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So there's this IJ confession account I follow on Instagram, and one person sent in one where they think that Q is bisexual and that on What Say You they seem to be dropping hints. Just in curiosity, what do you think? Imo, he just doesn't seem to swing that way.

I think he’s absolutely straight. I don’t have a doubt in my mind that he is only interested in women. I never got that vibe from What Say You when I listened to it, and it only further proved to me that he was completely straight as I listened to Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave. I think some people might take his joking around a little more seriously than it’s intended and that’s what leads to the idea that he might be exploring other options than just women. Also, I can see how it’s easy to make the assumption when he’s only ever surrounded by guys, he’s unmarried, and we don’t ever get a whiff of a girlfriend when or if he has one. I know I can’t speak for him personally because I, quite frankly, don’t know everything about him, but everything I’ve ever watched, listened to, or read about him makes me believe he is 100% straight.

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What do you make of that What's Upfront commercial where Murr says that Q always hooks up at Upfront and Q says that yes, he always finds a "him or her"?

In my opinion, I think that stems directly from the viewpoints of today’s society. According to Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave, he says he’s trying to “get woke” this year, and I believe in order to do that he wants to show that he accepts and supports every sexual orientation, and he can’t raise one superior over the other. I think it’s great that he’s doing that versus discriminating like a vast majority do, but just because he’s supporting every orientation doesn’t mean he is necessarily into more than women. They are comedians, and they do make jokes for a living. Not everything can be taken so literally.