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ok I know I have just gone off the deep end here but one thing that shocked me about the new boy (1st pic) was how much he looked like my Ozzie (2nd pic)! In the face at least!

I know most people can’t tell any of my rabbits apart (I posted a photo set of 8 hares and a lot of people thought they were the same rabbit ahha) but if you stare at them long enough they are all very different in build (which is really weird for such heavily inbred animals).

This new guy has great grandparents from the same farm that Oz was born on in West Virginia, they are probably distantly related somehow!

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God nothing gets on my nerves more than when people make fun of idols names and English. Like they don't need to know any fucking English, be appreciative of the fact they are trying for our international asses. But for the names, why the hell do people think it's ok to come up to me, ask about the idol, and when I tell you their names, call them "Ching and Chong"? Who the hell...

agreed. english speaking people are so spoiled and arrogant sometimes like we expect everyone to learn to speak our language or translate things into english so that we can understand it, yet we complain when people who come to our countries speak their native language because “you’re in america speak english!!!!” this eats me up i hate it. I also hate when people make up “asian names” and most of the time they aren’t even real names its just gibberish that sounds “asian”. not only is it racist, its annoying as fuck

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Is it ok for me to still like Kate mckinnons works, as long I'm still critical of her? I'm a trans woman, and I know she's not changed too much but I just... like her works..

Look, no one can tell you what you can and can’t like. I like some of her things - I *loved* the new Ghostbusters movie. Contrary to Tumblr belief, you can like someone’s work and not them. My rant was more aimed at the fact people are praising HER as a person, without any critical thought involved.

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More bite stuff: Lefou gives Stanley a bite mark because he's never really understood why people would do that to each other but the next day seeing his boyfriend parading around the bite mark he gave him he finally understands


He’s just so proud. He’d not-so-casually show it off like (depending on where the mark is) keeping any and all fabric away from the general area to make sure that everyone knows that not only is he taken but so is lefou (kinda like passive aggressively telling people to back the fuck off)

Like he’s one step away from just full on announcing “HEY EVERYONE LOOK AT THIS AWESOME BITE MARK MY AMAZING BF GAVE ME”

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Ok so one of the things I've noticed while being in a Catholic school is that everyone judges you. I don't know how it is every where else but for it's a school filled to the brim with privileged white assholes who hide behind masks of religion to be shitty people. I take Church history and we are SPECIFICALLY told to respect other people's beliefs and yet the second I tell someone that I don't believe in any religion I'm hassled. They don't worship the religion the worship their nationalism

I’m so sorry, I definitely know how it feels to be looked at differently because of something you believe. It’s sad how they teach you to respect other people’s beliefs, but right when it’s out of the ordinary then it’s not acceptable.

I remember telling my best friend that I was an atheist, and I was so scared. My dad constantly talked down to people who didn’t believe in a more powerful being, so I thought I should just expect that reaction. Instead, she told me I didn’t have to be afraid to tell her, that she loves me no matter what I wanted to follow. 

I love her <3. 

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What a surprise, the pedophile apologist is also ok with transphobic stuff as long as they enjoy it. Who'd have thought lmao

Dude, I didn’t even vote for it. Say hi off anon, bro, rather than being two-faced. In any case, you seem to be ignoring the ACTUAL TRANS* PEOPLE saying that they don’t mind it or that it’s even AFFIRMING. I know trans* friends who even draw genderbent characters themselves. You telling me they’re transphobic too? Sure, some people are offended, but some are neutral and some are actually HELPED. So miss me with that black and white monolithic bullshit you’re pulling, coward.

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Bokuto and Goshiki! ✨

Hi amanda! Thank you for asking <3

Bokuto: ( What are you the greatest at? ) 
I’m actually not sure because I think I have no special skill that stands out from anybody else.. But I’d say making friends! Well yup I can be friends with basically anybody. Whether it’s the old woman who sat next to me in the train, old man who sells groceries near my apartment, son of a big company, etc. I have so many friends and I’ve never had any problem fitting in/making friends in my entire life!

Goshiki: ( Tell me about your dream! )
Ok please prepare yourself to hear one of the most impossible & cheesiest dream ever. I’ve always thin that my dream is too big but, here you go. Some of you already know that I’m a fashion student and I love sewing. I don’t fancy dressing myself up but I really love making clothes for people!! My dream is not to build my own brand or be in Paris Fashion Week, but to become a costume designer & maker for movies, stages, musicals and games! yup you heard it, games. Do you know that FFXV costumes were designed by one of Japanese famous designer? My goal is to be a part of broadway’s backstage. ……. Haha yeah you can laugh at me and my silly dream ;u;

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so i'm thinking i may be bi but i'm not absolutely sure, so questioning(?) is it ok to use the term bi or is it ok for me to ask this?

It’s always okay to ask when you don’t know something! In terms of calling yourself bi, I don’t see a problem. Words are tools that we use to communicate, they’re for us to tell other people who we are. So, pick whatever feels best for what you want to convey. If that currently is “bisexual” then yay!! You’re bi. If at any point you decide that has changed, how you label yourself can change too. The point is, you decide your sexuality and how you wish to identify. Do what you feel is right. Keep on keepin on my friend 💜

Ok so requests are now OPEN

before you read any further: I AM NOT COMPLAINING!!! I don’t want any of you who have sent in requests to feel bad, so just please please please do not feel bad about any of this okay?? thank u my children

SO as you can tell by the title, my requests are now OPEN. People keep sending me stuff saying things like “I know requests are close BUT could you write me a ______ fic? thanks!” and I am not upset about it (srsly my heart flutters when you guys message me honestly its soo embarrassing). I just feel that if I am just going to say yes to these people bc I’m too nice to say no, then I might as well just open them up to everybody! So I’m going to try to wrap up the requests I have, and then we’ll go from there. Okay?? thank you my sweet sweet children luv u guys

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hey, i don't know if you can answer this, but my gf is acting weird. I mean, she's still through the process of discovering her sexuality (I always say she doesn't need labels) and I feel like she is really scared to speak about it with me. She is always avoiding anything that might seem too straight, like, she never tells me about being with boys but ik she likes them too. I think she thinks i'll be mad if i think she's not a Lesbian like me. How to show her that I'm totally okay with that?

I guess you need to call her on a quite serious talk and tell her that its ok and she don’t need to worry, thats not normal if she’s acting like that. Theres a lot people who are in her situation and everyone should understand that its ok to be yourself and you can’t change your sexuality. Ask her why she thinks its not ok. I don’t know any another way to show her it without talk

ok but i literally only follow like five people who blog star trek stuff and i just. need more okay so 

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honestly i’m desperate help a pal out here

*REQUEST* Mark Scenario - #5 "That’s almost exactly the opposite of what I meant" & #107 “You're still my favorite”

Requested by a cutie pie anon! 

Feel free to send in requests guys! I do Reactions, Preferences, Fake Texts, and Scenarios! Just tell me who you want, what you want, and how you want it! <3

~OK GUY SOO this is the first ever scenario written by the new 2nd admin of this blog, Laymedown!! Please accept her well and give her much love!!!! <3~

For you, your workday began like any other. Working at a small cafe wasn’t very exciting, as it was always pretty slow, but you loved your part time job anyway. It gave you more time to talk with the people that came through and hear stories most never get to hear. Although you didn’t know it at the time, it was this day you almost died in both excitement and embarrassment.

           You were wiping down tables in the vacant cafe since it was near closing, the only ones there being you and the other Barista. When you heard the chimes above the door ring, you didn’t look up to see who it was. Instead you instinctively greeted your new customers while continuing your work.

           “Hello, take a seat where ever you like and I’ll be right with you.”

           “Okay, thank you miss.” An all too familiar voice responded. It was no one you knew personally, however, you heard it almost every day two years. You peeked over your shoulder to see four very recognizable Got7 members sit down in a booth that was out of view of the windows. You whipped your head back down at the table you were just cleaning, trying with all of your strength to stay professional. Mark had been the one that responded to you, and you saw that Jackson, Bambam and JB were with him. Although your insides were screaming, you finally walked over to their table where they were goofing around, mainly Jackson and Bambam whacking each other with their menus.

           “Hi there, are you guys all set to order?” You asked as you took out your little note pad. You sighed in relief as your voice came out normal, and not at all influenced by the screaming fan inside. The four men looked at you, slightly surprised by your nonchalant attitude. You smiled as you began to take their orders. You wanted them to enjoy their time off and not have to hide from any fans or cameras and just be able to relax and be themselves here. They each listed off their orders for you.

           “Alright, I’ll be back soon with your orders.” You smiled kindly as you turned away, trying not to think much of the admiring looks from all four of them. Especially Mark’s. Of all seven of them, it had to be Mark that was here. You quickly ran the order your co-worker once you were out of their sight before running in to the walk in cooler. Once there, you shut the door behind you and you let the fan girl out that you had tried successfully to keep suppressed. After a few deep breaths, you recollected yourself and went to grab their drinks. The Barista gave you the ‘judging you’ look as she handed you the tray, clearly jealous that she was stuck behind the counter while you got to give them their drinks.

           fearing that your clumsy self would spill their drinks, you walked as slowly as you could without them noticing.

“Here you guys go.” You almost sang as you handed them their respective items. You began to turn away since you didn’t want to intrude much longer, when Jackson pulled you down next to him, strongly inviting you to sit with them. All that could run through your head was your own reminder to stay calm. They got you to confirm that yes, you were a fan of theirs, or should you say that Jackson got you to confirm it. He was the one who was really talking to you and telling you about their recent tour.

           “It’s great to know that there’s a place we can enjoy privacy in peace, right guys?” Jackson said as he stared straight at Mark. You glanced over at Mark for the first time and something about his demeanor seemed off to you. You saw him roll his eyes, and at first you didn’t really understand. Not until he muttered something before he took a sip of his French vanilla cappuccino.

           “So annoying.” Although it was only a mutter, you heard it clearly. Truthfully it hurt you a lot. Mark was your bias, the one you always thought of and supported most. You then thought of how you did exactly what you were trying to avoid doing. They were out having fun on their day off, and now you, as a fan, interrupted them. You never felt more embarrassed until then.

           Do you want me to leave?” You ask nervously, standing up, not wanting to hear Mark’s answer. You went to leave “I’m sorry, I should get back to work.”

You made your escape before you could get any more embarrassed. You heard the members scolding Mark for your sake as you lean up against the hallway that led towards the bathrooms. You felt so stupid, almost to the point where tears began to sting the corner of your eyes. You were so busy scolding yourself that you didn’t notice the man that now stood near you. You jumped a couple feet and your eyes widened when you finally did notice. Mark stood only a few feet away from you, looking almost shy. He looked as if he were trying to find words to say, and even though it pained you, you smiled as friendly as you did a few minutes ago.

           “I’m sorry, I promise I won’t bother you guys anymore. Go enjoy your time off, you’ve earned it.” You bowed to him and tried to make your leave again, but his words stopped you.

           “It was a misunderstanding. I never meant to speak to you.” He said in a remorseful tone. You looked at him and you could see how apologetic he looked, but you felt like he was only saying that since he didn’t want to upset a fan.

           “It’s okay, really it’s fine.”

           “No, it’s not, I…” He began, and you could see him getting flustered, not really knowing what to say.

           “I get it; I was interrupting your guy’s time off. I can only imagine how busy all of you must be. I would be annoyed too if-”

           That’s almost exactly the opposite of what I meant.” He cut you off suddenly, but smacked his head for doing so.

           “Then what did you mean?” You asked him, finally becoming frustrated yourself. He then looked you straight in the eyes, which was a first this whole night.

           “Yes, I did say ‘so annoying’, but not towards you. I meant it for Jackson and the other guys.” You could see his cheeks flare up as he told you the next part. “I made a comment that you were really cute after you left and the other members were trying to get me to talk to you. In a very un-sneaky way.” He brushed his hand through his hair, looking extremely embarrassed. You on the other hand didn’t know what to say. Shock wasn’t a strong enough word to describe how you felt.

           “I know this may seem kind of weird, but maybe we can get together some time and catch a movie or something?” You didn’t even know how you were still standing there after what he was asking registered in your mind. Every nerve wanted to run to the walk in cooler again and scream your head off. Maybe you never left the cooler in the first place, thinking maybe could have just fainted earlier when you released your inner fan girl. “If you don’t want to, I understand,” He began to ramble off as you had still yet to answer him.

           “I like movies,” You stuttered instantly, feeling like you sounded just as stupid as your words did. But then Mark smiled that number one smile you loved. The one you only got to see on the screen of your computer or T.V. You almost died when he asked you for your phone number.

           “I’ll see you around then, alright?” The air around him seemed to be more confidant when he left. You couldn’t help but giggle at how a man like Mark, who could stand in front of thousands of screaming fans and not be fazed, could be just as nervous as any guy when asking someone out.

           By the time you got back out to the main floor, they were all gone. For the next couple of days at work, it still felt like a dream to you. Life went on like it had before. About two days after the mesmerizing meeting, you were coming to the end of your shift when you saw a with a man with a hood over his head standing just a few feet away from you as you locked up.

           “Did you need any help sir?” The waitress in you spoke before you could think. The man flipped his hood down, earning a small gasp of shock from you. All fans dream of their favorite idols walking in to their lives as if it were some sort of fairy tale, for you though, it wasn’t. It was a reality as it was Mark that stood before you. He gave you that stunning smile that you loved so much.

           “I wanted to apologize again for the other night.” He told you more confidently than the other day.

           “It’s alright, you’re still my favorite.” You smiled brilliantly. These past two days you wondered if he really was going to come back, but you made up your mind that if he did, you were going to let him know how your heart felt.

           “Are you still up for that movie?” He smiled back as he held out his hand for you to take.

(I told you, her specialty is length!! very wow much long)

When I was younger I was always told to: “Not express love for boys in any form, because it would backfire. Or they wouldn’t get the thrill of chasing me.” I’ve learned that isn’t true at all? People like knowing you care. If you truly love and care about someone, it’s ok to let them know. The right person will just be thankful to have your support in general. I wish I had realized this years earlier, because it would have helped me out a lot. Bottom line: just tell people you love and care for them. It’s better than bottling it up.

So my parents are Trump supporters...

I’ve already come out to my mom and my three sisters. I’m light of yesterday’s events, I decided it was time to cross the final hurdle and tell my dad. This was the general flow;

“I don’t love you any less but”

- I’m disappointed
- I don’t condone that lifestyle
- We weren’t created to be gay
- Who knew my children would give me so much grief as adults
- I’m not happy about this conversation

“I don’t believe that it’s ok, and that is what you are. So we are at an impasse.”

Words that hurt, delivered with a gentle tone.

I know there are queer people that have had experiences that make this look enjoyable. I just hate that this is conservatism. This. This is the reality that we are now dealing with.

“You have rights but”

Be there for one another.

Can`t sleep and having too many thoughts about the foxes and their wonderful nurse Abby

I just love Abby, ok? It possibly has something to do with her being the team`s nurse. My mum is a nurse, you see, so I think nurses rock. Any nurses/ people considering studying to be one reading this? You are awesome.

  -So Abby loves her foxes, we all know that. And she is such a nice person, but you can`t tell me that she has never thought about being given the opportunity to come face to face with some of the assholes from her team`s past and having a little word with them.

-Just an hour alone with some of them. In a locked room. Maybe after a particularly bad couple of weeks for the foxes, she fantasies about what she would say/do to them to calm herself down, because she doesn`t want her babies to see her getting all worked up. They don`t need that right now. They need her to be calm and offer them kind words of reassurance.

-The unrealistic notion of  taking them all in and declaring them her babies may or may not of crossed her mind after a glass too many of red wine (her and her not so secret love interest were having a totally platonic night in)

-Thankfully Wymack convinces her that is possibly one of the worst ideas she has ever came up with. She can see it now, everyone camping out in  her living room on couches, chairs, beanbags and sleeping bags. She`d end up tripping over at least two people whenever she walked in. Not great.

-Disagreements over the television. Andrew would steal the remote away from a pissy Kevin, because there is no way in hell he is spending his free time doing any more exy related crap than he has to (and yes, that includes watching it, Kevin) He`d chuck the remote at Neil and tell him he didn`t care what he put on, just as long as it wasn`t another fucking exy match.

-Late at night after the boys fall asleep, the girls wrestle the remote away from whoever had it last, careful not to wake them and put on something else. Trashy reality shows they laugh and take the piss out off until they grow bored, old cartoons that are only played late at night, hell, even the shopping channel.

-Alison is the one who likes the shopping channel. Renee likes Disney because she is a freaking Disney princess, fight me on that.

-Alison likes watching the shopping channel when it is selling top quality hair and skin care. The other girls don`t get it.  Who the hell would pay that kind of money for skincare junk?! $110 dollars for moisturiser? $85 for a facial scrub?  Renee and Dan look at Alison, asking for an explanation, because they just don`t get it. What`s the difference?

-She secretly orders them both a few goodies as a treat and saves them for when they need a pick me up after a bad loss.

-And can you just imagine the amount of food shopping she would have to do weekly? Hungry athletes are hungry. Nothing is safe.The fridge, cupboards and even the generously filled fruit bowl would all be empty of anything resembling food within a day or so of her doing a big shop. Half empty drink cans all over the table, energy bar wrappers filling up the bin, fruit peel in the bowl but no fruit. One of them would have even discovered the hiding place for the box of fancy chocolates a certain somebody gave her as a gift.

-So no, she loves her foxes to the moon and back, but her sober brain realises that is probably not a good idea and is in fact a very terrible one. She`s happy to settle for looking after them all with a little more space between them.

-Abby hates that she can`t protect her babies. She feels so useless sometimes. She honestly believes that the only thing she can do for them is patch them up when they get hurt, but she does so much more than that.

-When they all have to have their physical checks done, she reminds them all for the 100000th time that they can come to her for anything. Split lip, broken heart, twisted ankle, nasty infections, severed head, anything. Big or small. Their problems are her problems and she never stops reminding them of that.

-I`m in the Uk, so I don`t know what sexual education over there is like, but it wasn`t to great in my school and I`ve heard it can be even worse there. Lots of people even in their 20s and older have such wrong information about sex related things that it is scary. Abby sets them all straight. This is one way she can protect them, right? She can give them the knowledge to make the right decisions for themselves.

-She isn`t going to push anyone to talk about it with her, but she is gonna make sure everyone knows about all their options and how to look after themselves. She makes sure they all know that she keeps a selection on condoms and other things. They don`t have to mention it, just take some. She probably even has information leaflets anyone can just take too. 

-She`s a nurse, and in my experience, they don`t have any problems with discussing even the grossest of medical shit, even over dinner. Nice meal to celebrate a win? Polite dinner conversation. Yeah no, how`s your athletes foot clearing up? Or that nice big blister? Do you need more stuff for it? Why are you all looking at me like that?

-She is more than happy to accompany them to any doctors, dentist etc. appointments they have if they ask. She`ll go in with them if they want, wait outside, whatever you want. She`ll also make sure they see a good doctor, someone who listens and if she thinks the advice they give is bullshit, she`ll speak up. Her foxes deserve only the best treatment.

-She makes sure that everyone`s room has a well stocked first aid kit in it for minor injuries they can fix themselves. She`s still gonna want to see it in the morning and probably end up insisting on cleaning/bandaging it up herself though.

-Whenever the foxes go way (be it together as a group or separately) on a well earned break, she makes sure they all have a first aid box filled with anything and everything they could possibly need in it. I`m talking things they won`t even need, but just in case. Bandages, painkillers, cream, good sun cream, eye drops, antiseptic, pads or tampons for the girls, everything. By the time she has packed each individual box for them, she could sell a pharmacy new stock.

-She just loves them all so much and doesn`t understand how anyone could hurt a single hair on their heads. Yes they can be difficult at times and yes they are far from perfect, but they are trying. They deserve so much better and it kills her that not everyone can see that.

ok so im gonna tell u really important stuff
we all love dogs, i love dogs, and i want to pet all of them BUT if owner says DO NOT TOUCH IT then you do not fucking pet it or anything and if you do please do me a favor and never leave the house again.
Some dogs could be in training, some dogs might have anxiety or other fears, some are really aggressive (and bite without warning)
before you interact with dog in any way ASK THE OWNER FIRST. i know people who train their dogs to be obedient for months, and then a fucker like u goes “lol im gonna touch the dog anyway”
this has been a dog petting psa, please reblog this so other ppl know this 


“Please tell me that you know that I wasn’t really me.”

“I do, of course I do. But it WAS me and I can’t be OK with that.”

Thank you for carving out my heart, show. Me being me, this was the moment I became shipper for them beyond any hope of return.

(Also, I’d totally rec therapy for all three of them - John because his brother stabbed him, Dutch because her new lover did his best to kill her moments after happy sex, and D’Avin because he got mind-controlled and did his best to kill only two people he cares about. But with the way this show is set up, docs probably would just mess with their brains instead).

Reminder that if you are a “baeddel” then I don’t  want to interact with you. Nothing personal, just the incredibly abusive culture your cult has of “only other trans lesbian baeddels will ever care about you so don’t you  even dare speaking to the outsiders or any lgbt organization because we are all you will ever have” really fucked me up when I first came out and  I almost believed it and almost ended up never  meeting half the people I know now because of it. 

Like I don’t care how you feel about the issue, telling a baby trans girl like I was last year “we are all you will ever have” is an abuse tactic meant to keep me away from the rest of the community so that I really would only have abusive baeddels in my life, and it’s not OK to pull that kind of shit.

Baeddels are trans women abused by other trans women, who are then conditioned to abuse even more young isolated trans women into joining their ideology. Their hate for cafab trans people goes way beyond holding them accountable, and is just another abuse tactic to keep young trans girls from positively interacting with anyone outside of the cult. It’s disgusting. 

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Peter Capaldi actually said he was adamant that his character wouldn't have any flirting, so twelve is in all likelihood an asexual.

I don’t know why I got this message. Is this because I said I ship Rose with all the Doctors or what? If that’s the case then, so what if the Doctor is an asexual? You can still have a romantic ship that isn’t driven by sex. You can have romantic love, respect, caring, faithfulness..everything that is needed in a healthy loving relationship without the sex if both people are ok with that. I’m sure Rose would love the Doctor in whatever form and sexual orientation the regeneration caused. Love is love. Rose loves the Doctor. The Doctor loves Rose (sex or no sex! But come on who wouldn’t want to have sex with Rose?). The End.