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Also I read somewhere that when racists are told to shut the fuck up by people of color most racists just get worse because they know they've gotten under someone's skin. Which makes sense since the entire exercise of being racist is to engage in a power trip. Apparently the most reliable way to get racists to shut the fuck up is to have "higher status whites" tell them to shut the fuck up?

Listen, how about we just agree: everyone tell racists to shut the fuck up and it’ll kind of average out.

i literally have friends (including myself) who are seriously considering leaving tumblr bc of how bad d/d/l/g blogs have gotten about deleting captions and ignoring banners (and just being straight up rude)…if nothing changes soon im probably gonna leave once my queue runs out

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Planeswalker decks are probably the most direct form of market research wizards has to gauge the popularity of any given planeswalker. To that end I'm telling everyone to buy extra Ajani planeswalker decks. Spread the word!! Ajani's popularity must be known!!

Make my beautiful cat son popular, please!!!!

ok i wanna take a moment to talk about a major plot hole.

We know that Philip saw the murderer well twice: once in the cabin and next in the bus. Lukas only saw him from behind. So in ep8 while Lukas was freaking out about not being able to remember the murderer’s face to describe to the sketch artist, why couldn’t Philip say something? He could have described something to Lukas from what he could remember. And again, why the hell couldn’t these 2 boys just tell everyone that they were just hanging out in the cabin, having a beer before the murders happened? Like why would anyone immediately jump to the conclusion that they were doing other stuff?? Is it not normal for two boys to hangout and have a drink? A lot in the plot was so unnecessary (oh and don’t even get me started on Kamila hooking up with Ryan merely days after her sister killed herself wtf? )

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My favorite thing about mk is how many people still look to raiden for advice after the events of mk9. ☕️🐸


Oh Raiden, buddy, we love ya, but man do you make things a mess sometimes. Listen, I’d say it wasn’t his fault, but from this side of the Earthrealm? Oh boy…

At least he’s trying, bless his heart.

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This has been bothering me for a few weeks now. Question: why did you have Unchocolate for Eris, during the Festival of the Lost? Is there something you would like to tell everyone Cayde?

The Unchocolate was given to me by a weirdo so it became trash candy for Eris.

i really hate having bpd because every tiny thing that happens to me has such a big impact on my emotions- somebody compliments me? i instantly owe my life to them, tell everyone about how great they are. anyone shows any sign of disinterest? i never want to speak to anyone again, probably crying.

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but if you're going to be a rapper and make hip hop music black culture is something u should b aware of and educate yourself on im not black so i dont know how it feels as a black person to have your culture mocked & therefore dont have any right to tell someone he offended that they should forgive him thats up to the individual but i disagree with actively hating him e.g sending death threats/rude messages etc ultimately every1 is problematic in some way and we should all just try to do better

I get that, but at the same time if he saw certain things from rappers he looked up to he probably didn’t think anything was wrong with it and well as the colourist remarks. he was not aware how big and serious that issue is until he became more exposed and was told what he was doing is wrong and since that day has /never/ done anything like it again. it’s not like he had a western friend to help explain things to or tell him.

no not everyone has to forgive him that’s fine no one has to love everyone. but what I think is important and what this fandom often forgets to do is look at and understand his past beyond your sociocultural environment and be in his. and don’t keep bringing shit up years later when he has clearly changed, is remorseful etc. If you still won’t forgive him by all means go for it but don’t actively send him treats or tell him to leave bangtan or treat him like actual dirt.

like put it this way, you can teach yourself everything you think there is to know about a culture and what is right from wrong. there is a whole industry of books and websites about it. but until you’re there living in it you don’t know the heavy importance of subjects or the little nuances. these are things you cannot be taught and can only experience.

if people really want to call idols out of this type of disgusting behaviour, there are a load of idols who do and say problematic this everyday or do it repeatedly but no one seems to talk about those. they just love to constantly bring up joon’s past

New in Town - One Shot

Request: Can you do a one shot where you move to Beacon Hills and you’re a vampire originally from Mystic Falls. You have a necklace that keeps you from burning in the sun like the Salvatore ring. Liam Dunbar gets super nervous around you and automatically falls for you, and vice versa. Lydia becomes your best friend. Then Stefan and Damon visit, you dated Stefan for 2 years before you left and Damon doesn’t mind telling everyone, making it awkward because Liam is getting super jealous of Stefan. Thankss

Requested by: Anonymous

Words: 1133

~ A/N: Hey! Here you go with your request!! I’m sorry for the long wait but I hope it’s okay. Thank you for sending in your request, I really appreciate it! :D Enjoy!!! :D xxx ~

There you were, first day of school in a completely new setting. A completely new town. Your bag was flung over your shoulder, your necklace hanging from your neck. You had never done this, started over. When Damon and Stefan had talked about it, it had sounded so easy, so obvious. As if it wasn’t an obstacle to overcome. Standing there however made you realize how it really was a big thing, something that totally made you unsure of your choice to move.

Fiddling with your bag strap you walked into the school. It was as if you had expected something to happen, expected it to be a big thing. However nothing happened. You just kept on walking while trying to figure out where the office was. Usually you would have tried to use your vampire senses to find it but with so many students wandering around you had no way to actually do it. There were way to many distractions. At fist no one even noticed you either, but as soon as they walked by you it was as if they suddenly just noticed something they had never seen before in their life.

Walking through the hallways only made you more nervous since it was the first time you were completely alone in a completely new setting. Surprisingly though, you wouldn’t be alone for long. Quicker than you would have expected one of the seniors saw you. Just by looking at you she felt interested in you.

”And who are you?”, she wondered as she suddenly came up to you, surprising you only slightly. Her friendliness caught you off guard and you couldn’t help but wonder if it was sincere.

”I’m Y/N, and who are you?”, you wondered with just as much friendliness in your voice as she had had. Just because you were suspicious of her intentions, it didn’t mean that you would act cautious. You would just have to remind yourself of being careful.

”I’m Lydia. It’s nice to meet you, I have a feeling that we’re going to be great friends.” No matter her intentions, it felt nice to have someone that wanted to be your friend. So, you decided to stay by Lydia’s side. What was the worst thing that could happen?


”So, these are my friends. Scott, Stiles, Liam, Malia”, Lydia introduced at lunch as the two of you sat down. You looked at the people and saw how the guy who Lydia had pointed out as Liam look at you strangely. It made you nervous, especially since he was so cute.

”It’s nice to meet you all”, you said and noticed how only Liam and Scott actually seemed happy to see you. Stiles and Malia on the other hand looked at you with suspicion and sourness. Instead of pointing it out, you decided to ignore it and sat down with Lydia.

Liam couldn’t help but just stare at you. You’re beautiful. He felt his heart beat and he didn’t really know what to do. He wanted to talk to you, but how could he? He had no idea what to say. Also, there was something about you that just made you seem different.

”Ehm… So… Y/N, you’re new right?”, Liam stuttered and you could hear his heart beat a bit quicker than usual. It made you feel happy, you knew what it meant. It just made you so nervous yourself. Hopefully, it might lead to something.


A few days had gone by and you were currently walking out of the school with Liam. Neither of you were saying anything, but he had seemed very keen on staying with you for some reason. He still seemed really nervous around you and even though you found it cute you couldn’t help but also just want to start flirting with him.

”Isn’t it our little Y/N?”, you heard a voice say as you and Liam were walking down the stairs outside of the school. You looked up and saw someone who you really hadn’t expected to see. Your mouth fell open and you froze at the sight of the two brothers. Liam had too stopped beside you and he glanced between you and them.

”Damon… Stefan?” Damon smirked as he walked up to you and flung his arms around you. You hugged him back and then backed away a little. The only interaction between you and Stefan were an awkward glance which Damon didn’t miss.

”Really, you two? I know that you two were dating and all for two years, but just because you broke up doesn’t mean that it has to be weird.” Liam stiffened beside you and when you looked towards him he seemed pretty mad about what Damon had just said. You thought that it would be the only reaction from him, but surprisingly enough he actually spoke up.

”Who are these two, Y/N?”, he asked you and you could tell that he didn’t have a positive response to them. You shouldn’t have felt happy about but the fact that he actually seemed to step up and take place was way better than the silence that had previously been.

”They’re my friends from back home, Damon and Stefan”, you explained and saw how he seemed to understand but he still didn’t seem happy, however he knew that he couldn’t really act as he was entitled to having an opinion about them.

”Actually, Liam and I were about to leave. Maybe we can catch up later?”, you told Stefan and Damon which you noticed, without even looking, made Liam soften up. Stefan did not seem very happy about it, but Damon knew exactly what you were doing. Like always, he stood by your side and he would let you do what you wanted.

”You know that you don’t have to be jealous of them, right?”, you whispered to Liam as you were heading towards your car. Liam looked as if he at first wanted to deny that he was jealous but by just looking at your face he could tell that you wouldn’t believe him.

”I don’t?”, he wondered instead with a hopeful look in his eyes and a smile on his lips.

”Not at all”, you answered, smiling.

devilheaded replied to your post “god im thinking about fahc ponytail ryan now and how its like, just a…”

ryan walks back in after like a fucking year+ of no Proper haircut and just him hacking the end off a bit and the crew is like WTF??? at him having short hair like in your icon

at some point geoff tells everyone to get cleaned up for a proper Party Infiltration Mission™ and ryan comes in clean-shaven with short hair like ‘you thought the long hair was a style choice?? god no.’ he just straight up didn’t think there was a point in manicuring his appearance when he wears a fucking mask all the time

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would jenny and giles ever argue about which version of the office is better after they finish binging both of them on netflix? uk vs. murica (only one... survivor)

they would. jenny would win because she’s the only one who knows how to work the new tv and refuses to let giles watch anything until he admits that she’s right

(also giles is Very invested in jim and pam’s relationship but refuses to admit it until he makes a little squeaking noise when jim asks pam out. except that Did Not Happen Stop Telling Everyone About It Jenny)

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Planeswalker decks are probably the most direct form of market research wizards has to gauge the popularity of any given planeswalker. To that end I'm telling everyone to buy extra Ajani planeswalker decks. Spread the word!! Ajani's popularity must be known!!

of course!

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Am I missing smth is there a new one shot? if so what is it I can't find it I saw the thing about a theater au is it old new I'm a curious little penguin and just wondering? Ps I love your writing xxx

oh no omg bless u i havent written it yet!! i just made a post telling everyone i was gonna write it which was why ppl were mentioning it but once i post it i’ll link it on my blog xx