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can ya’ll please stop acting like jim doesn’t give a shit about studying the troll lore book because he clearly does


Newt Gets Graves A Kitten

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Newt gets Graves a kitten, because he knows how helpful animals are in the healing process and while it’s been a year since Grindelwald, some scars just don’t want to fade away. Those tricky scars of the heart. 

So he gets Graves a kitten. A small, fluffy kitten with blond wisps of hair and eyes too big for its head. Feeble in its youth. Its cries are more chirping than cat-like. He puts a big, floppy bow around its neck - the red ribbon practically bigger than its whole body and giving it the illusion of wings - before quietly slipping into the bedroom they share. 

“This is him,” Newt whispers into the little kitten’s too large ears, lifting him up and out to show him the slender back of the man laying in bed before them - dead asleep. “Now off you go, just like we discussed.”

And then he sets the little beast down and lets it loose. He watches as it determinedly wobbles to the bed, obviously set on a goal. Smiles as it sets its tiny claws into the soft silk of their sheets and climbs the tall rise of their bed. Walks closer to watch as the little fur ball then makes an unsteady beeline for the man in the bed – as though completely aware of what Newt had said to him when walking home with him this morning from the shelter.

He can’t stop himself from laughing when the little beast finally makes it to Graves’ face. It reaches out with a tiny paw and taps his face kindly, as though asking for attention, before finally flat out sitting on the man’s face.

Graves jerks up, eyes wide and hair sticking out in every which way, and blinks first at the now upended little fur ball on his pillow, then at Newt – bewildered and confused from waking. Newt only laughs harder as he watches Graves slowly try to connect the dots, everything moving slowly from sleep. His hands seem impossibly large as he gathers the struggling little kitten up to better study it.

Bright green eyes, blonde fluffy coat, tiny little paws and a soft little chin that it rests atop his knuckles, staring up at him. Newt sees it the moment something melts in Graves – too tired and too early to hide the emotion before Newt can see.

“Do you like him?” Newt asks, bemused as his partner’s eyes rise from over top the little cat to stare at him, baffled and sleepy.

“I don’t understand,” Graves says, and Newt feels another piece of his heart melt for the man currently naked and in his bed, holding a kitten and blinking sleepily at him.

“He’s yours.”

“He’s mine?” Graves repeats.

“Yes,” Newt chuckles.

“You got me a cat?” Graves asks, eyes falling back down on the little kitten.

Newt pauses, suddenly worried that this had been a rash decision. He shouldn’t have surprised his partner with something so big, that required such a commitment, without talking to him first. His thoughts begin to tail spin. His hands tremble as he wrings them.

“I, uh – yes. That is… if you want him?”

Graves just squints at him for a long moment before suddenly collapsing back into the bed again, taking the kitten with him.

“That’s great,” Graves mumbles into his pillow, the kitten tucked happily beneath his chin and purring merrily away. “Kitten Newt won’t leave me alone in my bed at hideously early hours every morning.”

Newt squawked, indignant; a huge and spreading smile on his face despite his affronted tone.

“You’re replacing me?!”

“Technically you replaced yourself.”

“Move over, I’m coming in there.”

“Nope, I have kitten Newt now. There’s no more need for you in my bed,” Graves says, one eye cracking open to catch Newt’s gaze as he smiles, unable to hide his mirth.

“Oh you’re going to get it,” Newt growls as he stalks the bed.

“Not in front of kitten Newt!” Graves gasps, dramatic and scandalized.

Newt crawls onto the bed where he’d normally sleep and gently covers the little kitten’s eyes with one finger, ignoring its plaintive little meow as he leans forward to capture Graves’ lips in a soft, sleepy kiss.

“Thank you,” Graves whispers into his lips after their kiss.

Newt just kisses him again.

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imagine when Jake and Amy sit Charles down and tell him that they’re having a baby

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Olivia do you think Yurio has a teeny tiny crush on Yuuri? I just can't understand why he would talk bad about him to Viktor after engagement announcement when he was so friendly with Yuuri just and episode ago.

:^) ur talkin to me, the biggest stan for onesided yu//yuu on this fuckin earth

but yea i definitely think yuri has a crush on yuuri lmao he was seen admiring his step sequences and he wanted to see him at his full potential so i guess he thought screaming at him would work best??? i love my awkward son

he was so friendly with yuuri and got so angry when he found out that yuuri and viktor were engaged and even insulted viktor and their rings like dfkhdskj bb dont be jealous blease

not to mention he mentally told yuuri especially to keep his eyes on him bc he wants to inspire yuuri into not quitting, and cried bc he thought he had failed like listen yuri has a dumb celebrity crush on yuuri you can pry this from my cold dead hands

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Top 5 Harry/Ron friendship moments.:3 ❤

- constantly ignoring all the death and misery surrounding them to just chill and play chess and talk about quidditch 

- making up dreams together. the whole underachieving student support system they have for each other god bless like when they both fuck up the divination exam and harry tells ron how he told the examiner he should already be dead according to his leaves and ron cheers him up by telling him how he spent the exam accidentally telling the examiner how ugly he is 

- ron breaking harry out of the dursleys. iconic. your friend could never.

- takin down a troll together when they’re fresh ouuta the womb like it’s nothing

- losing their fucking minds trying to ask a girl to the yule ball 

It’s great hearing how Alec is a great fighter. That he slayed a hoard of shax demons. That he’s saved Jace’s ass a bunch of times. That he’s “one of the best shadowhunters” of NY’s Institute.

I just wish we could see those things too.

I’m rlly frustrated bc I’m watching return of the Jedi and I just saw the scene where they’re talking about the sarlacc and I can’t stop thinking abt this one Tumblr post that’s something about how it wouldn’t be for that long bc he’d starve to death and Luke is like “tell him that r2. Tell him that he’s a dumbass r2. Tell him” and I’ve been googling for a billion years but I can’t find it and I rlly wanna find this post so if any of u have it plsssssss add the link and I’d die for u

  • me: *never stands up for myself, lets people be annoying and mean to me*
  • friend: ur so fun bc u dont take anything personally
  • me now: *tells friends to stop when theyre making me uncomfortable or annoying me or upsetting me*
  • friend: ur so confusing why are you being so sensitive youre not fun anymore
  • me: :)))))))))))

It just makes me so sad how many times Tao has had to face criticism over his appearance. First they would mock him over his colour, then his nose and eyebags, and now his weight. It makes me so so sad because Tao is a sensitive person… even when he tries to brush it away (he is a strong boy), these insecurities keep bundling in him inside and manifest themselves such that he claims he hate his no makeup face and thinks he is fat and apologises for eating 3 meals a day.

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I'm intrigued by your Seth fics. I personally like him but I know a lot of people think he's homophobic, misogynistic, etc because of family guy. I disagree but am wondering your thoughts?

I am happy to have intrigued you my friend. That means your interested and I hope you keep following the story

Overall what I think fuels this perception of him is the idea that he is his characters. That Seth and Peter or Seth and Stan are the same person. That he believes everything that his characters say. It’s like saying that Nabokov was a huge fan of pedophelia. Just because a character has a point of view it does not mean the author agrees. Also maybe don’t take a shows with a talking dog, an alien, and a east german fish too seriously. 

People also seems to forget that he deals a lot in satire, on which you can find an entire post here

Another thing that helps is the humor. Yes it is sarcastic, dark, and twisted, but people know that going in. I don’t understand people who walk into something he’s made and walk out “I can’t believe that was so crass!” Really? Or did you want to be pissed off? 

I like his humor, it tickles my funny bone. What makes you laugh is deeply personal. For example, I love this “rough stuff” but any sort of physical comedy goes completely over my head. I just don’t find it funny. 

All of that being said you don’t have to laugh at all the jokes. You can find some of them downright disgusting. For example there is a rape joke in the extended cut of A Million Ways To Die In the West that I can’t stand. I even talk about it in chapter 2 of my story, because I think it is important to recognize people’s humanity. Yes, some of these jokes aren’t going to be funny and some of them are going to go too far. BUT then going around calling the person who made the joke the worst thing that ever lived is not the right course of action. 

Sidenote: if you find this type of humor funny, you should check out Greg Davis and Jimmy Carr.

PEOPLE MAKE MISTAKES. Family Guy has been on the air since 1999. There are kids driving cars that are as old as that show is. So yes there are going to be things in the show that would have been perfectly fine for an audience in 2005 or even in 2011 that wouldn’t be ok either. So yes, I think he has learned one or two things in the last 20ish years of his life. 

This also goes for things he said. Society as a whole is learning and evolving faster than ever. I am pretty sure there are things that he has said publicly that he would like to take back but so would we all. There is not enough paper in the world for me to write down everything I would take back from the last five years much 20. 

Then there is the politics of it all. People who say that he is right-winged seem not to know how to use google. HE OPENED AN EVEN FOR BERNIE SANDERS. Again it’s the whole difference between character and author. Family Guy especially takes on a lot right winged politicians. See Sarah Palin and Bush jr. with a slinky. You might say “Nina, why hasn’t he taken on Trump?” First off, yes he, has look at his tweets. Second, it takes about a year to make an animated season, so what you are seeing in this season was made before Trump happened. I have no doubt in my mind that next season we will be seeing something about Trump. 

To me he seems like a good man who was raised right. I might be horribly wrong. He might be a huge asshole, I just haven’t seen any indication of that. 

Here are some more great links that I couldn’t make flow into the narrative of this post. 

  1. His support for the WGA STRIKE 
  2. Representation In A Million Ways to Die In The West
  3. Other overall awesome

TDLR: No, I don’t think he is any of those things. If I thought he was I wouldn’t be able to write this story. I wouldn’t give him a second thought, if I truly thought he was just another asshole. I don’t think a man that pays for his employees to go to the Women’s March is misogynist or a man who makes this prank call is homophobic. 

This post got a lot longer than I thought it would, have a gif for your great ask:

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also lmfao today’s skam ep like man yesterday i had a flabbergasting encounter with a boy and my mom told me to be more careful and to say sorry to allah for not being reserved enough and here we have sana’s mom being like “binch!!!!!!!! he likes you ok done deal i’m planning the wedding in my head just you wait”

Idk this whole Mikael situation is obviously stressing/worrying Isak and it’s lowkey making me kinda mad they won’t tell him. We don’t know everything yet so I’ll put my judgements aside for now but it’s just not sitting well with me that they’re keeping this from him.


There’s a fucking lump in my throat even as I read it, this is the worst fucking thing, other than Emily being harmed in any way this legitimately must be one of his worst fear? This is actually believable because of how much he fears becoming shit at his job due to his age and becoming useless to her?

Anyway, I can’t believe Corvo is doing it to himself, Emily would never think he’s lame? Everyone dreams of this kind of dad, she wouldn’t wish for any other? Emily, please tell him this at least on his birthdays, he’s losing his sleep trying to be cool for you.