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Okay… So… I looked through my inktober art tags and felt like sketching some people’s ocs again while trying to deal with life for the past few weeks haha… These pictures aren’t as accurate as they should be (I should snoop research more. I tried to keep them accurate. Some more accurate doodles will arrive in the future once I know more, hehe…). Since I know my phone camera is not so nice, I scanned them and this is the result: horrible. Either way, I think this is a good way to get back into drawing…

Also, I hate to bother them, really. But I must credit (and promote!) the owners of these wonderful ocs! (if you can’t read the names on the pictures, here they are in order):

@renza15 @throwaninkpot @icebats-universe @pinkkittehisajediknight @aceofstars16 @dragonanne @fair-and-finn @jupiterlandings @takeabreathandsmile @queenoftheskittleholics


can someone pls tell me how this became this?


“I’m tired of waiting”

what a lovely way to burn

[update: now also on ao3]

pairing: rhack

summary: Rhys is, sometimes, almost entertaining enough. But he’s also asleep or off-station or working way too often and it’s not like Jack’s bothered by it, no, but he doesn’t sleep or visit Pandora any more and spending all of his time on Helios, as Helios is starting to get to him.

He finds a lone employee at some ass end of the station, orders a loader bot to kick the man in the face, and then decides that he’s bored as dicks and he needs to do something. Like… Rhys. Talk to Rhys, that is. He doesn’t want to… do… well, anyway–


Rhys discovers the chair has a lot of fun drug-injecting buttons. Jack discovers he needs a body, right now, immediately. Rhys’ will do.

notes: so this a Handsome Rhys au of sorts; basically Helios doesn’t fall, Jack and Rhys rule, (i don’t know what happens to the rest of the plot hahh,) the usual. also i have no idea what i’m doing forgive me

content warnings for, oh god, i don’t know? vague mentions of ambiguous Pandoran drugs, soft choking (or strangling, if you prefer), consensual possession(i think???), broadly defined sinning

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*At the Grocery Store* 

  Me in my head: (Maybe if I start singing lines from popular kpop songs while I’m in public someone will recognize it and sing along with me!)

Cashier: Is there anything else I can help you with today?

Me:*hip thrusts* CALL ME BABY

Cashier: …Um okay your total will be $11.95…baby. Is there anything else you nee–

Me:*drops to knees* I NEED U GIRL 

Cashier:.. Um I’m a boy.

Me:*dusts shoulder off* I AM A GOOD BOY

Cashier: …Okayyy bye, have a good day.

Me: *strikes butterfly pose* DON’T TELL ME BYE BYE


Cashier: SECURITY!!


NEW VIDEO: “Boyfriend

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Official Naruto baumkuhen from the exhibit. My sister ate one so I ate one too lol. It tastes okay. It’s pretty much your normal, sweet pastry. And it also comes in a unique Team 7 styled wrapper too~