tell em' steve dave

Dating Brian "Q" Quinn would include....

Stealing his hats

Wearing his shirts to bed

always wanting him to keep his scruff

Jaw kisses (especially with the scruff)

neck kisses

Helping him come up with punishments for the other jokers

Rick and Morty marathon’s

Asking him about his days in the FDNY


Lots of lovemaking

Cuddling while he plays video games

playing board games

Going with him to Jay & Silent Bob’s secret stash

Visiting him at work


“Come ‘ahn”


Lots of flirting


Teasing him with the guys

Being used against him during challenges 

“We should get another cat!”

“Brian, we are not getting another cat”

Comfortable silence’s

Listening to classic rock

Singing Elvis together

Superhero movies

watching Ghostbusters

also watching Star Wars over and over again

Bear hugs

Lots of Tom Petty music

Visiting his old firehouse

Buying him a new jeep

Rides on his motorcycle

“….. Tell’em Steve dave”


comic con

gentle make - outs

rough make - outs

angry make - outs

giggly make - outs

basically tons of making out

braiding his hair

binge watching shows on Netflix

ordering pizza

calming him down when he gets frustrated

helping him when he’s feeling down

theme parks

going to quiet bars 

deep conversations

late night drives

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