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IF you listen to this album all the way through, it tells a story.  A story u can definitely feel.  Hallelujah money wasnt popular on its own when it first came out, but with this album it is SO powerful and made me a little emotional.  I hear a lot of things about how slow pace the album is and honeslty i dont know how fast u want it to be? lol It had a nice flow going from one song to another. There were more than one song that I really loved.  Gorillaz is the only band that can do that for me.  They are here at a very good time when 2016 was shit, and the uncertainty of our future is scary right now.  Gorillaz coming with this album is great with a positive finish at the end of the album ^^

A Kingdom Hearts 2 au where everyting is exactly the same, except when Sora goes to Atlantica and sings, his voice is Jesse McCartney’s singing voice.

Bonus: if you complete everything abc get all the achievements you Sora and Roxas sing “Right Where You Want Me” with a whole reenactment of the music video with all their friends, just in places we would have seen. Like Roxas’s room, the streets of Twilight Town Etc.

I mean since Roxas’s Voice Actor was Jesse McCartney, just have him do double the vocals. It would Sora and Roxas McCartney.

notes from a casual cashier; january 29th
  • my shift started at 8 am, on a sunday; unsurprisingly, very very few people do their shopping at 8 am on a sunday, and they look as dazed as the supermarket staff
  • i was fake-rearranging the yogurt shelf and a product i had never seen caught my eye. examining it further it revealed itself to be… balls of ground lard. i power-walked away really fast
  • 9 am: someone at the café ordered a decaf cappuccino. whom are they
  • i looked at this customer in the face to ask if she needed a bag to carry her groceries. she cooed for no discernible reason, and her husband asked me who picked out my hair colour
  • had some nice Bants™ with a fellow cashier who is still in high school and apparently thought i was too………….
  • a guy forgot his wallet at my register in the morning and called the store at 9.30 pm to check if he’d left it there, Timely Chap
  • theres one old man who buys a can of hair spray every week, and hes very recognizable (he has really good hair), but ive started to believe that there also is a different old man who comes in and purchases a bottle of that stuff you use to unclog drains. i have at least 4 questions
  • a little girl was happy to let me pet her chihuahua!!!! blessed moment
  • a german person stuffed their groceries in their homemade cookie monster backpack, i wanted to ask them about it but i didnt want them to think i found it funny. it wasnt. it was art
  • a woman took time out of her day to not only compliment my hair, but also to tell me about how ‘not everyone would look great with that colour, but it really suits you!!!’. i hope she finds several hundred euros on the ground every week for the rest of her life
  • i was scanning the items a college student meant to purchase, and i told him that his carton of eggs  had a broken one inside (it was leaking… disgust), and he was so happy he managed to dodge that bullet he left with a ‘goodbye, dear! i hope you have a good day at work!’ [rough translation, english lacks a concise way of saying it]…… what a boy
  • the register wouldnt scan someone’s discount card, i went to the Boss to ask him why was it not working, and when i tried to show how the register was rebelling… it decided to start behaving again. typical & unsurprising, in hindsight, i should just have walked off and let the register believe i was asking for help
  • a couple was checking out, and the girl was clearly in a good mood. the guy lovingly commented ‘you’re very giggly tonight, do you not know life sucks?’ 
  • honestly? same
  • the person who works in the cold cuts section and who calls me a pixie led a customer to my register because she couldnt find where the glue was, and since it was very difficult to explain & i had nothing to do i led the way [the glue, along with the white-out thing and paperclips, is in the wine isle. dont ask], with the cold cuts person telling the customer how tinkerbell (me) would surely find the exact brand of glue she needed

Hold up guys-

Everyone always talks about ‘Loving your work, Cowboy’ but please tell me I was not the ONLY one to only NOW realize that Napoleon said ‘Loving your work, Peril” first?

To those that didn’t realize either, Napoleon said “Loving your work, Peril” after they got into the locked warehouse(?) that Illya had a hard time unlocking his bottom lock.

And Illya retorted, albeit really very quietly with something like “Shut up”?


i havent been drawing much lately so i figured id use my blog like an actual blog to get something new on here, i dont think i’ll say anything profound but im all about being candid so if youre interested in that, cool.

around a year ago i made a big effort to make a multi chapter webcomic that i was hoping would get me noticed to snag some art job in some cartoon studio, but my intentions were so awful that i just sorta fell apart and was feeling burnt out every day. i bought lots of storyboarding books and studied tips on writing and looked for some kind of education to tell me how to do a good job, but then it wasnt about making a comic anymore. i had basically rewritten my story about 3 times and lost all of the fun i had when i thought it up, and i just fizzled out on it and i dont think i’ll be working on it again any time soon (i then went for a shorter idea that was only about being fun for me, and thats where The Red Muscle came from, one of the few projects ive ever finished).

during this time i would see the artists i look up to and how their circle of connections and friends gets tighter and tighter and i would get bothered so much with how badly i wanted to be in that circle yet never felt like i was a part of it, and that thought process poisoned everything i tried to make for months. ive been spending my time these days just having fun thinking up ideas and not worrying about making everything a finished piece i can shove in some art director’s face. i dont spend nearly as much time drawing as i did in the past, but i’m in a much better emotional space currently. i still think working at a cartoon studio would be a dream come true, but i dont let the idea of me not working there in the next 5-10 years cripple me anymore.

i think i felt like posting these unfinished pages and thumbnails just to help myself accept that not every idea has to be finished, or even be good. sometimes you can work on something and if you feel like what you have isnt doing anything for you, its ok to stop and do something else that feels better for you. i also thought some of these thumbs were really good! i tried really hard to make nice pages with cool camera angles and and page layouts, i practiced my perspective a lot and thought these had some of my biggest artistic growth in a long time.

if you bothered to read my ramblings all the way down to here, i should say thank you and im sorry! haha


me: *explaining 2nd shift literally had nothing done and the moment i and my coworker clocked in they left before i could ask them to finish up their duties*


also my boss: *didnt finish the schedule so me and a few other people assumed we had today off* WHY DIDNT YOU NOTICE MAGICALLY THIS EMPTY SLOT WASNT FINISHED AND OBVIOUSLY COULDNT HAVE MEANT YOU WERE OFF TODAY

me: why would i assume an empty slot meant anything but day off


:^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ /

Frog GC #8
  • Nursey: [Big Black Cowboy renamed the conversation "Jesus was black"]
  • Dex: I'd say hes probably more middle eastern than black, since he was from around the Palestine Israel area.
  • Nursey: tbh i have no idea why ur single dexy ur such a catch
  • Dex: Shut the fuck up. You're just as single as I am.
  • Dex: Uh, not yet. I don't have anyone I want to ask.
  • Nursey: yo me neither
  • Dex: No one? You're sure?
  • Nursey: uh huh
  • Dex: What about that Jill girl?
  • Nursey: i think shes a lesbian
  • Dex: How would you know? You said she hasn't dated anyone since you've known her.
  • Nursey: hes only dated girls in the past. even if he wasnt i dont think hes into me
  • Nursey: i mean she
  • Dex: Nursey is Jill a guy?
  • Nursey: uh
  • Nursey: jill's actually a bill
  • Nursey: i didnt know how to tell you
  • Nursey: about it
  • Dex: Dude, did you think I wouldn't be cool with it?
  • Nursey: NO i just uh i dunno didnt know how to approach the subject??
  • Dex: I need you to know that you can trust me with anything okay, Nurse? I fucking love your ass, man.
  • Nursey: hahaha okay yeah. i love you too man.
  • Nursey: im pan
  • Chowder: i leave for like a minute and you guys get gay as heck
  • Dex: Chowder, freshman year you offered to blow Bitty like five times.
  • Chowder: i dont remember that.
  • Nursey: 👀
  • Nursey: u wanna be my date to the winter screw dex
  • Dex: Okay, sure.
  • Chowder: jesus was it really that easy what the fuck
  • Nursey: as friends
  • Dex: Yeah, as friends

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I had a close friend whom i adored we had a falling out over a joke he made towards me that wasnt ok and our friend group, his only friends, cut him off. Im not one to do that tho usually I preach communication But i was upset with him and disappointed. Hes not the type that you can ever tell whats going thru his mind, constant smiles. I just wanted an apology & even used bit of magic to make him guilty. He killed himself this past weekend and i feel so guilty & i never got to make things right

Oh my goodness, I am so sorry! I’m afraid that I can’t really help you, but I offer my condolences and in my view of the afterlife, he is in a better place now. I hope you are able to heal after this hard experience.

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"But you can protect them." Will pauses. "It seems that no matter how much I try to train, I can't win. I've never won a sword fight. Any fight, really. Even against the newer campers." Nico rubs Will's arm. "You're persistent, though. Maybe it physically, but you are one of the only people wasnt afraid of me." To Nico, that meant the world. "You argue with me and tease me, and no one else does that. It's nice." Will smiles."You're amazing, Nico. And I'll just keep telling you until you believe.

Nico sighed quietly, snuggling further into Will’s arms. His skin was still hot, but he was breathing more evenly and he didn’t seem to be as uncomfortable. Will was t quite ready to admit that the medicine worked just yet, there was still the chance for it to mess Nico up and make him sick all over again, but he was starting to feel a little more relieved. It seemed to be calming Nico down, which was good. “Maybe, one day, I’ll believe you.” Will heard the smile in Nico’s voice, and he felt himself smiling in response. “Soon, I hope,” Will sighed quietly. “You starting to feel better yet?” He asked Nico, carding a hand through his soft, black hair.

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I feel like you, actually no one, really talks about zouis enough tbh it's a great ship

it was a great ship and imo its telling that louis is the only member of 4d zayn has consistently been supportive too and spoken 2 (congratulating louis on freddie being born, posting condolences when his mum passed, liking fanart, going on twitter just to point out that he wasnt removing their bus 1 tat etc). so like ive always felt z still values that friendship or at least the memories of it lmao… and i hope louis feels the same way. if he says anything bad abt zayn in the future tho im gonna be really pissed after saying all that LOL

So i saw guardians of the galaxy 2...

And it left me full of feels…
Like really…
Because for me, the whole paternal situation with peter is a painfully relatable one. See, when i was sixteen, my dad revealed that i wasnt his biological daughter. They dont know who my bio-father was/is (dont know if hes even alive), and I’ve had a major identity crisis since then. I sorta felt like my dads charity case, cause my biomom went on to reveal that my bio-father was an asshole (telling her to never call again and supposedly leaving the country after she told him she was pregnant).
I’ve always known blood and genes only make people related. But its love and loyalty that makes a family. Friends are the family you choose, and while my origins were awful (result of adultery) doesnt mean im awful or wrong. Point is, i really needed to see my dad after watching that movie, and honestly, i think thats why GotG vol. 2 will always be my favorite marvel movie.
Thanks for reading. Had to get this out of my system…

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I'm not trying to shove my OTP on your face but...Admit it you shipped bendy x boris before alice even existed.Just tell me something, if alice was never canon you would have paired bendy with one of those generic OC's?unless you only like stright ships ignore my fujoshi ass and move on.

// tbh, I wasnt in the fandom at all, I only liked the game till chapter 2, and I seen Alice. At that moment, my heart fluttered and it was like I was Bendy ATM, and I fell so hard for her and them as a couple. VERY hard. So hard it it got me back into drawing again, and even taking commissions and making this ask blog! And about the Bendy x OC thing? NOOOOOOOOOOOO. No no noooo! I don’t ship Canon/OC at all. To me, either Bendy is single, or with Alice. Thats all! :3

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im a hamilton fan too, but when your best friend keeps singing one of the songs every. single. day. you kinda get tired of some of it lol

okay i cant tell if your talking about me or her but lemme tell you, i only sang la vie boheme once this school year, hummed seasons of love three times, and that wasnt even around her.

tbh, i would all the reasons to snap at her because she wont shut




about lams


the omgcp characters as @dril tweets

bitty: what if all the locker room heteros want to kiss the gay player & it messes up their performance on the court? can we truly afford this #NBA

jack: sometimes i love to be able to want to be the man who is able to want to need to have his wants and needs able to be fulfilled sometimes

shitty: “This Whole Thing Smacks Of Gender,” i holler as i overturn my uncle’s barbeque grill and turn the 4th of July into the 4th of Shit

lardo: if a terrorist tried to get me. i’d just say like, “gods fake dude” then punch the gun out of his hand while hes contemplating the hereafter

ransom: mmy masters in agricultural science was just deemed invalid after footage arose of me dying

holster: please tell me I wasnt the only one screaming at the tv last night, begging for one of the VP candidates to recognize budweiser’s sacrifices

dex: always looking for exicting new up and comers in the realm of breathtaking digital online content to block

nursey: the last indie twitter acocunt. ..yeah thats me

chowder: “Why should there be only one good friday. Let’s try our best to make all the Fridays good. Thank you” -a quote i invented which made me cry

parse: I.m taking a break from people who think it is good to make a fool of me for drama purposes. Basically dont look at my page until im not mad

When I encounter him some six years later,
His buttoned down shirts and ironed khakis have given way to a gaping beer gut and creased cheeks devoted to tears,
Growling, he scorns my pristine outfit and hickeyed skin,
Demands an explanation, riddled in expletives,daring me to lie,
Hip jutted, snark perfected I tell him you should see the other guy.
Ire boils your blood, so you curse claiming dirt sullies mine,
You blame the ground for forging the backbone that won’t yield,
Blaming the audacity of its spirit in my veins that couldn’t let me kneel,
Have you not wondered why I wasnt the only one who wouldn’t grovel for the scraps you tethered in tightrope chains?
You indebted Eve an eternity for your rib, as if you didnt mould her for the sole reason to heel.
Yet despite her amputated will and shredded limbs, she tore away from your bruising treachery,
They apprehended me the she- devil, accused her to be a sinner,
We scapegoated criminals, breathing blasphemy into our band of outlaws,
There’s love who was stoned for looking in a mirror before adjusting her clothes from the retina reflection of your gaze,
There’s dignity who was hung because she refused to drop to her knees just because your zipper did,
There’s respect who was burned when she worked with skid marks and unapologetic wits but demanded a fair wage in return,
There’s equality who is still on the run, slandered for daring to lift a sword that wasn’t in the name of a relative,
For those denied innocents that would have blamelessly bought knickers instead of briefs,
For those counselled in the office of preachers that teach not to be raped rather than not to rape,
For those whose bodies are pockmarked flags of black, blue and vomit territories,
For those shouts entombed in lowered eyes,
For those who are fighting a shadow army that is blinded with weaponry, misogyny,anarchy.
My shelter is the refuge you mistakenly dubbed Tartarus, for the monsters that lurk within its depths,
But we both know it is Elysium, for those warriors who sacrificed themselves to pave feminism’s first steps.