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I just honestly wanted to take a moment to tell all of you guys how much I appreciate you. I don’t say it nearly as much as I should and I’m sorry I’m such a flop in that aspect but, really and truly, you guys mean so much to me. When I’m feeling down or upset I come on here and read your guys’s messages and comments and it makes my entire day. So many of you are so sweet and kind. Even to those of you who have never even said a word to me and just lurk, thank you to those of you as well because you’re just as amazing. I don’t know what I ever did to deserve such wonderful followers <3 I hope you all have a great day/night, wherever you are in the world.

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Who are ur fav mutuals? And say ur fave thing about each one of them

of course!!! theres a lot so i’ll try to keep my reasons short so it’s not super long! (please let me know if yall dont want to be tagged)

@krisyoels​ UHHHHHHHHHi love a guy?????????? dave is literally the softest boy alive and he’s so sweet and i always worry im the annoying younger friend but he doesnt seem to be sick of me yet ily dave even when its exo-d hour i dont need to write alot you can tell how much he means to me via our shitty banter

@crab-noises​ UM I LOVE ANOTHER GUY nat… my main boy,,, the best boy.. we’ve sat on skype for four hours while you played overwatch and i wrote or smth and we didnt talk much and thts because we’re just so comfortable around eachother and idk how to say this without being so grossly sappy but

@freshbaekedkookies​ THE BEST GIRL IN THE W O RLD i love meaghan sm sdjnsdjskkjs pls… my best friend.. i lov her.. pls follow her shes so sweet ,,, no one lovs jeon jungkook pls,,, the purest angel,,

@nodeexo​ SPEAKING OF ANGELS sfdnnsfkjsnf  ive never had a conversation with nada but through things ive been tagged in and im a tag reader i love reading tags on my posts and others posts and i love ur tags nada an i lov u pls ur so pretty sdfnjkfsdnjk 

@jaehoneybum​ the only other mutual besides dave nat and meaghan that ive had like an extensive conversation with… thank u i love u im so awkward and ur blog is so nice and ur so nice nkdffkjndjk 

@oshnverse​ I LOV ndfsjnsfk youre so nice and fun to talk to! i just am the worst at doing so but i love your blog and when you comment on my stuff it makes my day! 

@smollbaekhyun omg hannah!!! we havent talked much but pls kno… i love you.. with my whole heart youre so sweet… 

@baekheuyn​ sarah is so!!!!! sweet!! this is an ongoing trend with my mutuals and im so happy that ive surrounded myself with such nice people dfnjsnf thank you 

@xiuminscheeks​ we’ve only talked recently but!!!!! ine im p sure u said thats ur name is honestly so nice!!!!! if i wasnt so bad at socializing i’d hope to talk to you much more!!!

@chenbox​ amy!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love you!!!!!!!!!!! we havent talked much but we’ve talked and honestly thats the best because i have the biggest blog crush on you i almost cried when you showed up in my chat notifs!

@callmeminseok​ pls name a bigger xiulayhan stan.. one day i want to be the alpha minseok stan like her ksnfjnfjk aislinn is such a popular blog and when she followed me i just kinda stared at my phone for a solid minute

@305heaux​ somehow im blessed enough that sophia is my mutual??? its surreal honestly i dont know why or for what reason im being followed but,, thank you

(honorable mentions: @ratbyun@kokobopbopboptothetoptoptop@kiungsoo@d-kyvngsoo@hunniedae​  @xingmi4life @loeychateau and so many more i love all my mutuals but my list was getting so long im sorry gskngsj)

Weight upon shoulders

Are the smiles you show to the world real?

As lost as your eyes without graces of queen.

A tale wrote in pain.

Tell me if you’ve lost your mildness worthy of crowns,

your hopes of child

your strength of woman.

Tell me if you lost them all.

In which world you live oh sweet flower?

How beautiful was the sight

of your tearless face,

how beautiful my desire to carry your weight,

but in the end,

foolish of me

for I was too blind to see.


To make you shine as never before,

forget the pain you had to endure

for I promised and said out loud

that I would stand,

with or without reasons to be proud.

From the book’ Wasted Hearts’ by Julio Carlos

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i leave for college tomorrow and my boyfriend has been working 12 hour shifts everyday this week so I haven't seen him. he knew how stressed i was packing all my shit, and so tonight he surprised me by coming over after work and helping me and then cuddling me and telling me how proud he was of me to be doing all of this. and i feel so full of love and warm and happy! i hope you find some warmth tomorrow 💗

Aw, that’s so sweet!! 😭♥️ he’s a keeper!

the cashier lady at walmart said the pikachu underwear i was buying was cute and i didnt know how to tell her i loved her :^/

Patience child (from @caretaker-au) becomes the caretaker of the ruins!

The idea is that the patience child survived and they supported Chara’s plan, but instead of harvesting the souls they took care of the fallen children well and all, only taking the souls if the child turned out to be “one of those human”. After all, “the souls aren’t going anywhere, isn’t it?”

Bonus doodles!

“No, Chara, drawing on the walls didn’t make them a bad person.”

“But it was VANDALISM!”

“Keeping these children is the worst idea ever.”

“You’ve been wearing that for 2 days straight.”

“Shut up.”

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[ one can only imagine lol hope you enjoy and thank you for requesting!! ]

Rated (SM) for slightly mature.


➸ There was nothing rushed during your little shower session, Jin was definitely going to take his time with you. Thankful he had time off to spend with you, he wanted to make it last for a long as he could - from slow kisses to the slow rhythm of his hips as he easily slid into your entrance. Soft moans would fall from each of your lips as they barely separated from one another, you hands caressing his face while his would travel from your thighs, hips, to waist. He didn’t leave any patch of skin untouched, neither did you. Everything about this moment was perfect and filled with bliss. It was as if the whole world had stopped for the two of you…but unfortunately, that’s unrealistic thinking. 

“Could you two stop blowing up the goddamn water bill?” 

Jin nearly drops you at the sound of Yoongi’s voice, you letting out a small squeak as he presses you even farther into the wall, his chest smushing into yours to hide you away from the sudden intruder. 

“Yah, Suga! Why didn’t you knock, that’s so rude!” 

“So is using up all the hot water. Do it in the bedroom, like normal fucking people.” 


➸ You’ve been needy all day, and when he was finally home, you weren’t wasting a second more. He wasn’t complaining - hell - he was hoping you were in the mood anyways. Things didn’t take long to escalate as Yoongi had no trouble taking you from behind, smirking lazily at the sounds you didn’t even bother to cover up. 

“That’s it, baby, let me hear how good you feel…” 

Constant whispers of unholy things were enough to increase the volume of your moans, not taking into consideration that you two wouldn’t exactly be alone for much longer. Not even 30 seconds have passed when a harsh knock came to the door, but Yoongi didn’t falter into his thrusts - he didn’t even stop. As he continued to pound into you, he answered to whoever was at the door. 

“I’m busy.” 

“Yeah, we know! We all heard you from the front door! The FRONT DOOR, Yoongi! Could you keep it down a little?” 

Min Yoongi grins so devilishly at the back of your head, you could feel chills run down your spine. Gripping your hair tightly to tug your neck backward, you could now see the mischievous look in his eyes; he was up to no good. 

“Sure, no problem.” Without even missing a beat, Yoongi starts back up again at an inhuman amount of speed, finally hitting that one spot over and over again that both made you see stars, and scream at the top of your lungs. By now, the neighbors could probably hear the two of you as well. 

“Is this down enough for you?” They could practically hear his shit-eating grin, all glaring at the door as it seemed that now there was no stopping him. 

He was smart enough to lock the door. 


➸ The two of you just couldn’t wait; didn’t even get fully undressed until after you stepped into the shower. Namjoon watched you intensely as he undressed you from your now drenched shirt, licking his lips at the mere sight of the water dripping down your body rapidly. 

“Fuck, I’ve missed you, jagi…” He groans before pulling you closer to continue the make-out session you started in the living room. Reaching in between the two of you, you eagerly gripped his already throbbing member causing a strained moan to escape past his lips in surprise. 

Namjoon practically panted in your mouth as your pace picked up in no time, him letting you touch him for as long as you wanted as he placed one hand to the wall to keep his balance. 

“Namjoon, did you break my headphon-OH. OH OH OH I AM SO SORRY. IGNORE ME, YOU SEEM BUSY, ILL ASK LATER BYE.” Hoseok flailed, almost slipping on the rug on his way out, almost forgetting where the door knob was as he dramatically exited the bathroom. 

Both you and Namjoon stared at the door with raised eyebrows, him shrugging his shoulders while you giggled softly while shaking your head. That small interruption didn’t kill the mood at all for the two of you, as he stared down at you with lust filled eyes and a slanted smirk. 

“On your knees, babygirl.” 


➸ It was the end of your anniversary date, which consisted of dinner and a movie. He wanted the night to be perfect, and boy did he deliver. Hoseok was nothing but romantic and gentle with you all night, everything just all cuddly and calm. The warm water that cascaded down your still clothed figures felt so relaxing - his soft kisses that trailed from the side of your face to your neck almost had you practically melting in his arms. Your hands ran through his damp hair, while his were placed firmly on your hips, as the two of you basically slow danced in the shower. 

“You’re too good for me, Hobi…how did I get so lucky?” 

He chuckles softly, now nuzzling his head in the crook of your neck. “That’s my line, jagi…I should be asking you that.” 

It didn’t take long for his sweet kisses to turn into sucks, as he marked all of your favorite spots that he’s memorized all too well. Your bite your lip to keep quiet, knowing good and well that the others were in the bed by now…or were they? 

“I’m telling you, Jin-hyung, I turned off the shower an hour ag-OH HOLY SHIT!” As quick as the door came open, it was slammed shut. You and Hoseok now stared at the door in pure horror, covering each other up - even though neither of you was naked yet. Quickly turning off the shower, Hoseok steps out right as Jin opened the door once again - only this time with his eyes covered. By now, Jungkook ran back to his room in embarrassment. 

“I don’t care what you two were about to do in here, it’s none of my business. But, for the sake of Jungkook, and my innocent eyeballs - could you lock the door next time?” 


➸ Just like Hoseok, it was more a soothing type of shower session between the two of you. He sat on the shower bench while you straddled his lap, your bra still intact as Jimin just teased the straps, him smiling teasingly in the kiss as you hissed at him when he would tug it far, only to then let them snap back against your wet skin. 

“Jimin, I swear to God if you do that one more time, I’ll-”

“You’ll what, baby, huh?” His smile drops as he dared you to finish that threat, the hands that were placed upon your upper back now dangerously low on your ass - giving you a warning squeeze. “Did you forget who you talking to for a moment there? Does daddy need to punish you?” 

Before you could even respond, you could see the color drain from his face as his eyes drifted to something that was behind you. Tilting your head to the side in confusion, you turn to see what he was looking at, only to let out a scream in shock. Taehyung stood there in complete horror, unfortunately walking in at the wrong time. 

“I-I…I have no words…”

“Tae…how much did you hear?” Jimin gulps, afraid that his friend might have just discovered a little too much about himself. 

“Enough to where I want to shove pencils in my ears. Dinner’s ready, by the way, but it looks to me you’re already about to eat-”

“Y A H.” Jimin exclaims, Tae shooting his hands up in surrender as he starts to exit the bathroom with still a look of horror on his face. “Don’t tell anyone about this, please. I’m begging you.”

He shrugs, a small smirk starting to creep upon his lips. “Will daddy punish me if I do-”



➸ It was, at first, a solo shower. You had just gotten home from work, your day already starting off shitty - but that really took the cake. Not only did most of your co-workers call in sick, but they did it on the day where you have the most crowds. You were practically drowning in stress that you almost punched a costumer in the face. In conclusion : worst day ever. 

The dorm was empty by the time you got there, mentally thanking the man up in the sky that at least you came home to some peace and quiet for once. The warm water was exactly what you needed, but yet it wasn’t enough to fully relax you. Sighing heavily at the fact of not being completely satisfied, you lean forward to turn the water off - feeling defeat. It wasn’t until you felt a pair of cold hand grab your waist, and spin you around did you accidentally turn it to freezing ice water before letting out a small scream. Taehyung doesn’t hesitate to seal you screams with a kiss, letting you register that it was only him as you finally calmed down. 

“You jackass, don’t do that! One of these days I’m gonna stab you!” You couldn’t help but giggle as he started placing kisses all over your face, your lips trembling as the cold water draped over your bodies. 

“With what? Soap? Your shampoo bottle?” He teased, while continuing to place kisses anywhere and everywhere. “You looked a little down, so you can’t tell me that didn’t brighten you mood up just a little bit, jagi.” 

You wanted to punch him for almost giving you a heart attack, but you were happy to see him. Taehyung was actually the last puzzle piece to help turn this sour day back to sweet. Leaning into him closer to further his pecks into something more, the door to the bathroom was practically kicked in, and in came six out of the seven members as they all rushed into the small bathroom - Jimin holding a bat, while Hoseok started swinging at the air. 

“Y/n! Are you alright?! We heard you scream and- oh.” Namjoon pushed his way in, only to see that it wasn’t what they thought at all. “Seriously? Why can’t you do this at your own place - some of us have to shower in there, too!” 


➸ You moaned into his mouth shamelessly at the pleasure he was giving you, the rushed movements of your mouths only making the bathroom much more steamier than the hot water. He wanted to use up all the time he had with you, knowing that his hyungs would be home soon, Jungkook wanted to use this opportunity to make noise as much as possibly. With one hand he held your wrists together, while the other rubbed your clit in slow circles, the water giving spectacular lubrication as you whimpered at the feeling. 


“Please what, Y/n? You’re gonna have to be more specific~” 

“Please g-go faster, please..!” You would cry, the teasing no longer tolerable as you were now reduced to begging. You would give anything to cum, even so much as scream his name while his hyungs were home. Be careful what you wish for. 

“Jungkook, are you watching porn again?” Jimin opens the door, only for both his eyes and mouth to completely bust wide open in shock. Jungkook being Jungkook quickly pulled away from you to cover himself up - only to then realize that you were naked as well, to then cover you up away from Jimin’s amused stare. 

“J-Jimin, don’t tell Jin-hyung! W-We were just uh…saving water?” 

“Oh, don’t worry, Kookie. I won’t tell him that you’re committing unholy things in his bathroom.” Not even five seconds later, “SEOKJIN! GUESS WHO’S MAKING BABIES IN YOUR SHOWER.” 

Jungkook, not even giving a shit anymore, would practically run after Jimin naked - leaving you to stand in there confused and sexually frustrated. 

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The Signs:

Aries: Something about you makes my blood boil in a unique, uncomfortable way, you are full of mystery. You have black holes for eyes, remarkably, that are too intense for most people to look into. You have no control over your greatness, you were born this way. Notice it and blossom. Not a single person on earth can blossom like you can. Not a single person can blossom like you will. You have great and empowering words to say in this life, make sure to say all of them without fear. You are not afraid. Be great.

Taurus: You are so lovely, the embodiment of nature, the embodiment of all the naturality in life created by the one and only, engulfing creator. I remember losing you and all nature that surrounded me seemed to shrivel and die. My heart ached when I heard the crunch under my feet of every dead leaf I walked upon. It brought me so much pain, i felt like death. I lost my vision and a bright 

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  • amazing leader
  • dimples
  • his voice
  • its so deep like damn baby holla at me
  • dimples again
  • he luvs tiny crabs
  • he’s a dork
  • his terrible aegyo
  • that smile that adds on 10 years to anyone’s life span
  • dance monster™
  • idc he can dance better than me
  • a god ((((((of destruction)))))))
  • his muscial genius
  • how he can go from making a somg about beating ur pussy like never before but he can also create something like serendipity
  • legs
  • savage monster™
  • best twerker
  • his fashion sense
  • he’s a dad and a daddy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • “im sorry baby”
  • his large hands
  • “peaches and cream, sweeter than sweet”
  • you cannot tell me you don’t get wet when he says that line
  • “something is dangling”
  • perv monster™
  • his love for ARMY
  • his love for the members of BTS
  • he has a kind heart
  • HE’S A MOMMA’S BOY :’)
  • he doesn’t know how to cut onions
  • but he can still pull yo girl don’t get it twisted
  • his random ass faces and noises
  • he’s top quality meme material
  • no this boy is hella smart like holy smokes
  • the definition of get u a man that can do both
  • he’s so handsome
  • his skin complexion is godly
  • ((((((these whitewashers nees to choke)))))))
  • protecting ARMYs
  • just an amazing man.
  • a perfect bean that needs to be loved

+ feel free to add on :)


Two very different kind of evil.

i’m home in a storm, love chaos when it comes to me, tell myself that love needs to be like a lightning bolt instead of sweet dreams: i unravel a little every day. wake up screaming. say i love it when he bites me. say i love it when i’m dying. pause at red lights and for a moment i think: oh my god. how easy it would be to just keep driving.

“John, this is Sherlock Holmes,” Molly introduced them, “and Sherlock, this is John Watson. He’s visiting his great aunt this summer. Oh, and his mum is here too.” 

John offered his hand. “Pleased to meet you.” 

John’s hand was engulfed in a brief press of a huge palm and fine-boned fingers. 

“How ‘do.” 

John’s mouth quirked up at the fashionably bored greeting, surprised at the deepness of Sherlock’s voice. (…) 

 I’m freaking obsessed with “The Sweetness Makes the Smoke and Stings Worthwhile” by 221b-carefulwhatyouwishfor !!! It reminds me so much of Brideshead Revisited. It’s wonderful, do yourself a favour and go read it now!!

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Fuel to Fire (intro)

Stucky x reader

Notes: fluff, tattooing, some angst, smut (m/m and m/m/f) 

Summary: Living their dream, Bucky and Steve run their tattoo shop ‘American Ink’ together, happily married for several years and business is going well. When a girl walks into their shop and inevitably into their lives right after they’ve received some exciting news, they have no idea how their lives are about to change with some harmless but straight-forward flirting. 

A/N: This is the introduction to the tattoo-shop AU, a Stucky x reader story that could be compared to my earlier series: Savages. I have no idea where this is going or how long it’s gonna be. I’m just gonna see where it takes me. 

“Buck-.. you think we’re gettin’ boring?” Steve muses, his arms behind his head, relaxing against his pillow as he stares up at the ceiling.

“Jesus fuckin’ Christ, Steve” Bucky groans, popping up somewhere below Steve’s belt, pushing his hair away from his eyes. “m’Tryin’ to suck your dick here, you mind?”

“I don’t, actually” Steve grins. “I was just thinkin’”

“Yeah. I know” Bucky shuts him up, pinching his husband’s side, earning a yelp in turn. “Stop it and let me suck your pretty cock”

“Baby, c’mon, hold on a minute, okay?” Steve pleads, putting on his best pouting face and big blue eyes.

Bucky groans, rolls off his husband, “Okay, okay. Stop with the eyes already. What’s on your mind?”

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Attached (Part 11)

Summary: Modern AU. Your first day at the New York Bulletin takes a catastrophic turn when you accidentally overlook a fellow employee’s private chat session. Inspired by the novel Attachments by Rainbow Rowell.

Word Count: 1,440

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9 - Part 10

A/N: I suppose it’s safe to that we are nearing the end of this story, my loves! As I hope all of you know, my gratitude and fondness for every single one of you who read and commented on this series are limitless. 

Originally posted by lowkeysebastianstan

Sitting back on your chair, you took a couple of deep breaths to calm down and recollect yourself, trying to find some tranquility within your internal chaos. 

After reading Barnes’ message, you screamed and startled everyone in your department, their eyes filled with worry when they saw you jump off your seat. When you noticed all of their eyes on you, you panicked and started babbling about seeing a spider on your desk, thus making you scream.

Thankfully, they accepted your reasoning as they all went back to work, but you…you were anything but fine after what you’ve just learned. You were in total shock.

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is there anything in their charts that tells you about how they'd dirty talk or how loud they'd be in bed?

for this, i looked at general signs and also mercury-mars aspects, as mercury is the planet of communication and mars is the planet of sex, and quite a lot of the boys have them

jungkook - with a gemini eros, i think he’s a bit of a chatterbox. gemini rules communication, so he needs that in the bedroom to be satisfied. even if he’s not saying actual words, noises would come from him constantly. and with a virgo mercury, he may speak a lot due to nerves. lots of stuttering and choking on his words. a partner who talks to him, reassures him, and voices their pleasure is a major turn on. also with a smooth mercury sextile mars, even innocent sounds/phrases ooze sex appeal

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

taehyung - with a mercury conjunct mars, he’s all about aggressive noises in bed. people with this aspect are known for being blunt and straight forward. with dirty talk, he’d sugar coat nothing: you’re getting all the dirty details. i don’t think he’d mind much if his partner does or doesn’t talk back – but if he expects an answer, i suggest u give him one. and his wild aries eros amplifies this

Originally posted by mnyunki

jin - his sounds are as angelic as every other part of him. his mercury aspects not only his mars but also his venus, adding a romantic flair to his dirty talk. very eloquent and poetic about it. moans are high pitched and melodic 

Originally posted by samwol

yoongi - his mercury not only aspects mars, but also many other planets like uranus and neptune, so there’s only one way i’d describe how he’d sound: wild. it would make your mind spin how he goes from praising you, to degrading you, to eerily quiet all in the span of 10 minutes. that tongue of his is versatile in more ways than one

Originally posted by meanyoongis

namjoon - his mercury square mars makes me think he’s inclined to degrading dirty talk. people with this aspect often come across as harsh or brusque, even when they don’t particularly intend to. he doesn’t really think before he talks (in emotional/sexual situations); whatever is on his mind just flows out. but if you’re into that kink, hey ;)

Originally posted by 901jjk

jimin and hoseok don’t have any aspects between mercury and mars so let’s look at other ones:

jimin’s moon trine mercury leads me to believe that, despite his dark scorpio planets, his dirty talk would be quite soft and sweet. he’d love praising his partner, telling them how good they are. lots of “i love you”s. it might completely contrast his sometimes rough, aggressive style.

Originally posted by softjvngkook

hoseok’s mercury aspects with saturn and pluto make him control his speech in the bedroom. he thinks carefully about everything he says. this can make a master at dirty talk who knows exactly how to rile his partner up. and with his aries lilith and eros, the studio isn’t the only place where he can spit some aggressive verses

Originally posted by jeongguk