tell me i'm not the only one who liked this scene!

People write Todd as being super like endeared with how Dirk acts instead of annoyed when he falls in love with Dirk, but let’s be honest I think it would go more like this:
Dirk trying to convince him to do something like break into the bank because a hunch is telling him to and Todd being like “Dude no we will for sure get arrested this time” while Farah is kinda just watching this all go down( Because this happens like everytime and honestly it’s fun to watch what Dirk is gonna do to get Todd to go this time.) So then Dirk goes something like “OH NO! I’m going to have to do this dangerous thing THAT COULD GET ME KILLED all alone, if only my boyfriend would come to help me…..BYYYE I GUESS I’M GOING ALL ON MY OWN” And then he kinda just kisses Todd on the cheek and fucking does that awkward ass run he does (you know the one from the shoulder pat scene)
Farah then turns to Todd and is all like “That’s the man you chose to be in a relationship with.” all while trying not to laugh because holy shit they are cute BUT SOOOO RIDICULOUS
While Todd is just standing there with his “how did my life come to this" face and sighs as he sees Dirk trying to break in by climbing the wall (unsuccessfully ) and he just sighs and goes “I know.” And then goes chasing(more like a resigned walk) after Dirk before he gets himself killed. ( and of course Dirk would start smirking once he sees Todd coming towards him because they all knew Todd would join whether he liked it or not.)

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Hey there, I just want to talk to someone about this moment because it seems like no one had talked about this. The moment when Logan chose Charles over Laura and ran to the room. He told Charles that the person who had hurt him was not Logan, in a tone just like what you would use telling a child that the nightmare is not real. I mean, Charles sure know that fact, but Logan did it, worrying about Charles's feelings. This scene is so precious to me, and so underrated.

That scene CRUSHED me, and I’m still in pain. Logan, moments ago coming face to face with someone wearing his face, taking his new daughter away, now having to deal with the fact that this same person stabbed Charles and Charles is going to DIE and there is literally NOTHING he can do to stop it. And the only thing he can do is to say ‘it wasn’t me’ because he doesn’t want Charles’ last thoughts to be that LOGAN did this, that Logan would EVER hurt him. Charles in his right mind knows this of course but what if he’s not? What if he’s not lucid, and he thinks Logan is tired of him, of taking care of him and instead of waiting for him to die he’s taking matters into his own hands? That, and the guilt of not being there to protect Charles (and Laura), that this happened on his watch…he must be in so much gut wrenching pain, pain that he is given zero time to process before he has to fight for their lives again…

“I dig till my shovel tells a secret,
swear to the earth that I will keep it,
brush off the dirt,
and let my change of heart occur…”

for @sawadoot‘s graverobber au!

this was supposed to be part two for the khr collab exchange, but i ended up taking like 2 months to finish it lmao

just a note, this is only up to the end of chapter 6 (not including the prelude), because that was how many chapters were out when i was drafting it

(there’s also a bunch of inaccuracies bc i misread a couple of scenes but shHH)

so there you have it, a small 20 year old with a rapunzel worthy braid who fights with a shovel

what more could you ask for

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I don’t need your honesty
It’s already in your eyes and I’m sure my eyes, they speak for me
No one knows me like you do
And since you’re the only one that matters
Tell me who do I run to?
– All I ask, Adele.

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For the Name a fandom thingy, Nanbaka (if no one has requested it before ^^)


name a fandom(that I at least know of and are in it) and I will give you these answers:

How I entered/learned about the said game/show/movie/etc of that fandom

oh I have been DYING to tell you guys how I got into this show. okay so I was on tumblr and I saw a GIF of the first episode(the scene where the guys are running in the halls and uno winks at the camera) and I was just all like “what is this beautiful show? WHO ARE THOSE BEAUTIFUL GIRLS?!”(this was my exact response, and yes I thought uno and nico were girls). and when I got the chance to watch it, it was love at first site. (I got into the show pretty early actually because their was only one episode of the show). took me awhile to figure out that nico and seitarro were guys though(seitarro took me the longest to figure out) i read the available chapters that were on crunchyroll later, and after that i looked at the rest of the un-translated manga(this was before the whole app thing happened).

Fave character 


*groans* okay if I HAD to pick JUST ONE it would be…NICO! (forgivmerockliangandqithemeanol'fangirlforcedmetochoose)

Least fave character

elf(of course) and the man with the scar.(I can’t pick just one. their both awful)


uno x jyugo, rock x nico, nico x upa, rock x liang, liang x qi(I have a goddamn love pentagon going on here damnit), kazari x okina, mao x tomatoe(they’re my crack/rarepair), hitoshi x jyugo, hitoshi x musashi, musashi x jyugo, tsukumo x jyugo(blame pixiv), samon x inori(don’t give me that look YOU ASKED), ruka x enki, ruka x kiji, honey x trois, noriko x momoko(this ones just for funsies), Nijimasu Nanairo(the two masked guard) x the freddy Krueger masked guard(they interacted a bit in the manga and I just think it’s cute), kuu x haku(is this one going a bit overboard? maybe? idk lol)

Pairing that everyone likes but I don’t get 

rokuriki x samon. I know where people are coming from with this ship, but I’m just not really all that interested in it. also some of the inmate/guard ships. I don’t mind them but I don’t ship them as much as I ship the ships above.

Fave thing about the fandom 

it’s one of the chilliest ones I’ve ever been in. and it’s the first fandom where I’ve interacted the most in it and made followers/friends because of it.

The most despised thing 

it’s too damn tiny! we need to recruit more people! ALSO people starting up ship hate and STEALING ART. to those people *grabs a broomstick and starts scooting you all out the door*LEAVE!!!

 If there is something I would change from said game/show/movie/etc., what would it be.

nothing I can think of. except STOP FORGETTING CERTAIN SCENES FROM THE MANGA! PEOPLE ARE GETTING NITPICKY ABOUT IT AND NITPICKYNESS ANNOYS ME!(sorry. it’s just, I’ve been in the s//u fandom for a while, and it’s been EXTREMELY HARSH on the show and the crew///ni///verse, so I’m kind of tired of people being a bit nitpicky. Sorry thought I should clarify that, I’m probably being a whiny little shit though, which I’m also sorry for).

Am I the only one who wants this to happen or???

I don’t know if it’s just me but I really want a classroom scene in gmw where Maya says something & Sarah agrees with her and Zay goes like “You know I’m just now realizing how much you two look so much alike” and then the class, plus Mr. Matthews, all turns their heads sideways and have like a ‘oh yeah’ 'I see it’ moment & then Lucas will be like “Are you sure that you guys aren’t sisters or related at all?” And Maya & Sarahw will look at each other & copy one another’s movement (sort of like looking at your own reflection in the mirror) and Maya will be like “I don’t see it” follow with Sarah “Me either”

Like in the zack & cody episode where they did the HSM play and Maddie kept saying how people tell her that she looks like Ashley Tisdale and how the director, Zack, & Cody said how they don’t see it

Idk I just think it would be funny considering that Sabrina & Sarah are actually sisters in real life and I kind of want a scene like this…Tbh I’m surprised no one hasn’t mentioned it yet

I cannot be the only person who was nearly moved to tears by Midorima’s expression in this scene.

Akashi arrives and the group changes greetings. Aomine comments how he last spoke with Akashi (or more specifically, “Oreshi”) in middle school. And then Midorima is shown, saying absolutely nothing: we’re only shown a close-up of his face. This expression, to be exact. And oh, did this expression awake something in me.

Somehow, Midorima’s expression is very subtle, and yet I can see so many things here: maybe it’s just me and I’m reading into this far too much, but he seems touched. Melancholic. Wistful, even. There’s something very tender in his usually sharp eyes, and his often furrowed eyebrows and frowning mouth are relaxed. When Akashi arrives, Midorima suddenly goes quiet, all greetings forgotten, but this expression tells me what his words do not: He’s glad to see Akashi being his old self again.

Midorima is glad to have his friend back.

(For those who might not have seen the OVA yet, the lovely @shintarouthewizard subbed it, and you can find it here. Please go thank him for the hard work and for the wonderful present!)

WARNING: I’m crap at explaining things!
To me this is an iconic scene from the first PINOF, and is one of the best moments out of all of them to me. Not only does this mean so much to me personally, but it really portrays their friendship in the sweetest way possible, after only meeting eachother irl the day before. As someone who has internet friends and has been told numerous times by people that they’re not “real friends”, this is clear evidence that YES, they are real friendships. Who cares if you can’t see Internet friends in the flesh, it doesn’t matter, what matters is the friendship itself. Getting sidetracked, my point here is that the friendship shown in the gif is a clear representation that Internet friendships have the potential to become ones like the one between Dan and Phil, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise :)
yep I know this is abit more and not just about Dan and Phil but yeah, not sure if anyone read through all of it though

I’m still mad at the fact that:

  •  Liam tried to kill Scott, his alpha,(don’t tell me it was because of the Supermoon because he was angry at Scott way before that) the only person who gladly helped him controling his IED and being a werewolf (besides Mason)  and all because of a girl. Instead of being an ungreatful friend, he should have been with his girlfriend on her “last minutes”. I still love Liam tho, but I didn’t like where they took his character this season.
  • Lydia’s screentime involved Parrish (or his storyline, which I no longer care for) 90% of the time. 
  • Jeff Davis and/or the Teen wolf writers have no imagination when it comes to romantic scenes. A lot of Layden’s scenes are the same as the ones Scott and Allison lived. (ex. The locker room, Hayden’s death, the bus scene).
Prove Your Worth: Rumplestiltskin & Power

So back when I was doing research for Rumbelle Ethics Part 2, I was watching 5x11 Swan Song and one particular line really stood out to me. I started working it into that meta, but it was getting too long and tangential so I took it out.


I think this line is really telling of how Rumple relates to power and how he identifies with it:

For all of Rumple’s regrets and insecurities, power has been the one thing he’s been able to pride himself on. In this scene, Rumple isn’t just upset that he doesn’t have the dagger’s power; His word choice here, “nothing but parlor tricks” seems to indicate that he almost feels insulted– that Killian doesn’t just have the power, but is also putting that power to waste.

Prefaced with, “Power is only as good as the one who wields it,” Rumple isn’t just saying “Killian, you suck at magic,”– he’s saying “Killian, you aren’t worthy of magic.”  He’s saying that Killian is basically an amateur who brings shame to title of “Dark One.”

Rumple kind of talks big game against Dark!Hook, but I don’t quite think it’s because he’s accepted his role as a “hero”– I think it’s because he legitimately doesn’t view Dark!Hook as a threat. He regards him more like some sort bumbling idiot who’ll just hurt himself if left to his own devices long enough. (I hope this isn’t coming off as anti-hook, as that’s not my intention– Just my interpretation of Rumple’s POV.)

This line is pretty interesting because he’s technically referring to Excalibur, but I believe he’s also describing the Dark One’s Dagger (After all, he’s secretly turned the blade into his conduit at this point). For Rumple, the Dagger is something one must be worthy of, and he views its curse as a sort of blessing. And of course, the only person Rumple thinks is worthy of that power is himself.

This belief is more or less confirmed in 5x06 The Bear and The Bow, when Rumple “proves his worth” by pulling Excalibur from the stone. At first he seems pretty shocked, but after a moment, he returns to his trademark casual confidence. He tells Emma she made a mistake by turning him into a “hero,” and that while there are heroes all over town, “none of them are [him].” – None of them are worthy.

When Zoso tells Rumple about the Dagger in 1x08 Desperate Souls, he positions his argument in this way as well. He implies that the Duke isn’t worthy of the Dark One’s power and– by telling Rumple to take that power– implies he is. 

I think Rumple’s pride in his magic comes from a few places. First of all, you’d have to get pretty confident in magic with a tenure as the Dark One that’s as long as Rumple’s– He is by no exaggeration a seasoned expert in the field. 

Rumple identifies so strongly with his power, he’s quick to correct anyone who questions his competence with it:

In spite of all his confidence however, Rumple still maintains a small degree of humility and respect toward magic. He’s not too proud to admit there are forces even he shouldn’t trifle with– enough that he created a sealed chamber in his castle for all the magic that is “too dark or unpredictable, even for [him].” 

Unlike most other magic-wielding beings on the show, Rumple was not born with power (be it in the form of magic, wealth, status, etc). Rumple spent a significant portion of his life not just without power, but being ridiculed and terrorized by people who did have power.

In 5x16 Our Decay, Rumple tells Belle, “Even when I was a coward, I craved power. The only difference is now I have it. And I won’t let it go, not again.” Belle, among most of the other characters, has little to no experience of what it’s like to live without power of any kind. As such, it’s easy to to look at Rumple’s attitude toward power and write it off of as selfishness and obsession. But for Rumple it’s more like self-preservation. 

The Dagger allowed Rumple to claim power for himself– It’s a symbol of independence and empowerment for him. I think it gives Rumple a unique sort of reverence toward magic that remains unmatched by the other characters on the show.

In conclusion: