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yep! it’ll be coming up on two years ago at the end of summer. best thing i’ve ever done for myself!!!!

"The Deeper Well" is our journey since the start of The Game

I have come up with a metaphorical reading of the poem. This might be me finally spiraling into madness, but who knows, it’s just my first meta. Would please give me your expert view? (Edit: I just saw someone also submited a meta on the poem, but as we seem to touch on different aspects I’ll send this anyway)

sleepwalking steps
through the woods at night
strange and lovely
in clouded light
a glint in the shadows
catches my eyes
you left your trinket here
at the deeper well. 

This person (us, TJLCers) is sleepwalking through a forest (BBC Sherlock) in the night (S1&S2), trying to get to the “Deeper Well”(trying to unravell the subtext, to decode the show and get to Johnlock) . 

a glint in the shadows catches my eyes you left your trinket here at the deeper well” Mofftiss left their trinket (their codes, the rules of the game) in the Deeper Well (subtext) and we found it.

this grand adventure
feels like coming home
there’s a hole in the world
that goes all the way down
was this always here?
feels like
we ought to have known.

The grand adventure (the Conspiracy) feels like coming home (like going back to the original stories and their truth).

The hole in the world = the Deeper Well = Johnlock = Subtext seems to always have been there, we should all have known, from not only BBC Sherlock, but also ACD’s canon.

I turned around
I stumbled away
such fragile things vanish
in the light of day
it’s like that fairytale
that childhood friend
you think you know it by heart
until you read it again.

The person/TJLCer looks back and stumbles, the deeper well/subtext seems to have vanished in the day light (S3, TAB). Everything becomes more obvious and we see it so clearly that subtext has vanished, it’s evident (not sure about this). We thought we knew about subtext, but going back to S1&S2 (reading them again, we thought we knew them by heart) but we now find so much more.

the paths are unkempt
arrows flipped; markers pried
one always tells the truth
one always lies
but I find my way back
awake and breathing fire
your trinket guides me
to the deeper well.

The path to the Deeper Well/subtext/Johnlock is a harsh one, there are things that mislead us, Mofftiss lie and tell the truth, sometimes M is the one who lies, sometimes is S. But nothing they say keeps us from searching the Deeper Well, their own trinket/code guides us to it.

this grand adventure
feels like coming home
I stand on the bridge
and look all the way down
was this always here?
feels like
I ought to have known.

Again, the grand adventure (the Conspiracy) feels like coming home (like going back to the original stories and their truth). We are on a bridge looking down on the Deeper Well and wondering, once more, if we should have known from the begining and ACD’s canon

the wind shifts; I feel the breeze
I see the forest, I see the trees
I can’t find you, but it’s alright
stars are out
the moon is bright.
my path is narrow
but laid in stone
I leave your trinket here
and I take my own.

Something has changed, we can feel it (TFP and the ARG), we see it in the forest/BBC Sherlock and its trees/details/plot holes. We can’t find Mottfiss anywhere (with all of their post-TFP silence), but it’s alright because we have light from the stars and the moon (proof from the show up until S4).

We might walk a narrow path, one that its hard to find and also hard to walk through, but, since it is made of stone (all of the metas and piles of evidence) we are confident. We’ve gotten to the Deeper Well (we’ve cracked everything, we already know Johnlock is go), we no longer need their trinket/code/assistance in playing the game, we leave it. Now we take our own trinket/make our own rules/we make the ARG.


Ah amazing, thanks for sharing!! Thought I’m not “an expert view” haha. I love everything here- although I also think this verse:

I turned around
I stumbled away
such fragile things vanish
in the light of day
it’s like that fairytale
that childhood friend
you think you know it by heart
until you read it again.

could also idea of what was once familiar becoming strange to us- so TLD made us expect that TFP would be the resolution to John and Sherlock’s romantic arc, but it wasn’t- something we thought we knew by heart became strange to us, maybe?

Unexpected Encounter (Dean Winchester x Male!Reader)

Request! Yay! Keep them coming guys.
So I decided to do the Dean one, because I unfortunately know nothing about MacGyver! I hope you enjoy it :)

Disclaimer: I used a few dialogues like they were in the show, but also needed to change some scenes (basically I was too lazy to look them up).

Wordcount: 2,500+
Warnings: none, Jess’ death maybe

“That. That is the single most disappointing Halloween costume I’ve ever seen.”

Sam rolled his eyes, “Hello to you, too, (M/N).”

It was Halloween and a big group of students had decided to throw a party in the nearest bar. One of them was (M/N) (M/L/N), 23 years old, who was more than excited about the nightly event. He met up with his friends, a big guy with a keen dislike for Halloween, Sam Winchester, and his stunning girlfriend, Jess. She was dressed as a nurse, which (M/N) approved of, seeing as Sam didn’t dress up at all.

“At least I’m not wearing a potato sack,” Sam shot back at his friend and chuckled at his offended gaze.

“This is a poncho, thank you very much, as I am representing the old western. And I’ll have you know that half of the people I met told me that I look ‘as handsome as ever’ while you look ‘as Sam as ever’.”

Jess laughed, “I told him to dress up, but he wasn’t having it. You do look good, (M/N).”

“Thanks, right back at’cha,” (M/N) flung his arm around Sam’s shoulder and the three of them entered the bar, “Luis already saved seats and he already started drinking, so… y’know, be prepared.”

And sure enough, when they found the seats there was already a drunken guy launching over the table and waving at them.

“Hey Luis,” Sam greeted and winced as the strong smell of Luis’ breath hit him.

“Sam! (M/N) told me all about your little victory… thing-y!” Luis hollered and gave them all shot glasses.

Jess smirked proudly, “Here’s to Sam and his awesome LSAT victory!”

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EXO Reaction when you catch them crying alone in their room

I can’t even imagine them crying… it hurts too much </3 XOXO, Admin A~
/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/

Chanyeol: *He is laying on his bed, almost asleep after crying and thinking too much about something* 
You: “Chan? Are you feeling okay? Is something wrong?”
Chanyeol: “It’s nothing… don’t worry… would you stay with me tonight?”

Kris: *Tries to hide it* “Oh Y/N… I got something in m eye.. don’t worry*
You: “Don’t lie fanfan.. tell me what’s wrong.”
Kris: “I just miss my mom sometimes… that’s all “ *Tries to hold his tears but fails*

Sehun: *You’ve been gone a few days and that made him realize how much he loves you and needs you*
You: “Sehun? I’m back.. Why are sitting on the floor? What happened?”
Sehun: “You were gone for so long… I thought my heart would break”

Tao: *Runs to you and cries even more* “I thought you liked Suho more than me… and then he told me you were just friends and I really felt so guilty and… I’m sorry”

Kai: *He really needs a hug right now* “It’s not important jagi.. it’s just my little dog.. she is a little sick but they said she will get better… I just.. I didn’t feel okay… I miss my girls” *Sweet Jongin*

Xiumin: *He sobs non stop all night without telling you what’s wrong* “Please hug me Y/N… I need your love right now”

Baekhyun: *You don’t really see him cry but you know something is wrong because he has been a little melancholic these days and he is not telling you exactly why* “I just… nevermind.. I don’t want to upset you my love”

Luhan: *After a big fight you go to his house and find him really depressed in his room* “Y/N… why are you…here? I thought I lost you…”

Chen: *You find him desolated. You have never seen him like that, he is really strong but you know this time it’s something really serious. You try to talk to him but he can only reply with “yes” and “no”*

Kyungsoo:*He is desperate because you won’t talk to him. You’ve been down these days and he really tried to help you but you didn’t want to see him* “I love her… I need her… I can’t see her in that state… I have to do somehing..”
You: “Kyungsoo? I’m sorry..I didn’t want to make you worry”

Lay: *As soon as he sees you he runs to you and cries in your arms* “I… and.. hmm.. but… when… so… me!!”

Suho: *You find him in pain so you run to him to see what’s wrong* “It’s okay Y/N… it just hurts too much when I see my boys hurt and sad…” *He really has a good heart*


❝ You’re my liar.
               Will you tell me a lie, Sparks?
                                  Tell me your n a m e . ❞

                                                               { bitterblue, by kristin cashore }


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