tell me howwww

I’m so done with the grammys ! Like seriously Kendrick Lamar didn’t just win one award, not even two but he won all the fucking hip hop categories !!!! Hoowwwww?!!!?! Tell me howwww!!?!? I’m really confused ! Yeah them niggas do work hard I do believe that but they don’t grind as hard as Nicki ! They don’t put in the hard work as Nicki ! If Nicki was to jump on a track with them niggas she would of killed them niggas 🖕🏽. Nicki is a fucking Brand !!!!! I just can’t deal
But it’s all good God got Nicki ❤️😘

swiftfairy  asked:

OMGGG like i cant stop staring at you (i'm sorry) (not sorry)... but like not in a creeper way... but holy hell you are so frikkin beautiful!! LIKE TELL ME HOWWWW u have purple hair and look like you were BORN WITH IT!!! like wtffff you look like one of those disney characters that have different colour hair... and NOONE questions it because they look HELLA GORGEOUS with that HELLA GOOD HAIR! like what even are you!!! that is all. bye!

actually thanks to good lighting you coudnt see my blue patches where i missed with the hair dye and my incredibly dark roots, hahaha. but thank you that is so sweet of you to say im ginning xxx