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Things KPOP/K Hip-hop Fans Need to Stop Doing:

Being homophobic - To say that idols can’t be anything than heterosexual is ridiculous. You have hundreds of idols of different backgrounds and experiences, to say that none of them could be queer is just small minded and downright ignorant. But this also implies to fans who only want an idol to be gay “so their ship can come true”. Or say “As long as their gay for the person I ship them with I’m happy if their gay”. Guess what? You’re just as small minded and ignorant as the person who doesn’t want to believe in queer idols.

• Shaming Female Idols - Don’t start calling female idols/celebrities “sluts” because she came two feet within your male fav or did a sexy dance that you’d go crazy if a male idol did it. Female idols work just as hard as male idols, if not even harder. Misogyny is rampant in the entertainment industry. They deserve the same respect as male idols. 

Fatphobia - Some idols have hinted/talked about suffering from a eating disorders and people still call them fat. Idols have even talked about living on “water diets”. Idols are force to starve themselves to be the “prefect” or “desired” weight. So please don’t say “____ should lose weight” or “____ is hotter now since they lost weight”. BTS’s Jimin debuted with abs, and since then, anytime he doesn’t have the exact rock hard abs he did years ago, fans have either said he’s “not has hot” or even dropped him completely. Enough with this. 

Using AAVE incorrectly - Stop making posts saying an idol is “bae as fuck”. You look like a damn fool. If you aren’t 100% sure what a word means don’t use it. For God’s sake those “Are you [Idol name] af?” were so bad. With that being said don’t make fake subs of an idol saying the n-word. No nonblack person should be saying n-word in the first damn place. And if you are not black you have no right to tell black people they shouldn’t say n-word either. That is our word to reclaim. 

Anti-Blackness - Y'all ain’t slick. Anytime an idol gets within 2 feet of a Black person some of you start singing “I hope Oppa is safe” or “Those girls need to back up”. But when they’re near a Korean girl or white girl it’s always ‘I’m so jealous!“. When BTS was in L.A that was majority of the comments. Always telling black fans that we’re being overly sensitive when an idol does/says something offensive towards black people. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being critical of something as you enjoy it. So stop telling people to “stop listening to kpop then!”. No, stop with the blatant anti-blackness.

“Pedonoona” - This isn’t funny. If you are a grown woman, stop lusting after an idol under 18. Nothing is cute or quirky about a 20+ year old woman wanting to have sex with a person who’s still in high-school or barely 18. You are NOT “admiring” them nor is the age of consent law your friend, so don’t try use those as an excuse when you get called out.  Counting down the days an idol turns 18 so you can writing your nasty smut about them is beyond terrible. As much as ANY male fans get dragged for making sexual comments about younger female celebrities, female fans doing it should be no different. I’m honestly disgusted by the amount of fans trying to defend their pedophilia and see nothing wrong their gross behavior. 

Leaving gross comments on idol’s SNS - Again, this isn’t funny. A man telling a woman he hardly knows “how hard I am” or to “suck my dick” is the exact same thing when a woman tells a man she hardly knows “how wet I am” or to “eat me out”. If you can’t message an idol to have a decent conversation, don’t do it at all.

“That’s just how Korea is!” - Stop. Don’t you dare clump all 50 million people together when your 1 bias fucks up. That’s not how Korea is, that’s how YOUR fav is. Korean fans have said time and time again to stop saying this. Why? Because it’s a racist generalization of their culture. When Korean fans can admit that an idol fucked up then international fans need to do the same.

Ignoring What Korean Fans Have to Say About Their Own Culture - Time and time again, Korean fans have said to stop doing certain things but many non-Korean fans continue to do it and even argue with them. A Korean fan breaks down word for word what problematic thing and idol said and y’all seriously argue with them, with your 2 month knowledge of the Korean language. Or if an idol does something that is disrespectful in Korean culture, y’all will insist that it isn’t. Korean fans have said it’s very offensive to say an idol looks like a lizard or is a rat because there is a long history behind them but y’all still do it for the sake of a joke. And the most infamous, ignoring Korean fans who say to stop accessorizing their language by putting random Hangul in your description or saying random Korean words when you talk.  If you can’t respect Korean people, then don’t you dare you say you their culture. 

Sending Death threats - Listen, I understand how frustrating it can be when your fav fucks up. We’ve all been there. But there is NO excuse to send ANYONE death threats. That is crossing the line. Yes, problematic idols need to be called out but making bomb threats to their concert? Absolutely not and just straight up revolting. Hell, I’ve heard of fans calling idols anti-Asian slurs after they fucked up. Threats of violence or insulting their idol’s skills and talents is just disgusting. And it’s honestly awful that this really needs to be be said. That is not you express your anger. That is how you show you have no respect for other human beings.

Whitewashing - Honestly, it’s like beating a dead horse at this point. It’s already been proven that it is possible to make a picture brighter without touching an idol’s skin tone. A simple Google search will get you hundreds of tutorials on how to not alter a person’s skin. You’re just being lazy and refuse to learn how to make better edits if you claim it’s impossible to not bleach an idol in an edit. Vixx’s N gets bullied by his own members for his beautiful skin, and some y’all refuse to acknowledge it. You claim to love everything about an idol but constantly make their skin lighter? 

Defending EYK - Just don’t. People have stated so many times why these people are nothing but gross racists. Everything down to their refusal to improve their butchered Korean, only to make fun of idols’ English to their “Gender Guessing” game. Do I even need to go into detail on why referring to a human being as “it” is just downright dehumanizing. Not to mention just how transphobic the entire game is to assume a person’s gender just because they have feminine or masculine features. Just stop defending them.

Groping Idols/Invading their privacy - Do I really have to explain why touching a person you don’t know inappropriately is wrong? I know it’s exciting seeing your bias up close in person but don’t put your hands on them. How many videos/pictures of fans getting hit by idol’s bodyguards or managers will it take for some of y’all to get this. Public figures deserve their privacy too.

Making fun idols’ “Engrish” - If you expect a person who grew up in Korea their entire life to speak perfect English is just astounding. If you can barely say ‘hello’ in Korean don’t you dare poke fun at their English. Idols are not obligated to learn English, or any other language other than their own. But they do it anyway because they want to communicate with their many fans, can y’all just tear them apart for getting one word wrong. Never forget B.A.P’s Hurricane had to be re-done because y’all never shut up about Himchan saying ‘loof’ instead of ‘roof’ and even followed them around New York City screaming it at him. Y’all need to stop doing this, like yesterday. 

D*rp/R*tard jokes - Ableism isn’t funny. Mental illnesses are nothing that needs to be made fun of. You’re not showing your quirky way of showing love to someone. And don’t say these words are not directly making fun of people with neurological disorders. Because where do you think these word came from? It shouldn’t be hard to take these words out of your vocabulary and edits. 

Inappropriate Gifts - Stop giving idols your panties, menstrual blood, sex toys, or OTP fanart/fanfics. Why would you think that shit is cute in the first place?

Transphobia - Idols like F(x) Amber and Nu'est Ren have talked about how much it hurts them when fans misgender them. Amber has been in tears discussing how much it hurts when fans call her oppa. And Ren has spoken about being harassed in men’s restrooms because of his appearance. Just don’t do it. Respect and use the pronouns people tell you to use. 

“Oppa/Unni didn’t mean it!” - Yeah, just because a person’s intentions weren’t harmful doesn’t mean the end result wasn’t. We’ve all done problematic things but we all get called out on it. When we get called out we learn from it and know not to do it again. Cradling your fav when they do something offensive isn’t helping them learn. Ignoring something doesn’t make it go away. If anything, ignoring the problematic behavior will only lead to the person repeating it. If you were not personally offended an idol does something offensive don’t tell others they shouldn’t be. Because 9/10 if you weren’t offended by it, it’s not something that effects you. 

Fetishing - You don’t “have a thing” for Koreans.  You just like some Korean idols. Enough with the “These Korean men ruined my life”. “Loving Asian men” or “sexy Asian men” is not a compliment. And by Asian you really just mean East Asian. Again clumping some million people together is a racist generalization. So don’t date East Asian men and women only because they remind you of your fav. Don’t hold these men and women on a higher pedestal than any other race solely because you watched a kdrama and you think Korean people are like your favorite character. Just don’t.

Taking down about American Hip-Hop - There’s no way in Hell that people who adopted a genre are better at it than the people who created it. K Hip-hop lyrics are no different from American lyrics. To make claim that K Hip-hop artists have “better lyrics” American rap is just amazing. What makes your fav any different? Korean rappers are always saying their biggest inspiration was in fact an American rapper. If it weren’t for Black Americans creating yet another genre of music your Korean fav wouldn’t be where they are today.

Sf9 When They Find Out They’re Not Your Original Bias

Inseong: “That’s hilarious, of course I’m your ultimate bias right?” He would ask until he sees that you’re being serious. Probably wouldn’t get too upset about it but he’d be shooked and would ask a shiton of questions on what made you like the ex bias before and would probably try to display those same qualities in him later on smh. If you’re ex bias in sf9 was Taeyang, he’d try to be as sexy and dance better for you. “Babe, look at my body wave, I’ve perfected it oh yeah~so sexy~.” and your just like ppftt okay sweetie. God, catch him just trying to be more sexier on tv and everyone just like “is he feeling ok?..”

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Youngbin: Wouldn’t mind too much about it. “I mean if Rowoon was your bias before, that’s ok with me babe as long as I’m your ultimate bias now.” And that’s what he would say to you out loud but whenever your’re not there and he’s with just the other members including Rowoon, he’d stare at Rowoon for a longass time. (and I mean just stare) until Rowoon would get uncomfortable and would be like hyung why are you looking at me and Youngbin would just smile and be like “I’m trying to figure out what about you attracted Y/N in the beginning..” Was that shade the world may never know Whenever you’re with them youngbin will highkey try to up his game, trying to look more cool and battle to get your attention (even tho he’s already dating you) and Rowoon who already realized why Youngin’s acting like this from day 1 would just be like omg, is he still really acting like this.

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Rowoon: Wouldn’t let it hurt him even though it’s sort in the back of his mind whenever he see the member. “Zuhos was your original bias? ..Say no more, as long as I’m the only and only ultimate bias now, thats all that matters.

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But deadass would be so petty and just bully your ex bias for like week till he gets over it.

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Dawon: Having that knowledge engraved into him some days, he would either not care at all about it or be super duper salty and petty there is no in between

“Jaeyoon? HAHA iTS ALL GOOD I DONT CARE i mean why should I be mad there no reason to be jealous I’m actually gucci babe.”

*NEXT day*

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Zuho: “….You used to stan Youngbin as your ult? So You didn’t fall in love with me at first? Was I even on your mind when you first met all of us, I fell in love with you from the beginning though and yet I wasn’t even your first original bias..*sigh*

“Zuho are you actually this upset what..” Legit he really isn’t and is just teasing you but you’ll never know. Whenever you’re with sf9 and you coincidentally end up standing next to Youngbin or something, he’ll mess with u again and pretend to be sad like ‘sigh and there she goes again’

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Taeyang: “It’s cool, you cool, we cool baby.” But nah NAH, this guy is the most jealous and pettiest of them all. 

Hwiyoung: Oh hey y/n hows ur da-


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Jaeyoon: All smiley and is like “pftt u kidding me, why do you have to even tell me, it’s not like the past matters bby” But in actuality, he’s already got this thing handled.

 “So as you know, y/n used to bias you but ofc you know what you are obligated to do right or should hyung repeat it again for you.”

Chani: yes yes i know, to act as unattractive and uncool as possible in front of y/n”

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Hwiyoung: Downright Offended. “So the other day y/n told me i wasn’t her original bias and Dawon was.,Does that make any sense? Dawon? Like, I can maybe understand it if she had said Rowoon or something, but dawon?” (About to get a flying kick by Dawon right after but the boy’s not gonna let that stop him from speaking his petty mind)

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Chani: Is a swave and chill guy most of the time but to know that he wasn’t your first bias and Inseong the awkward uncle was? Now that’s just ridiculous to him. Wouldn’t let it get to him tho but the other members and Inseong wouldn’t let him live about it especially Inseong who would mention it until Chani goes legit crazy

Inseong: Hey Hey it’s ok it’s not like you’ll ever be good as me in y/n eyes it’s just the truth of life little one

Chani: I- *explodes*

Inseong: shhh shh let’s just keep it moving

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100 with yugyeom please 💘

drabble prompt: “Really?! Them?? You chose them?!” [ 100 ]

biased | yugyeom

Yugyeom let out a sigh and made his lips form a pout, “Pleaseeeee.”

His pout not having an effect, you shook your head, “Nope.”

He let out a groan and then puffed up his cheeks, “Tell meeeeeee.”

Being stubborn, you shook your head once again and gave him a stern look, “Why do you want to know so bad?”

Yugyeom reached for your hand and intertwined your fingers together, “Because I’m curious.”

“You really want to know who my got7 bias was huh?” You chuckled.

He nodded rapidly and his brown eyes were looking at you with such hope, “Please please please please please.” He whined.

He rested his head onto your shoulder, still mumbling please over and over.

You let out a sigh, Yugyeom always got his way, you could never say no to him, “Fine, I’ll tell you, but remember you wanted me to!”

Yugyeom pulled his head away from you and looked  at you with excitement in his eyes, “Yay!”

“My got7 bias was….. ” You paused before saying their name, just to irk your boyfriend.

He kept on staring, just waiting to hear his name, “Was….?”

“Jaebum!” You yelled and quickly stood up to run away.

But Yugyeom reacted quickly and grabbed your wrist to stop you from fleeing, “Jaebum…”

You nodded slowly, a smug smile on your lips, “Hey you wanted to know!”

Yugyeom’s pout returned once more and this time it made you laugh, “Really?! Them?? You chose them?!”

You nodded once again and then shrugged, “This is why I didn’t want to tell you.”

“Why was he your bias?” Yugyeom questioned, feeling a little bummed that he wasn’t your bias.

You sighed dreamily before replying, which made Yugyeom roll his eyes.

“Well… he was just so cute, but he also has his sexy moments…. very often. Oh and he’s actually a huge dork which I found endearing.” You explained, fondly remembering the past.

“Well I’m a huge dork too! Even more than Jaebum!” Yugyeom huffed as he let go of your hand to cross his arms.

You chuckled once again and placed your hand on his shoulder, “But… you were my bias wrecker Yugyeom and well, you definitely stole me from Jaebum.”

You wiggled your eyebrows after adding your statement, making him laugh, “The past doesn’t matter, I’m with you now and you’re my ultimate bias now.”

“Of course I am… because I’m your boyfriend.” He said, white sheepishly.

“Exactly, so none of this stuff matters anyways!” You replied with a smile and leaned in to give him a reassuring kiss.

i hate blogs that say “don’t follow if you’re an aphobe” that aren’t involved in discourse at all. do you know what an aphobe is??? did you just see “phobe” and assume we must be in the wrong?? do you not see the difference between aphobes, terfs, and truscum?? because jesus i am sick of these blogs that are completely uncritical of the idea of letting cishets into the lgbt community and are willing to shit on us for it.

listen, i have some strong opinions on inclusionists. but i’m not going to say “don’t follow if you believe aces are inherently lgbt.” because i was an inclusionist. for a LONG time. and i understand that some people haven’t gotten to the point where they understand why aces aren’t lgbt yet. and i’m patient. and i see a lot of the blogs i follow posting inclusionist stuff and yeah i roll my eyes and yeah it can be annoying to see it, but i’m not going to tell them to unfollow me. i’m not going to block them.

and i just think it’s so unnecessary and extra to say “aphobes don’t follow,” when you /don’t/ understand what an aphobe is. not really. it’s different from saying TERFs don’t follow or truscum don’t follow. because those people are actively harmful. and of course you feel uncomfortable. but i’m sex repulsed
too. a lot of aces are “aphobes.” the term is ironic.

and i just think that you can’t make blanket “don’t follow if you don’t think aces are lgbt” statements if you have no idea what the discourse is really about. what the goals of exclusionists are. why we think aces aren’t lgbt and why we still accept them as being 100% valid, because that isn’t what it’s about.

before you put one of those “aphobes don’t follow,” statements, at least look at the discourse. really look at it. don’t just look at the inclusionist sides as confirmation bias, but uncritically look at the exclusionists’ side. search things. ask for links. you don’t have to welcome everyone with open arms, even if they don’t belong, just because society says you’re a terrible person if you don’t.

honestly? ask me yourself if you want to. i’ll give you links, i’ll help you educate yourself, i’ll help you understand the discourse and why exclusionists exist. by adding discourse to my blog, i’ve had followers tell me that they’ve switched to being an exclusionist. i’ve had people in real life switch to being exclusionists. and again, you can be asexual and be an exclusionist. it doesn’t make you a traitor. i promise.

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I like the fact that Jin continues to stuff his face when he's called a pig. I like that even when pink is not considered a "manly color", he wears a pink cap to match his pink shirt and he rocks it. I like that when the members call him childish, he doesn't try to change to match the stereotypical "adult idea". I like the way he embraces the fact that he's not the best dancer and even jokes about it. I like it when he laughs at his own (hilarious) shitty puns and continues to share them -1

I like the fact that he lets his dongsaengs joke with him when age is so important in South Korea. I like how he continues to brag about his face when people call him arrogant. I could ramble for days and I certainly don’t know him personally, but he seems to be the kind of guy who takes criticism only when it will help him become a better person. Otherwise he doesn’t try to change to please the others or to fit what he’s expected to be and it’s admirable -2

It’s such an important message - be yourself, be happy, don’t care about what people could think about you. Maybe I’m exaggerating but I hope I’ll become like him when I’ll be older - or at least like what he seems to be. Aaaah I wrote a book but! I won’t stop here, I’ll probably dump some appreciation again! Because you’re right, it’s important to spread the Jin love. Thank you for being the wonderful stan you are. Have a nice day! -3 

Anon, this message is so pure and beautiful and so full of Jin Appreciation it brought tears to my eyes.  Please feel free to come ramble in my inbox about your feelings for Jin anytime because - let me tell you what - I think everything you said here is so important - these are some of the exact reasons why I bias Jin as well (and I think why lots of us Jin biases bias him).  After all, Jin is 10 years younger than me and he shows me how to be a better human pretty much every single day.  

Jin just doesn’t fit into any pre-set categories of human, he does his own thing and he’s just so lovely at it, and for those of us out there who also don’t really fit into any one cateory…he’s so important.  You can be beautiful AND funny.  You can be the eldest AND the cutest.  You can be a visual even when you have white sauce all over your face - and more.  

Thank you for bringing this beautiful Jinspiring message into my inbox today.  Thank YOU for doing what Jin would do by spreading happiness and good feelings and love < 3

Who Do You Like Better? (Mark Scenario Pt. 1)

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This is for @ourlordandsaviormarkipooh aka my worthy, thirsty hoe of a sister potato! Please check out her blog and her series “Bloodlust”. I want to say thank you to her for all the love, support and encouragement she has given me. I hope you like this scenario!

Member: Mark

Genre: Angst/Smut

Word count: 1127 

Part 2

You were in GOT7’s dorm sitting on their couch. You waited for the guys to get home from practice that way all of you can go out to eat. You scrolled through Tumblr mindlessly until you heard the door open.

“Mark!”, you jumped out of your seat and ran towards him.

“Hey Y/N! The guys will be up in a minute. Then we can all eat dinner! Let me put my stuff down first.”

Mark headed towards his room and you slumped back on the couch. You checked your phone to see someone sent you a message. It was one of your mutuals who sent you a photo. It was a selfie of JB in a tuxedo with his hair up and biting his bottom lip. You typed back:


You would never admit it to anyone you knew in real life but you were extremely attracted to JB but only in a physical way. You looked up to him like a big brother and if he ever found out that you fangirled over him your life would be over.

“You’re a hoe for JB?”

You jumped at the sound Mark’s voice. You didn’t notice him sitting next to you, staring at your phone screen.

“What? No. It was a joke.”, you said a little too quickly. Your phone buzzed and Mark snatched your phone out of your hand. You tried to grab it back but Mark held you back.

“Like, I know right! I know he’s your bias in GOT7 so I thought you might like the picture.”, Mark read aloud in a high-pitched voice. He started laughing maniacally as he handed you back your phone. You were fuming.

“You can’t tell anybody about this! Do you understand me?!”

“Uh huh. Sure.”, Mark choked out between laughs.

“Shut up!”, you forcefully shoved him in the shoulder. Mark started to calm down from his laugh attack.

“I’m sorry, okay? I won’t tell anyone. I promise.”

You breathed a sigh of relief.

“Thank you. Now, let’s never talk about this again.”, you turned back to your phone about to text the guys what was taking them so long until Mark interrupted you.

“Why is JB your bias?”

“Oh my gosh, Mark! I told you, we’re never talking about this again. So, let it go!”, you barked. After a couple seconds of silence, Mark decided to speak up.

“I mean, what’s so special about him?”

You slammed your phone on the coffee table and faced Mark.

“I’m only going to say this once. I have platonic feelings for JB. I only see him as a friend. But even as a friend I can’t deny he is a sex god. He’s only my bias because of his looks. That’s it. End of story. Understand?”, you said slowly and enunciated every word. Mark nodded his head.

“I understand.”

“Good!”, you responded chipper and picked up your phone. As you began texting, suddenly you were pinned down on the couch. Your phone flew out of your hands at the sudden force. Your arms now above your head as Mark straddled you. His bare torso hovering over you.

“What the-”

“Say you like me better.”


“Say you like me better.”

You stared at his muscular arms and tanned abs. You felt the heat rising to your cheeks so you looked up at his face. That made it even worst. He was glaring into your soul with his brown eyes. His expression was desperate and predacious.  

“Stop messing around and put your shirt back on! The guys will be here any second!”, you said squirming beneath him.

“I don’t care. I’m not letting you go until you say it.”, Mark spat. You never saw Mark so mad before. His nostrils were flaring as he breathed deeply and his grip on your arms got tighter.

“I like you better.”, you mumbled. Mark moved his face closer to yours.

“I can’t hear you.”, he growled. He was an inch away from your nose.

“I like you better.”, this time, you said it loud but frustrated.  

“What’s my name?”

“Mark.”, you answered through gritted teeth.

“You like me better than who?!”


“Put it all together.”

“I like Mark better than JB!”, you yelled at him. He smirked at you before pressing his forehead against yours.

“How much?”, his voice lower than usual.

You rolled your eyes. How long was he going to keep this up?

“I like you so much.”

You instantly regretted your sarcastic tone when you saw the look in Mark’s eyes. His lips were now by your ear.

“That’s not good enough.”

You yelped at the sensation of Mark biting your earlobe but you couldn’t help but feel turned on.

“Try again.”, he whispered.

“I like you very much.”, you said trying to sound sensual.

“Say my name.”

“I like Mark very much.”

Mark’s lips kissed your neck painfully slow. He wanted to savor this moment. You gasped as you felt his tongue graze your skin.

“You like Mark better than who?”, he breathed into your neck.

“I like Mark very much, so much more than-”

His lips crashed onto yours. Mark was tired of teasing you. He kissed you feverishly as he grinded his hips against yours. You didn’t know what to think or feel at that moment so you let your body take over. You kissed him back with the same amount of passion. As soon as he released your hands you wrapped them around his neck. His hands started roaming over your torso. Both hands landed on your breast as he gave them a squeeze. You moaned allowing his tongue to enter your mouth. He grinded on you harder and faster making the couch shake. You arched your back to feel more friction. You could feel your panties getting wet. Now you felt Mark sucking on your neck harshly. You giggled at the thought of Mark giving you a hickey. Mark heard your giggle and decided to bite down on your neck. The bite was painful but that only added to your pleasure. Just as you thought it couldn’t get any better you heard the door starting to open. Mark got off of you and grabbed his shirt. You sat up and fixed your hair and clothes. As Mark pulled his shirt over his head the door swung open.

“Hey, guys! Sorry, it took us so long! The elevator was broken so we had to take the stairs.”, Jackson wheezed as the rest of the boys came inside.

“I’m starving! I’m ready to eat. Aren’t you hungry, Y/N?”, Junior asked.

“She looks thirsty if you ask me.”, Mark said smugly as he winked at you.

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this is going to sound kinda stupid but Minhyuk is my bias, right? but somehow he wrecks himself?????? like the amount of disrespect is just so monumental that I can't deal with it???? and he is just so gorgeous to my eyes I'm.. speechless, like everyone is but Minhyuk is ???? outstanding,,, ,

HSHAJAJ THIS ISNT STUPID DONT WORRY,, THIS IS LITERALLY ME WITH HYUNGWON… WTF !!! like every minute hyungwon wrecks me and i restan again,, amazing… and wow um minhyuk just told me that you’re super cute and he loves u :// (but srs tho that’s rlly cute um #stayloyal😛😛)

tell me about your bias wrecker and why!!

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• tell me about your crush: listen i've got the biggest crush on min yoongi, it's a secret tho so shush, and like idk man i'm just way too invested. he has such nice skin a beautiful personality, and he's just so damn radiant. like he's got a beautiful mind body and soul i can't.

ur crush jsdjhbmbsh hes a lovely boy i can see why u lov him..

my fav song atm : i like that - sistar // cactus - a.c.e !!

why i lov hobi ??? simple 😸😸 its cause hes him !!!!!!!! i lov him because he’s never afraid to be himself n hes always so bright n cheerful ! i love him because he was this young boy form gwangju who just wanted to dance u kno?? but he really grew and grew and now hes this internationally known star with thousands and thousands of fans who lov n support n look out for him ! i lov him beacuse hes truly one of the most talented people ive ever seen ?? like really his voice has changed so much over the last four years and yet its still so him. its so hoseok ! have u listened to boy meets evil? MAMA? its so him ! and i love and admire him so much !  and his dance ! i really dont even need to say anything for u to realise ! hes so so so incredibly talented and its a bit corny but he really inspires me and a couple years ago i was done with dance i had quite a lot of people tell me that i wasnt cut out for it and just general barriers that as a really young child, i couldnt avoid u kno?? and seeing hoseok dance on stage just …its inspired me ! it lit this little spark of determination within my chest thats now growing bigger and bigger every day and he just makes me work harder and harder and his presence ? his figure i guess ? just makes me THAT much more determined to continue doing what i love and im not ashamed to say that im a good dancer. im great in fact . i take good care of my body and apart from my mental health there almost nthing that can stop me from dancing ! and i really owe it to hoseok…without him i dont think i would have thought about continuing dance . and i should mention the fact that hes always…so bright ! u kno? hes rlly the sun ! this beacon of hope n light in my world and hes always pushing me to see and view the world n anything but a negative light and to always be optimistic about things and wow im just really in lov with him huh .

jaeeten  asked:

I love reading why people's bias is their bias. So...? Do I dare ask this question?

there are honestly so many reasons why i love this kid, and why he is my bias but i will try to keep it as short as possible.

reason 1: his dancing

  • take a look at a fancam of jun and tell me he isnt a talented dancer. You cant can you? He’s truly amazing at what he does and he’s so wonderful.
  • Look at junhui predebut. again his dancing skills are extremely extremely good, theyre so sharp

reason 2: his voice

  • speaking? singing? anything tbh i absolutely adore. 
  • junhui speaking english is my ultimate weakness though??? esp with the lisp caused by his braces :’))))
  • junhui speaking in chinese honestly gives me life
  • look
  • at 
  • this
  • jun speaking korean also gives me life tho too
  • him singing in korean makes me weep he’s such an angel
  • also soonyoung teaching junhui korean lyrics as a bonus for u all <3
  • but u know what gets me more?
  • him singing in chinese :)))))))))
  • honestly it makes me so emo just thinking abt it like :)))

reason 3: literally everything else

if u want more reasons check these bc i have said most of this before lmao

seriously if u ever doubt my love for junhui just look at any of these links and you’ll see how much i care for this greasy sweetheart

A/N: Hiyeom~ Okay, so I’m not sure whether you mean you’re dating and he isn’t your bias or you’re biffles and he isn’t your bias…so…Imma just go with the dating POV. If that isn’t what you want, then feel free to request again and let me know! :D ~ Admin Silver


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Oh, honey, you should not have told the Sassmaster 5000 that despite him being your boyfriend, he is not your GOT7 bias. He’s gonna judge you so hard, semi-jokingly, of course. He doesn’t really mean anything by it, he just doesn’t comprehend why he’s not you’re bias. I mean, he’s…well…him.
“I’m sorry…what did you say? Mark is your bias? Not…me? Are you okay?”


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There’s a good possibility Mark would fanboy right with you, especially if you tell him your bias is Jackson. He’d get all excited because that means you really like his best friend and now you can all hang out together with no third wheel worries! Yay!
“Really? Jackson is your bias? Not a bad choice. Hey, now we can all go for ice cream and I can hang out with my two favorite people at the same time!”


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Let’s see…Junior might tease you about it when you tell him that JB is actually your bias. He wouldn’t be AS sassy as Jaebum, himself, but Junior would come close. Whenever you’re all hanging out together at the dorm or practice room, he’d bring it up just to bug you.
“So, ___, tell me again why JB is your bias and not me?”


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The second you admit to Jackson that BamBam is your bias, he’d start laughing. He’d ask you if that meant that you preferred JackBam over MarkSon, and then he’d ask you why you ended up biasing BamBam instead of him. He might be a little cranky at first until you tell him once you’re done explaining that BamBam was your bias at first, but you fell for Jackson, himself, as a guy rather than as an idol. Once you’ve told him that, you’d receive a smirk in return.
“Wait, so does this mean you like JackBam? But Markson!!” *gets a little grumpy* “So how come BamBam is your bias? Oh? Then how exactly do you like me?”


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When you tell Youngjae that your favorite member is Junior and not him, he may get a little pouty. But I don’t see him staying that way for long because he knows how you feel for him because of being his girlfriend. He probably wouldn’t mention it any unless you were spending more time with Junior than him during one of your visits.
“Hey, Jinyoung-hyung…I know you’re her favorite and all, but can I have my girlfriend back please?”


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Once BamBam finds out Yugyeom is your favorite instead of him, he’s going to attack you with a barrage of questions as to why Yugyeom is your bias and not him.
“You like Yugyeom better than me? Why? What’s he got?” *you say you like Yugyeom’s dancing* “But I can dance, too! And my aegyo is way better than his. Watch!”


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Yugyeom isn’t going to be too affected when you tell him that your favorite member of his band isn’t him, it’s Youngjae. He’s not worried about any of his hyungs, bias or not, catching your attentions away from him because he knows that they see you as a sister and you only have eyes for him. If anything, he’d probably take it on as a challenge for him to ruin your list (which it totally wasn’t a challenge, you just mentioned the fact in passing).
“Oh really? Youngjae is your bias? Well, we’ll see how long that lasts.”

I once read somewhere
That our brains
Are negatively bias
This meaning
That we tend to remember
Negative memories
More than the good ones

Then tell me why
I remember the taste
Of blood and flesh
Mixed with pure exhilaration
As I bit the inside of my cheek
Anticipating our first kiss

Or the exact number of steps
I took up the stairs
And down again
In heels that hurt the soles of my feet
And a black dress that I couldn’t breath in
Or when all of the
“Do you think he’d like this one?”
Was finally confirmed with your crooked smile

I still remember
the smell of your old T-shirt
The scent clinging to me
Just as your arms did
When you saw me weak
A moment of undeniable vulnerability
Surpassed by a hiccuped laugh
When you said how you hoped my tears didn’t stain your shirt

I remember the sound of crickets in your backyard
A porch light shining in the distance
Moments where the emphasis of sincerity was evident
As we’d just simply talk
And never run out of things to say
To this day
I can’t come to buy that brand of bug spray
Or listen to that song
Without thinking of you

In fact
I remember all of the good things
Like the light in your eyes
When you introduced me to your friends
Or the sound of your laugh echoing your hallways
Memories scattered like the board game pieces you threw
In protest as you complained the game was unfair
because I had won

Sometimes I wish
That my brain was wired
To a negative bias
So I could easily recall
The bad rather than the good
Because only then I would understand Why I shouldn’t be missing you
Like this.

—  5:16 PM