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you can see how much of an integral part of louis’ life his mum was, and it didn’t take the other boys always talking about how much he called her on the phone to tell. it really hit me when he mentioned her in the brits video—they shared everything together, and i bet there’ll often be times where he’ll refer to her in casual conversation and not even realise. it breaks my heart that this happened to him, but i’m so glad he has all these memories to look back on and smile about.

My friend recently had her first kiss.  When she called to tell me the news she said she hadn’t realized there could be “so many worlds to explore in a single mouth”.  She also said it in many ways reminded her of “eating something slimy.”   I smiled for a long time about that one.   A few days ago I was telling this same friend about something Frida Kahlo said before she died.   She said, “I hope the leaving is joyful, and I hope never to return.”  My friend asked me, “Do you think you want to return?”  As soon as she asked the question I started crying.  I thought about every year of my life, every hard fist of a moment, and it broke my heart to think I might not choose to come back.  For whatever reason, the days, they do not slow river into me.  They never have, and lately the moments have been especially rough.  Last week I said to a friend (not the kissing friend), “I wish I could take naps… life would be a whole lot easier if there were less of it.”    We both laughed.   Laughing is medicine.  I have a personality I developed whose only job is to laugh at the personality in me that’s depressed as hell.  I have another personality that screams at them both,  another that does nothing but bounce on a mini trampoline, and yet another that tries to make sense of it all via poems about the moon.  It is this final personality that in the end, thank god, always seems to win.  This personality says “Yes. Yes.  I think I do want to return.  Mostly for the kissing, for the slimy kissing, for the many worlded kissing, the only time I know for absolute certain I am not praying alone. “
—  Andrea Gibson
Soaking wet

As I’ve said in the header I’m a cuckquean to be. Meaning my husband K still hasn’t actually fucked any one yet. But yesterday he went out to meet Therese.

God, only writing her names gives me instant shivering…

He was supposed to keep me updated but his phone went off at midnight, and it’s now mid day and still no sign. It makes me pissed, but still so God damn horny.

I just hope he soon calls to tell me he fucked her brains out.

Ps. She is so fucking hot!

got7 working at a grocery store

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@jingogi was telling me abt this supermarket in her country called jason’s that she always calls jaebum’s and then this happened


  • the manager
  • the youngest manager at the grocery store ever
  • honestly doesn’t know how he went from bagging to manager so fast but he’s pretty sure the owner of the store has a crush on him
  • everyone who works there thinks he’s so cool bc he’s like,, pretty much the best at leading and will always fix a sticky situation with what seems like zero effort
  • but jaebum can assure you every time someone comes into his office with a question his mind is just screaming AHHHHHHHHHHH WHAT THE FUCK!! FUCK FUCK 
  • “hey!! how can i help you? :))”
  • some of the mothers and old ladies who shop there see him come out of his office from time to time and immediately they all have to speak to the manager
  • like they purposefully squash a bag of grapes while at the register and cashier!jinyoung looks at them like ???
  • and they’re just like “i need to speak to the manager about these grapes” “you literally just smashed them in your hand-” “THE MANAGER”
  • jaebum knows ppl do ridiculous things just to flirt with him so whenever jinyoung pops back to his office all he has to say is “another one” and jaebum instantly understands
  • he’ll come out and charm whomever, maybe do the Most and pat their backs or something so that the customer will leave satisfied and then he’ll just groan all the way back to his office
  • actually really cares about the store so he’ll occasionally dress down and look around like he’s shopping just to see how things are going
  • almost all of his employees know him so they all try to tease him as much as possible
  • like janitor!bam will purposefully mop over jaebum’s favorite loafers bc he knows jaebum won’t yell at him in public
  • some ppl think his job is boring but he honestly has a lot of fun with everyone there, bc they make it lively for him


  • cashier
  • hates his life and will not ask you how you’re doing because He Does Not Care
  • if anyone cops an attitude with him he gets really stoic and kind of glares at them until they either get too mad and leave or ask for the manager
  • when they ask for the manager he just slinks off to the back to take a “break” and downs some alcohol in a flask to get him through the rest of the day
  • but he knows on the days he actually cares to, he can charm anyone with a smile
  • so he uses it to his advantage in case anyone wants to slip him a lil sumthin sumthin 
  • he has to pay tuition somehow okay???
  • works with cashier!jackson most of the time who is way too excited to be checking the prices on cabbage
  • jinyoung knows he can randomly take off time whenever he wants and divert them to jackson’s lane bc jackson works hella quick and doesn’t mind
  • doesn’t know why the customers have to wink at him like the guy is putting your laxatives away don’t make it weird
  • on the rare occasion he does ask someone how they’re doing, jackson gets this big smile on his face from across him at the other register and gives jinyoung a thumbs up
  • which jinyoung completely ignores
  • surprisingly knows the most about the store despite the fact that jackson is quickly catching up
  • he and jaebum have been friends for a long time so they basically lean on each other with their jobs, even though jinyoung has pretty much threatened to fight jaebum if he ever tries to give the kid an unworthy promotion
  • it actually makes jinyoung feel bad when he does slack off bc jaebum obviously thinks the world of him, and he doesn’t wanna let him down
  • so he always tries to stay a little later than his initial shift, or he’ll help yugyeom load and unload things in the back, or he’ll make assistant manager!youngjae and jaebum their favorite coffee when he gets in early
  • even though it’s not the best job for jinyoung, he can’t lie and say he completely hates it :)


  • cashier
  • employee of the month every month
  • nobody even thinks of upping their game except for yugyeom bc jackson is probably going to find someway to outdo them like wrestle a wild alligator out of the store or stop a truck from ramming into the building
  • i mean he’s literally so dedicated to the job he might as well sleep there
  • he has once but that’s because yugyeom was meant to lock up but he forgot jackson was working in the back offices so jackson crashed on jaebum’s couch in his office until sunrise
  • probably the most happy?? to work there???
  • he’s great as a cashier like he might as well just be a greeter but he also likes doing things with his hands and standing around all day doesn’t sound half as fun
  • cause i mean no one is obligated to start up a conversation with a greeter but you can talk about all kinds of things with a cashier
  • he sometimes alternates to bag boy too for the heavy shit bc he’s so strong
  • he’s not even asked to like he’ll just see that bagger!mark needs help and he’ll rush over fast as lightning
  • actually remembers customers by name
  • “oh hey linda, how was the hip surgery?” “now cliff you know you should cut down on the chocolate. i won’t tell the missus though ;)”
  • it makes him all the more approachable
  • so much so that like the old people go directly to assistant manager!youngjae to talk jackson up bc he’s just so great
  • and, ok, if jackson wang calls in sick, everyone is in a panic
  • i mean that dude won’t call in sick even if he has the plague
  • but like one time he pulled something while helping lift something in the back with yugyeom and had to go to the hospital 
  • which ended up with him not being advised to do physical labor for a while
  • and he literally begs jaebum to just let him sit and be a greeter and he promises he won’t try to help anyone or anything but jaebum is like no you’re literally hurt jackson
  • and his regular customers know him so if they don’t see him for a few days or what have you they’ll start asking questions
  • and suddenly when jackson comes back he’s escorted to jaebum’s office that’s filled to the brim with cards and balloons and flowers from all the customers who missed him and jackson tears up ngl
  • he’s just the best please give this man employee of the millennium. he deserves it


  • mister assistant manager
  • has no idea how he got the job similar to jaebum but he’s happy he got it anyway
  • in actuality youngjae came to interview and even tho the kid had like zero (0) experience and really, his whole resume was just about how enthusiastic and friendly he was, jaebum was like
  • jb: *slams hands on desk* you’re hired immediately
  • everyone comes to youngjae before they go to jaebum, except for the select few who know jaebum well
  • youngjae goes through a lot, and i mean a lot of shitty people a day
  • which can really take a toll on you you know?? it’s like rain going against sunshine
  • that sunshine being choi youngjae
  • sometimes if he gets fussed out by a particularly rude customer he’ll just head to the break room and kind of sulk over a cup of peppermint tea in hopes that his spirits will go back up
  • and everyone, literally everyone knows when youngjae is down
  • suddenly all six of the boys run in there and immediately start consoling youngjae
  • jackson is making fun of bambam to get youngjae to laugh, jaebum is rubbing youngjae’s back, jinyoung is roasting jackson for making fun of bambam, yugyeom is hugging youngjae’s side, mark is making fun of jinyoung roasting jackson making fun of bambam quietly in youngjae’s ear
  • and when the boy cracks a smile literally all is well again
  • like jaebum literally hates when youngjae is down so he’ll try his best to get all of the bad customers to come to him instead of youngjae even tho?? he’s the manager and he doesn’t need to be present for literally everything
  • and youngjae is like no no!! i’m fine i got this
  • but not every shitty customer ruins youngjae’s day
  • in fact, youngjae ends up making theirs
  • a kind word and a genuine smile goes a long way in choi youngjae’s book
  • and he works so so hard and actually never tells anyone his birthday so he’s super surprised when he comes into work on his bday and the group of six boys have all thrown him a mini birthday party with cake and balloons and streamers in jaebum’s office
  • and youngjae literally bawls into yugyeom’s shoulder bc he’s just so happy and the boys love him like a brother really
  • youngjae just really brings the fam altogether


  • bagger/price checker/no one really knows???
  • his spot at work literally fluctuates all the time
  • jaebum isn’t really sure where to place the boy because even tho he’s cute as heck and charms customers he also isn’t exactly doing his job right half the time
  • he just kinda stands around and smiles and stuff
  • fixes a box here and picks up a piece of trash there but that’s about the extent of his exertion
  • don’t ask him where something is, he doesn’t know
  • probably changes the playlist that plays over the speakers to music he likes and jaebum always catches him but mark just smiles and shrugs and jaebum rolls his eyes but just leaves him to it
  • mark is like the equivalent of that friend that always got their hand on the mf aux cord
  • it’s not really that his music sucks so much as half of it is super emo and just makes the whole atmosphere… soggy… like it literally feels soggy
  • yugyeom somehow finds a way to dance to it tho so i guess it could be worse
  • mark is the type of guy that believes he can do it all in like one trip
  • like he won’t even get the cart to hold the bags
  • no
  • he’s gonna hold them all. in his hands. he can do this
  • he actually does tho what the hell
  • mark takes naps in the back and yugyeom covers for him
  • jackson usually sees mark napping and decides to hide up there with him to “bond” but mark ends up leaving bc he’s trying to sleep and jackson is just talking
  • jackson is like :(((
  • little does mark know jinyoung sends jackson back there deliberately so mark will get the fuck back to work
  • king of the far away, vague expression
  • if you actually do manage to bypass this look long enough to ask him where something is, he’ll probably just panic and make bambam take care of it
  • honestly how did he get this job


  • mess?? which is ironic bc he’s a janitor
  • i mean he does his job but like he’s so extra that jaebum is never sure if he should fire the kid or not
  • he’s almost always on the prowl for love
  • or friends
  • or really anything to distract him from the fact that he has a job
  • he’ll find some unsuspecting girl and immediately start talking her up or he’ll start up a convo with a kiddo about something in the aisle and most people are like?? is this man with a mop not supposed to be doing anything in particular with that mop??
  • it’s funny he became a janitor when he doesn’t really like cleaning or keeping up with dirty things but it was literally the only job he was qualified for at the time he got hired
  • he actually has had the chance to move up to cashier or bagger or whatever multiple times but 
  • he’s gotten so used to his job that he doesn’t really feel comfy leaving it so he just… does this for no real reason
  • “eh, i’m a janitor” “do you… want to be a janitor?” “nope” “have you been given the chance to get promoted?” “yep” “so…?” “yep”
  • he actually loves one thing about the job, which is being able to go in the back with yugyeom just to slack off and do whatever for hours
  • no one ever really needs bam unless, of course, there’s a mess
  • like mark knocks over a jar of pickled onions or something and the PA system goes off with “clean up on aisle 2″ and bambam pretends he can’t hear it from his spot with yugyeom outside sharing a bag of chips they didn’t pay for 
  • nothing gets cleaned up until youngjae comes to get them
  • but then youngjae gets invited to hang so then the three of them are eating out of a bag of chips they didn’t pay for not paying attention
  • in the end jackson probably cleaned it up himself bc jaebum was looking stressed
  • at first bambam kind of just got the job for the money you know? but then as he started working there longer and getting to know everyone he realized it actually wasn’t bad
  • like you know it’s not the job of everyone’s dreams in their early twenties but he’s good friends with the kid in the back, he gets decent pay, and he sees a lot of pyt’s walking through the store every once in a while so he’s not totally complaining


  • he lifts things. that’s maybe the extent of his job description
  • he works in the back and helps organize shipments and stuff, and he’s pretty on top of everything seeing as it’s his first job
  • he used to be a bagger but he got hit on too much so youngjae was like “jaebum we gotta get him out of there, he’s gonna have a panic attack every time someone looks at him”
  • so jaebum gave yugyeom a job he knew he could do that didn’t need much interacting with customers, if any, and he loves it
  • during break, him, bambam, and youngjae chill in youngjae’s lil office and play video games and eat some snacks youngjae bought (bambam and yugyeom propose just taking them bc jaebum wouldn’t mind but youngjae outright refuses)
  • like honestly, who’s raising these children
  • currently you, youngjae
  • when yugyeom used to bag, he worked with cashier jinyoung and they always had some sort of falling out at least four times in a work week
  • the one time they didn’t was because jinyoung and yugyeom’s hours didn’t match on that day
  • jinyoung would always reprimand yugyeom for bagging too roughly and yugyeom would always complain jinyoung scanned too slow
  • but you bet your ass if anyone tried to catch an attitude with jinyoung’s bagger they were in for it
  • jinyoung was not above crushing your eggs under the weight of all those boxes of cookies, ma’am
  • jinyoung would glare at them and his expression would be like “just try and complain to the manager”
  • afterwards jinyoung would go to yugyeom and be like “just ignore them kid, there’s always that one in a hundred”
  • and yugyeom nods and smiles to himself, bc even tho jinyoung teases and makes fun of him all the time, he knows the older boy would stick up for him if needed
  • now that he works in the back, he doesn’t see him as much, but jinyoung still manages to say something a lil mean to him every once in a while just to make sure yugy doesn’t forget where they stand
  • jackson once tried to defend yugyeom from jinyoung like “leave him alone!!” but jinyoung just laughs 
  • “he likes it lol”
  • and jackson looks at yugyeom who just  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • probably the only one who can give jackson a run for employee of the month bc yugyeom is really adamant about his job
  • and since yugyeom is like the second strongest out of everyone at the store, he and jackson go head to head often
  • it’s like a game of “who can show off their strength in the most unnecessary way better”
  • jackson: i can lift 350
  • yugyeom: well i can lift 351
  • it’s literally so stupid but everybody loves it
1. i am twenty-one years old, and she messages me, “i really want to kiss you" 
2. she is about to turn twenty, and we spend hours on the phone before the clock strikes midnight and i tell her, "happy birthday” and she calls me “baby” when she thanks me
3. it is one in the morning and i have decided that i don’t want anyone else to call me “baby” except for her
4. there are over three hundred miles between us, but in six hours, she closes the gap and i find myself in her arms for the first time. i’m shaking all over and her lipstick stains my neck and i whisper to her, “don’t let go” and she whispers back, “i won’t”
5. three days later, she lets go - she has to - and i feel so alone but my heart feel so full.
6. thank god for technology because even though we can’t be together as often as we’d like, not a day goes by where she isn’t with me - where i don’t hear her voice or see her beautiful face pixelated on my laptop screen or read her texts or screenshot her snapchats.
7. i am twenty-two years old, and she squeezes my hand as i blow out my birthday candles. i look to her and smile because my wish had already come true the moment i picked her up at the airport.
8. she just turned twenty-one and we stand together in her living room as i give her her birthday gifts, one after the other because i love to spoil her. her lips taste like cuervo when she kisses me and i still feel lightheaded, even though she’s been kissing me for twelve months now.
9. the clock strikes twelve on the twelfth month that we have been together. i turn to her, as we lie in the same bed for the first time in months, and for once, it isn’t just the same sky we are under, but the same covers. i curl into her side and feel her warmth, i kiss her shoulder just because i can. just because she is ther.e 
10. three hundred and sixty six days have gone by and no one else has called me baby except for her. and no one else will.
—  one year
(cc, 2016)
  • Pathologist: *enters the morgue*
  • Sherlock: *examining a body*
  • Pathologist: *rolls his eyes* Excuse me, sir, this area is out of bounds to-
  • Sherlock: *still looking at the body* It's okay.
  • Pathologist: *sighs* If you don't leave, I'll have to call security.
  • Sherlock: *rolls his eyes* I said it's fine.
  • Pathologist: *frowns* Why is it fine?
  • Sherlock: *smirks* I'm sleeping with the boss.
  • Pathologist: ...
  • Pathologist: *confused* You're sleeping with Stamford?
  • Sherlock: *looks up; annoyed* The other boss.
  • Molly: *enters the morgue, carrying coffees; irritated* Here's your bloody coffee, you git. Have you finished now so I can do my job?
  • Sherlock: *steps aside; takes the coffee, grinning* Yes, boss.
  • Pathologist: ...

Why hasn’t anyone drawn a picture of jd literally praying at his alter of slush
“Dear 7/11 God please let everyone in my high school die today”
“Please literally just end my dad”
“Also tell Veronica to call me back like wtf is her problem”

I came out to my dad the other night. He’s religious (Mormon) and we’ve had discussions about gay marriage before and he was very against it so I was scared to bring it up but it’s been over a year since I came out to my mom and I figured it was time. I expected him to be angry or unsupportive, but when I told him I was gay/bi (still figuring it out) he asked me if I thought he would be upset and I said yeah and then he told me, “My job as your dad is to love you and make sure you’re happy and to teach you the tools you will need to get through life. Being gay doesn’t change the fact that you’re still my daughter.”

Also, I asked him if he already knew and he said that he “wondered about it” lol


i am bored so i edited a random pic of liz and i dont think you guys met her yet but surprise here is lizard x)))

Dear Carter,

Well, that little floppy-haired apple didn’t fall far from the tree.  You’re lucky you’re cute.  You got me, alright, little vault?  Just… keep it to yourself.  Geez, kid, you’re just like your mom.  Don’t tell her you know.  She’ll kill me.  And don’t tell her I called her a tree.

About your mom… we found her, buddy.  She’s going to be just fine.

The Secret Service has been taking the lead on her security since… the incident.  That’s why we couldn’t find her.  She’s safe, I promise and so are you.

She has to get a little stronger and then she’ll be moved to a normal hospital and the agents from her own department will take over.  The guys you know and that you’re used to.

Hang in there.  The Secret Service agents are humorless, but they’re really good at their jobs and your welfare is very important to them.

As soon as she’s allowed to, Susan’s going to come hang out with you and be your bodyguard for a little while.  I think your mom would like to know someone she knows is with you.

They still won’t let me see her.  I’m too high profile and everyone’s so afraid it will compromise my identity.  I don’t get it.  I have a disguise.  Anyway, it’ll be awhile before I’ll get a chance to see her so tell her ‘hi’ for me and I’ll come as soon as I can.  Make sure she rests.  I mean it.  I have ways of bypassing even the Secret Service to keep her in that bed.  And no newspapers until two doctors say it’s okay… no, three.  Mission Impossible, kiddo.  I believe in you.

I’m told she’s still pretty banged up, Carter.  She’s got a long road ahead, but she’s strong and she’ll pull through.

Stay brave.  I’m really proud of you.

Your friend,

i’m was in a long term relationship with a boy and suddenly he sends me an anonymous love letter, but it’s from one of those services that someone else writes it for you. i IMMEDIATELY think it’s from this girl i met on study abroad who i had very intense feelings for and still keep in touch with and just think she’s the best person i’ve ever met and i cried legitimately so hard when we had to leave that it felt like my heart was being ripped out. i mean i told like 5 very close friends of mine, including my boyfriend that it hurt so much to leave her because she was SUCH A GREAT FRIEND!!!! and when im reading that love letter that i think is from her my face heats up ridiculously and i want to call her immediately and tell her “me too!!!!!!!” but that’s okay right??? i mean honest mistake right???? because it was in a different handwriting and all??? i mean, im absolutely FLATTERED when i find out it’s from my boyfriend h a h a, but man just THINK about if it’d been from HER. HOW FUNNY H A H A


Warning/s: smut-ty (don’t be disappointed in me lol)


Summary: Peter is absolutely in love with you and you take it to the next level

Character: Peter Pan

note: first smut so no hate lol it’s not even that smutty

“Pan! Look at this!” Y/N yelled as she jumped around, holding a dead bird. Peter ignored the dead creature and frowned at her.

“How many times do I have to tell you to call me Peter, not Pan.” He said sadly. Y/N’s eyes widen as she realized what she has done. “I’m sorry, Peter! I forgot. I swear. I just got a bit excited.” Y/N blubbered. Peter hated seeing her frustrated this way so he shushed her.

“Shh, Y/N. It’s alright. Peter smiled when Y/N smiled at him.

“Oh, right!” Peter exclaimed. “Come here. I’ll fly you to somewhere breathtaking” Peter offered a hand towards her and she held it. Pan smiled, flying up to the sky with the girl he loves. “This is beautiful!” Y/N exclaimed, looking down at the trees that they’re passing by.

“Wait until we get to our destination” Peter smirked.

It took awhile but the two of them reached their destination and landed smoothly on the ground. Y/N looked around and saw a waterfalls and on the opposite side, there was a table for two with food already placed on it. Y/N clapped her hands and hopped around as Peter watched with admiring eyes. Peter walked over to a chair and pulled it out, motioning for Y/N to sit. Y/N grinned and obliged. Peter sat down and held Y/N’s hand that was outstretched on the table.

“You’re being extra cheesy today” Y/N giggled. “Shh. I’ll do the talking this time so just listen.” Peter shushed her and she nodded. “Okay. Y/N. You know that I love you, right?” She nodded in response. “I love you more than anything” Peter said and began eating. Y/N did the same thing, started eating too.

When the two of them were finished, Peter led Y/N behind the waterfalls. “Wow” Y/N awed in amusement when Peter snapped his fingers, candle and rose petals were scattered on the floor.

“Peter, what’s all these fo-“ Y/N was cut off when Peter started kissing and sucking on her neck. Y/N closed her eyes and sighed in satisfaction and pleasure. A bed appeared out of nowhere as Peter smirked and pushed Y/N on the bed. Y/N looked up at him with admiration which caused his heart to falter.

Peter attacked her mouth with his, earning a moan from her which only made him more aroused. Peter removed her top and kissed her stomach. He removed her shorts along with her panties, leaving her only in her bra. Peter removed his clothes, making himself bare in a matter of time and attacked Y/N’s lips again. Y/N moaned against the kiss as she unclasped her bra and threw it on the ground.

Peter looked at her in admiration as he trailed kisses from her stomach, to her neck, and back to her lips.  Peter’s erection was now poking her entrance.

“You’re so beautiful” he whispered as he entered her and pulling back slowly, letting her adjust. Y/N moaned and hugged Peter’s torso as he continued to thrust in and out of her.

“Peter” Y/N moaned. Peter’s speed perked up when he heard her moaning his name. He placed his hands beside her head and pecked her on the lips. The two of them reached their peaks as Peter kissed her lovingly.

“I love you” Peter smiled.

“I love you too” Y/N pecked him and snuggled closer to him, cuddling until the both of them fell asleep in each other’s loving arms.