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random lyrics starter sentences
  • “I wanted to crash your party, but I couldn’t find your house.”
  • “What do you want?”
  • "I should be in bed."
  • "I give in so easily."
  • "I should stay strong."
  • "I'm weak, and what's wrong with that?"
  • "My habits, they hold me like a grudge."
  • "Please don't make any sudden moves."
  • "You don't know the half of the abuse."
  • "How'd I get here sitting next to you?"
  • "We don't deal with outsiders very well."
  • "Yeah, I have trust issues."
  • "Why'd you come?"
  • "I tried to warn you just to stay away."
  • "It looks like you might be one of us."
  • "In a perfect world, it's just me and you."
  • "The night's just getting started."
  • "I feel great, I don't know about you."
  • "It's just me and you."
  • "Let's just wait till this party's through."
  • "I had two shots."
  • "I used to be fearless."
  • "I used to be brave."
  • "We could shake it up."
  • "I'll meet you after work."
  • "We'll drive until the darkness disappears."
  • "I meant it when I said we can't stay here."
  • "We're still young."
  • "My eyes are wide."
  • "So, I heard you found somebody else."
  • "At first I thought it was a lie."
  • "I don't want your body."
  • "I hate to think about you with somebody else."
  • "Our love's gone cold."
  • "This ain't the last time that I'll see your face."
  • "I should be getting over it."
  • "Get someone you love."
  • "Get someone you need."
  • "Get money."
  • "I can't give you my soul."
  • "We're never alone."
  • "I could tell you what you want to hear."
  • "The truth is always in the way."
  • "I never want to live in fear."
  • "I don't want to hold back all the things I've got to say."
  • "I've got you figured out."
  • "You need to have control."
  • "You think that I don't know you."
  • "I've been doing what you want."
  • "Just let me go."
  • "You used to always let me in."
  • "Do you even know you changed?"
  • "You're my favorite sin."
  • "I won't do it anymore."
  • "She's got me going crazy."
  • "Don't be afraid."
  • "You can call me monster."
  • "I'm creeping in your heart."
  • "Use me while you can."
  • "I'm all yours."
  • "All you need is me."
  • "I'm your toy."
  • "I feel tired. I look it, too."
  • "Wear me down."
  • "I can't be where you are."
  • "This distance is all we've got."
  • "Tell me something happy. Don't make me sad."
  • "I feel okay."
  • "I'd play our song if we had one."
  • "I wear your shirt to keep me warm."
  • "I miss you. I always do when we're apart."
  • "I was the knight in shining armor in your movie."
  • "I'm a ghost. I call your name, you look right through me."
  • "You're the reason I'm alone and masturbate."
  • "I've been trying to fix my pride, but that shit's broken."
  • "I'm at an all time low."
  • "All your friends say that you don't want to see me."
  • "You're the reason that I just can't concentrate."
  • "Somehow I lost control."
  • "Stay the night."
  • "Know that I will always follow."
  • "I'll walk until my body's sore."
  • "I'll be still and sit real quiet."
  • "If I lose you, your voice will guide me home."
  • "Something about you feels nice."
  • "Your hands make me feel warm."
  • "In a sense, we're innocent."
  • "This chemical feeling is making me forget about the drugs."
  • "You poison with your love."
  • "When I think I'm out of the dark, you're pulling me away from the light."
  • "Take me where you want me tonight."
  • "Let me swoon over you."
  • "You're just another heartbreaker."
  • "You are my fever dream."

002 – Babysitter

He’s tired and cranky and oh so tempted to drag his feet along the gleaming floors and slouch forward because every step sends a fresh lance of aches through protesting muscles. But to loosen one’s posture in the corridors is to invite the wrath of the Marshal, and having just escaped a training session with him, Nyx is in no mood to return to feeling like a ping-pong ball battered around by a group of Hobgoblins.

He’s so tired (and perhaps just a touch dehydrated, if he’s being honest with himself) that for a moment he honest to gods thinks he’s hallucinating the small form running straight for his legs in a mess of wind-tousled hair and flailing arms. But Scientia’s kid does collide with him and rebound with an “oof”, sprawling on the floor at his feet and panting like he’s run a marathon. Given the fine tremble in his limbs and the seriously red face (any moment steam’s bound to come out of his ears or his head will pop off his shoulders and rocket into the clouds far above the Citadel’s rooftops) maybe he has.

“Ignis, right? You okay kid?” He asks, prying thin shoulders up off the floor as he crouches beside him if only to give the kid an easier time at breathing. A shaking hand reaches up to fix glasses that have been knocked askew in his tumble, so much like Scientia that Nyx is given a glimpse of him in adorable miniature, and then he’s prattling on a mile a minute between huffing and puffing for breath.

He only needs to hear the words courtyard and accident and Prince to know why the kid’s just about signed his own admittance to the medical wing to find a Glaive (in training), hoisting the slight boy into his arms and taking off at a jog just the wrong side of leisurely to avoid funny looks by those he passes. Honestly – the King might as well quit beating around the bush and hire him as a babysitter already, with how often he goes to his son’s rescue.


He laughs. Hysterically. So hard that he has to wipe tears from his eyes and clutch at the stitch in his side, and then grab Ignis and hold him at arm’s length when the kid boots him square in the shin for the “audacity” (he’s seven, a kid his age shouldn’t know such a word for crap’s sake). There the Prince is, a tiny little speck twenty-seven floors up, curled up on the window frame of the office belonging to one infamously bad-tempered Clarus Amicitia. He’s almost tempted to shout up if Noctis is enjoying the view, but he’s not that much of an insensitive asshole, and Ignis is probably too young to appreciate sarcasm. He doesn’t want the kid busting into tears.

Okay. Time to act the hero, Nyx. You’ve got this. Just aim high and keep climbing. He shakes out his fingers, rolls out any tension in his shoulders, and slips one of the kukris from his belt. He holds it at an angle, lets his eyes glance along the blade as he lifts it higher, and higher again, looking for the perfect handhold to aim for. Finding it more than half the distance below Noctis isn’t great, far from it, but hey. The Marshal is always harping on about finding a lesson in even the small things. Good experience, right? Doesn’t matter that his muscles are screaming bloody murder, right?

On the plus side – if he goes splat on the ground at least they’d carve on his gravestone that he died in service to the Prince of Lucis.

“I’ll be back in a minute. Stay right here.”

“Where else –” The rest of the kid’s words are stolen by the electric-snap of magic bursting along his skin and through his bones, yanking him from here to that someplace other where gravity is non-existent and the general rules of physics don’t apply. And then he’s back at the Citadel again, blinking away the blue clouding his vision and holding onto his weapon for dear life, scrabbling along the brickwork with his free hand until he finds the gap and anchors himself to the wall. He ignores the temptation to look down, knowing full well that seeing any distance between his feet and the ground will make him upchuck in ways the merry hell of warping hasn’t succeeded in just yet. Another handhold to locate, another calculated toss of his blade, laughter because it’s the only thing keeping him from screaming at himself for this idiocy. Another warp, then another, and another, and another.


By the time he’s carefully easing his feet onto the windowsill and bracing his hands on the frame, he’s less concerned about the Prince accidentally kicking in the window and more worried that he’s about to paint the detailed glasswork with every meal he’s had in the past week. But he does his best to keep the queasiness from his face as he fixes Noctis with what he hopes is a cheery smile and oh so slowly inches his hand down to wiggle his fingers in front of the boy’s face.

“So. Wanna tell me how you wound up stuck up here?”

“I… uhm… I sneezed?”

He blinks once. Twice. Three times for good measure. Absolutely sure he didn’t hear that right, but Noctis is the picture of sincerity (and barely contained panic), and the absurdity of the entire situation almost has him laughing again.


Instead he grabs hold of the Prince’s arm quick as a striking snake, hoisting him up to balance on his hip and just as Noctis starts screaming, Nyx jumps from the windowsill and straight into what he sincerely hopes is his last warp for the rest of the bloody year.


Much to his despair, it isn’t his last one of the year. And accidental-warping-by-sneezing isn’t the worst predicament the young Prince lands himself in.

And the King never does hire him as a babysitter, but he somehow still ends up being the one who hauls Noctis and Ignis out of trouble. Every time.

And all before he reaches his seventeenth birthday.

Nevada ‘Papi’ Ramirez / Meeting Mia

Prequel to my Papi Nevada stories, Part 1 of 2.

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Nevada had been out drinking most of the night.
In fact, the two girls under his arms were mostly there in order to keep him walking straight. He was busy canoodling between them, making crude jokes and empty promises, until something much more fascinating came up…

“Get the fuck off'a me!”

A shrill female voice caught his attention, and he absently leaned further on the blonde under his right arm to try and take a peek at the commotion. Off in the near-distance, a silhouette of a small female in stilettos held onto the chain strap of her purse and went to hitting a much larger shadow with it. At first, he chuckled, it was always funny to see some asshole get punked by a woman.

Apparently the man involved did not find it so humorous. Nevada couldn’t hear what he had said, but both the girls holding him up gasped when the man gave the girl a sharp shove, sending her toppling over her own heels.

“AY-” Suddenly, a sort of sobriety found him, and Nevada abandoned his accompanying ladies to go intervene in the situation. “Aye chico, you don’t go shovin’ at lil mamis, the fuck’re you thinkin?” A sharp push to the stranger, and the smaller girl scrambled to try and get to her feet. 

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Pairing-Isaac x Annette

Word count-1,856

A/N- So, So sorry this took so long! This was requested back when I was doing the celebration for 1000 followers and now I’m what? 13 people away from 2000 followers. I do hope you enjoy this!

Request- Congrats on your milestone! You deserve each and everyone of those followers. I was hoping I could get a personal one shot with Isaac Lahey, when possible? I’d like it to be something sweet. Maybe where he discovers that I’m pregnant? Or where he asks me to marry him? Or where he tries to come up with an original date for our anniversary? Whatever you like most! My name is Annette, I’m helpful and understanding and also a little stubborn. Take your time to write it and most of all have fun!

Originally posted by artisticlahey

“Now come on don’t be like that” Isaac scolded when you tried to peak under the blindfold he had placed on you. You giggled and raised your hand in surrender before speaking, “sorry Isaac, I’m just curious” you said with a giggle. “Still” came Isaac’s soft voice over he him of the radio in the car, “no peaking”.

It had been several years since you and the pack had all graduated high school and gone on to separate collages, however, that did not diminish the closeness of the pack, you met up on every break, spend as much time as possible together and now, even now, five years later as marriages were taking place, jobs fulfilled and children thought about, the pack was close as ever.

You sighed softly and rolled down the window slightly, letting the fresh summer breeze blow through your hair.

“Annette” Isaac scolded when you tried to peel the blindfold away yet again. “I’m sorry Isaac! I can’t help it” you apologised, a sigh leaving your lips again.

“We’re here” Isaac said as he pulled up, turned off the car and taking the key out of the ignition. He quickly ran round to your side of the car and opened the door, helping you out as you were still blindfolded. “Careful” Isaac said softly, you could hear sticks and leaves crunching beneath your feet, letting you know you were in the woods.

“Isaac where are we?” You asked, your voice filled with confusion. Why would Isaac bring you to the woods?

“You’ll see in time” he replied, kissing your forehead.


You walked for a few more minutes before coming to a stop. “Okay, take of the blindfold” Isaac finally said, he had moved to stand in front of you and removed the blindfold slowly.

Your eyes took a few seconds to adjust to the light of the sunset and when they did, your mouth parted.

A large blanket sat on the grass, a wide open field, log grass just a little away where you could see Derek rubbing around with his little girl on his shoulders, she had recently turned two and everyone already loved her.

The blanket was filled with food and the rest of the pack stood around.

“Happy Anniversary baby” Isaac breathed, taking in the happiness on your face, he loved to see you happy.

“Isaac…” you trailed off, you knew how difficult it was to get everyone in one place at one time, so he must’ve worked hard to make she everyone, even Derek and Breaden, could be here for your birthday, and the other surprise Isaac had planned for later.

“Sure it was difficult to get everyone here at once but, I planned ahead of time” Isaac admitted when you pulled him into an embrace.

He keeps how important it was to you to be around your family, the pack was your family, so he wanted to do this when you were around them.

“I love you” you mumbled into his chest, all the nerves you had earlier about where was taking you and what was going to happen gone as everyone began to gather for dinner as the sun set. Lydia’s baby bump had fairly progressed, she and Stiles expecting their baby in a few weeks. She was telling you all about the outfits she had bought, they had found out the gender of the baby to be a girl and she was saying how ecstatic Stiles was to be having a little girl, his own baby girl.

“He said she’s not allowed to go on dates” Lydia giggled, “Not allowed to get a boyfriend either, but I'll speak to him when the time comes, still got a long, long time until those days are near” she added, causing a giggle from you. You weren’t paying full attention however, you were looking over her shoulder, Isaac was being tackled by Derek’s daughter, overdramatically falling to the ground and groaning.

“What about you and Isaac, got any plans for a little Lahey” she wiggled her eyebrows and you blushed. You wrung your hands together and swallowed, “Well, about that…” you trailed off, looking cautiously up at her to see her beaming. “No way!” she squealed, embracing you best she could with the fact you were both sitting down and she was eight months pregnant.

“Does he know? How far along are you? Who else knows?” she gushed, holding your hands in hers. “Just you, I haven’t even told Isaac yet, I plan on telling him tonight, fingers crossed, and I’m only six weeks, but I’m so exited already. I never even suspected being pregnant until two days ago, then I took the test and made a doctors appointment, they told me how far along  I was and I couldn’t believe I’ve gone six weeks without knowing I was pregnant ” you squealed along with her. “Morning sickness had been hard to conceal, I’m desperate to tell him” you admitted, running your fingers through your hair.

“What if he’s not ready” you pondered, a worried look coming into your face. “Annette” Lydia said sternly. “Look at everything Isaac had to go through, his whole life he was abused and hurt, he wants to right the wrongs of his father with his own child, Isaac is going to love this child and you no matter what, okay? Speaking of the devil, here he comes” she said, attempting to stand up and failing due to her large stomach.

Isaac chuckled and grasped her hands, pulling her up to her feet as you giggled, standing up next to her and hugging her once again.

Isaac waited until you two pulled apart and Lydia stepped away to turn off the music that was playing softy in the background.

“I would like everyone’s attention please” he spoke loudly, everyone turning to look at the two of you. He took your hands in his and took a few deep breaths. “Annette, my love. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever met in my whole life, inside and out. You are the kindest and most loving person I have ever had in my life. Sure you can be stubborn but it’s part of you, and I love every part of you. Which is why I’m going to ask you this”

He bent down on one knee and pulled a velvet box out of his pocket, opening it carefully to show a beautiful ring.

Your hands went over your mouth in shock.

“Would you do me the honours of becoming Mrs Lahey, and staying with me for the rest of our lives” he asked, his voice unsure, his eyes full of hope. “Yes Isaac!  Yes!!” you exclaimed, tears running down your cheeks as she slipped the ring on your finger and embraced you tightly.  

He reached over and turned the music back on, everyone beginning to dance softly to the slow song that played through the radio.

You leaned in and stood on your tiptoes to whisper in his ear. “Maybe we could hold off the wedding for a while, I’d quite like out baby to be there” you lulled softly, feeling him freeze up and watching his eyes widen. “You-You’re pregnant” he said quietly, using his werewolf abilities to enhance his hearing to see whether or not you were lying and instead of your heart skipping a beat, he heard two heartbeats, yours and the actual heartbeat of his baby.

“Oh my god” he whispered, his eyes filling with tears. “I’m gonna be a dad” he squeaked. “I’m gonna be a dad” he said louder, this time everyone hearing him and turning around. He turned to look at everyone, smiling wider than they’d ever thought the broken boy who’s father beat him relentlessly would ever be able to muster, boy had they been wrong.

When they met his several long years ago, he was broken, but you, you came into his life and you put him back together, you fixed him.

“I’m gonna be a dad” he exclaimed to everyone, everyone whooping and cheering and coming to congratulate the two of you.

“I love you so much” he gushed, his hand laced into yours on the drive home. “And I love our child, I swear to be the father I never got to have, I’ll be nothing like he was I promise” Isaac swore, his face deadly serious. “Isaac, love, I know. You’re nothing like him and you never will be, okay? You’re going to be an excellent dad, I know it” you told him, smiling at him.

He took his eyes off the road for only a second to look at you as the light was red, admiring your beauty. Though his eyes seemed stuck to you, frozen in time until the car behind beeped and Isaac realised the light had tuned green. “Oops” he mumbled under his breath and began driving again.

You giggled and sighed contently. “I love you too Isaac, and our baby” you added, watching the smile break onto his face once again. “Our baby will be so lucky, growing up in a family like ours, with us and the pack. He or she will never be judged or held back from anything that their heart desires, unless we have a daughter and she wants a boyfriend of course” Isaac spoke, deadly serious.

“Isaac…” you warned, raising your eyebrows at him. “Annette, no daughter of mine will be dating, seeing boys, talking to boys, looking at boys, touching boys, being anywhere near boys until she is at least twenty five.” he finished, before back adding, “Unless she is into girls, in which case she will still not be allowed to date, girls however she can have in her room because they cannot get her pregnant, though, if I have a baby girl, she is not allowed to date, she has to stay my baby forever” he stated simply and you shook your head at him.

“And if we have a son, he will be raised to be respectful to woman, I don’t ever, ever, want any boy of mine mistreating anyone, I’d die before any child of mine ended up like my father” Isaac shuddered at the thought. “Either way, boy or girl, our child will be loved and brought up with love and compassion, they’ll know how loved they are and they’ll be taught to respect other, but not to take shit from anyone and if anyone hurts them, they go to uncle Derek who wont hesitate to snap a neck or two” You joked, causing a laugh from Isaac.

“You’re gonna be such a great mom too you know” he sighed contently as he pulled into the driveway. You smiled and turned to Isaac, grabbing two water bottles from the backseat, you gave one to him and held one yourself.

Isaac raised his eyebrows at you and you laughed. “A cheers to us, new parents and new beginnings” you announced, all with a smile out your lips. “I’ll drink to that” Isaac commented and took a long swig of water, this was going to be great fun.

[Wisteria Festival] Mikejima Madara’s event courses

It’s not very important, but Madara and Anzu’s interactions were so cute, I just had to record the whole thing somewhere so I can read it whenever I want

★ ★  Slasher Mama 1/3

Anzu-saaaan! Ooi, Anzu-saaaaaaan!

Yahoooo☆ Anzu-saaaa… Oh, you finally looked this way!

Hahaha! I called out to you with the loudest voice I could muster, but you just wouldn’t notice.

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How the Story Ends || Puck & Oberon

There were days since the fall of Hollow Earth when Oberon wondered why he bothered.  The thoughts shamed him…but he thought them all the same.  Was he so easily broken?  Had be become so soft?  That a mere six months alone in the Upper Realm was enough to make him crack?  Granted, it wasn’t just the loneliness…there were the night terrors…the ones he woke from but could never remember.  And his one, single memory of Titania dead in his arms, her blood seeping into the fabric of his clothes.  For all the king knew, his entire court was dead, and Hollow Earth was nothing but a memory.  

But Oberon still held out hope for one individual in particular, one Fae who had reason to survive…Puck.  In a fit of anger, the king had banished his friend shortly after officially closing the Gates.  The man had become insufferable - not taking well to the perceived confinement Oberon insisted upon.  And the king had told the prankster that if he liked the humans so much he could simply live with them instead.  Then he’d stolen his friend’s memories and kicked him out of the nearest gate.  Eventually he’d calmed down…journeyed into the Upper Realm to give Puck’s memories a little coaxing…but only enough to give the man a chance to come back when and if he was ever ready to rejoin the Court.

Although the king did not know exactly how many of his memories were missing, he held out hope that Puck had somehow managed to avoid whatever fate had befallen the others.  Maybe his friend was still out there somewhere…still enjoying his human existence…Hollow Earth but a distant memory.  Oberon honestly hoped that was the case - hoped that somehow his temper tantrum had saved the other man’s life.  

Today, as on many days, Oberon worked in his garden.  It was simple work, but in many ways it made the king feel more connected to a world that had all but forgotten he existed.  When he was down in the dirt, surrounded by growing and living things, it made him feel…useful.  Puck was often on his mind, so when the Fae felt the first tickle of familiar magic he ignored it.  It wasn’t real, he told himself - just a fragment of memory manifesting itself.  But then he felt it again…stronger this time…closer.  The king stopped what he was doing and simply sat there straight and still, kneeling in the dirt, sure that any moment now he’d wake up in his bed.  But he didn’t wake…and the magic grew closer still.  Oberon wanted to stand…to race towards that feeling as fast as he could…but fear and doubt held him in place…simply waiting for whatever happened next.

The Neighbourhood sentence starters
  • "I'd like to be proud, but somehow I'm ashamed."
  • "Everybody's talking, but what's anybody saying?"
  • "Put me in the dirt, let me dream with the stars."
  • "I was naive and hopeful and lost."
  • "R.I.P. to my youth."
  • "If I told you that I loved you, tell me, what would you say?"
  • "If I told you that I hated you, would you go away?"
  • "Now I need your help with everything that I do."
  • "I don't want to lie, I've been relying on you."
  • "You can throw me shade, all it does is just cool me off."
  • "First it just threw me off, now I'm just moving on."
  • "I've been callin' you 'friend', I might need to give it up."
  • "I can admit, I am not fireproof."
  • "I hope I don't burden you."
  • "I tried to be someone."
  • "If I had done something a little bit differently, we would've moved in a better direction than this."
  • "You say that you love me, but you act like you don't."
  • "You used to adore me."
  • "You put me in harm's way."
  • "When we had our first kiss it was your favorite thing."
  • "You weren't lying when you said it would sting."
  • "Imagine our children; how fucked would they be?"
  • "Mommy's a psycho, daddy lives in a dream."
  • "Don't take this the wrong way."
  • "I thought that I loved you, but we weren't in love."
  • "You were my dream."
  • "So sorry, but your lady's with me."
  • "So shitty to be you right now, soon you will see pictures of us kissing on the mouth."
  • "I hate her new boyfriend."
  • "I don't wanna be forgotten."
  • "I'm fake and I don't get offended."
  • "You ended up with gold, but it started as a dream."
  • "I used to be broke, now there's money in my jeans."
  • "I want you to touch me there."
  • "Darling, your looks can kill, so now you’re dead."
  • "If I made it too hard for you maybe you should've changed it."
  • "I hope you find a way to be yourself someday."
  • "Change can be amazing."
  • "I pray for the best for you."
  • "Why’d you stick around, why’d you stay with me?"
  • "I couldn’t save it."
  • "I wish you could be honest with me."
  • "I am the chosen one."
  • "I could change all your minds."
  • "This is the one they won't forget."
  • "I want to be bad, I want to destroy you."
  • "I want the attention, I want all the cash, I want all the ass; is it too much to ask?"
  • "I get what I want."
  • "You think I'm a fake and I know you're a fraud."
  • "I'll fucking digest you, one kiss at a time."
  • "You wish I was yours and I hope that you're mine."
  • "You need to get off my mind."
  • "I'm never satisfied, it's never good enough."
  • "I knew it was wrong, but I thought about you still."
  • "I'm paranoid, I hate to sleep alone."
  • "I try my best, no matter what it's like I'm always wrong."
  • "I just need some peace of mind."
  • "I'm never the same, I change every week."
  • "I would ask for advice, but I just do what I like."
  • "I smoke cause I'm stressed, I try to get high, but it gets me depressed, I'm just tryna get by."
  • "I've got no man to follow."
  • "And I know that I'm shallow, but why shouldn't I be?"
  • "Trouble being alone, I've been losing my mind."
  • "I don't want any trouble, it just chooses to find me."
  • "I feel like you're worth it."
  • "We're made to love, but you're dangerous."
  • "I'll tell my friends about my fast life because they know me from my past life."
  • "I can't wait 'till you're back to California."
  • "I know a couple girls like you."
  • "I hope we can go round two, 'cause you know I wanna do it again."
  • "Being away from her, it makes me hurt, it makes me sad."
  • "I'll try to find another way, to make it work."
  • "I know what to say that will make you hurt."
  • "I can't even believe what you did to me."
  • "You can't even say I'm overreacting."
  • "Did I even ever cross your mind?"
  • "What the fuck am I supposed to do about you and I?"
  • "Fuck that guy, happy I don't know his name."
  • "My love never seems to come out right."
  • "I still love you even though you’re a fucking cunt douchebag."
  • "I’m sure you feel the same about me but, whatever, that’s it."
  • "I've seen it a million times."
  • "Everybody else so basic, stop tryin', please stay home."
  • "We got signed to a label and we infected the internet."
  • "I'm my own worst enemy."
  • "You were crazy, but I miss you."
  • "Now we're a little bit famous and I think I might hate it."
  • "I think I found hell."
  • "Don't tell them anything."
  • "You fooled me from the start when you let me start to love you."
  • "I'm leaving tonight, I'll be gone in the morning."
  • "I can't love her no more."
  • "She had all my trust, and I guess that was never enough."
  • "I want the world in my hands."
  • "Let's have an adventure."
  • "I don't mind if there's not much to say."
  • "We talked about making it - I'm sorry that you never made it."
  • "You knew the game and played it."
  • "Mr. know it all, had his reign and his fall."
  • "I'm having trouble in believing."
  • "How could you tell me that I'm great when they chew me up, spit me out, pissed on me?"
  • "When I wake up I’m afraid, somebody else might take my place."
  • "All my friends always lie to me."
  • "You’re too mean, I don’t like you, fuck you anyway."
  • "You make me wanna scream at the top of my lungs."
  • "I’m afraid somebody else might end up being me."
  • "I told you I would tell you everything you want to know."
  • "Everybody's watching me."
  • "I try to be as subtle as I can."
  • "It looks like you were right again."
  • "I'm from a little city with expensive taste."
  • "Shouldn't try to fix it if it keeps getting better."
  • "I wasn't listening at all."
  • "We were young, skinny dipping, having fun, I remember."
  • "And we all grew up, shit got tough."
  • "What a mistake, saying the way I felt."
  • "I was scared as fuck and out of touch, and I was still testing my luck."
  • "I guess there's something wrong inside."
  • "Maybe you're right, maybe this is all that I can be."
  • "But what if it's you, and it wasn't me?"
  • "What do you want from me?"
  • "She planned ahead for a year."
  • "I fell in love today."
  • "There aren't any words that you can say that could ever get my mind to change."
  • "You're a doll, you are flawless."
  • "I just can't wait for love to destroy us."
  • "You better not leave me."
  • "No food to eat, all the money's been wasted from last week."
  • "Some part of me feels a little bit naked and empty."
  • "I still believe something is out there."
  • "All I'll ever be is partly settled in."
  • "They show you how to swim, then they throw you in the deep end."
  • "Float away, then come right back to me."
Writing prompts

Okay so these aren’t originally mine but I couldn’t find a way to reblog them on my phone so…send me a character?


1. “Is that what you’re doing? Trying to make me to hate you?”
2. “I’ve been in love with you my entire life.”
3. “I’m not happy here.”
4. “If he’s going to treat you like shit I’m going to kick his ass.”
5. “I just want to cuddle and watch Friends.”
6. “You’re hiding something from me.”
7. “If I die, I’m going to haunt your ass.”
8. “I want my best friend back.”
9. “You better have a good reason for waking me up at the ass-crack of dawn.”
10. “I don’t know what I did to deserve you.”
11. “A wedding?”
12. “I just want to be alone right now.”
13. “Don’t you dare to ever do that again!”
14. “Where would someone hide in a town like this?”
15. “If I ever see you anywhere near her, you’ll have to deal with me!”
16. “I thought you were a dream come true.”
17. “Everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy.”
18. “I came here to explain what happened, and I’m not leaving until you listen.”
19. “I made a mistake.”
20. “H-How long have you been standing there?”
21. “You can’t break my heart like this!”
22. “I wasn’t going to wait around for you forever.”
23. “The skirt is supposed to be this short.”
24. “I’ve moved on.”
25. “This is why you don’t ever have any shirts to wear.”
26. “Run, and don’t ever look back.”
27. “The three seconds rule doesn’t apply to sticky foods.”
28. “I think I’m in love with you, and I’m terrified.”
29. “Please, don’t give up on me.”
30. “When are you going to realize that I don’t care?”
31. “I may be an idiot but I’m your idiot.”
32. “When you love someone, you just don’t stop. Ever. Even when people roll their eyes or call you crazy… even then. Specially then!”
33. “Fuck…I feel I’ve been hit by a car.”
34. “Those things you said yesterday… Did you mean them?”
35. “I know that you have reached a decision, but given that it is a stupid ass decision I have elected to ignore it”
36. “i;m tired of being your secret.”
37. “They always make shower sex sound so appealing, but honestly it seems quite dangerous.”
38. “Do you ever think if people heard our conversations they’d lock us up?”
39. “Let me tell you exactly where in hell you can go.”
40.“Who gave you that black eye?!”
41. “After everything you did, you’re asking ME to apologize for snapping at you ONCE?”
42. “I miss her so damn much, and it’s killing me that she’s gone!”
43. “What the hell are you doing here?! I told you I never wanted to see you again!”
44. “It must be hard with your sense of direction, never being able to find your way to a decent pickup line.”
45. “Are you drunk?”
46. “I’m sorry, what were you saying? I keep getting lost in your eyes”
47. “You got her pregnant?! What were you thinking?”
48. “It’s OK baby, I’m here for you.”
49. “You say the nastiest things when you’re angry, so yes, I’m walking away from you now.
50. “I’m starting an idiot jar. Any time you do or say anything idiotic, you have to put at least a dollar in it—more depending on how stupid the thing that you said or did was.”
51. “My parents asked about you.”
52.“Oh, gosh, you’ve insulted me! What ever shall I do? I’ll be mentally and emotionally scared for years!”
53. “You haven’t even touched your food. What’s going on?”
54. “Do you need me to get anything from the store?”
55. “They say I’m in here because I’m crazy, I think I’m crazy because I’m in here.”
56. “You’re hurting me, let me go.”
57. “If you don’t want to talk about what happened, then say so. Don’t just lie and say it’s fine.”
58. “I was going to kiss him, but then my friend texted me about going to Taco Bell, and, well, there’s this cashier that works there who is way cuter, so I bailed on the rest of the date.”
59. “Don’t say you love me.”
60. “It’s a hobby of mine to prove you wrong.”

american beauty / american psycho lyrics meme.
  • ❝I just follow your scent.❞
  • ❝All of your flaws are aligned with this mood of mine.❞
  • ❝I didn't come for a fight but I will fight til the end.❞
  • ❝I'm gonna get you to burst just like you were a bubble.❞
  • ❝And I love the way you hurt me.❞
  • ❝I breathe you in, but honey I don't know what you're doing to me.❞
  • ❝But I'm no good, good at lip service except when they're yours, mi amore.❞
  • ❝I think I fell in love again.❞
  • ❝Maybe I just took too much cough medicine.❞
  • ❝I'm the best worst thing that hasn't happened to you yet.❞
  • ❝You take the full, full truth, then you pour some out.❞
  • ❝And you can kill me, kill me or let God sort ‘em out.❞
  • ❝I wish I dreamt in the shape of your mouth, but it's your thread count I really care about -- stay up 'til the lights go out.❞
  • ❝And as we're drifting off to sleep all those dirty thoughts of me.❞
  • ❝They were never yours to keep.❞
  • ❝We’re the things that love destroys.❞
  • ❝But you will remember me, remember me for centuries.❞
  • ❝And just one mistake is all it will take.❞
  • ❝-- no, it's nothing wrong with me.❞
  • ❝The kids are all wrong, the story's all off.❞
  • ❝The darkness that you felt I never meant for you to fix yourself.❞
  • ❝Come on, come on and let me in.❞
  • ❝And I can't stop 'til the whole world knows my name.❞
  • ❝You look so pretty, but you're gone so soon.❞
  • ❝We've been here forever.❞
  • ❝We'll go down in history.❞
  • ❝-- bad trip, I couldn’t get off.❞
  • ❝Maybe I bit off more than I could chew.❞
  • ❝I always fall from your window to the pitch black streets.❞
  • ❝And in the end I’d do it all again.❞
  • ❝I think you’re my best friend.❞
  • ❝I’m not passive, but aggressive.❞
  • ❝And it’s our time now if you want it to be.❞
  • ❝I can move mountains, I can work a miracle.❞
  • ❝She wants to dance like Uma Thurman.❞
  • ❝Bury me till I confess.❞
  • ❝And I can’t get you out of my head.❞
  • ❝And I slept in last night’s clothes and tomorrow’s dreams.❞
  • ❝They’re not quite what they seem.❞
  • ❝I got those jet pack blues.❞
  • ❝I’m the last one that you’ll ever remember.❞
  • ❝And I’m trying to find my peace of mind.❞
  • ❝The ringing in my ears gets violent.❞
  • ❝Did you ever love her? Do you know?❞
  • ❝-- or did you never want to be alone?❞
  • ❝Don’t you remember how we used to split a drink?❞
  • ❝I will always land on you like a sucker punch.❞
  • ❝I am your worst, I am your worst nightmare.❞
  • ❝If you knew, knew what the bluebirds sang at you, you would never sing along.❞
  • ❝Now I’m just numb.❞
  • ❝Don't mind me, I’m just a son of a gun.❞
  • ❝I’m just a problem that doesn’t want to be solved.❞
  • ❝I’m still afraid the battle’s gonna swallow me whole.❞
  • ❝I feel like a photo that’s been over-exposed.❞
  • ❝-- I don’t feel a thing for you.❞
  • ❝You and I were fire.❞
  • ❝It was the fourth of July.❞
  • ❝I'll be as honest as you let me.❞
  • ❝I miss your early morning company.❞
  • ❝You are my favorite 'what if'.❞
  • ❝Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean any of it.❞
  • ❝But I guess you'll never know where the bridges I have burned never led back home.❞
  • ❝Had my doubts, but I let them out.❞
  • ❝And all my thoughts of you they could heat or cool the room.❞
  • ❝And no, don't tell me you're crying.❞
  • ❝Oh, honey, you don't have to lie.❞
  • ❝I just got too lonely.❞
  • ❝I wish I'd known how much you loved me.❞
  • ❝I wish I cared enough to know.❞
  • ❝I'm sorry every song's about you.❞
  • ❝-- do you remember when we drove through the night and we danced to Rancid?❞
  • ❝You were the song stuck in my head.❞
  • ❝And I can’t, I can’t remember -- just how to forget.❞
  • ❝You asked me how I’m doing like you know -- you know how much better off I am.❞
  • ❝Every song I've ever loved played again and again and again.❞
  • ❝They say we are what we are, but we don't have to be.❞
  • ❝I'm bad behavior but I do it in the best way.❞
  • ❝I'll be the guard dog of all your fever dreams.❞
  • ❝I am the sand in the bottom half of the hourglass.❞
  • ❝I try to picture me without you but I can't.❞
  • ❝'Cause we could be immortals.❞
  • ❝Sometimes the only pay off for having any faith, is when it's tested again and again everyday.❞
  • ❝I'm still comparing your past to my future.❞
  • ❝It might be your wound but they're my sutures.❞
  • ❝Live with me forever now, pull the blackout curtains down, just not for long.❞
  • ❝There's a room in a hotel in New York City.❞
  • ❝I don't want to remember it all, the promises I made if you just... hold on.❞
  • ❝I just need enough of you to dull the pain.❞
  • ❝I need a new partner in crime.❞
  • ❝I wanna throw my hands in the air and scream.❞
  • ❝And I can just die laughing on your spiral of shame.❞
  • ❝Hit it, never quit it, I have been through the wreck.❞
  • ❝We're stripped down to the skeletons again.❞
  • ❝We're saints just swimming in our sins again.❞

sinisterwinterchild  asked:

How would your Bucky react to Steve being de-serumed? There are a ton of reactions-definitely body worship-but I imagine the aftermath with the avengers banging on his door like "Barnes we need to change him back" and Bucky just being like "fuck off I'm keeping him this way for at least a month" and all the while Steve is making loud high pitched breathy moans until it breaks off into a scream and the avengers scrambling away because they don't want to hear more.

i tried to write this last year! i didn’t finish it, though, but would you like to see it anyway

“Don’t look at me that way,” Steve says, sour, when Bucky comes in through the door.

Bucky leans against the wall. He doesn’t say anything; only stands there.

“Shut your mouth,” Steve says, but his voice comes out a little hoarse. “Flies are gonna get in.”

“Stevie,” Buck manages, and it rocks Steve all the way down to his toes. His voice is all wrong, too. “Stevie, c’mere.”

Steve’s not used to this anymore, somehow. He expects to be taller when he stands and he isn’t. The dull pain is the only thing that’s really familiar. His center of gravity is all off and he wants to cross his arms over his skinny chest. He doesn’t. “Stark said it’s any easy fix. Gonna wear off soon.” Buck’s still staring. Steve can’t take it. “Jesus, will you say something?”

Steve has to look up to see into his eyes. What a weird novelty. Bucky closes the distance and cups his hands around Steve’s face. His eyes are searching and dark. “Stevie,” he repeats. “God, all I can think is…” 


“Must’ve lost it for real this time,” Bucky murmurs.

“Buck,” Steve says, and his heart hurts. He puts his hands, long fingers, all bony, over Bucky’s. “Bucky, hey, no. I’ll get out of here if it’s too much. I know it’s —“

“Shut up,” Bucky tells him. “Jesus Christ, look at you. I forgot…” His eyes are distant, and it makes Steve nervous, but he doesn’t move away when Buck starts to touch him, cupping his neck, studying his hands. “What hurts?” he asks. “Stevie, what hurts? Tell me, let me help, I know it’s gotta…”

“It’s not so bad.”

“You’re alright?”

“I said on the phone —“

“Quit lying —“

“It’s fine, I told you,” Steve repeats. “Buck, look at me.”

“Can’t,” Bucky says, very simply. He’s got Steve’s hands in his own, and he’s looking there. There’s a smile at the corner of his mouth, and he looks up anyway. His eyebrows are drawn, but something about his face is happy. Steve doesn’t like to see him so conflicted. “Steve. Stevie. I love — Stevie, you know, don’t you?”

“Yes, of course,” says Steve, automatically, but also because it’s true. “Buck, what’s going on?”

It’s kind of a stupid question, Steve knows, but Bucky just looks down at him. Steve reaches up and pushes his hair back behind his ear for an excuse to keep touching him.

“We’re two lucky sons of bitches,” Bucky finally says. “We’re the two luckiest sons of bitches on planet Earth, I swear to God. Look at you. Look what I got. I haven’t done shit to deserve you, and look what I got.”

“Buck —“

“No, shut up a minute. Listen.” He’s serious. “I don’t know why the chips fell this way but I’m glad they did. I love you, small like this or the size of a tree; however, I don’t care. Stevie, God damn, I love you.”

Steve’s never heard him say it that much in one sentence; Steve doesn’t know if he’s ever really heard him say it at all. And then Bucky’s kissing him, and so he doesn’t have to come up with a reply. He fists his hands in Bucky’s t-shirt, pulls it all out of shape. Bucky’s whole body bends over him. Steve feels very loved and very small. For the first time maybe ever he doesn’t hate the latter.

“You’re beautiful,” Bucky tells him, and presses his mouth sweet and open all over Steve’s jaw. He sounds drunk. “S’been a long time since I touched you like this, it’s been so long, Steve. Can I? Stevie, can I?”

“Yeah,” Steve breathes.  

and then this line, at some point, later:

“This was your big plan all along, wasn’t it?” Bucky murmurs, laughing. “You just wanted some dick, and you thought, what’s a surefire way —“

“Shut up,” Steve groans. “Barnes, Jesus God.”

I'll heal the hole in your heart - chapter 2/?

Chapter 2/?

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A/N: Warnings and other informations are to be found in chapter 1.

Summary about chapter 2: (They’re 14-15 years old) Dan and Phil have to go on a school trip with all their classmates. Dan starts feeling bad at night and Phil has to help him.

Words: 5.936

I’ll heal the hole in your heartchapter 2

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anonymous asked:

OK but what if Jasper realized she had feelings for eye and just got really scared? Because she's only just started to learn how to love herself, and doesn't see how anyone could like the real, non-perfect quartz side of her.

I could see her shutting down around Eye. After doing so many awful things, after being trapped beneath the ocean with Lapis, after being corrupted … She wouldn’t be able to process growing, intimate feelings for another gem.

She would seem to revert back to her old self. Aggressive, uncaring, short-tempered. Eye would think it’s just something she’s going through in general, until she sees that … Jasper doesn’t act that way around anyone else. Not even around the other rubies. Eye wasn’t doing anything different, and yet Jasper was so brash toward her. That realization would crush her.

If Steven asked her why she was being like that with Eye, Jasper would straight-up ignore the question.

At some point, it would cave in on her. Eye would approach her when she’s sitting out in the field, alone, and she wouldn’t have any excuse to avoid her.

“Jasper … Just tell me what I did. Tell me what I did wrong so I can fix it!”

NOTHING!” The quartz roared, sending a shiver of fear down the ruby’s spine. She was only hurting herself. Everytime she snapped at her, seeing her scared and hurt, just made herself feel worse. “You didn’t do … anything.” She whispered.

“Th … then why are you …..” Eye tried to ask, but she couldn’t bring herself to. Jasper interrupted her anyway.

“Why do you admire me so much?” The pain was audible in her voice.

“… Why wouldn’t I admire you?” Eye perked up. A question she could actually answer with confidence. “You’re so strong. You’re determined to complete a mission or get what you want no matter what the cost. Jasper, you’re the greatest quartz to ever live!”

Jasper’s hair shadowed her face, but her grin shone through. “Greatest quartz? … Heh.” She tilted her head back and broke out into a strange kind of laughter. Her hand covered her eyes, but the ruby swore she saw a tear drip off her chin. She didn’t know what to make of her.

“I’m nothing.” Jasper spoke after some time. “I’m not the greatest. I’m not anything.” She looked down at an ant in the grass; how small it was, how it tried so hard, yet remained so insignificant. “I’m nothing.”

Eye had seen many things in her long life. Nothing surprised her anymore. But the strongest soldier homeworld ever made believing that she was nothing? She couldn’t believe it.

She sat down beside Jasper, bringing her knees up to her chest. When Jasper turned her attention away from the ant and toward her, she noticed something. How small she was. How she tried so hard. How significant.

“Well … If you’re really nothing …..” Eye murmured, tilting her head up to meet her gaze. “Then why am I out here wondering if you hate me?”

Jasper grew silent. Every instinct she had made her want to push Eye away. Because she was right. But Jasper didn’t want to accept that she was anything but horrible. It just felt right to go on knowing she was awful, to keep acting like she was awful.

Jasper always thought she might be bad, now she knew it was true. Because she was so good, and she was nothing like her.

“I don’t hate you.”

Maybe she could even learn how to love like her.

aqua-kid  asked:

Im trying so hard to be a good person but fucking m u t u a l a b u s e. R e a l l y. U can like Jasper and admit she was abusive to Lapis lmao. :^) the next person that calls their relationship "mutual abuse" is getting punched into the ocean. :^)

((let me know if this isn’t okay to post, but i feel really strongly on this too. also wow…this got long…))

yeah exactly!! i feel the same way my dude. i really don’t have a beef with people who like jasper. like i get it, she’s a villain with a cool design and some of yall want her to step on you. it’s totally fine to be a fan of jasper, the problem only arises when people try to defend or excuse her actions instead of just saying “yeah, jasper abused lapis. i recognize that, and i still enjoy her as a character/hope she might get redeemed.” instead people are reaching so hard they injure their shoulders and pulling out every excuse under the sun to say that jasper is a good person, or that lapis was the abuser, or that they both abused each other. that just leaves a disgusting taste in my mouth, like they aren’t even willing to acknowledge that a character they idolize could have done something wrong. that’s so immature and childish, IMO.

there’s also the fact that “mutual abuse”, “two way abuse” and anything else you want to call it, doesn’t exist. it is not real. here’s some quotes about mutual abuse, from websites, etc. designed to help real life people recognize and escape abuse. bolded lines emphasized by me. “But the truth is, true mutual abuse is extremely rare—many experts don’t even believe it exists. And perpetuating the myth of mutual abuse is at best irresponsible and at worst dangerous.To say partners are mutually abusive or equal in abuse puts undue blame on the survivor… Acting in self-defense is sometimes mistaken for mutual abuse by outsiders.”  “The excuse of “mutual abuse” also allows the abusive partner to shift blame…One way to recognize the difference between an abuser and the person they’re hurting is the willingness to seek change. Admitting to unhealthy or abusive behavior, committing to stopping, reaching out for help and asking about the process of change are things that abusive people rarely do.” 

^ this one is particularly significant. in alone at sea, lapis talked about the bad things she’d done, such as stealing the ocean and breaking greg’s leg, showed remorse, and apologized. jasper didn’t do any of these things and didn’t even acknowledge her abuse towards lapis, instead trying to blame it on her.  “ The idea that lesbian couples are “mutually abusive” is one of the myths most dangerous to victims. It colludes with what an abusive woman is already telling her partner – that the violence is the responsibility of the victim. Abusive persons have an uncanny ability to frame themselves with charm and certainty as the true victims, and they pull others into that fraudulent reality. Without proper investigation, attempts to regain stolen power (self defensive behaviors) on the part of survivors can appear “mutually abusive.” But when a victim seeks help and is told that she is in any way (even equally) responsible for the violence, she hears that the abuser is right. The message is that she is to blame, therefore has the power to fix the violence, and she returns to her critical self-dissection which is encouraged by her partner. This keeps her more deeply trapped in the relationship, and consequently increases the risk of lethality. In addition, telling an abusive woman that her partner is equally abusive releases the abuser from responsibility, and eliminates any hope for accountability. She believes not only that she need do nothing to improve her behaviors, but also her sense of herself as victim is fortified.

^ sorry this one is so long, i didn’t cut any of it, but i felt it was important to include all of it because it fits jasper and lapis exactly. jasper blames malachite’s problems on lapis, making it seem as though lapis is the violent, monstrous force that jasper keeps a handle on. “i’m the only one who can handle your kind of power!” all of what this last paragraph says describes jasper to a T. she hasn’t acknowledged any of what she did to force lapis to fuse with her, and continued the same behavior, showing that she hasn’t changed in that regard. the part about the victim believing she can change the violence is also significant- “it can be better this time! you’ve changed me!” 

edit: the part with “attempts to regain stolen power (self defensive behaviors) on the part of survivors can appear ‘mutually abusive’” is also really important since a LOT of people have been claiming for a long-ass time that lapis trapping jasper in a fusion was abuse. it was not abuse- lapis was exercising the only means of control she had over the situation. jasper took power from her by forcing her to fuse, so lapis tried to take her power back by dictating how long they would be in that fusion. this doesn’t mean that lapis was right to do that, but it does mean that it was not abuse towards jasper, but self defense. and as i said earlier, lapis has since talked about this and acknowledged that it was wrong of her to do so. so jaspis shippers and jasper stans need to stop using that as an excuse.

jesus christo this is really long, sorry ryan for making your ask into this monster of a post. i hope this is helpful to some people tho, that it helps explain why people are so vocal about jaspis, and why it’s so dangerous to ship it or falsely claim mutual abuse even if it’s “just a cartoon”.

have a good day yall ^^

anonymous asked:

ive seen a lot of 'Dex knows ASL' headcanons going around recently so i thought: dex w/ anxiety who goes non-verbal when he's too stressed or anxious. then he gets more stressed or anxious that he can't communicate because no one else knows ASL, so it just gets worse. at one point he mentions it to nursey, who decides to privately learn ASL so he can talk to dex even when hes stressed out

Yes!!!  Omigosh, I’ve been trying to think of a “Dex knows ASL” headcanon since I saw a post about it, and this is perfect!!!


Like, imagine:  Before a big game Dex is stressing.  He’ s worried he’ll lose them the game, and everyone will be disappointed, and he has an exam tomorrow, and he’s so tired, and he’s worried he’s falling behind in class because he keeps missing it for hockey and and - its all too much.  

And someone asks him if he’s okay, and he can’t talk.  He’s so nervous and anxious that it feels like his throat is closing in on itself.  And without thinking he starts signing, because he used to do that with his Nanna when he was little and this happened, and she knew ASL because her late husband was deaf.  (his whole family knows it, but he’s more comfortable with her). 

And no one understands what is going on.  And he gets more anxious and just nods at them and walks away and everyone is trying to work it out.  And he feels like he can’t breath so he goes outside and runs into Nursey.  And he does not NEED this right now, so he just walks past him.  Or tries to.  Nursey notices he looks kinda panicked, so he asks him if he’s okay, and Dex signs something to him without really thinking.  Then he realizes what he did AGAIN, and gets more embarrassed, and walks passed Nursey to get outside, and this time Nursey lets him go.

But he didn’t have to worry.  They win the game, and everyone is happy, but their all worried about Dex, especially Nursey.  They decide not to have a party that night because so many people on the team have exams the next day, so they put it off until the weekend.

And Dex’s exam goes really well.  And he finds out he isn’t falling behind in class.  And when they have the party at the Haus he’s so relieved to be over all of that, and he gets drunk.  He ends up sitting on the couch with Nursey for a while, who, surprisingly, hasn’t been drinking much tonight.  Nursey and Dex get talking, actually talking, not arguing, and Nursey asks him about before the last game, and if he was okay.  And Dex just says “Sorta, not really, that’s why I was signing”.  And Nursey’s  really surprised that Dex knows ASL and Dex can tell, so he explains that he knows it cos his Grandfather was deaf, and he started using it when he was too anxious to talk.  Nursey tells him that makes sense, and Dex laughs at him, before passing out drunk.  

And the next day, he has no memory of the conversation.  But Nursey remembers it, and does his best to start learning ASL through DVDs, online videos, and classes.

A few weeks later they have a big match.  If they win this, they could be into the Frozen Four, and Ransom and Holster have mentioned to Dex to work on his passing, so now he’s worried about the game, letting the team down, and his passing.  Before the game he’s pacing the hallway and getting more and more anxious by the second.  The team find him there and ask if he’s okay, but he can’t talk.  At all.  Without even realizing it, he starts signing to them, and suddenly embarrassed, he turns to leave.  He suddenly feels a hand on his shoulder and turns to find Nursey smiling at him.  

“Could you maybe go a little slower Dex?  I can’t understand that fast!”

And Dex is so surprised!  Nursey knows ASL???  He didn’t know it last time.  Did he?  Confused, he signs “I’m stressed about the game.  What if I mess up???”.  He doesn’t really expect a response, or for Nursey to understand, so he’s surprised when Nursey shoos the rest of the team away “Chowder for realz, I got this.  Chill man”, before hugging him and saying “you won’t mess up.  You’re a really good player.  Trust me man”.

And Dex is really surprised by all of this.  So he pulls back from the hug and signs “You understand ASL?”, and is even more surprised by Nursey’s embarrassed look.  “There’s no need to be embarrassed man” Dex signs “I know it cos my Grandfather was deaf”

“Yeah, Dex you mentioned that at the party.  And you said you sign when you get nervous.  So… I ………uh……..I’m learning it……”

And Dex is so shocked, and so warmed by this that he just hugs Nursey until someone calls them for the line-up.  When he pulls away, he signs “thank you Nursey.”, before going to find his gloves and playing.


I hope you don’t mind me adding to this!  I love your headcanon so much, and I just imagined this straight away!  I hope you like it, and it fits with your idea - feel free to message me your thoughts [anon or otherwise :-) ].  And thanks for the submission!!!  :-) xxxx

Mission: Bumbleby (RWBY)

Hey @flowerofpimps, seems like some of the secret santas for @rwbysecretsanta vanished. But I decided to help out with fixing that, so I got to do one for you. Sorry I couldn’t do anything Borderlands related, but I don’t know much about it. You said you liked Ruby though (who doesn’t?), and bumbleby, so have Ruby coming up with a super awesome plan to get her sister a date. That can only go well. Hope you like it.

Characters: Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Yang Xiao Long, Blake Belladonna

Word Count: 3772

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A Stranger’s Car

Title: A Stranger’s Car

Characters: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1358

Request: can you write a Dean x Reader au where the reader accidentally gets into the Impala and realises that it’s the wrong car and Dean is in the drivers seat?

A/N: I loved writing this one and left the ending open so there can be a part 2 if you’d like :)


Quickly you ran through the rain towards the black car, the plastic bags weighed heavy in your hands and looked like they would rip any second. Due to the rain you couldn’t see properly and almost blindly reached out for the cars door and slid into it without looking in the direction of the drivers seat.

“Mom I swear if you’ll let me run to the store in the rain ever again I'll”, you turned around to face your mom to demonstrate her how wet you got while quickly running back to the store to go grab the bag she had forgotten. But instead of your Mom’s face, you stared into the face of a stranger.

“You … you”, you stammered, trying to find the right words as you stared into the strangers face who looked just as confused as you did.

“You are not my mom”, you finally managed to get out and blushed. It was obvious that this stranger wasn’t your mother but still you hadn’t found better words. This was probably the most embarrassing thing that had ever happened to you and instead of quickly getting out of the car, you somehow felt like you were glued to the seat. Your eyes were fixed on his attractive face, your cheeks turned dark red the more you looked at him.

“I am not your mom”, the stranger finally said and let out a low chuckle, which made you blush even harder. God dammit! 

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anonymous asked:

I just want to start by saying. You're amazing. Now I have a promo that I'd love for you to take on. A Neighbor AU

Neighbors (AU, one-shot, Explicit)

(gif from the lovely amellsbett!)

A/N: I hope this is close to what you had in mind, anon (and thank you)! Love me some neighbor AU’s. This is one of those ridiculous fics where you gotta suspend some disbelief - just how I like my tropey romance-novel-esque stories! Of course I used Ginuwine’s Pony for this. For reasons.

“I could use someone to practice on… if you don’t mind.”

It was an accident the first time Felicity discovered her neighbor was a stripper.

She didn’t sleep much at night - it wasn’t insomnia so much as there was just so much free time, free time to do everything she didn’t have time to do while at work. Not that she was allowed to do those things at work - employers usually frowned on their employees using their breaks to hack into the Pentagon’s mainframe - “What exactly does a lay citizen need in the Pentagon, Ms. Smoak?” They didn’t need to know that she still harbored a little bit of her hacktivist tendencies, although she was a lot smarter about it these days.

Long story short, she didn’t sleep that much, and she was usually up in her living room, on her couch, with most of the lights off, ambient light shining from her laptop and television - it was very hacktivist noir, it helped set the hacktivist mood…

She also discovered that when her lights were off, she had a very direct view into her neighbor’s garage, which she wouldn’t have known if she kept her lights on like a normal, sane person.

Felicity might say it was meant to be, but that would be creepy because normal, sane people didn’t immediately assume that their weird nocturnal habits leading to a perfect view into her hot neighbor’s garage was fate.

And those normal, sane people would merely glance, appreciate that her neighbor was very active and healthy, and move on with her night.

She obviously lacked both qualities.

She’d seen him practicing in his garage - he didn’t use it for his car, or storage, or for… wood-building, or whatever guys used garages for - he’d converted the floor into a small workout space, complete with a faux dancefloor, one that he’d been spinning and gyrating on like he was…

Like he was a stripper.

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