tell her she's beautiful

Day 3 - Top three things on your To-Do list if you found yourself in the series…

  1. High five Lory. He is the true unsung hero of this series. 
  2. Hug Kyoko and tell her that she is beautiful and precious and too good for this world. 
  3. Punch Ren in the arm and tell him to hurry up and talk to Kyoko about everything. I want to see babies by the end of this series, dammit.

10 Day Skip Beat Challenge (2015) | masterpost

So You're Dating a Soul Bates Gal:

10 Guaranteed Ways to Win Her Heart:

1. Dance with her to Bobby Darin’s “Dream Lover”

2. Tell her how beautiful she looks in her “Norma dresses”

3. Tell her she’s everything. Everything to you. And you don’t ever want to live in a world without her.

4. Kiss in the forest.

5. Respond with “Sheriff Who?” to any references to this character.

6. Educate yourself on real-life issues surrounding consanguineous love.

7. Zip up her dress when she asks, then squeeze her shoulders protectively.

8. Spoon with her when she’s upset and tell her you’ll take care of her, that everything will be okay.

9. Leave her handwritten love notes attached to little taxidermied birds.

10. Settle an argument with “Okay, you win.” Then kiss her.

for a long time i really did think i was the ugliest, weirdest looking person i had ever seen. i tried to starve, binge, cut, medicate, numb, fuck, black out my way to relief from how much i hated myself. it tormented me day and night for years. i still slip back into some degree of that insane despair sometimes, but for the most part, i just don’t care as much anymore. i take care of a little girl with special needs who will never fit into society’s standards of what constitutes a “hot” or “beautiful” female. the idea of someone telling her that she deserves anything less than greatness as a result of her physical appearance makes me feel sick. why should i be exempt? this is me, this is what i look like. love it or shove it. 


Futurama actually did a really great episode that serves as criticism for the ‘cure-all’ effect that so many authors/writers like to use.

The episode starts with Leela going to a reunion at her old orphanage. She remembers how everyone used to pick on her because of her eye. It turns out that everyone’s still picking on her, even though she’s a successful captain and they’re all bums. One of the guys who used to pick on her when she was younger is the only one to stand up for her. The guy tells her that he’s a surgeon and can give her two eyes. Leela excitedly accepts the offer, saying that it’s her one chance to finally be normal. Fry is against the surgery and tells her that she’s already beautiful the way she is. Leela has the surgery anyway and soon dates the surgeon. The surgeon keeps reminding her that she is completely normal. When things get serious, the two decide to adopt a child. Leela’s heart goes out to a girl with an ear on her forehead. Yet the surgeon dismisses this and says that there are plenty of normal children that they can choose from. Leela’s insistent and then this conversation happens:

Adlai: Oh, alright. If you really want that one, I can give her an operation to make her acceptable.

Leela: She doesn’t need an operation! She’s fine the way she is!

Adlai: Oh, and I suppose you were fine the way you were?

Leela: Damn right I was!

Fry: Yay!

Leela: Shut up, Fry. Now look, Adlai. I’m proud to be different. And I just wished I’d realized that when I was her age.

She then has the surgeon put her eye back the way it was.

And this is so important to me!

So many abled authors, even great ones like J.K. Rowling, think that they’re doing something good when they say that the disabilities in their world would be cured. It’s so refreshing to actually see a show that points out that the character don’t have to be cured - that they’re fine the way they are!

Tell her.

Every girl should be told what she means to you in a relationship, if she takes your breath away when she walks into the room then tell her right then! When she puts her make up on, fixes her hair, and takes three hours to find an outfit. Tell her she looks pretty. Please dont get lazy in a relationship. Shes trying her hardest to still get your attention and you dont care anymore. She knows you love her…but she wants you to tell her “she’s beautiful, she’s sexy, she’s the only one you ever wanna be with, she’s the first thing you wanna look at when you wake up and the last thing you want to see before you close your eyes.” Let her know what she means to you before someone else does. You’re hurting her every time you don’t say something special to her… without even realizing it.

I feel like once Luke falls in love and gets a girlfriend, he’ll hold really tight onto her. He’ll spoil her and kiss her whenever he can and hold her hand at all times just to make sure everyone knows she belongs to him and look at her with admiration in his eyes and protect her and hug her from behind not just because he knows how much she loves it but also because he loves to hear her giggle when he leans his face into her neck and place a kiss on the skin there and he’ll do anything to make her happy because her laugh is the best thing he’s ever heard and he’ll want to meet her parents and take her home to meet his and he’ll tweet about her and post pictures taken of her when she’s not looking just because he’s so damn proud that she’s his and he’ll make sure to tell her she’s the most beautiful girl he’s ever laid eyes on and he just won’t be able to get enough of her and he just loves it when she’s curled up next to him and he’s able to hold her and press his body against hers and oh he will be so obsessed with her lips and he’ll want to kiss her all the damn time but he’ll keep the PDA on the down low by giving her pecks on the cheeks when they’re out but once they get back to their cute flat he’ll take her face in his hands and look down at her with his piercing blue eyes before he leans down to capture her lips with his and he’ll let out a moan when he feels her hand slide up under his shirt and he can’t wait to get her to their bedroom so he can spend the night making sweet love and having wild sex with his beautiful girlfriend and even when they argue he’ll want to kiss her lips and hold her tight and that’s when he realizes that she’s the one he’ll want to spend his life with because he loves her imperfections and flaws more than he’d ever loved himself and the feeling she gives him is one he will never be able to live without so one day he finds himself down on one knee asking the girl he loves more than anything to become his wife and they’ll start a beautiful family and Luke will do his best to raise the child that was created out of their love and I just feel like I should go stab myself now bc Luke will never be my boyfriend k bye.