tell me i wasnt the only one

When I encounter him some six years later,
His buttoned down shirts and ironed khakis have given way to a gaping beer gut and creased cheeks devoted to tears,
Growling, he scorns my pristine outfit and hickeyed skin,
Demands an explanation, riddled in expletives,daring me to lie,
Hip jutted, snark perfected I tell him you should see the other guy.
Ire boils your blood, so you curse claiming dirt sullies mine,
You blame the ground for forging the backbone that won’t yield,
Blaming the audacity of its spirit in my veins that couldn’t let me kneel,
Have you not wondered why I wasnt the only one who wouldn’t grovel for the scraps you tethered in tightrope chains?
You indebted Eve an eternity for your rib, as if you didnt mould her for the sole reason to heel.
Yet despite her amputated will and shredded limbs, she tore away from your bruising treachery,
They apprehended me the she- devil, accused her to be a sinner,
We scapegoated criminals, breathing blasphemy into our band of outlaws,
There’s love who was stoned for looking in a mirror before adjusting her clothes from the retina reflection of your gaze,
There’s dignity who was hung because she refused to drop to her knees just because your zipper did,
There’s respect who was burned when she worked with skid marks and unapologetic wits but demanded a fair wage in return,
There’s equality who is still on the run, slandered for daring to lift a sword that wasn’t in the name of a relative,
For those denied innocents that would have blamelessly bought knickers instead of briefs,
For those counselled in the office of preachers that teach not to be raped rather than not to rape,
For those whose bodies are pockmarked flags of black, blue and vomit territories,
For those shouts entombed in lowered eyes,
For those who are fighting a shadow army that is blinded with weaponry, misogyny,anarchy.
My shelter is the refuge you mistakenly dubbed Tartarus, for the monsters that lurk within its depths,
But we both know it is Elysium, for those warriors who sacrificed themselves to pave feminism’s first steps.
the omgcp characters as @dril tweets

bitty: what if all the locker room heteros want to kiss the gay player & it messes up their performance on the court? can we truly afford this #NBA

jack: sometimes i love to be able to want to be the man who is able to want to need to have his wants and needs able to be fulfilled sometimes

shitty: “This Whole Thing Smacks Of Gender,” i holler as i overturn my uncle’s barbeque grill and turn the 4th of July into the 4th of Shit

lardo: if a terrorist tried to get me. i’d just say like, “gods fake dude” then punch the gun out of his hand while hes contemplating the hereafter

ransom: mmy masters in agricultural science was just deemed invalid after footage arose of me dying

holster: please tell me I wasnt the only one screaming at the tv last night, begging for one of the VP candidates to recognize budweiser’s sacrifices

dex: always looking for exicting new up and comers in the realm of breathtaking digital online content to block

nursey: the last indie twitter acocunt. ..yeah thats me

chowder: “Why should there be only one good friday. Let’s try our best to make all the Fridays good. Thank you” -a quote i invented which made me cry

parse: I.m taking a break from people who think it is good to make a fool of me for drama purposes. Basically dont look at my page until im not mad

I need these “woke” instagram accounts to stop making Egypt look like all of Africa. Egypt = One country in Africa.

Everytime I go on these Pan-Africa pages or the ones that are “woke” on Africa all that ever do is talk about ancient Egyptians, their “ancestors”. First of all why is your head looking up when it should be looking to the west and also to the centre (of Africa) ?? That’s where most of your ancestors come from. You’ll preach all about Egypt, put on a dashiki and tell me it’s just African?? And Egypt wasnt’t the only countries in Africa with kingdoms and civilisation btw.

Secondly, why do they speak about Africa like it’s a country?? IT’S A CONTINENT. All I read is Africa this, Africa that, Africa left, Africa right, like???? Most of us identify by our countries ex. Ghanaian, Nigerian, Congolese. Also, although there are similarities between our cultures we ARE NOT the same.

Thirdly, Why is it that you think we all walk with lions??? Every picture I see, there’s a lion somewhere?? I don’t know about you but if I saw a lion, I’d fly out of that area.

Thanks to the internet, it’s not hard to look up these things. I’m Nigerian and I’m still learning about my history because I was never thought these things in Europe or Nigeria. I’m even learning about other African cultures as well, while I’m at it. I read this quote that says something like this “African countries don’t have historians. So it’s easy for a white man to go there, come back, and say anything that want about it. And people will believe them.” And I think it’s so true.

*And before I hear (or read lol) anything about how I should learn AA history, tbh that’s the first history with black people that I’ve ever learned about because it’s taught in a lot of western countries and even shown in movies. But I also don’t believe white people so I’ve done my own research on your history. Let’s switch it up, how about you learn about how your ancestors lived before slavery, colonization bc tbh it’s actually very interesting.

Hold up guys-

Everyone always talks about ‘Loving your work, Cowboy’ but please tell me I was not the ONLY one to only NOW realize that Napoleon said ‘Loving your work, Peril” first?

To those that didn’t realize either, Napoleon said “Loving your work, Peril” after they got into the locked warehouse(?) that Illya had a hard time unlocking his bottom lock.

And Illya retorted, albeit really very quietly with something like “Shut up”?

[[ Y’know part of me really wishes for a fight against Yen Sid in KH3

I just wanna fite him ok

Got lots of salt against him ]]

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after finishing haikyuu, did you like ever went back starting with season 1 and basically rewatch the entire series again just to look at relationships and how far they've come and just things you didn't notice before? bc i did LOL tell me i wasnt the only one.


After I finished season two I straight up went back and rewatched all season one and two and screamed my lungs out to the poor soul that’s @burningocean and drowned her in screenshots because there were so many things that I didn’t saw at first and I was like ??? were they really that extra from the start ??? were all of them so in love ??? HELL YES THEY WERE !!!! and they grew up ??? so much ??? WHAT THE FUCK ???

the other thing about this whole mess is that it is overwhelmingly obvious that NO afro-germans were consulted. 

none that were living then and still harbor memories and fear from the holocaust. 

and none who had (barely) survived the Kaisers holocaust in Africa who’s testimony is completely ignored in how it relates to the European holocaust. 

this film DID NOT NEED to happen. 

as a black German woman, who was heavily involved in the punk scene, i have had my fair share of nazi’s who thought it was totally OK to try to fuck me , if only to fill their sick raceplay bullshit. honestly, it got to a point, depending on what town i was in, it really wasnt out of the ordinary for one to walk up to me and try to hit on me. like…a regular person would. this is most difficult in winter when i cant just scan their body for the tell tale tats. 

they also become incredibly terrifying because saying “NO” to any white person could mean the end of your life. 

if anything this woman should have made a film about the black struggle in germany during and after both holocausts. how many who were effected in Africa, forced to speak German, ended up moving to Germany for work. only to have their children suffer once again , under the SAME damn regime. 

if anything she should have picked up the ball Afropunk dropped and shown a light on how black women traverse the Punk scene,unprotected by EVERYONE, totally at risk, in Germany AND France’s underground, and how many of us started our own  Nazi-Jäger factions to protect not only black women (see, how we’re always looking out for everyone else?_, but non black POC in the scene.

but we get this shit. which is sad, and deflating. and the image is deafening. the message is deafening. “these monsters are gonna keep crawling outta the wood work to destroy you, so humanize and fuck them for a few more scraps”

ok so yesterday i was walking back to my dorm from class n on the other side of the complex area i saw this guy knelt on the ground tying his shoe that i thought might be my friend

now, as im sure yall remember, i cant see shit thats far away. like i can really only see vague shapes. i REALLY wasnt sure if this was my friend, so i kept looking at the guy trying to figure out if it was him. after i did this like 3 times i decided it was too hard to tell, and that i didnt wanna wave at him if it really wasnt him bc that would be embarrassing 

so i kept walking but looked back one last time, and saw him staring DEAD AT ME, and immediately i knew that it was absolutely my friend and that he had seen me staring at him for a good minute

and he was heading my way too  and i was really embarrassed bc i know he saw me staring and probably thought i was super weird so i pulled out my phone and put on my straightest of straight faces and hightailed my ass back to my building to avoid having to talk to him 

like… i acted like a real ass fool and i am so embarrassed abt it


It hurts. The kagehina fight in the anime is even far worse than in the manga. I’m crying ;-;

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13, 18, 27, n 48 !

13. whats one thing you regret saying/doing in a previous relationship?
idk for a while i really regretted breaking up with my ex and getting together with my previous ex in the first place, but i really dont care abt either now tbh. maybe i regret telling my previous ex some stuff was okay when it wasnt but i still dk tbh
18. what do you consider a dealbreaker?
CHEATING and idk if i feel like u dont love me anymore ill probably wanna break up with u but wont bc i feel like that all the time bc beepeedee lol hbhdhdh
27. if you could go back in time and give yourself one piece of advice about dating what would it be?
idk other than date more ppl so u know what the fuck ur doing idk, the only big advice i wanna give my younger self is that ur trans and need to come out asap bc no matter how many tumblr posts u see abt it being valid to come out later thata not what the GIC thinks so its not a good idea to take ur time
48.whats your favourite love song?
uhhhh idk maybe give me love by carly rae jepsen idk i dont listen to too many “love” songs tbh i listen to too much metal and pretensious electronic wank

thank u bon!

I want to fucking kill myself.

No one fucking cares i hate shit i want to slit my damn throat. I probably would if my blade was sharp enough. But it wasnt. I tested it out on my wrist and it only looks like a cat scratched me. Fucking pathetic piece of shit. I cant tell you how much i want to bleed out. I feel like it would be satisfying as fuck oh my god.

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one of my ocs has natural rainbow hair bc she was mixed with a mantis shrimp in a science experiment wbu

!! one of my ocs has different hair color depending on if you’re looking at them from the side, front or back. it’s because they were brought to life by a demigod kid that had only one of those crazy colorful crayons with him.

tell me a fact about your oc and i will respond with a semi-related fact about mine

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ok since u love minghao as much as i do i needed to tell u that i just saw a dream abt him... he saved me from a stalker when i was being followed on the street of some random city at 12am, and he lived in a stone temple up the hill like it wasnt even a real stone temple it was just big rocks set in a house-like way and he lived there, with no furniture what the hell minghao -- idk if im in too deep but im loving it

okay but i’ve only ever had one dream abt minghao and it was really weird and idk what happened but he turned into seungkwan for some reason and i woke up and was like wtf

Probably the only moment I ever said to myself *holy shit I really love this man* is when my boyfriend couldnt sleep one night, the whole night, he thought i was sleep but i wasnt because i could feel his stress, i knew he wasnt sleep. Finally he *wakes me up* and tells me how his mom is struggling and its putting pressure on him…and in the midst of him telling me this in detail i start crying, it was silent, i was humble about it, he didnt notice until he felt it cause he was laying on my chest. Then he looks up and says “why are you crying?” and im like “youre going through so much..” but you know when you talk and cry simultaneously how it sounds ugly so you just muffle your face. So now i feel petty and ugly, then hes like…damn, you really love me, and in my mind im like damn, i really love him, as irritating as he is, i love him so much im a mirror of what he feels but has too much pride to show. Then like later on that day we robbed somebody.

Anyway, sometimes i question if im a sociopath, because i dont cry, even about things you should cry about it, to a point where i feel guilty for not crying. So, when that happened i was like wow this is really love and its not just like words with no meaning we say to each other as some strange human relations ritual several times a day.

k bye