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 Now i know what grief feels like, now i know what anger feels like, i might even know what love feels like, i’m not a fan. I’m out.


Brothers always, never surrender.

- Frank Stringfellow & Tom Fairfax in 1.04 (requested by anonymous)

You Tell Him your a Virgin ~ Cameron Dallas Blurb

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You sat at your beauty table fixing the last touches of your makeup, Getting a good look at yourself in the mirror being satisfied with the your hair and makeup.You smiled looking at the time seeing you needed to pick Cameron up in 20 minutes. You stood up slipping on your tight black dress that hugged your curves, Slipping on your black heels and grabbing your clutch getting one last look in the mirror before heading out the door . Cameron Hated the idea of you picking him up for a dinner date, But it was his birthday so you wanted to make it special.But the though of knowing what comes with a birthday in a relationship took over your mind.You were a Virgin and haven’t told cameron because you didn’t want him to look at you different .The relationship has been 7 months, and hes been dropping some hint’s .You weren’t ready at all for sex mentally or physically .

You arrived at Cameron house , He left in his tuxedo looking so handsome and sexy . ‘Hey birthday boy ‘ You said biting your lip at his sight, “Hey you look so beautiful’He smiled giving you a kiss .

After dinner, ‘what shall we do now?’You chuckled sitting in the passenger seat Holding Cameron’s hand . ‘I was thinking maybe we could head back at my place and you can stay over, it’s up to you ‘e smiled starting the car. ‘That sounds like a plan’You reached your arm behind his neck rubbing it slightly . Your nerves started to kick in . soon arriving to his house He let you out of the car and being a gentleman carried you in . ‘thank you my price’You laughed ‘No problem my princess’he chuckled. ‘what do you want to do now ?’ He asked . ‘get comfortable ‘You blurted out, ‘ahh okay let’s do it ‘He ran up the stairs to the best of his ability . You kicked off your heels and did the same, ‘here you go’ cameron handed you one of his black t-shirts.After getting comfortable you two were just cuddled and relaxed in bed . ‘I love you”cameron said hovering over your body placing a kiss on your lips, His hands traveled up and down your body the kiss turned into a Makeout session .‘cameron’ You sighed catching your breath . He stopped looking at you with his brown eyes .’I-I’m a virgin’You looked down trying to not see his expression .He chuckled, you looked at him confused and more embarrassed. ‘I know Y/N’He smiled at you ‘how?’You asked ‘I can tell your so timid I’m ready whenever you are baby ‘You gave you a sweet peck on the lips ‘well thank you but i’m not ready yet ‘You chuckled wrapping your legs around his waste ‘You don’t have to be ‘He smiled once again giving yet another kiss.

Pregnant- Cameron Dallas Imagine

Okay this one is for kidrauhvato I hope you like it! If you want one just request and I promise I’ll have it out!

Request: can I have imagine where y/n finds out that she’s three and a half month pregnant and boys from magcon came to visit them then cameron says she’s fat so they have a big fight and y/n says that she’s pregnant and yells “i’m done, i’m fucking done with you” or something like that then she left their house and didn’t come back for the night so camerons is really upsed and he’s worried about y/n and in the morning, y/n returns home he apologizes for what he did. you can add something

“So it looks like you’re three and a half months pregnant Ms Y/L/N, now I have a question? Is the father involved?” Your doctor said wiping the gel off your stomach. “Yeah, he is, he just travels for work a lot.” You lied. Cameron had yet to know about his kid, and you were just waiting to tell him. You had to tell him soon because your stomach was starting to show. “Good, I’ll see you next time.” She said leaving you in the room.

The next week you were flying to LA to see Cameron and the rest of the Magcon boys, so you figured then would be a good time to tell him. Cameron met you at the airport. Before giving you a hug, he looked at your stomach questionably but didn’t say anything. When you arrived at his house you headed straight for the kitchen. After a long flight you were hungry.

The rest of the boys were in the living room and Cameron came into the kitchen. “Woah babe slow down.” He said taking your hand. “What’s wrong?” You asked. “Are you sure you’re hungry, I mean you look a little uh.” He said. “I look what Cameron?” You asked. “Looks like you’ve gained some weight, I don’t know I just think you should slow it down.” He said. You looked at him with tears in your eyes. “Well for your information, the reason I have gained so much weight is because I’m pregnant, with your kid.” You said starting to cry.

“Y/N.” He said softly grabbing your arm. “Cameron stop.” You said pulling away from his arm. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to call you fat.” He said. “Yes you did, if you said it then I look it.” You said. “Well, if you had just told me that you were pregnant then none of this would happen.” He said. “I wanted to tell you, but it’s hard when your boyfriend doesn’t live near you. I wanted to make this moment special, I had something planned for later on, but I guess the word is out.” You said.

“If you had just said something-” You cut him off. “Stop saying that I’m done with you for the night, so fucking done.” You said. You gathered your back and brought them to your car. You had no where to go in LA, so you didn’t know where to go, just somewhere to cool off. “Y/N please don’t go.” He said trying to pull you back. “Cameron I’m sick of today already, I just want to go cool off.” You said getting in your car.

Cameron had tears in his eyes too, but you didn’t want to be a bitch all night, so you drove to the nearest hotel.

[Cam’s P.O.V]

Everything just happened so fast, I don’t know what happened. Y/N was pregnant, and now she is gone. I feel like complete shit for calling her fat, I should have just kept it to myself. Now, she was driving out of the driveway. She didn’t have anywhere to go, I was worried and about to go after her until Matt came outside.

“What’s wrong?” He asked. “I don’t know.” I said walking back inside.

It was killing me all night, not knowing where she was, I not only had to worry about her, but our child. I couldn’t sleep, I tossed and turned and just wanted Y/N next to me. I finally fell asleep, but woke up shortly after when I heard the front door open and close.

“Hello?!” I called. I got no response but seconds later I saw Y/N at the bottom of the stairs. “Y/N.” I said softly running down the stairs to give her a hug. “I’m so sorry, please don’t leave me.” She hugged me back. She reached in her bag and pulled out a little piece of paper and handed it to me “I’m pregnant!” She said. “I’m three and a half months, I know what we’re having!” She added. “What?” I asked. “A girl!” She said. I picked her up giving her a big hug. “I love my girls.” 

Cameron Dallas Imagine

“I’m sorry (y/n), but the tests came back positive. You have leukemia.” Your doctor said sitting across the desk. You didn’t really know how to react. You kind of sat there, speechless. One tear escaped from your eye. The doctor continued to talk about treatments and things, but it was to much to take in. “I’m sorry. Can I call tomorrow. I need to take this in” you said, standing up. “Of course. We will talk tomorrow” the doctor said. You ran to you car; and just started to cry. You texted you boyfriend Cameron “meet me at my house at 7, I’ve got some news” you sent. You went home and started to prepare yourself for what was going to happen that night. You’d stop cooking every few minutes and just start to cry. You pulled yourself together and got everything prepared. You heard a knock at your door, it was go time.

Cameron walked in all cute looking. “What’s to occasion?” He asked. “I told you, I have some news!” You said. You both enjoyed your dinner with small talk. Towards the end of it, you realized it was time to tell him. “Cameron, you know I said I’d always love you right?” You said. “…uh, yeah? Why?” Cameron asked. “Well, we said we’d be there through all the problems together. That we’d never leave each others sides.” You said, trying to hold in the tears. “(Y\N) did you cheat on me?!” Cameron asked, raising his voice a little. “Oh my gosh no. Never!” You said. “Then can you tell me what the news is, because I’m getting nervous.” He said. “Cameron, I, uhm. I have l-leukemia.” You said looking down at your plate. “What” he said, with a terrified look in his eyes. “I found out toda-” you said with him suddenly cutting you off “NO! YOU CAN’T! WE PROMISED TO NEVER LEAVE EACH OTHER” he yelled, while standing up. He grabbed his plate and threw it at the wall causing you to jump. You started to cry along with Cameron. He feel to the floor holding the back of his neck. You get on you knees with him and hold him. “you can’t leave me (y/n), you can’t.” He said with tears running down his face. “I’m not leaving anyone. I’m staying here, with you. We’re going to grow old together, and live happily ever after” you said with a smile. “I promise, I’m going to fight this, for you. I love you cameron” you said looking into his deep brown eyes. “I love you too.” He said.

Magcon Preference

His reaction to you telling him you’re pregnant

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What is Happening to Us?- Nash Grier Imagine for Monica- Part 1

“I’m so glad you are back Nash” I exclaimed while I hugged him tightly. I rested my head on his shoulder and a smile appeared in my face, which quickly changed into a frown when I discovered Nash was looking the other way. He had been acting so strange since he arrived from Magcon, so distant and I didn’t know why. I slowly pulled away and smiled at him, I decided to ignore his odd behavior, maybe he was just stressed with all the flights and fans.

“Me too, I’ve missed you” he said still distantly.

“What do you want to do today?”

“Actually I’m going out with Cam today…” He exclaimed scratching his neck.

“But you have just arrived and you are leaving tomorrow again” I whispered looking down.

“I know babe but I promised Cam I would go out with him, we can still do something later” he said while he came closer. “Since when is cameron more important than me?” I was starting to get angrier, we were supposed to hang out together. I back off, trying to be as far from him as possible “He is not Mon but…”

I cut him off, “you always do the same Nash, every time!” I exploded, I had to tell him. “You are with Cameron all the freaking time, and once you have the chance to be with me you ditch me for Cameron, I can’t believe it” I laughed and sat on the couch. “Well I’m sorry everything turns around you, you aren’t my only priority” he said.

“Oh please” I stood up and shouted at him, “you are going to tell me everything turns around me? Everyone here has to change their plans just to get some time with you and you don’t even care. I guess the fame has already changed you” “What the fuck? Please don’t make this about me now, you know what? Go to hell, I’m going out with Cameron weather you like it or not” He took his car keys and slammed the door behind him, leaving me there, standing in the middle of the living room tears forming in my eyes. Nash was leaving tomorrow and I wouldn’t see him for 2 more months. I guessed we were over, like definitely over. It would probably be easier this way though.

There’s a part 2 coming soon😘

Playing With Fire - Part 2


a/n: support for this fanfiction/imagine series has been out of this world. all parts so far can be found in above link love you all! happy reading x 

Pairing: Cameron Dallas x Reader x Nate Maloley

Summary: Shortly after moving in with Cameron, Y/N and the boys have a pretty eventful night at the studio. 

Word Count: 2,400+

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She's Cold - Cameron Imagine for @reachtheskyflybeautifulchild.

Authot’s Note: Sorry it was so late! I hope you enjoy! :)

It’s funny you never really expected anyone to push you to your limits. Your brother ignores you every day, your little sister whines, and your parents are to busy dealing with the bills and your siblings to pay attention to you. Basically, you were always on your own, you didn’t need help from anyone, and you often didn’t want it. Until you met him. You met the boy who didn’t give up on you, or go away no matter how hard you pushed him away. His name is Cameron Dallas. Cameron Alexander Dallas.

It all started on a warm morning, on a Saturday actually. You opened your curtains, admiring the green leaves falling, and the sun being exposed as the clouds moved away. You looked down to see that someone was moving in. Great. A new neighbor. Someone you have to go introduce yourself to.

“(Y/N), darling you need to take this gift basket to the new neighbors moving in. I’m running late, I’ll leave the basket on the counter.” You groaned and slammed your body against the bed once again. “People need to stop moving in.” As you got up to go brush your teeth, throwing on a black tank top, and a red and black flannel, paired with light blue shorts and black converse.

You grabbed the basket, examining what your mom put. Remind me to never let you make a gift basket. Ever. You opened the door, and felt the warm air hit you. I think I’ll take a walk later.

You walked up to the new house, and knocked. The door opened and there stand a boy. Holy mother of cakes. “Hey, I’m (Y/N), and this is a welcoming gift. I hope you enjoy our neighborhood.” He took it and looked at it. “You didn’t make this basket did you?” “Of course not, I would have added food people actually eat.” He laughed. His laugh is actually cute. 

“Where do you plan to go to school to?” “That one, right there.” You nodded. “I go there.” “You mind giving me a tour?” “Sure, just knock on my door, see you later neighbor.” “My name’s Cameron.” You shot up a thumbs up. Cameron. That’s a nice name.

You walked home, and decided to take your walk. People glanced at you, and whispered. You were use to it, but than a girl started whispering loudly enough so you can hear. “May I help you?” as you turned your neck to face her.

She shook her head, and walked away quickly. “I’m not mean.” you whispered. Am I?

The next morning, it was Monday. Time to get ready for prison. You heard your mom yell and say someone was knocking. You opened your curtains to see Cameron. I can’t believe he actually knocked. You got ready throwing on black shorts, a white crop top, and a black blazer. Tying your black vans, you grabbed your backpack and phone, and raced out the door. 

“You could have given me a heads up.” You sighed as you fixed your wavy hair. “I didn’t have your number.” You gave him your number, and you guys walked to school. You guys had small talk and eventually arrived at school.

You opened the door, and walked down the hallway. “I’ll show you the classes, than your locker, than the lunchroom, and things like that.” He nodded. Immediately as you walked down the right wing, people cleared the way. “Hey, why are they clearing the hallways?” You shrugged. “Maybe because they don’t know you." You were lying to him. They were cleaning the hallways because you had a reputation. Most people that approached you often got pushed away, because you thought what they talked or asked about was ignorant or just plain common sense. 

"Here’s the math class, on the right is reading, on the left is science. And across is social studies and writing.” The bell rang, letting you know that first period is about to begin. “I’ll finish the tour after alright? What’s your first class?” He handed it to you and his hands brushed yours. Damn you Cameron. Your hands are soft.

“I’ll see you next period. Which is a free period. Alright?” He nodded and walked to his writing class, and you headed towards math. You walked out of class as the bell rang, looking for Cameron. You spotted him with other girl. They were talking, and he was laughing. Enjoying himself. He saw you and his lightened up, “Hey (Y/N), Alyssa is going to be showing me around.” As he motioned towards her. Your clutched your textbook tightly. I thought you wanted me too. “Okay, have fun.” You said simply and stalked to your locker.

You didn’t need to have someone. You were always on your own anyways. You enjoyed the silence. The day escalated pretty quickly, and you were stuffing your heavy textbooks in your locker, and felt someone lean against the lockers. “How was your day?” You turned to see Cameron. “It was fine Cam, you?” “Great, but Alyssa told me a rumor and it involved you.”

Which rumor is it this time. Which one did he hear? “I’m all ears.” “She said you isolate yourself because your ex boyfriend played you, and ever since than you didn’t trust anyone, you often just ignore everyone because you just don’t see the need to talk to them.”

“She’s right about the ignoring them, the rest is utter bullshit.” As you shut your locker. “You lied to me this morning.” “What the hell are you talking about?” “Don’t play that stupid card. You know what the hell I’m talking about.” You nodded for him to explain. “You knew why they cleared the hallways. They cleared it because of you.

You started to walk away. “Do you even care that you don’t have friends?” “I made it this far alone, I think I can handle not having friends.” “That’s complete stupidity, so what do you do when your about to break down, and feel completely alone? Who’s there for you?”

“I think the answer is pretty obvious.” With that, you stalked towards the door and walked home.

The next morning, you heard the bell ring. Your mom yelled once again and you got dressed and walked down stairs. You opened it up to see Cameron. “Good morning gorgeous.” You stared at him dumbfounded, “Why are you talking to me?” “Because why not?” “Uhm, maybe because of what happened yesterday?” “I want to talk to you.” “Ok, I’m just warning you now, you can talk to me, but it’s not my fault if people stay away from you, or when I have complete silence.” “I can deal with that.”

You guys begin this little tradition together. Cameron will always walk with you to school, chill with you at school, and walk you home to school. Months passed, and somewhere along the way, you got use to him being there, and you liked it.

You were in study hall, and a group of girls came up to you. “You know Cameron could have had a better rep.” “Why do I care?” “Cameron could have been doing better things, but his here hanging out with someone like you.” “I didn’t tell him too.” “Cameron could have friends who would actually talk and care about him.” “You don’t know anything about me.” “Of course we don’t, all we know is that your wasting Cameron’s time, why won’t you just push him away like you did to everyone else?” “Your only saying this because you have your little group of friends to back you up.” They exchanged glances and walked away.

You sat there. Yeah, why didn’t I? On the way home, Cameron was telling you a story about what happened, it was actually funny, but you had to act cold towards him. “What’s wrong?” He stopped walking and pulled you back. "Why are you so quiet?“ "I’m always like this. "Not like this.” “Maybe, you should stop hanging out with Cameron.” He looked taken back. “Why?” “Because, you get annoying. You really aren’t. I can actually tolerate you. I can’t stand your stupid stories. I actually love your stories. I can’t stand how your always happy. I like seeing you smile. It makes me happy to. Or how you follow me around. Your the first person who stuck around for so long. I’m sorry. I think you get my point now.” He looked at you straight in the eyes, and walked away.

You went home, blaming yourself for letting him in the first place. Is this how it feels to have a friend?

The next morning, he didn’t come. He didn’t walk you to school. He didn’t look for you when you guys had a free period, or classes together. He didn’t eat lunch with you. I hope he finds new friends. People who make him happy and make him smile. Someone better than me. A better friend than me. You spotted Cameron walking to Social Studies with a group of friends, and you couldn’t help but notice his eyes were dark, despite his laughter. Be happy Cam. Forget about me.

At the end of they day, you were at your locker. You didn’t know you were but you were waiting for someone to lean against the lockers, ready to walk you home. Of course he didn’t show up. You were walking home, and you felt foot steps behind and it quickly caught up to you. “Hey." That voice. You spun around to see Cameron.

"Why are you talking to me?” “Stop, stop being such a cold ass, you know you wanted to talk to me as much as I wanted to talk to you.” You looked down at the sidewalk. “Listen, I don’t care if I have no friends, I don’t care if my rep isn’t the best, I don’t care if I only have one friend. I rather have a friend, that I like, and actually be happy with." 

"Cam, it’s not going to work out. You deserve better.” You started to walk away, but he grabbed your arm and twirled you. Pulling you into an embrace. You remembered his smell, and you felt him hug you tightly. “I like you.” he whispered. Your heart froze. He likes me? “Stop lying to yourself, why would you like someone as cold as me?” As you pushed away from his embrace. “Because, I know deep inside you have a heart. A heart you built a barrier around because you were used to being alone. You experienced things on your own, no one was there for you. You got use to it. But if you can look at me right in the eyes, and say you don’t care about me, than I’ll leave." 

You looked right at him. Glaring at his brown eyes. "Cameron, I do-” He pressed his lips against yours. You felt his warm,soft lips kissing yours, and you couldn’t help but kiss him back. Rubbing your hand up and down his arms. You pulled back. “I knew you always liked me. I know you always cared about me too.” Cameron whispered.

You blushed. “Oh my god, the great (Y/N), is blushing!” he started laughing. Damn you Cameron. "Shut up!“ you laughed with your mouth open.

He looked at you and smiled. "What?” “I just can’t stop-” You pressed your lips against his. Smiling as he kissed back, and he placed a hand on your cheek and one around your waist. Your hand was at the back of his neck. 

As you guys pulled away, you guys walked home, hand in hand. Feeling the warmth of his hand next to yours, made you feel, well not alone. And for once in life, you truly feel close to someone. To someone who actually cared enough to keep trying for you. You looked at Cam, and it’s like he read your mind. “Thank you for caring.” You grinned. Thank you for not giving on me, or walking away. Thank you Cam. Thank you Cameron.

Cameron Dallas imagine for magconboyzxoxo

Can I have a Cameron Dallas imagine where I’m afraid to tell him I’m pregnant? Thanks xX

Cameron and I had been dating each other for almost five years now, and we wanted to have a baby for a while. We were both sure about this, and we’ve tried many times, all failed. It was really hard to get pregnant and we would both pray every night for a baby to happen. We’ve been trying for a long time, and we would even talk about how our children’s names would be and how they would come out and all that. It was weird, but I liked it. I know it seems weird to want to have a child with someone that isn’t your husband, but I’m the type of person that doesn’t really believe in marriage. I’ve had a bad experience with my parent’s devoice, and Cameron respected that.

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So much chemistry in here// Faberry, Hummelberry, Brochel, Kurtbastian, Sebelle, Fayeron

Sebastian woke up remembering Kurt had invite him to go to a Karaoke bar near his house, and since Noelle had read the word Karaoke on his phone she had bugged him about going till he finally texted Kurt saying he was going andd bringing two more people. Sebastian still didn’t belived he let William come to his house already, but he couldn’t say no to Noelle since she seemed about to cry for leaving him in Lima and he just couldn’t see someone crying and he sucked at being the ‘there-there’ guy. He knocked on Noelle’s door to wake the two up. “He there lovers. Time to wake up” He shouted. William opened his eyes and looked around. He smiled seeing Noelle there and kissed her cheek. “Mister boring is shouting out there. We better get up. Come on, I’ll make you breakfast”

Quinn sat on the couch with a cup of coffee she had made for everybody looking at the TV. The TV was not turned on, but  she had a lot in mind ot think about. Somehow she was happy Rachel was happy, but for some reason she didn’t like Brody, it was like Rachel deserved better. Finn. No, not Finn, they broke up for a reason, they were not that made for each other. Quinn sigh for herself.

Faye was excited about today, since she met Kurt she was excited, he was a NYADA student and she loved that college as much as she loved Broadway. She texted Cameron telling him to wake up cause they were going to a karaoke and he would finally see her sing. She drove to his house and rang the bell waiting for him to answer.

Magcon Preference #23: What He Does When You Cry



When he sees you walk through the door with tears rolling down your face, all he can do is get up from the couch, walk over to you and pick you up, and bring you to his bed. There, he holds you and tells you sweet nothings until you are calm enough to tell him what’s wrong.


He walks into your bedroom, finding you with your phone out with Twitter open and a tear-stained face. He just takes your phone away from you, turning it off, and pulls you close to him. He lays down, taking you down with him, and he whispers to you about how they’re jealous and everything they say are lies.


You were just fine, sitting on the couch with him, all happy and giggly. That’s when your phone rang. When you answered it, you didn’t think anything bad. Anytime your mom called, it was a good conversation. You didn’t know your dad died. You hung up the phone in tears and all Carter could to was hold you tight.


Shawn was on tour when you were first upset, just finding out your best friend killed herself. When you found out, you called him crying and he couldn’t do anything but sing to you over the phone. He got a couple days off and flew out to see you. When he got to your house, he ran up to your room and cuddled with you in bed, kissing your face almost everywhere and singing you to sleep. When you woke up, he would kiss you and ask you if you’re okay.


You and him got in an argument. He got really mad and raised his arm up in the air. You thought he was going to hit you. You then remembered your past relationship and how your boyfriend used to hit you. You sunk to the ground and started crying. Sam immediately rushes to your side and holds you. He tells you how he would never ever hit you and that he was just stressed from writing and being in the studio all the time. He picked you up and brought you to bed, not letting you go the whole night.


Work. School. Work. That’s all you do anymore. Nate could tell something was off and one day when you came home from work, Nate was laying on the couch. He looked at you and saw how tired you looked. He walked over to you and picked you up. He sat on the couch and sat you on his lap. As soon as he did, you broke down. He sat there and rubbed your back, telling you to breathe.


You had an eating disorder. Jack didn’t know. One night you two were having dinner and you were sitting there playing with your food and he finally asked why you haven’t been eating. All you can do is let a couple tears roll down your face before Jack is over to your chair at the table asking you what’s wrong. All you can do is whisper about your eating disorder, and he picks you up and carries you to bed, promising to help you get through it.


Suicide. That’s all that’s on your mind. You keep thinking about how since Jack is going to be at the studio today, why not? You get the poll bottle and try to open it. You can’t get it. By now, you’re screaming, trying to get it open. Crying, frustrated. All you want to do is die. You’re trying so hard, you don’t even hear Jack run into the bathroom. You didn’t realize he was going to come home early. He finally got the pills away from you, and you fell to the ground crying. He caught you on the way down, though. He kept whispering I’m sorry’s into your ears and a lot more comforting things. He started crying, too. Loosing you wouldn’t be a good thing for him. You didn’t realize that.


You keep waiting for Matt to leave so you can do what you’ve been waiting to do all day: cut. Matt didn’t know. When he left, you went into your bathroom and started to cut. When you would cut, you would cry, and that’s how Matt found you: He came back because he left his hat and he heard you crying. When he found you, he snapped the razor out of your hand and threw it away. He grabbed a towel, went back over to you, picked you up, sat down on the toilet seat, and set you down on his lap. He takes the towel and wraps it around your wrist, holding it tightly. He kissed your neck and whispers it’s alright’s and I’m here’s into your ear. He never let you go.


When you call him, he can easily tell you’ve been crying. When you ask him to come over, he’s already on his way. He doesn’t like his best friend upset. When he gets to your house, he climbs through your window. As soon as he steps on the ground, he looks up and sees you on the floor in tears. He rushes to you, picks you up, and lays you down in bed. He slides next to you and hums until you’re calm enough to say what’s wrong.


When he sees you come into his house all of a sudden, he’s confused. That is, until he sees tears on your face. He runs over to you and hugs you, telling you to calm down and breathe. Once you’re calm enough, you explain to him how you and your dad got into a fight, your dad hit you really hard, and kicked you out. All Taylor does is kisses your temple, picks you up bridal style, brings you to his bedroom, and cuddles with you, telling you that he loves you and that you can stay with him.


Homework. That’s all you’ve been doing the past few hours. You have 6 pages of math homework, a history test to study for, and you have to finish your 5-page essay you haven’t even started because of all your other homework. Jacob calls you to see if you wanted to hang out. When he heard about how much homework you have, he decides to come over and help you. When he gets there, you’re trying to do your math homework, which is your worst subject. You’re sitting on your bed in tears, and he sits behind you and wraps his arms around your waist. He sings quietly and sways side to side on the bed until you stop crying. He tells you to study for your history test and he does your math homework. You two work on your essay together after he’s done. When you two are done with the essay, he helps you study for your history test.


You run fast to Hayes’ house. His mom, Elizabeth, opens the door, sees you crying, and immediately calls for Hayes. He runs down the stairs and holds you tight. He brings you to the couch and sits you on top of him. He rubs your back telling you to breathe. Once you’ve calmed down, you tell him about how your parents are getting divorced. All he can do is tell you he’s there for you.


When you called him asking if he could come over, he said yes. When he got there and saw you with tears in your eyes, he was nervous. You kept crying and he held you. When you said you had cancer, he couldn’t help but cry a little, too. He kept telling you how he’ll be there for you the whole time. You two laid in bed and he sang to you until you fell asleep.


Your boyfriend of four years cheated on you. All you could do was cry. You’re parents didn’t know what was wrong because you wouldn’t tell them, so they called your best friend, Mahogany. Mahogany came over as soon as she could. She ran up to your room, saw you crying, and immediately went to your side. She hugged you until you calmed down a little bit. When you told her, she hugged you and told you that he was a piece of shit and was stupid to do what he did. After a while, you fell asleep. She texted your mom once you fell asleep asking her to go buy some ice cream and get some Disney movies. Your mom did and when you woke up, Mahogany put in Frozen. You two watched movies the rest of the night, singing the songs and reciting some of the quotes.

Cute Cameron Imagine for Kimm
Cameron Dallas Imagine, really cute and pls make it long. Make the girls name Kimm:) don’t forget the double m;) Thanyouuuuuu X

It was just a typical Friday night for you. It was the 4th of July but you didn’t have really any plans. Your parents drove out of town to have their own fun on this holiday together and you decided to stay home. Most your friends were busy with family and you were stuck alone.

You stayed home and watched movies and ate food. Your night wasn’t too exciting. You watched some TV and saw some fireworks on the news channel. You soon took a warm shower and you were a bit tired so you dressed yourself in your pajamas. When you got into bed you just stared at the dark ceiling. It was only 9:00 and you couldn’t even sleep.

You thought you had heard something, or someone, tapping your window. You were creeped out. You rolled out of your bed and slowly pushed your curtains away and looked through the blinds. There was a dark figure standing there outside. It walked closer as your heart raced, scaring you. You backed up a little watching it come closer. Then you realized it was your best friend Cameron.

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anonymous asked:

Can u do a cameron dallas imagine. Where we are married and we would like to have kids but its hard because of our blood types? But we end up having a biological kid. Thank u :3

~This shall not contain any smut~

“How long have you guys been trying?” Carter asks from across the table.
You are sitting next to Cameron with both hands in his.
“4 months?” Cameron guesses, turning to you.
“Yeah, about 4 months. We just got back from the doctor and he explained everything and gave us some ways to help possibly aid the process.” You tell Carter.
“You could always adopt” Carter suggests. You shake your head.
You and Cameron want your baby to have each other’s genes.
“We’re just going to keep trying.” Cameron tells him as he squeezes your hands softly.
“We tried again last night but, you know, I’m just kind of done trying… I really want a baby but if God doesn’t want it to happen, maybe it shouldn’t…” You say from across an aisle in a pharmacy to Mahogany.
You reach the pregnancy tests and grab one as you finish the last bit of your drink.
“Don’t give up, I know how much you guys want a little you. I mean 4 months is a long time trying.” She says taking your cup and throwing it away.
“Well… It’s not like it’s the worst thing to be doing.” You smirk as you turn to go to the toilet.
“And anyway, we’ll still have sex so it’s not like we’ll be completely eliminating the chances of getting pregnant.” You say shaking the pregnancy test as you wait for an answer.
You’re almost positive it’s going to be negative as you pace around the back of the pharmacy.
“I just wish that by some miracle, it worked this time, you know. I just really wan-” you stop pacing as you look down at the line that has just formed. On top of which is another. You are pregnant.
“Mahogany I’m pregnant.” You say calmly, you still cannot believe what you are seeing.
“What?!” She exclaims rushing to see. She grabs the stick and analyses it. As she does so, you go back to the pregnancy tests and grab two more to make sure.

The next two come out positive again. “Mahogany I’m pregnant, I’m pregnant!!” You both grab onto each other and hug each other tight.
You go to the cashier and pay for the last two tests as the cashier congratulates you. You thank him and he looks down at the tests before scanning the packaging.
“Ma'am.” He begins.
Your heart starts racing as you begin to feel as though you’ve made a mistake.
“It says here you have been pregnant for six weeks!” He explains.
You pull up in front of Cameron’s office as he exits the building. “What’s going on, babe, are you okay?” He says holding you by your waist and kissing your forehead.
“I’m pregnant!” You can’t wait another second to blurt it out.
Cameron’s face lights up as he picks you up and spins you around. He kisses you, on your lips, on your cheek. He holds your face and stares at you before he kisses you again and again.

There you go (: hope it’s okay, I’ve never really written about getting pregnant before haha

Hi, I’m David-in-my-pants!

David Tennant, “wearing, as promised, his underpants,” in the cutest Guardian interview ever. (1 April, 2006)

Some highlights:

  • ‘Hi, I’m David-in-my-pants,“ says the very boyish, handsome 34-year-old striding towards me, arm extended, wearing, as promised, his underpants. Perhaps the train journey from London to Cardiff was worth it after all.
  • "I just don’t have the courage of my convictions about my fashion decisions - I think I need some guidance there,” he adds in his charming Scottish accent, his eyes all characteristically puppyish and pleading. Yes, the trip is definitely worth it so far.

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Halt and Catch Fire / Ep. 207: “Working for the Clampdown” / Moments

I want to talk about this moment even though I don’t really have any hard answers for the question I’m about to pose.

Why did Bosworth say that?

Here, we’ve got Boz who, if “Team Cameron” is a company, would be its founder and CEO, at a meeting with Joe where he (Boz) is relentless in his insistance that his loyalty is to Cameron, and only to Cameron: “Everything you say in this room goes right back to Cameron” … “Man, you’re not pitching shit unless she miraculously changes her mind, and I work out of her kitchen until the day she says otherwise” … “But I won’t be bought, Joe. And if that’s what Cameron wants, none of us will.”

But when Joe starts feeling around for weak spots in the walls Cameron has built to keep him out, Bosworth is surprisingly helpful, giving Joe the ultimate answer: the weak spot is Tom.

He didn’t have to do that. He could have shrugged and let Joe try to get to Cameron through Donna instead (as Joe was apparently ready to do).

Instead, he sent Joe straight to Tom’s doorstep, and it worked – Cameron was ready to sign after Tom spoke with her.

So, can Bosworth giving Joe the lead on Tom be considered a betrayal of Cameron? Is it just another sign that he, like Joe at that point, believed Westgroup would help Mutiny and, more importantly, Cameron?

Or was it just that Bosworth still holds enough animosity towards Joe that he couldn’t resist the impulse to be the one to tell him that Cameron has moved on…just so he could see the look on Joe’s face in the second gif?


Imagine Luke Hemming:

You and Luke are best friends, he supports you in everything
that you do and you do the same for him. You go to his concerts when he’s in town and you text and skype him  and the boys every so often, to make sure they knew that you’re waiting and cheering them on from back home, in Sydney. You and luke have been best friends since year 10, when all four of the boys became friends. You two promised to always be there for each other no matter what happens, that you two would stay best friends. 

One day Luke had texted you asking you to come to their gig that was happening on the coming Saturday. Being away from you on tour he had realized how much he actually liked you. Something you hadn’t known is that he was very much in love with you, being away for months…he had convinced himself that there was not a day he would want to live without you being in it. Obviously, you agreed happily to coming to the show. He was planning on telling you on stage that he was in love with you by dedicating “Where ever you are” to y, he knew it was risky to do so but he was utterly convinced that you were just as in love with him as he was with you. He wasn’t the only one who was keeping secrets, you had a secret on your own. 

Before Luke had left for tour you had convinced yourself that you were in love with him, but being the shy girl you were you never told him. You also wouldn’t ever want to do anything that would jeopardize the amazing friendship you two already had, not for anything in the world. You always thought it was a good idea to end up falling in love with your best friend. But with Luke being away for such a long, you had been hanging with new people in Sydney, found new friends. It being a little selfish of you, thinking if he was on the road, living his dream why wouldn’t you have some fun too? You had found a bad boy of your own. His name was Cameron, he made you happy but the rest of your friends told you he would break your heart but you didn’t give a damn. You have been dating for a couple months and things were getting a little serious, you liked him a lot, or at least you think you did. 

It was the Thursday before the Saturday Show, and you had decided to tell Luke about your secret boyfriend, so you gave him a ring. It was Thurday morning, 10 AM and he was back home in Sydney back at my own home and the comfort of his own bed. He was woken by the sound of a specific ringtone that played over and over on his phone. A smile was plastered onto his face knowing he would hear you voice after so long of being away, he picked up and answered with a groggy morning voice. “Good morning gorgeous,” he had complimented you, which brought a smile to your face, “Goodmorning Lukey! Good to hear your voice, I’ve missed you! Sorry I couldn’t come pick you up at the airport on Wednesday, I had class but I just wanted to give you a ring and tell you something really important…” you chirped through the phone. “ That’s alright, missed you too,” he cleared his voice,“Yeah? What’s so important that you had to ring me at 8 in the morning?” he asked laughing a little, but a bit worried about what you were going to tell him. He knew you knew that he wouldn’t be awake till noon, but you also knew that he would pick up any hour if it was you calling. 

“ Well, while you were away…I had met this lad and he’s extremely cool and punk rock. Very much like you and the boys…with your black vans and muscle-tees…and he’s my…” There was a dead silence on the other line, a bit of a gasp from Luke, you were afraid to tell him about your boyfriend, Cameron. “ He’s you what? He’s your what, (y/n)?” He asked with a concerning voice. You whispered,“…my boyfriend, Luke he’s my boyfriend,” you said but quickly regretting it afterwards. “Oh…he’s a lucky lad…I guess,” he mumbled. To you he didn’t sound very happy and you hadn’t known why or the real reason behind it, you thought your best friend was supposed to be happy for you and was supposed to be excited for you to be with a person who treated you well. “Anything else?” Luke had become dry and spoke with an annoyed voice, through the phone he sounded a bit angry.  

“Lucas, are you mad?” a dumb question to ask, but you knew you had to. “ No why the fuck would I be mad that my best friend. that who was supposed to tell me everything that goes on, had gotten a boyfriend, without telling me or asking me about my opinion, while i was on tour, million of miles away missing you and all I could think about on tour was y-” he cut himself off, he almost let it slip out that he hadn’t stopped thinking about you the whole time on tour. You stayed silent, you knew he was angry but you were also angry that he acted like he owned you, like you were his possession of some sort. 

“Whatever,” he spoke with a sigh along with it. “ I hope you’re happy…I guess,” Luke told you with a soft voice, lowering it from before. 
“What is your problem, Luke? I thought you would actually be happy that I found a boy that made me happy. I thought we were going to be there for one another no matter what.  Did tour make you into a douche bag? ” you almost shouted through the phone.
He had sat up on his bed, no longer tired or groggy, just angry. “ Yeah?! Well I’m really sorry that while I was away for a couple of months you decided to make such a large change in your life without telling me. I have every right to be angry, (y/n) and you know it. How could you be such a bitch to me and keep this from me?! Don’t you think I have a right to know ?! ” you covered your mouth, making a dead silence across the two lines. He knew he had said too much now and he had made a mistake telling you how he felt when you seemed happy with your new boyfriend. You didn’t know what to say, you assumed he was just angry. Tears streamed down your cheek, “Luke…I’m sorry. I-I just…I wanted to tell you but some part of me told me not to. I thought you would have gotten yourself somebody while on tour…If you don’t want me to come on Satu-” he cut you off,
“(y/n) of course I want you to come. Say you’ll be there. I’m sorry. I won’t be a douche bag anymore. Just come to the show…” he said holding on to hope.
You grinned to yourself, “ I’ll be there, I’m sorry. Cameron’s a cool guy…I honestly thik you’d like him, alright? Just give him a chance.” He agreed kindly, with the soft heart he had. Knowning that this Cameron guy made you happy so he agreed that he could come to the show.

At the show (back stage):
You had walked in holding on to your boyfriend hand, but then after seeing luke with his blue eyes, black ripped skinny jeans, red and black flannel and that classic idiot smile walking towards you, you let go of Camerons hand and you ran as fast as you could and jumped into Lukes’ arms. He hugged you so tight you could have sworn you forgot how to breathe, he let go of you and saw behind you, your boyfriend awkwardly scratching the back of his neck watching his girlfriend hug another dude. He cleared his throat, you hadn’t noticed that you and luke were holding each others hands still, tightly. You let go, pretending like it never happened. You introduced your boyfriend to Luke and the rest of the boys…your boyfriend didn’t seem very interested and a bit annoyed to be at the concert. He was a jerk, and everyone told you but you didn’t care or see it through. You watched the boys performing in the crowed because you told them that tonight you wanted to be “just another girl in the 5SOS family” and support them in the crowd. Cameron had told you that he went to the bathroom and you didn’t care, he walked off but he hadn’t gone to the bathroom. He had snuck back stage, and apparently he asked another girl to come to the concert because the other girl had a thing for 5SOS. The boys were finished for the night and entering the dressing room. Luke was about to walk into the room but he had caught Cameron with a girl that wasn’t you…he gasped and went to find you immediately. He ran to find you, finally figuring out that you went to buy the boys sodas and burgers knowing that they’d all be hungry. 

He almost ran you over because he was running towards you way to quickly. He started babbling a bunch of nonsense, and you told him to slow down. He told you what he saw, “He kissed another girl, a blonde girl and it wasn’t you!! That’s cheating!!” he shouted. You didn’t believe him, you thought he was jealous that you had gotten a boyfriend. “What?! Luke this time you’ve done it. I get it, you don’t want me to be with cameron, but you don’t have to make up something to make him look like a terrible person! What happened to we’d be happy with whoever each other married and shit?!” You shouted at him. 

He was a furious that you didn’t believe him. “You actually think that I would lie about something like this?! Are you crazy! I wouldn’t do anything that would make me hurt you! Are you stupid or something?! Do you know how much I care about you, idiot?! If anything happened to you, I’d lose my fucking mind! And what if I don’t want you to be my future wife’s maid of honor! What if I wanted you to be my future wife? Did you ever think of that? Did you ever think that just maybe that I was in love with you and I could have gotten any girl out there - in those 52 states but I decided to save myself for you? The only girl for me?! Your douche bag of a boyfriend was making out with some blonde bloke and you don’t even believe me!” He threw his hands up, making you flinch a little. Assuming that he was about to hit you in the face, realizing how scared you looked. He lowered his voice and pulled you into a hug. “ (y/n), please believe me.” You had tears that seapping through his flannel, reaching his bare skin with your tears.

He held your hand and brought you backstage again, to the rest of the boys. Your boyfriend was holding hands with a blonde bloke, just like Luke had said. She was wearing a croptop that hardly covered anything and a pair of booty shorts. The rest of the boys crossed their arms and glared at Cameron. He scoffed and threw the two vip passes on the floor, “ thanks for the show, bitch.” he said, walking out with the blonde. The three boys had to hold Luke back, he was furious that any man could or would ever treat you like that. He was about to punch the shit out of that guy. 

You realized that you and Luke were perfect for each other. You wouldn’t have wanted to fall in love with anyone else boy your best friend. Your stupid, pierced lip, blonde quiff, bright blue eye, 6'4 best friend, Lucas Robert Hemmings. 

wow that was really long. oops.

hope you guys like it.

send in requests! TELL ME IF YOU WANT A PART TWO LOL