tell her to chill

  • Harry: *is the chosen one and a jockey idiot*
  • Hermione: *is smart and strong and saves everyone's ass at least ten times and is basically what everyone should aspire to in life*
  • Ron: *is a genuine guy and an amazingly loyal friend and adorably dorky*
  • Neville: *overcomes his insecurities and fears to save his friends butts*
  • Ginny: *is a kickass mofo who literally is just James reincarnated* *but cooler* *dont tell him I said that*
  • Lavender: *eventually finds her chill and becomes a badass in the war*
  • Dean and Seamus: *the worlds cutest couple and hella tough*
  • George and Fred: *best non couple couple to ever live and die*
  • Luna: *smart in the only way anyone should ever need*
  • Pansy: *you have to admit she kicks ass*
  • Blaise: *is hot*
  • Draco: *lives to gay*
  • James: *from heaven* I worry for McGonagalls mental stability
  • Lily: Oh yeah.
Creators Misunderstanding Their Fan Base: Undertale

I love Undertale, so do many others. However, I love Undertale because of the fan base. I have met so many kind and determined individuals that I wouldn’t have met otherwise if not for Undertale. Many of these people are artists, and it’s nice to see the same characters drawn in so many different styles. Even better is when there is a story written about Undertale, a what if this happened instead of this? Great examples of this are Dreamtale, by @jokublog (currently not theirs more about that later), Glitchverse, by @camilaart, and Xtale/Underverse, by Jackei/@xtaleunderverse. There are many more alternate stories/universes I would love to share but I really want to focus on these two right now. As you may or may not know, both these creators make animations/comics based off their story lines, and they are incredible. The amount of effort that goes into each and every frame of animation is jaw dropping to say the least. The story is also pretty great compared to most, especially Glitchtale’s constant subversion of every expectation and Underverse’s imaginative plot and character portrayal are no small feat either. It’s immediately clear that a lot of effort goes into their work to make it as great as possible and create their animations fairly quickly. However, I’m not here to simply sing their praises because the title isn’t “Amazing Undertale Universes You Have To See To Believe” no, this is “Creators Misunderstanding Their Fan Base: Undertale” 

 Recently a story came out about Joku threatening to use her fan base against another person who was just giving feedback on a shirt that they made. This led to them deleting their blog and now it’s being held by a nice individual so that Joku can have the name back if she wants. Joku makes sure people know that she is getting lots of hate over this misbehavior of hers. She’s making it seem like her fan base is full of haters that demand comics every week and don’t care about the person behind the project at all. Her “fans” led her to deleting her blog that she had used for a while now, over one small incident. That’s. Not. True. Joku’s fans are passionate, without a doubt, but they have huge amounts of respect for the amount of work that goes into this complex narrative that Joku is almost always working on. Joku, you’re fans are there, making fan art, liking your posts, and sending positive words your way, but you don’t care about that, do you? You just want to show everyone that you can overcome the haters by yourself, but you can’t, nobody can on their own. You say you ignore the haters, but dealing with what I’ve heard people say about you in silence, isn’t a great idea. If you open up more to your audience, show your real fans that you still care about them, I have no doubt that there will be a shift in the types of people who view your content. I along with many others didn’t hate you for what you did, was it a bit uncalled for? Yea, a little bit, but that one incident with someone WHO’S ALREADY FORGIVEN AND APOLOGIZED FOR MAKING IT PUBLIC, shouldn’t have led to you deleting your blog. The blog is being held for you, your choices are to reset back to zero and build your blog all over again, or quit and leave everyone.

 Jackei, the creator of Xtale and Underverse, is passionate about her work. Her amazing narrative and intense animations make it a joy to experience through and through, but she has her flaws as well. One day you’ll get a hilarious shitpost from Jackei about how she got braces, the next a comic about how she is having to stand against her fans barrage of negativity. I’m saying it right now that there is a difference in HATING and CRITICIZING and it’s easy to tell which is which. Hate usually is opinionated, relying on the same feeling from others to help boost their opinion into more of a fact. Fans that criticize a work however often point out actual problems with the product they were presented with. Maybe the animation was a bit low quality in some places, or maybe the dialog didn’t add anything to the situation, but whatever it is its a real problem that they just shed light on for you. Those fans care, unlike the haters you insist are your fans. Many people really love your intense devotion to your work, making comics often along with incredible animations that have breathtaking moments a plenty, but it sucks when someone you hugely respect talks down to you. You make it clear that whenever you get hate you try to deal with it in silence, and for the most part if you are a strong enough person that works out really well for you. Not only does it improve your image as a creator but it makes fans think much much more of you as a person. However, you show us that side of you way too much, and its clear you want to be that person you portray yourself as. You’ve gotten much better about showing us that you can withstand the hate sent your way, and your shitposts/memes are always a joy to behold, but why not show off the better side of your fan base, the people who really care about you and your work. It’d make a difference in how you view your fans. Just remember Jackei, haters shout loud because they want others to hear them, but when a fan comments, they don’t even expect an answer from anyone.

 Camila is an incredible artist as well, creating a 20 minute animation in less than 4 months is unreal. On top of that the animations feature a standard of quality not usually seen in animations made in the same amount of time. However, Camila is known to harp on people for asking when the latest episode is going to come out. Her response is usually a meme or her telling them to chill and just wait. Camila has the opposite issue that Jackei does, she will show all the asks about when the episode is coming out, making it seem like that’s all her fan base cares about. That and her talking down to her fans often, sometimes calling them stupid for not understanding a small detail in the animation. She’s who Jackei strives to be, impervious to all hate sent her way. To be honest, it’s not the best way to act towards your fans, sometimes people honestly just want to know because they are hyped for the next episode. Especially with the amount of information Camila will spoil about the episode, when in reality it’s mostly misdirection to make hers fans come to one conclusion before the episode even starts, just so she can subvert everyone’s expectations in the end. It’s incredible how many times I knew what would happen just because I followed Camila’s tumblr, @camilaart. Camila, I desperately wanted to donate $50 to you on patreon after you lost part of your house because I desired to talk to the biggest inspiration in my life at the time. To be honest I still want to, but I’m only 15 and I have no income for which to donate to either of you, sorry /;-;/. Camila, your awe inspiring, I just wish you would act more mature and be more loyal to people. After what happened to Jackei you threw her under the bus, reblogging what she said just to garner it more exposure. It’s shocking how many people you turn on after someone comes out with something bad about that person, like Jackei and Ultima almighty. You’re getting much better though about pointing out positive things, like animators and artists who have almost no exposure on youtube, is pretty amazing. It’d be amazing though, if you could use the positives to detract haters instead of memes. You’re a role model for some people whether you want to believe it or not, and sometimes people take anything that role models say as undeniable fact. Your on the right path, please don’t reset again. 

(Everything I said are just my thoughts on these two amazing animators, I just really want to get these out their so that maybe they will both see this post and reflect on themselves as creators. I plan to do more of these but I don’t what topics/people to do yet. And guys, don’t hate these artists just for me pointing out a few things wrong with them, that’s the complete opposite of what I’m trying to say. If you don’t like them, then just ignore them, it’s as simple as that. Thanks for reading this, it truly means a lot to me.) 


hhhng i still felt bad abt not getting her skin color right so here’s my bby

also i kinda finished pokemon moon finally so

If I Could Tell Him

a while after Christine breaks up with Jeremy because she figured out she’s ace, Jeremy confides in Michael that he thinks Christine probably never thought he was a good enough person anyway. Michael, trying to hide his feelings for Jeremy but still hating to see his Player One down in the dumps, tells Jeremy about all the awesome things “Christine said” about Jeremy before they started dating…

“she said, there’s nothing like your smile, sort of subtle, and prefect, and real…”

oh jeez somebody help our pining boy

(feel free to continue this idea)

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Hi! Could you please do a scenario/headcannons for the rfa + saeran meeting mcs older sister and she's interested in them. Like she tries flirting blatantly with them while mc is there and mc thinks they're gonna leave her for her sister because she's slimmer, prettier, popular and pretty much every boys dream girls via looks so she's really insecure. My sister constantly puts herself as the superior sibling and whenever I show interest in someone she makes it her mission to have them. Thank you

MC’s sister about to catch these hands lmao


  • Saeyoung instantly knows what’s going on and constantly tries to make eye contact with MC help him 
  • “MC, your sister knows we’re dating, right?”
  • Whenever MC’s sister tries engaging him in conversation, he just takes out his phone to make it look like he’s busy
  • He’s cringing internally at how hard MC’s sister is trying
  • “Wow! Did I ever tell you how much I LOVE your SIBLING”
  • Probably throws some intense shade 


  • At first, Yoosung thought MC’s sister was just being REALLY nice and friendly
  • Boi when he realized it, he internally screamed and wanted to run out of the room
  • Holds MC’s hand aggressively 
  • Refuses to make eye contact with MC’s sister
  • “I’m part of this group called Men of MONOGAMY.”
  • Doesn’t want to come off as rude since he really wants MC’s family to like him but he has his limits
  • After MC’s sister leaves, Yoosung rushes to MC and assures them that he loves and treasures their relationship.


  • He has a lot of experience with lovestruck fans so MC’s sister wasn’t any different
  • When he’s sure MC’s sister is looking, Zen shows hella affection to MC and because he usually does that anyway
  • “You’re very handsome in your musicals but you’re even better looking in person!”
  • “Tell me something I don’t know” (shut tf doowwwnn)
  • Zen’s not afraid to be direct with MC’s sister and probably tells her to chill tf out because he only has eyes for MC
  • He sees MC looking upset and makes sure to call them all the cute pet names under the sun


  • Tries to pretend she doesn’t know what’s going on and dodges all the attempts
  • Her go to topic is Zen’s musicals
  • Looks at MC from time to time to make sure they’re doing okay
  • Queen of topic avoidance! 
  • “Jaehee, MC can learn a thing or two from you about hard work.”
  • “I believe MC is perfect just the way they are and you should keep your opinions to yourself.” savage af
  • Though Jaehee isn’t confrontational by any means, if MC’s sister says anything out of line, Jaehee’s going to say something about it
  • Makes sure to tell MC how much she loves them and appreciates their friendship


  • Jumin is having none of this nonsense ESPECIALLY from MC’s sister
  • Isn’t afraid to be openly rude and ignores all of their sister’s advances
  • The only two women in his life: MC and Elizabeth Third
  • “If you’re going to continue to act like this, you can leave.”
  • Hit em with the stone cold killa Mr.Han!
  • Doesn’t even let MC’s sister touch Elizabeth and says “her fur is too white to be tainted” BURN
  • Probably doesn’t take out the BEST wine (he saves that for MC)
  • If things get too out of hand, he’ll ask for his bodyguards to escort her out.


  • Doesn’t even notice, he’s not interested enough in MC’s sister to actively care about whatever she’s saying
  • He just wants to leave the room tbh he’s just there to silently support MC
  • MC’s sister tries to touch him and he makes sure she KNOWS he doesn’t want to be touched
  • Quietly glares
  • “You’re so mysterious!”
  • “I’m not mysterious, I just don’t like you.”
  • Needs a few hours to decompress after all that annoyance and becomes kinda needy for MC’s affection (but he doesn’t admit it)
Some of Vilde hc if s6 happened
  • Vilde’s trailer would feature Sleepover by Hayley Kiyoko and it would actually be made similar to the music video - vilde waking up seeing coppery hair next to her only to find out it is a dream
  • pride at the end of the season - everyone is there, Even with the pansexual flag ofc, eva with bi one
  • Vilde and Magnus on good terms talking it through (Magnus being surprisingly mature about it and maybe even tries to send Vilde helpful articles and such)
  • Vilde comes out to Sana first
  • soft lesbian story but also hot - basically the same combination of soft/hot like Isak and Even
  • also like just the general dynamic of like flowery perfect vilde with the mess of a hair and flannel shirts that is Eva
  • and then we’ve all said that - sharing clothes!!!
  • it would be soft electrizing touches, longing looks, a lot of questioning from vilde side about whether eva feels the same or not (i’m imagining similar to doubting Isak in wlfa here), but then also hot hungry kisses when they finally do make out
  • I saw another hc of someone about how eva and vilde would bond over the mutual loneliness they both felt (eva in the past and vilde now) because Eva totally understands the insecurity and how “the opinions of others mean more than your own” and I feel like in general Eva understands Vilde a lot
  • Vilde would finally go down on Eva and vice versa thus we would get that nice end to the whole Norwegian guys don’t go down on chicks debate
  • Eva being bi realising that she had a low key crush on Ingrid and Noora
  • another hc I saw from i believe it was Faiza is Vilde at some point staying at the Bakkoush household because of her mother and while staying there she would learn about Islam but also about the support of family and what it means to be loved by your family
  • sapphic soundtrack!
  • also if jonas had s5 than I wanted eva and jonas to have an honest conversation sometime near the end of his season where eva would admit to him she might be falling for vilde and he telling her in his very chill way like girl you’re gonna figure it out and i support you no matter what
  • that fic where vilde clumsily speaking to isak about his (her) sexuality and ask dumb questions only to reveal that she’s asking for herself
  • Eva being bisexual would literally make so much narrative sense because we started the show with her break up with jonas and to end up the show with her starting the new relationship would be a nice circle. It would also be a good representation because both relationships would be portrayed as very real and loving ones.

Please feel free to add more

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I'm going to steal your girl

Okay well before you do that there’s something’s you should know…

She’s crazy and jealous and controlling and everything in between but that’s what I love because that’s how you know they care and are seriously terrified of ever losing you, so don’t get mad when she starts to get crazy because she just cares get mad when she stops getting jealous.

Being in love with her isn’t easy and it won’t ever be. I mean come on look at her there’s always gonna be that one slut who thinks she can take her away *cough cough you* and you’re always gonna have people complimenting her and trying to make you mad, and sometimes trust me it does get to you but. when you sit back and realize she’s yours and you get to kiss her and show her off and make love and be with her whenever you want it makes it all worth it.

Another thing, she’s the most easy and difficult to please at the same time.
She’s a cuddling person she LOVES to cuddle but she’s more a home body. I mean don’t get me wrong she loves going out and drinking and being with friends or going to the movies but she would prefer to stay in and watch movies and wrestle and be weird instead of parting which is one of my favorite things. But when she’s mad she’s mad she’ll tell you to “leave her alone” and “stop texting” her but she really means “bother me, bug me” show me you care because if you don’t she’ll think you don’t.

She’s needy af
Not saying that’s bad because it’s not also another thing I love, but she needs to be reminded that you love her, she needs to be reminded you still think she’s the most beautiful person inside and out or she starts to feel alone and unwanted and that’s the last thing that girl should feel.

Likes and dislikes.
She’s not really a chip eater nor is she a candy person but she likes watermelon sour patch and gobstoppers, she loves fruit snacks and the pretzel m & ms. she loves Powerade and green tea, she can literally drink a whole case of green tea by her self, she LOVES milk EW I know gross AF but she loves it, it makes her super sleepy so if she says she’s drinking it before bed be prepared for her to crash out with in seconds. She only likes drinking stuff from a clear cup so she can see, oh she has this baby blanket she CAN NOT sleep with out literally she can’t, she does this weird ass thing with her hands that’s puts her to sleep I know it’s weird but it’s cute when you see her do it. She doesn’t like using paper towels she likes using like rags I know that’s pretty weird too but it’s okay soon you’ll realize all these little weird things are the cutest things in the world, so you have to appreciate them. Her favorite song is runnin out of moon light by Luke Bryan. She loves her hair played with and her back rubbed big shirts and no pants. breakfast is her favorite meal and long hot showers, she loves the rain hates thunder. She’s a little complicated and will literally make her mind up and change it but also something to love.

She’s literally psycho
She’s gonna have temper tantrums and she gonna throw fit when she doesn’t get her way and when she’s mad she’s gonna be mad but she get over stuff so fast literally with in ten minutes, so let her chill and then but cute and kiss her ass but don’t tell her to chill it will make matters worse. I know she looks mean and tough but she’s the most sweetest softest huge hearted person I know she has a heart for anyone and anything and that’s what makes me love her so much more she has insecurities duh who doesn’t but reminding her always helps. She’s the most competitive person IV ever met so just let her win at something’s that’s what I do to keep her happy.

Call her babe or baby, text her randomly to tell her she’s beautiful, show up at her house with a small gift just because, make her feel like she’s the only girl in the world and will ever be. Neck kisses and being grabbed from behind are probably her most favorite things. She loves hickeys because she loves showing people she’s taken. Someone who understand who’s always and will always be there.

I know that was a lot but that’s not even half of what you think you would be getting your self into. she’s everything and nothing at the same time. how does that work? I don’t even know but I’m telling you right now this girl deserves the world and I intend to give her that.

The Zodiac As Things In Hamlet
  • Aries: getting poisoned by your own darn sword
  • Taurus: sugaring o'er the devil
  • Gemini: shaming Ophelia for her cosmetic choices
  • Cancer: Horatio telling Hamlet to chill
  • Leo: really long soliloquies
  • Virgo: get thee to a nunnery!
  • Libra: an entirely new play just to catch the King
  • Scorpio: jumping into Ophelia's grave
  • Sagittarius: not caring about stabbing Polonius
  • Capricorn: casually pulling skulls out of a grave
  • Aquarius: singing songs while drowning
  • Pisces: incestuous sheets
  • Ezarel: I know Miiko is doing what she can, but...
  • Gardienne: Right?! She doesn't listen.
  • Ezarel: Yeah.
  • Gardienne: You wanna argue about something, gotta bring a whole army with you.
  • Ezarel: Um...
  • Gardienne: And she gets worked up so easily.
  • Ezarel: Um, Gardy...
  • Gardienne: You know what, sometimes she's just down right mean!
  • Ezarel: Gardy...
  • Gardienne: Like, I'm new to this place of course I don't understand things of course I need help, but she gets so mad about it.
  • Ezarel: ...
  • Gardienne: I'd say someone needs to tell her to just chill but no one would have the courage.
  • Ezarel: ...
  • Gardienne: She's- she's right behind me, isn't she?
  • Ezarel: [says yes with a nod]
  • Gardienne: [slowly turns around]
  • Gardienne: [sees no one]
  • Gardienne: YOU ASSHOLE!
{Reaction} Mafia!EXO finding you’ve been harassed by their rival gang.

Are you still taking requests? if you are could you please do a mafia exo reacting to their gf crying because some guys were harassing her and the guys are from their rival gang. love your work and thank you.

Note: I changed your request slightly because, eh, I don’t really want to write about harassment (sexual harassment especially), so this was the next best thing that I could do. I hope you enjoy it anyway and I’m sorry it’s not what you wanted exactly.

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used.

Park Chanyeol

Originally posted by porkdo-bi

Chanyeol seethed as you walked in the house, a cut cheek that bled down your face. He demanded to know who’d done this to you, even though you were in the mafia yourself and were more than capable of looking after yourself (how else do you think you got away alive from EXO-M?) but Chanyeol wasn’t prepared to forgive and forget quite so easily.

{y/n}: “It was that asshole Chen, he didn’t do much, I got away before he could call his boyfriend, Minseok to help him.” *shaking your head as you pulled off your jacket to treat a wound on your arm.*

Chanyeol: “Aish! I’m going to kill that son of a bitch!”

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

Kyungsoo saw red as soon as you told him that Kris had harassed you. He knew you could take care of yourself, you were as skilled as he was when it came to mafia skill sets, but it still shook him that you had barely been killed. He clenched his fist, his anger not leaving for as long as Kris had one over him.

{y/n}: “You’re surely not going after him- jagi, I sorted it, don’t worry”

Kyungsoo: “I’ll be back later, alright?”

Byun Baekhyun 

Originally posted by xehun

Baekhyun’s first instinct was to pull you into his arms. You’s staggered through the front door, bleeding from various wounds on your body, looking as pale as a sheet as you tripped into his arms. You were shaking like a leaf. It scared him how torn up you were, physically and emotionally, because you were the strongest willed person he knew, and possibly the most skilled. It was when you stated crying that he decided he needed to act.

Baekhyun: “It’s okay jagi, it’s over now, you’re safe~” *appears calm, but will be visiting Luhan a little later to vent.*

Oh Sehun

Originally posted by angel-in-slow-motion

Sehun had been passing through the alleyway when he was sure he could hear your voice. Unable to leave without inspecting, he carefully peeked around the bend to see Minseok pushing you up against the wall, smirking at you sadistically. You had a cut over your eyebrow and one sliced down your cheek that was bleeding down to your clothes. You struggled against him, and Sehun was unable to watch the scene any longer.

Minseok: “Maybe I should cut you up, I told Yifan I’d make a good show of killing you when I caught you. Maybe I should send your heart back to your boyfriend-”

Sehun: *knocks Minseok clean off his feet - a vengeful look in his eye* “Do you have a death wish? How dare you touch her”

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

Originally posted by baekhyuntella

Yixing cradled you in his arms, whispering sweet nothings in your ears as you claimed your emotions, trying to stop the tears from falling. You’d had a run in with Kai of EXO K, and clearly it hadn’t been a nice how-do-you-do. Yixing, though seemingly calm, was already running through plans to meet Kai later in his head.

Lay: “Don’t worry baby, he won’t be giving you any trouble anytime soon again.”

Kim Jongdae/ Chen 

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

It was so typical of Baekhyun to go after you. Baekhyun had the idea in his head that because you were short, a female and in love with Jongdae, that you’d be some kind of weakling. Of course, this isn’t the case in the slightest. Jongdae grinned at you proudly as you told him that you’d given Baekhyun a ticket to hospital after trying to jump out and attack you suddenly in a quiet alleyway.

Jongdae; “That’s my girl.”

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin 

Originally posted by jonginssoo

It had been a shock to Minseok when you told him that EXO K’s leader, Suho had gone after you. Minseok never suspected Suho could be so bold, especially when he was one of the most wanted men in South Korea (and the rest of the world), but he kept his cool, and couldn’t stop himself from doing something even bolder when he saw your body which was practically beaten black and blue.

Minseok: “Touch her again, and you won’t wake up to tell the tale.”

Huang Zitao/ Tao 

Originally posted by lil-duckling

Tao laughed, not because he found it funny, because he was just so in shock. He held you in his arms, holding you tightly as the suddenness hits him how close he was to losing you if you hadn’t been able to escape. After you got in the shower to clean up, he left the house, entering EXO K’s base bravely (or stupidly) and grabbed the maknae of the gang by the scruff of his neck when he was caught in a room alone.

Tao: “If you want to keep living, then I suggest you leave her alone.” *would probably take his actions further if Sehun proceeded to piss him off enough*

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

Suho scoffed as he turned a corner, crossing his arms as he saw Yixing trying his best to interrogate you. He was asking for Suho’s whereabouts, and you, sarcastically, were dismissing him. You were slightly beaten, clearly a target for Yixing’s frustrations, but with each growing second, Yixing was becoming more and more pissed.

Junmyeon: “Looking for me, by any chance? You went after my jagi all for that, maybe I should be flattered for your desperation to see me.”

{y/n}: “The hell are you doing here? Get out of here-”

Yixing: “Aish, shut up, girl-”

Junmyeon: *Punches Yixing* “Aish, no one tells her to shut up. Do you have a death wish?” *far too chill for his own good*


Originally posted by meiren-menglu

Luhan would be shocked that EXO- K would actually target you. He knew they’d been threatening for a while, but never seemed to take it any further. Just as Luhan thought you were finally safe, you stumbled home with a black eye and a blooded face, looking tearful as you collapsed into his arms numbly.

Luhan: “I’m going to kill whoever did this to you.”

Kim Jongin 

Originally posted by katherine8595

It seems Jongin is slightly more cautious when it comes to the other mafia group. He knows his place, and even when you come home with tears falling like waterfalls he doesn’t act straight away recklessly like some of the others. He finds out that Tao had done this to you, and then asked his other members to help him get revenge - it wasn’t hard to persuade them to help.

Kai: “No one hurts you and gets away with it.”

Wu Yifan/ Kris 

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

Yifan is smart, and knows better than to go after Do Kyungsoo alone. He waits until he has had a meeting with his M members and figures a strategy out, hoping to take down some other members during their little visit to the other base, he plans to take on Kyungsoo (with the help of the others watching over him in case things get dirty).

Kris: “Don’t worry Baobei, you’re safe now.”

things you said // nurseydex

a/n: took a break from my swawesome santa (also need a beta for that hmu if ur interested) to churn out some cheesy nurseydex. it……has been a rough few weeks. hope this makes some ppl smile. 6k, those Corny But Classic™ ‘things you said’ prompts.

things you said that surprised me

Don’t get Nursey wrong, he loves a good Kegster – sweaty, loud, beer spilling down the front of his shirt, the Haus practically pulsing with a mix off Holster’s iPod – but he thinks there may or may not be something to say for just hanging out in the living room with the guys, smoking weed or watching TV or just talking, piled on top of each other across the couch and happily enclosed in the trademark Haus Bubble.

It’s almost better than the rush he gets from crowdsurfing or dancing on the kitchen table, he thinks, digging his toes further beneath Dex’s legs. Dex pauses just to throw a halfhearted glare in his direction before taking a swallow of beer. 

Something at the bottom of Nursey’s stomach flutters, immediately followed by a silent, internal berating. Get it together, you weirdo.

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Beta Headcanons: While on pure strength she might rank low for a Quartz, because she had to adapt a unique fighting style that emphasizes her agility, Skinny is actually the second-best fighter of her platoon. She could take down just about anyone during their sparring matches. She just simply chooses not to because she doesn’t feel the need to show off, unlike some other Jaspers.

Carnelian was the first from Beta to try and eat something. It was a cactus. It went about as well as you’d expect. 

Yes,  everyone has made fun of Jasper’s exit hole. She takes it in stride. 

Jasper knows all of her platoon’s strengths and weaknesses. If they hadn’t been in a war, she might have made a better leader because she’s good at tough love when it comes to training them. But since their weaknesses end up getting them killed, her tolerance for them making mistakes is constantly at near zero.

Jasper can indeed be quite tiring to be around, so Skinny serves as the mediator whenever complaints arise from the other Jaspers. Skinny’s about the only one who isn’t worried to tell Jasper to chill tf out without getting her teeth knocked in. 

The Jasper with a stripe on her chin (Cleft) curses like a sailor. No one knows where she picked it up.

The Peridots in charge of them cannot tell the Triplets apart and don’t care enough to learn their distinct markings and gem placements. The Triplets have taken advantage of this to play tricks on the Peridots and lay the blame on each other for it. 

All Beta Quartzes love sunbathing. But because of the rainy season that happens at their desert twice a year, they also love monsoons and other weird weather. It keeps things exciting.

Carnelian came out of her hole before either Skinny and Jasper, and would like for everyone to remember that, thank you very much. 

Let me tell you something…

The casual watchers of The 100 will no doubt be expecting Clarke and Bellamy to start a relationship after that episode. 10000% percent. You don’t indirectly reference two extremely popular love stories with a single line and expect people not to take it romantically.

First thing I thought of when Bellamy said “If I’m on that list, you’re on that list.”?

“If you’re a bird, I’m a bird.” and then…”If you jump, I jump.”

Now, I’m not comparing them or their relationship to either The Notebook or Titanic. I’m simply saying that Bellamy’s line brought up both of those famous lines immediately because it felt romantic. Yes, from a leadership standpoint Bellamy needs Clarke. But now, it’s so much more than that. He literally cannot bear the thought of him being alive without her. His voice breaking with emotion when he said “Write it down.” That literally gave me chills. He’s bleeding for her, openly. He’s telling her, damn it Clarke, I need you. We always hear that Clarke needs Bellamy, she’s told him multiple times now. But this? He might as well be on one knee telling her that he can’t live without her.

Because he can’t.

There is no Bellamy without Clarke just as much as there is no Clarke without Bellamy.

And now after this episode, even casual watchers are going to sit up and take notice. They are going to be rooting for these two people that would lay down and die for each other. These two people that would sacrifice themselves if it meant the other would live. They might not know their ship name, they might not even know what a ship is. But I guarantee after tonight…

They will know that Bellamy and Clarke love each other.

That episode was so great though? Especially from the perspective of an Emori fan. We got to see small talk with Clarke (!!!)), we got to see her giggle and whisper with her boyfriend, we got to see her beat someone up (always a treat),  we got tragic backstory (bb <333), we got her telling Clarke to Check her Privilege, we got that bone-chilling “Commander of Death” line (😍), and we saw her flawlessly manipulate everyone to get herself out of a potentially dangerous situation like was it nice or good? No. But Emori is vicious because she’s had to be and she’s fascinating and dark and clever af.