tell me how to forgive him

  • Kyle: What are you doing?
  • Stan: Just waiting for my best friend. Maybe you’ve seen him. red hair, always kind of dresses like a pumpkin, carries the weight of the world on his shoulders, yet still manages to laugh at some of my jokes.
  • Kyle: He sounds like a handful.
  • Stan: Tell me about it. Wanna know what my favorite thing about him is though? No matter how much shit we put each other through....he's always right there with me. I'm sorry.
  • Kyle: ....I forgive you.

Is anyone talking about how Sherlock’s response to John telling him to get a partner who will make him better and happier while he still has the chance is to say 

“Forgive me, but you’re doing yourself a disservice. I have known many people in my life, but made few friends, and I can safely say y-”

He was going to tell John that he’s the one who makes him better; a hero, more human

hey americans

do not vote bernie sanders




to literally everyone that ends up voting for Bernie Sanders in this election:

I will personally find you, slap you, and tell you how much I will never forgive you for the rest of my lifetime. Your super amazing protest vote will affect the lives of me, my friends, my family, everyone. everyone. did you read that correctly? 

e v e r y o n e

I am in a constant panic that this election will end with Donald Trump winning. For a while I was calm and felt like Hillary Clinton was going to win so I could finally calm down and just wait. n o p e. just kidding. I keep seeing posts on various social media of people saying they’re gonna write him in. I keep hearing some of my friends who are 18 say they are going to write him in. do not do it. no one could love bernie more than I do (other than his wife ya know) but I accepted the fate of the universe when hillary got the nomination at the DNC and slowly put my support towards her. 

I am no super fan. I don’t support her 100%. but I support her enough to be okay with her being our next president. 

Please read the consequences of what will happen if she doesn’t win. Please realize that whatever pride you have will be destroyed through the next 4 years and your supersized ego can suck my ass for the rest of our natural lives. 

This is one of the most terrifying elections that I know of. I thought that 2012 was scary, but thats just because as a half black girl I loved seeing Obama in office, and the race was always so close. This election is close, and has no reason to be. 

Do not vote Bernie Sanders

Do not vote third party

Do not refuse to vote

the fate of our country lies in the hands of your vote on November 8th. please do not let me and the other people who are too young to vote down. do not ruin our futures because your pride and ego are too huge for you to see what the outcome will be of your decision. Please make a choice between a woman who has been involved in politics since she was in college, and a business man who has had to file for bankruptcy multiple times for his “highly successful” companies.

Do not let me and millions of other people down on November 8th

Relationship Problems {Sentence Starters}

  • “Who the hell was she/he?!”
  • “Maybe it’s time for me to leave.”
  • “I can’t trust anything you tell me.”
  • “I never meant to hurt you like this.”
  • “I know you were out with her/him!”
  • “How can I even trust you anymore?!”
  • “Look, I just don’t think this is working.”
  • “Don’t you dare tell me to ‘calm down’!”
  • “How could you do this to me? To US?!”
  • “Get out of my house and out of my life!”
  • “Get the hell away from me! I HATE you!”
  • “I have to go. I can’t be with you any longer.”
  • “Look, I’m sorry! Give me another chance?”
  • “Do you even understand what you’re doing?”
  • “Could you find it in your heart to forgive me?”
  • “What were you doing tonight? Tell me the truth.”
  • “How can I say I’m sorry and make it up to you?”
  • “You want my FORGIVENESS? Keep dreaming!”
  • “You promised! You PROMISED me you wouldn’t!”
  • “Go away. I can’t even stand to look at you right now.”
  • “How can I apologize if you won’t give me a chance?”
  • “Don’t bother coming back. You’re not welcome here.”
  • “Do you want your knife from my back before you go?" 
  • "I know you were cheating on me. I was just afraid to say it.”
‘Because how could we be friends when I want us to be so much more? When I think about your lips on mine every damn moment, when I can’t concentrate on my work when you’re around and I want to kiss and kill you at the same time? When I’m standing in front of your door at night, ready to tell you everything, to ask for forgiveness but don’t have the courage to knock? How could we be friends, Lewis, when you are so much more to me?’
His breath was coming in short intakes now and he could hear his blood rushing through his veins, he could feel his heart tattooing cries of desperation against his ribs and Lewis’ eyes on him.’
—  // excerpt from a story
I can’t save everyone. I can’t answer every single Anonymous ask about poetry, I’m only human and it’s a lot to take in. Should I tell him that I love him? Should I forgive her for lying to me? How do I handle falling into sweet love with my best friend? What if they don’t like what they see? What if they change on me some day? What if I change on me some day…? The answer is all the same. The writer is still the same. The questions are all the same. The soul will give the answers that I cannot. The heart will beat you into poetry where I cannot. The love will love you when I cannot. I know I’ve got over 140 messages left unanswered, but I read them all. You’re each like a verse from the Bible, I’m scared to believe. It’s hard to cope. It’s hard to empathize, it’s hard to be sympathetic. I’m drained, you should be too. This world, it’s cruel. The lovers, they may be cold. The time, it’ll fade away. Your dreams, it’ll crystallize. Your hopes… it’ll bleed. Your lips, they’ll bend into origami, you always make an extra one for them. This poetry… does it really save you? Will a single poem fix all of those apologies? Will my love for this life of mine, make up for the time I’ve wasted? I’m sorry about not answering. I’m sorry about those slits upon fragile wrists, we’re only human. We’re only falling apart. We’re just a bleeding heart trying to be understood, so understand this… I’m going to try, it won’t always be instant… but I’ll try. I’ll be trying when you’re not watching. I’ll be trying when you’re not listening. I’ll be trying, and it won’t always be visible, but I’m going to place this heart into your palms… and for every hour that you feel safe, it’ll be worth every second of my highs and lows– I’ll be here until you know, I love you even if I’m late at responding, I love you even if your wrist are trying to answer to everyday, I love you even if your memories choose to ruin you… & if I fail, darling, there’s always, always tomorrow.
—  Home, home, you
Got7 when you start crying during a fight

Hey there, IGOT7 <3


Euhm, Youngjae making you cry? Not really, but let’s just pretend there was a misunderstanding and you end up crying. Youngjae would instantly apologise, wondering what in the world he did wrong and not knowing what to do. The next day, he surprises you with a big teddy bear and the cutest smile.

“Forgive me? Please..?”

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I also don’t think a fight with him would even go this far. But sometimes, things just happen. So when you suddelny start crying, he feels guilty af. Maybe he would even cry too since he’s disappointed in himself.

 He hugs you, telling you how much you mean to him. Both of you would apologise and try to talk it out.

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Bam Bam:

The two of you were probably fighting about something meaningless, so when you start crying, he’s confused and helpless. He would want to cheer you up but wouldn’t really know how. He ends up trying to surprise you with a meal later, totally messing it up.

“I’m so sorry, Jagi… I was trying to cook your favorite meal but I burned it. Let’s order food?”

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“… Honestly, stop going on my nerves!”, Jackson says loudly while looking at you with fury. He never was that mad since you knew him and somehow the tears just came. When he realizes you’re crying, his fury suddenly fades.

“H-Hey, come on. I didn’t even mean it. I actually love to have you around."  *He makes funny faces to cheer you up.*

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JB sometimes has a little temper, so the fight actually escalated and he yelled at you. Your anger turns into sadness and you walk out of the room, not wanting him to see you cry. He would avoid you for the day, wanting to cool himself down. But he would come up to you later and apologise, kissing your forehead.

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In his eyes, both of you just had a little discussion, not much of a deal. Well, you thougt different. Yugyeom suddenly realizes you’re crying, his eyes getting big. He would be so clueless, asking one of the hyungs what to do. So he would probably buy a rose together with Jinyoung and apologize to you, smiling his signature smile when you forgive him.

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The two of you didn’t fight often, but when you did, you sometimes ended up crying. When Mark sees the tears streaming down your face, he’s instantly regretting everything he said. He sighs, gives you a backhug and wipes away your tears.

"Don’t cry, Jagi. I love you…”

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BTS Version

Hope you had fun reading, have a  beautiful day /night!!

You Wont Regret It - Gajevy Secret Santa

This story is entirely dedicated to @the-redhead-who-writes ~ I hope that you enjoy it! I have never written Gajevy before, so please forgive me if either of them are a little bit OOC! I really hope that you enjoy it and I SUPER hope that you have a Merry Christmas <3

Summary: She made him coffee, she was cute… how could he not fall for her?

Coffee Shop AU 

Characters: Gajeel, Levy, Lucy, Natsu

Ship: Gajevy, VERY light implied NaLu

Rating: K

Word Count: 4,090

“My name is Levy. How many times do I need to tell you that?” The bluenette was pointing at the name tag that was located above her heart. Her name was written in large black print, so there was absolutely no way that this guy was missing it.

“Oh, is it?” The large man with all the piercings leaned over the counter, forcing Levy to take an uncertain step backwards while he squinted at the spot she was pointing to on her uniform. “I think Shrimp suits you much better, you should consider having it legally changed. It might do you some good.”

The short girl puffed out her cheeks at the customer who always seemed to enjoy picking on her.

She was the only worker in the whole cafe that wasn’t afraid of serving him though, so she never really had a choice when he walked in through those doors.

Which he seemed to do every single day that she worked.

There was a rumor going around the workplace that this guy had a thing for Levy, which she denied every single time it was brought up.

No way that jerk could like her!

“Are you going to order or am I going to have to play the guessing game?” The bluenette decided to change the subject back onto the real reason that he was there, she was thankful that no other customers were around to witness this banter.

The man often would continue this charade whether or not there was a growing line behind him, the thoughts and opinions of other people when it came to himself didn’t seem to matter in the slightest.

Levy couldn’t help but admire that about the strange man. Of course, she would never admit to something like that. The guy already had an ego the size of a horse, she definitely didn’t want to go about making it any bigger.

“Aw Shrimp, I thought that by now you would have my order down to a science.”

Levy placed her hands on her hips and raised an eyebrow at him, “How can I possibly do that when you change it up every single time you come here? It’s as though you have something against consistency.”

The man grinned before bursting out laughing, “What can I say? I guess it’s a lot of fun getting you all riled up. I kind of think of it as a game now, on my way here I find myself wondering how I’m gonna get you to look at me with that expression. I’m always pretty successful.”

Levy only looked at him expectantly and he sighed before turning his eyes up towards the menu that hung above her head. “Alright, today I’ll go for a triple espresso, a honey dip donut… and your number.”

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“The President has taken the stage”

“Could I get everyones attention for a moment?” his voice echoed from the mic as he once again stood on the grand stage at the head of the room, most turning their eyes and heads in confusion, and the DJ quickly switched the track from what he was currently playing to instead play a song he’d chosen specifically for this.

“Forgive me, I need to be selfish for a moment….” He turned to Moon, having brought her up there with him. “Moon, here… She did such a wonderful job watching things while I was meeting with the business executives, and I just need to take this time to tell her how much i appreciate her…” he nods, reaching out to take her hand holding it tightly, the mic held in his free hand. A light applause heard from the crowd during the pause he took to catch his breath.

“Ever since we got together, you’ve always been so fucking supportive of me, even in my stupid teen angsty moments when i first took over- Hell, you’ve seen me at my worst more then once and still stuck with me… I couldn’t be more thankful, more blessed to have someone like you at my side…”

His face was beet red by now, but despite him now stammering, he pressed onward. “We’ve only spent a little less then a year together, but I can’t even dream about being with anyone else… Sharing my life, with anyone else, I mean… You’ve done so much for me in the past, Moon, and even if I gave you the world, it wouldn’t be enough to show just how grateful i am… that you’d choose a little edgy boy from the slums like me to just… shower with affection, daily..”

“Fuck it, I’m rambling now, but… I can’t give you the world- yet, I swear I will someday” he laughs, and then finally crouches in front of her to one knee, fishing a small box out of his pocket and opening it in front of her, revealing a platinum ring with amethysts and diamonds set in it, sparkling even in the low lighting of the ball room. “But I can give you this…. and a new last name, if you’d like it… Would you do me that honor…?”

Headcanons for the Shimada Brothers

(Though not really Shimadacest, I’m gonna tag it as so anyway cause I want to.)
(I’d format this like a list, but I’m on mobile and can’t/don’t know how [if you know how, please tell me], so forgive me)

Genji comes home from his regular city outing at ungodly hours a lot, only to find Hanzo staying up late doing work (education/work related), so Genji has self-appointed himself as Hanzo’s alarm clock and will drag him to bed. Usually he has to message Hanzo’s back or something for him to actually fall asleep cause Hanzo why the fuck are there three empty energy drink bottles in your trash can? BROTHER!

Half the time, Genji’s too tired to go his own room by then, so he’ll crash with his brother.

What Genji doesn’t know is that he’s actually the reason Hanzo doesn’t sleep like a normal person. Genji likes to slack on his work, which is not to say he doesn’t do it at all, he just doesn’t always finish everything, but to his credit he does glance over everything. Hanzo takes on Genji’s leftovers and does it before doing his own, which often leads to all-nighter cause holy hell do they have a fuck ton of shit to do. He’d often forge Genji’s handwriting, which he has mastered to perfection mind you, so no one suspects anything, which works for a few years until the elders connect the dots.

Genji only learns of this truth after his resurrection, a whole bottle of sake for Hanzo, and McCree gently asking questions that Genji is texting him from the couch cause drunk Hanzo doesn’t know that Genji is in the room.

The answer to why Hanzo hadn’t just forced Genji to do his fucking work was “Stupid cowman, you know nothing! Birds are at their most beautiful and happiest when free. That is why I worked, that is why I did what I did! Because a wolf cannot live without its pack, it can survive in a cage so long as it is not alone, but birds are meant to be free.” Though this answer was not the most poetic thing Hanzo had ever said, it did make Genji tear up and promptly take his brother to bed.

Protect Me

Title: Protect Me

Paring: Sam x Reader, Dean

Word Count: 1,500-ish

Warning: smut and swearing

Read the lead up to this in Madness and Forgive Me

A/N: Enjoy the final part to this story!

“Okay how much have you two smoked tonight. This isn’t fucking Twilight, vampires aren’t real.”

“See, I told you she wouldn’t take it well. I’m going to scope out this nest.” Dean grabbed his keys and slammed the motel door behind him.

“How the fuck would I take this well. You seriously want me to believe that vampires are a real thing?”

Sam came over to you, trying to hold you but you pushed him away. “Y/N, please, I’m telling you this for your own safety. I swear, this isn’t a joke.”

“Okay, fine, vampires are real. Why didn’t he bite me then huh? Shouldn’t that have been his first priority or something?”

Sam shrugged his shoulders, “I honestly don’t know. Maybe he was trying to get you back to the nest and then feed there, I’m not sure. But look, right now we need to keep you safe, they have your scent and can find you anywhere.”

Collapsing down on the end of the bed, your head fell into your hands as you began to cry. This was all too much. Sam had left you, now he’s back. You were dancing with Eli, now he’s a fucking vampire. Then you were safe with Sam and Dean, but now vampires could track you anywhere.

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To Unexplain The Unforgivable

Pairing: Gerard Way x Reader

Genre: Angst, Drama

Summary: Request fic for @sassyh0esavage. “Drunk Gerard and y/n fighting and he said something really hurtful to her in front of the guys and idk its just really angsty and on the next day the guys tell him what happened and he does everything he can in order to get y/n to forgive him”.

“Have you seen Gerard?” you asked as you walked onto the tour bus.

“I think he’s with Bert,” Mikey shrugged from his bunk.

“He was supposed to meet me by the main stage an hour ago,” you frowned, looking down at your phone. You’d left him half a dozen texts, and even a voicemail, and he still hadn’t gotten back to you. You hoped he was alright.

“Last time I saw him, he was talking about how he was about to go buy twenty bucks worth of beer,” Ray rolled his eyes.

“Where’d he get twenty bucks from?” you wondered.

Ray and Mikey looked at each other, as if concerned.

“Um….Y/N, he said you gave it to him,” Mikey confessed.

“What? No, I didn’t,” you replied, confused.

“But….I was right here watching him when he pulled the money out of your purse,” Ray recalled. “He said you’d already told him it was ok.”

Ray’s eyes went wide as realization dawned on him.

“Oh, fuck,” he gaped. “Y/N, I swear to God, if I’d thought he was lying, I wouldn’t have let him take that money!”

You felt like you’d been slapped in the face. Gerard had stolen from you…..and then lied to his brother, and one of his closest friends, about it.

How….how could he do this to you?! He knew you needed that money to buy dinner tonight before My Chemical Romance’s set! What could possibly make him think this was ok?

“Did Bert put him up to this?” you snapped.

“I don’t think Bert was even here when that happened,” Mikey admitted with a guilty look, like he was as surprised and disappointed by his brother’s actions as you were.

“I have to go find him,” you decided. You needed to know what the fuck your boyfriend was thinking. You desperately wanted there to be a rational explanation for this, for Ray and Mikey to have simply misunderstood the situation. But, your gut told you this was exactly as it seemed.

Maybe you shouldn’t be so surprised. Gerard had been drinking heavily lately. The whole band drank, of course. Every band on Warped Tour drank. But, the rate at which Gerard was consuming alcohol was on a whole different level. The last time you’d watched him perform, he’d seemed barely coherent. His pants had fallen off, for Chrissakes.

And the worst part was that he didn’t even seem to care. He kept right on singing like he was out of fucks to give.

Does he even give a fuck about me anymore? you wondered miserably. Does he really love me, if he betrays my trust like this?

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how can one fly?
icarus muses, as he spreads his wings to the sky
apollo laughs from above
power and lust, my sweet mortal. decadence and sweet promises and false hope.
tell me, how can one fall?
icarus smiles
for humility. in sacrifice. with forgiveness, you foolish god 
and drags apollo down with him to the ocean with a kiss

We immediately fell in love the first time we met in person. We had talked through chat for about four months before meeting. He was extremely damaged and jaded, and told me that all he’s ever wanted was just ONE person to not give up on him and stay with him through anything. I promised him that. I’m the type of person that will never give up on somebody. I will realize that I love them, even when I don’t like them very much. Love is a choice, not a feeling, and it’s unconditional. He would say “forever”, and I would reply with “& always”. We were going to get tattoos on our pinkies with those words. Me getting “forever” in his handwriting, and him getting “& always” in my handwriting on his. He told me that even when we’d get in fights and he’d tell me that he was done, I’d always forgive him and tell him that I wasn’t going anywhere, how thankful he was that I was proving that I would always ALWAYS be there.

This fight came from my not wanting to make my Facebook profile information public, specifically my relationship status. It was viewable to anyone who is my friend on Facebook, just not for people who weren’t. That wasn’t good enough. He wanted someone to “scream to the world” that he was loved. I told him it was nothing personal, I just don’t make any of my profile information public. So he went off, saying horrible things to me. He has this thing where he will flip on any compliment he gave me, or anything he told me he liked about me. Saying that he hated everything he previously said he loved. Things like that. I posted a selfie on Facebook, and because I was wearing my new tank top, (the reason for the selfie, I wanted to show it off) and it showed my cleavage, he forced me to take it down because “the only person that should ever see you in something like that is ME.” It was a tank top. That’s it. And he went bat shit insane over it.

I got this message, and after multiple times of him saying he’s done with me, and now telling me to not bother replying, I didn’t. It messes with me mentally too much. It’s not good for one’s head to always feel like they’re about to fall off a ledge, so to speak. I’m sure I’ll get a message eventually with something along the lines of how terrible of a person I am for giving up on him. But I need to worry about myself, and not keep myself in an abusive, controlling, and manipulative relationship anymore. He’s 43 years old, and I’m 27, yet I’m the one not acting like an adult.

After the war when Garrus and his father reunite, his father is the proudest he’s ever been of him. They both put the past behind them, forgive and forget, and move forward. His father does the same with Shepard - in fact, he’s thankful to her for who Garrus has become, and he apologizes for how he originally saw spectres, but she doesn’t blame him.

Then when he finds out about their relationship, he’s skeptical at first, but he soon grows to approve of it because at the end of the day, could there possibly be a better person for Garrus than the woman that’s saved the galaxy time and time again?

And then their wedding day comes - a mix of turian and human traditions - and when Garrus’ proud father is walking Garrus’ proud wife-to-be down the isle, it is quite the sight for Garrus. It couldn’t possibly be any better for any of them.

Dating Isaac Would Include:

- Both of you being sassy as hell to each other
- Stealing and hiding his scarfs, and then he tries to be mad about it but he can’t stay mad at you for long
- Tickle fights, water fights, food fights that always result in make out sessions
- Isaac not caring if people call him whipped
- Planning your future together (discussing where you guys should live, how many kids etc)
- “Y/N you hid my scarf again didn’t you?”….“I have no idea what your talking about”
- Him telling you out his childhood/past
- Stealing his lacrosse jersey
- “Isaac Lahey I’ll never make you feel alone ever, you’ve always got me”
- Him calling you babe or love
- Always holding hands
- Spending cold nights wrapped up in blankets, cuddling
- “I can look after myself Isaac”….“I know love, but if anything happened to you I wouldn’t ever forgive myself”
- You being Isaac’s anchor
- Piggy back rides
- Always ending the day with I love you

The First Time You Met Mini Imagine

Late to class once again. It wasn’t technically even your fault this time around, things had been hectic and time just happened to get away from you. So here you were rushing past the school doors, to your locker to grab the books that you needed.

Not caring where you threw your bag or if you locker became a bigger mess than it was, you reached for the chemistry book that was conveniently hiding towards the back. Pulling it out of course a handful of books fell to the floor from the sudden movement.

“You have got to be kidding me!” you exhaled.

Picking up the several books that were closest to you, throwing them back in you realized that one was missing. “Is this what your looking for?” a deep voice asked.

Glancing at the boy he looked familiar, but you couldn’t place what his name was. “Thanks, I suppose you saw the whole thing” laughing awkwardly.

He kindly smiled handing the book back as he did so, “We all have those days. So what class are you late for?”.

Showing him your chemistry book, he nodded in understanding. “Looks like we’re both late to the same class”.

“I thought you looked familiar, I’m Y/N Y/L/N” you extended your hand which he took and said, “I’m Isaac Lahey”.

“Nice to meet you Isaac Lahey” letting go of his hand, you closed the locker.

“Would it be okay if I walked you to class?”

Staring at him, there was something in his eyes that were gentle. You walked together until the two of you reached the classroom. “Your not coming in?” asking him as he didn’t show any interest of actually attending the class.

“I sorta have somewhere else to be, but save me a seat for next class?” he winked and set off down the hall.

Taking a minute to make sure your cheeks weren’t visible red, you opened the door and got the third degree from the teacher, and several looks from other students. Taking the empty table at the back you opened the book to the current chapter.

Not being able to focus on the teachers dull explanations about the topic, your eyes flashed to the door which the small glass window gave you a view of the hallway. Isaac was all that was on your mind, he was intriguing and not to mention handsome. Just then a tall figure wearing a leather jacket came into view, Isaac stopped at the door and the two of you couldn’t stop staring at each other.

Blushing down you smiled, not realizing the door opened someone took the seat next to you. “Thanks for saving me a seat love” he whispered, while not caring if the teacher was unimpressed with all the interruptions.

“I thought you had somewhere else to be?”

He smirked and said, “I changed my mind I rather sit through boring chemistry with you, if I’m being honest”.

You didn’t know if he was flirting or just being polite, but whatever it was you weren’t going to complain. And little did you know just how much Isaac Lahey would end up meaning to you.


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Anakin feels a mixture of fear and anger as he reaches for his lightsaber and activates it, only for it to fly from his hands to the other side of the room. He finds himself frozen in place, not by terror, but by invisible hands keeping him from moving.

Snoke’s lips curl upwards as he turns to Hux. “He looks just like you.”

“Don’t fucking touch him!” Hux snarls, face contorted in rage. Like Anakin, he seems to be held in place, fighting against his invisible restraints.

Snoke chuckles, turning back to Anakin. “Forgive us. We were just catching up. I haven’t seen your parents in quite some time.” He takes a step closer to Anakin. “Tell me, child. Did they ever speak of me?”

“I know who you are,” Anakin spits, trying not to show his fear. “I know what you did to them. How you manipulated them.”

“Manipulated them?” Snoke’s voice is soft, menacing. “My, my. How very…ungrateful.” He circles Anakin’s parents slowly, observing them as though they are nothing but insects, tiny and helpless. “I only ever gave them things they wanted.”

Snoke stops in front of Hux, holds out one hand and flexes his fingers slightly. Hux lets out a guttural cry and his body shakes slightly, as if it longs to writhe but is prevented from doing so by the invisible restraints. Anakin can do nothing but watch with horrified eyes as his father is tortured in front of him.

After what feels like forever, Snoke lowers his hand and Hux falls forward, coughing and struggling for breath.

“Your father,” Snoke continues, “dreamed of ruling the galaxy. He wanted to crush the Republic and all your Resistance friends. I gave him a positon of power to do so. Did you know he slaughtered billions?”

“You bastard,” Hux rasps, still gasping for breath. “You fucking-”

Hux writhes on the floor this time, his scream almost inhuman. When he stops, Anakin can hear his mother shouting.

“-it was all my idea!” Ben is screaming, tears streaming down his face. “I used the Force to control his mind and make him run away with me! He didn’t know what he was doing! They’re both innocent; punish me instead!”

Snoke pauses and looks at Ben with an expressionless face. “You didn’t need the Force to do that. You seduced him with more than your mind, and he went with you willingly.”

Those cold eyes find Anakin again. “I saved your mother, Anakin. I saved him from a life of loneliness and neglect from your careless grandparents. I taught him everything he knows. He took great pleasure in wiping out the Jedi. Children, Anakin. Children even younger than you.”

Anakin’s eyes are stinging with tears. His parents told him all of this when he was old enough to train, but hearing it come from Snoke is so much worse.

“I looked after him, Anakin,” Snoke continues. “I took him in when no one else wanted him. All this, I did for your parents.” His eyes fixate on Hux and Ben. “I introduced them. And how did they repay me?” He reaches out one gnarled hand to caress Ben’s hair with mock affection. "With betrayal.“

Excerpt from “Something Special- Part 2”

Burn Part 3

Pairing: John Laurens x reader

Words: 408

Warnings: none

Request: Requested by anonymous: please tell me there is a burn part 3

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“You saw him at the store?!” Peggy shrieked, incredulous.

“Yes! He looked… Terrible.” You sighed.

“What did you do? Did you forgive him?” Peggy jumped around excitedly.

“Yeah, I forgave him. We hugged, and then parted ways.” You shrugged, turning away from her.

“Oh my god!” She squealed.

“Chill, we just met and then parted ways.” You ignored the fact that you chose to meet later that night.

“Lame.” Peggy pouted, and walked off. You laughed at her childlike demeanor, before your phone rang.


You picked up eagerly. “Hello?”

“Hey, how’s it going?” John asked.

“Good. Is there a reason you called?” You wondered, staring at the door that Peggy left through.

“No, I, uh, just wanted to hear your voice again…” He mumbled, almost ashamed. You giggled, and memories from when you were with him came flooding in. You remembered the note you’d found.

‘Y/N, I never want to lose you. Will you marry me?’

“Y/N, you alright?” John’s voice made you jump, bringing you out of your thoughts.

“Yeah. Fine. I have to go, see you tonight.” You hung up, sighing heavily.

You checked the clock.


You walked out the door, getting in your car to drive to John’s.

You knocked, waiting anxiously for John to answer.

“Hey.” John opened the door.

“Hey.” You replied.

The tension between you could’ve been cut with a knife.

“Come in.” John moved away from the door, letting you inside.

You walked in, staring at the all too familiar apartment that you once knew so well.

“It hasn’t changed.” You commented.

Your eyes caught a turtle plush. You recognized it immediately.

You raced through the carnival, John in tow.

“I bet I could get you that.” You pointed to a turtle that hung on the wall of a booth.

“Ok. Shoot.”

He kept it.

“You alright?” You nodded, not taking your eyes off the toy.


“Oh, that.” He finally followed your gaze. “That day…”

“Why did you keep it?” You blurted out.

“What? Well, I don’t know…” You finally turned to look at him. He was staring at the ground. “I missed you.” He admitted, keeping his gaze down.

You felt your heart swell, and you quickly pulled him into a warm embrace.

“Y/N, I never want to lose you.” He whispered.

Quite enjoyed writing this one actually. It was a refreshing way to write Loki - not all fluffy and cute and “misunderstood” but not a total psychopath either. Just clever and sassy and nasty and just… Loki. I hope you’ll agree with me when I say that the character in this fic felt much more natural. If you disagree, please tell me and I’ll experiment with it again in the future. I owe immathrowabrickatyou some credit for the story idea for this one, hope you like how I did it. Enjoy, my darlings!

Plague (Part 1)

Loki hated it on Midgard. His punishment from Odin had been Thor’s idea – to work alongside his greatest enemies, the Avengers, so as to try and earn their forgiveness. It had tampered with his plans drastically and left him thoroughly irritated.

He was not the only new recruit either. You had joined as repentance for your crimes but under much less murderous circumstances. You’d been responsible for facing the Avengers in Russia, where they had been searching for Loki’s sceptre, and after tackling you to the ground, Thor had seen your potential and brought you in. It turned out that HYDRA had been holding your family captive and, after their rescue, you agreed to join the team.

You couldn’t stand the silver-tongued God, and the feeling was mutual. Luckily that was the last thing on your mind as you sat snivelling on the sofa. Headache, check. Blocked nose, affirmative. Sore throat – of course! And to top it all off, you were stuck babysitting.
“What is wrong with it?” Loki asked, all too casually from the other side of the room. You glared at him from but Thor placed a gentle hand on your knee to quell your anger.
“Nothing is wrong with her Loki. She’s sick, that is all. You are going to be taking care of her whilst we are on a mission.”

Despite Thor’s words, both you and the trickster knew what he really meant. It was going to be your job to keep him out of trouble whilst the others were away.
“If that stupid ape gives me her disease-”
“Don’t tempt me.” You spat. Thor scowled at you and you coughed before silencing.
“It’s just influenza, Loki. Nothing harmful to us. An inconvenience at best.”

“Can I kill him now?” You pleaded. Thor chuckled before standing. He patted you on the head but you pulled away before he could do so for long. You certainly didn’t need mollycoddling.
“Good luck.” He declared as he departed, long crimson cape flowing behind him.
“I do not need luck, Odinson.” Loki sneered. Thor smirked and peered back around the doorframe.
“Who said I was talking to you?”

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Game of Thrones Theory:

Gendry is Cersei Lannister and Robert Baratheon’s son.

Hear me out.

When Cersei goes to visit Catelyn in S01E02, (The Kingsroad), she tells her about her firstborn son.

“I lost my first boy; a little black-haired beauty. He was a fighter, too. Tried to beat the fever that took him. Forgive me, that’s the last thing you need to hear right now. It was years ago; Robert was crazed, beat his hands bloody on the wall - all the things men do to show you how much they care. The boy looked just like him. Such a little thing; a bird without feathers. They came to take his body away, and Robert held me. I screamed and I battled, but he held me. That little bundle; they took him away and I never saw him again. Never visited the crypt, never…

Then, in S01E04, (Cripples Bastards and Broken Things), Eddard Stark finds himself retracing the final steps of Lord Aaron. That journey takes him to a blacksmith where he is introduced to Gendry. In stark (possibly deliberate) contrast to the physical image painted by Cersei, the blacksmith describes Gendry by saying he is “strong for his age.”

Gendry explains that Aaron had asked him about his work, and then about his mother. When prompted by Stark to tell him about his mother, Gendry says:

“She died when I was little; she had yellow hair, she’d sing to me sometimes.”

Ned then, after examining his features, put it together that he was the bastard son of (King) Robert Baratheon.

My theory is that something prompted someone to remove Gendry from his home and raise him outside of his family. Maybe because they were afraid of another rebellion and thought keeping the heir out of people’s knowledge was the best way to preserve an heir, or perhaps a witch or someone else who could see the future foresaw the War of the Five Kings, Robert’s death, Joffrey’s reign, etc, and saw it a necessity to keep him out of harms way until his time came. 

The fact that Cersei never saw her son’s body after he was taken from her - never went to a wake, a funeral, or the crypt - means there is no tangible proof (at least in the story as it’s been presented) that he actually died! He was taken from her at a young age, and was told his mother with yellow hair died when he was a young child - the timelines (apparently) coincide - he is definitely old enough to have been born before Joffrey, with years in between for him to have been “little” when he was taken.

There are few ways they could prove it; it’s not like they have DNA tests. One possibility (and my favorite, by far) is Cersei actually seeing him and knowing in an instant that he is her son. You could also have a number of mystical destinies and components come into play, if he was taken from his family because of some sort of prophecy (as we found out last season, Cersei was foretold a prophecy about the fate of her children and it has unfolded 2/3.) 

Going off of that prophecy, actually - the prophecy foretold three children all with golden hair and golden shrouds. Had Gendry/her son actually died, would there not have been a fourth shroud? Assuming the 3rd is meant for her third golden-haired child.

Maybe the Red Woman saw his prophecy - maybe that is the reason he was so easy to find when she needed “King’s blood”. She knew who to look for.

I’ve had a few theories since binging the show (haha) and this is by far one of my favorites (and definitely the one that holds the most credence thus far. I’m watching it all again to see what else (other theories or support for this one) might come up.)

UPDATE! Sept 2, 2016

The prophecy about the golden hair/golden shrouds panned out when Tommen killed himself, which means the witch did not foretell the death of a/the fourth child…so he has to be out there somewhere.

What I can’t help but wonder is who would technically have a better claim to the throne at this point? A Baratheon or a Targaryen? Because if this plays out we would have Gendry who is a legitimate heir to the family currently sitting on the throne, Danaerys who is a legitimate Targaryen, and Jon who we know is a bastard but also the son of the oldest of the Targaryen children, so I’m not sure if it could be argued that he would precede Dany in a line of succession.