows how to respect someone’s privacy and feelings and if I need to defend this guy that I’ve admired for seven years, on my blog, I will.

Again, this is my blog and I will react to this any way I want to.

P.s.: it’s YOUR. Not you’re.

anonymous asked:

As someone who's been into Astrology for over 25 years and I find it terrible how you speak about and continue to speak about death related topics. I can tell you're not part of a major organization for Astrology because someone who is would know not to speak about death so freely. Your analyses aren't even accuarate and complete. Some is alright, but, in general, it doesn't work. Good luck.

Ok listen here, I analyse people who are already dead and I have my free-will to do so. Also, please tell me where any of my analyses are wrong and don’t come to the same conclusion of how the person died. It is for fun and from interest. I never do it on a living person because it is unethical. Also, I know many people in major organizations who find my work very interesting since it’s a different a fresh approach. We Millennials are trying our best here and then people like you come to us telling us we aren’t shit to the community. Maybe if you got your head out of your ass and actually appreciate we are trying to keep the topic alive. Also, another thing, before you attack my analyses, come with YOUR own research and sources my work is wrong please. I know an astrologer who has been doing astrology for 35 years, so yes longer than you, and he said my work is very interesting. It’s a topic of interest. I follow the rules on how to analyse a death from rules on how to, I don’t just make this shit up. I make sure i do research before I hit that post button. You can try to tell me that astrology doesn’t line up to Abe Lincoln’s assassination or John Lennon’s brutal 4-shot to the back assassination all you want. I have the facts and charts, you have your closed-mind. I wish YOU good luck because you need it more than I do. I’m doing very well thank you. Have a lovely rest of the week.


ok I know I have just gone off the deep end here but one thing that shocked me about the new boy (1st pic) was how much he looked like my Ozzie (2nd pic)! In the face at least!

I know most people can’t tell any of my rabbits apart (I posted a photo set of 8 hares and a lot of people thought they were the same rabbit ahha) but if you stare at them long enough they are all very different in build (which is really weird for such heavily inbred animals).

This new guy has great grandparents from the same farm that Oz was born on in West Virginia, they are probably distantly related somehow!

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