Namjoon’s message

So we all remember his message from I need you:

He wrote this on the window, but where is that window?

I think I figured out…

 It’s Namjoon’s “house” from Run!

You can see it in the Prologue too!

We can assume that he lives alone in the tiny shack but in that case

he wrote the message for himself.

One more thing.

The same message in the japanise version looks like it’s written on a mirror:

But this mirror/picture looks familiar because of the frame.

It is Yoongi’s mirror from his hotel room!

You can see, the frame is the same:

And there is something written on it too in the left corner but I can’t read it…

I need you to tell me that you don’t want me. I need you to say that there is no way that we will ever be together. I need you to look me in the eyes and say you don’t love me. I need you to tell me me that you don’t feel a thing. I need closure. I need you to let me go. Throw me please. Help me leave. But you can’t tell me that I’m no good for you because I know what we could be. Just let me know that you don’t feel a thing for me. Please don’t hesitate; my heart’s not hard to break. Let me shut you out. Get out of my mind. I’m going insane. Please tell me I’m still in your brain? Tell me you care. Tell me I’m there. Say that you love me. Tell me you need me. Never let go. We were so close. Let us mend these breaking hearts.
—  AJF

Only in kpop do you see teenage girls with professional-ass cameras doing a better job publicizing a group than its own company or the press.