tell eachother


↳ because of the comeback I feel good and ARMY I love you
↳ It’s late but everyone sleep and look forward to the concert
↳ goodnight (in english)
↳ goodnight (in japanese)
↳ ye because of you I woke up to the vibrations please go to sleep quickly
↳ are you in your room
↳ ye ye
↳ I can’t sleep because I’m nervous
↳ the moment I was going to sleep the vibrations came ㅋㅋ 
↳ please go to sleep soon too(?) (in japanese)
↳ sorry (in english)
↳ ok i can go to sleep (in english)
↳ ㅋㅋ ye ye I’ll go to sleep soon
↳ but not yet
↳ yes ARMY go to sleep too, I will go_Jimin
↳ ok see you
↳ AMRY go to sleep too (in japanese)
↳ _JIMIN (in japanese)

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The Preath Head Tap™️️ 2013 vs 2016

will someone go on a roadtrip with me and just drive, sing along to loud music, tell embarrassing stories to eachother, enjoy the world’s beauty and just be free and happy please

I originally didn’t plan to post these but bro found them in my pc and spent the last 3 days frowning at me so

here we go

little mix ships summed up (bc theres more than just jerrie, tell ur friends)

Jerrie: childhood bffs; finish each others sentences; went to broadway sleep away camp together; cute n innocent; wouldn’t even hurt each other as a joke

Jadesy: typa friends that met in the bathroom when both of them were goin through some shit; protect each other from boys; share healthy sex tips

Leighade: literal sisters; go to concerts and clubs and vacations together; eat dinner together; hold hands; are each others’ plus one; bicker

Pesy: omg kinky af; go to sex shops together; old lesbian couple; the loudest when together; always laughing and talking about penises

Jeleigh: college roomates; always pullin pranks and hosting parties; steal each others clothes; Jesys always roasting leigh, but leigh lets her; moms

Lerrie: !!! Underrated; always fighting and constantly jealous of each others gorgeousness; ride or die; would buy 100 dogs together; have made out in real life on camera TWICE; constantly feeling each other up and look like they want to devour eachother


-being the cutest couple on campus

-a kind of puppy dog love

-him looking at you with those adoring eyes

-lots of laughter

-and giggling

-and play fighting

-but also seriousness, when you two are alone

-watching movies

-throwing pop corn at eachother


-telling each other everything

-him playing with your fingers under the table in class

-always sitting next to each other in class

-always being paired together in class too

-Mal and Evie being the leaders of your couple fan club

-people ‘awwing’ at you two

-going for walks where you talk, laugh, hold hands

-him trying to be super romantic (and it sometimes ends horribly wrong but creates laughter because everything is fun when you’re with the one you love)

-Jay crashing your dates, like you’ll be watching a movie and he just comes and sits between you two

-Carlos would totally throw rocks at your window and sneak you out of your dorm to a romantic walk in the moonlight (because he’s so bad ;)

-him kissing your knuckles

-oh my gosh school dances and he would be your prince and he would be good enough for you and dancing and oh my gosh


requested by anon

Okay but look, Lance and Keith becoming best buds. Like litterally, them realizing how amazingly they both work together as a team and every time one of them gets in trouble the other is always there to get them out of it. Their bantering turns into friendly banters which eventually ends up with them poking eachother and smiling and laughing. Sharing soft thankyous, fist bumps, shoulder bumps, hugs. Butting heads together and telling eachother goodluck. Imagine them worrying about eachother on missions and passing cute smileys when the other does something extra. Keith literally dragging Lance away from every alien chick he attempts to flirt with and Lance stopping Keith from diving head first into anything cause hell yeah they balance eachother out. Sitting together with their arms around eachothers shoulders and teasing eachother, and bragging about eachother behind their backs. Just Keith and Lance realizing how they started first and how close they have become now. Lance confessing “I’d never thought you’d become one of my closest friend” And that would totally make Keith’s pining self melt cause lets be honest, he’s a pining mess. And just Klance being klance. Honestly this could happen in canon and I am so happy to know I have five season worth of Klance waiting for me cause definitely there’s going to be so much Klance in the upcoming seasons, I just cant wait.

Peter Maximoff // Truth or Dare

You and the rest of the X-Men sat in a circle, playing truth or dare.

“Ok, Scott. Truth or dare?” Warren looked at Scott, a small smirk on his face.

Scott gulped. “Dare.”

“I dare you to kiss Jean.” Warren looked at Jean, laughing as her eyes widened.

We all sat and laughed as we watched them awkwardly kiss. If anything, warren had done them both a favour, it’s not hard to tell they both like eachother. They sat back down, this time next to each other with Jean’s head resting on Scott’s buff shoulder.

“Ok. Peter.” Scott chose.

“Oh god.” Peter whispered to himself. I giggled.

“Truth or dare, Pete?” Scott asked.

“Errm. truth.” He reluctantly chose.

“Who do you have a crush on?”

Peter blushed, and I prayed. I prayed I didn’t have to hear about the girl Peter had fallen for. Yeah, we are best friends, but I want more than that, I always have.

“No one,” He giggled, rubbing the back of his neck “Why would you thi-” 

Random voices came from every angle.

“Peter, we all know who you like, it’s no secret.”

“Yeah! Just tell us!”

“Come on dude, just admit it.”

“OK! I like Y/N! There! I said it! Happy now?!” He shouted, clearly embarrassed and then zoomed off. 

The whole group looked at me, sorry smiles on their faces. I stood up to go find Peter and tell him that I felt exactly the same as he does.

I walked up to his door and knocked, when no answer came, I went straight in.

He lay on his bed, eating a twinkie, feeling sorry for himself.

“Pete,” He looked at me with sad eyes.

“Im sorry,” He sat up “Im sorry I said that in front of everyone and got you embarrassed, it was just a game and I ended up ruining our whole friendship. If you wanna leave, it’s ok, I underst-”

You cut him off with your lips. Unlike everything else Peter was used to, the kiss was slow and passionate. His hands went to your face and yours were already in his hair. You both pulled away, foreheads resting against each others. 

“I like you too, Pete.” You felt him smile. “I have for a while.” 

He picked you up in his strong arms and lay you down on the bed, him laying beside you and wrapping you up, giving you the warmth you’d been craving ever since you met the silver-haired speedster.

“I love you Y/N.” He kissed you hair. 

“I love you too.” You said as you drifted into sleep.



Can you please do a Peter Maximoff imagine (from xmen) where they are really good friends that like eachother and everyone knows but them so Jean and Scott force them to tell eachother? Thanks!

Pairing: Peter Maximoff/ Quicksilver x Reader

Warnings: Swearing (Just in case.)

Word count: 1.2 K

You and Peter had been inseparable since the day you arrived at Xavier’s.

When you first arrived to the School, you were with Jean and Jubilee, on your way to class, and a silver blur stole your backpack, Jean had enough control of her powers to stop Peter mid-run, but he crashed into the wall anyway.

You had been inseparable since then, he had introduced you to his mom and his little sister, Wanda, you’d spend hours playing with her, Barbies, tea time, and she loved when you braided her hair and created a special flower crown using her favorite ones, pink roses, lilacs and daisys.

Your mutation allowed you to control plants, and miss Maximoff loved when you helped her with the gardening, in return, she’d cook dinner for you and she was such a great cook that you wanted to bring her to Xavier’s for Thanksgiving.

At school, professors had to sepparate your classes from Peter’s to stop the riot you two began when you were together, on afternoon’s you’d hang out with him and the rest of the group, Ororo, Kurt, Jean and Scott, who had recently begun dating, you had to admit you were a little jealous of them, not because you liked Scott, but because you liked Peter and you wished you could have a relationship like theirs.

Of couse everyone knew you liked Peter, but he was so clueless that sometimes it was annoying, on Friday nights, you’d hang out in his room, watching movies until you both fell asleep on the couch, and every single time, you felt your heart was about to explode as he reached for you in his sleep, but he never showed any signs of a deeper affection, as far as you knew, he loved you as a sister, and you were okay with it, if you couldn’t love him as a boyfriend, you’d love him as a friend, and you’d protect him with your life.

“So, Y/N, what are you doing tomorrow?” Jean asked you, it was Thursday and you were with Jubilee and Ororo, doing homework under a tree.

“Friday right? I guess I’ll go out with Peter.” You said.

“Y/NN, you go out with Peter every single Friday, I’m sure he won’t miss you if we have a girls night out once in a lifetime.” Jubilee stared at you, making her sick puppy face, you laughed.

“Besides, everyone knows you like him, make him miss you a little bit.” Ororo spoke in her thick egyptian accent.

“Whoa, wait, who said I liked Peter? He’s like my brother.” You stared at your notebook, making an inhuman effort to focus on precalc.

“Y/N, everyone knows, and before you say anything, reading your mind wasn’t necessary at all, even Raven noticed the last time she was here.” Jean said, and you knew she was telling the truth, she never sneaked into your mind.

“What if I like him? I’m not going to tell him, he totally friendzoned me.” You sigh, quietly writing the answers to your homework.

“He’s completely crazy.” Ororo blurted, you smiled. “And that’s why tomorrow we’re going out, we’re not taking a no for an answer.”

“Okay okay, I give up.” You raise your hands.

“YAY Y/N!” Jubilee screams. “We’ll meet you at the lake tomorrow at…8:30?””

“Are we sneaking off campus past curfew?” You say, Ororo nods.

“Jean, you are sneaking off campus past curfew?” You grin. “I am amazed, but this sounds promising.”

You spent a couple of hours getting ready,  if you were sneaking off campus, you were probably going to a club, even though it wasn’t really your idea of fun, you wanted to impress the girls copying one of  Madonna’s outfits, a short black dress with black tights and black heels, which got stuck in the grass as you walked through the gardens.

As you approached the lake, you coudn’t see the girls, instead, you saw a small table with two chairs surrounded by lanterns, once you were closer, you saw two cans of Cherry Coke and a pizza box on the table, the girls were nowhere to be seen and you began to think they were pranking you.

“Y/N?” A familiar voice snapped you out of your thoughts.

“Peter?” Your voice was dripping surprise.

“What are you doing here?” You asked, suddenly aware of the way you looked, covering your chest with your arms.

“Um, I was going to go out with Scott and Kurt and they told me to meet them here.”

“Really? I was going out with Jean, Ororo and Jubilee and they told me the same thing, they wanted me to meet them here, they said we were sneaking off campus.”

Peter laughed.

“Y/NN, Jean would never sneak off campus past curfew.” He remarked, you sighed, and then you realized what they had done.

“Shit!” You whispered to yourself, Jean, Ororo, Jubilee, Scott and Kurt planned to set you up with Peter so you could tell him the way you felt about him, but that was never going to happen. “I’m going to kill them.”

“Who are you going to kill?” Pete asked, you shooked your head.

“No one.” You muttered and pointed the pizza. “There’s free pizza over there, and Cherry Coke, are you hungry?”

He smiled.

“I thought you’d never ask.”

You sat on the red chairs and began to eat, talking about every single topic you could think about, but you were a bit hurt when he didn’t notice your outfit.

“Hey Y/N.” Peter said, you were sitting on the grass, drinking your Cherry Coke.”


“You look beautiful.” You felt your heart beating faster. “I mean, you always look beautiful but today, I can’t even find the words to describe how beautiful you look.”

“Peter, stop it, please.” You said, trying to stand up, but your heels got stuck in the grass once again and you’d have fallen onto the empty pizza box if Peter hadn’t wrapped you in his arms.

“Why? Am I not allowed to call you beautiful?” He whispered, you were sharing less than two inches of oxigen, your heart was beating against his chest.

“It’s not that.” You sighed, looking away, staying in silent for a few minutes.

“Y/N, look at me, please.”  You shooked your head. “I like you, I really like you, but I always felt that you loved me like a brother.”

“Pete, I like you too.” You whispered. “And I felt just like you, I thought you saw me as a big sister for Wanda.”

He placed his hand on your chin, you gave up and looked at him.

He smiled, moving his hand from your chin to your neck, softly pulling you towards him, pressing his lips against yours.

You freezed, but his lips were so gentle against yours, you felt so happy you were sure you were going to explode anytime.

You kissed him back, wrapping your arms around his neck, pushing him onto the grass.

“Y/N.” Peter said, without separatin his lips from yours. “I love you.”

Suddenly, lights from different colors brightened the place up, you heard voices approaching you as Jean, Scott, Kurt, Ororo and Jubilee -she was projecting the lights-, came out from the bushes  and approached you.

“Guys, I’m going to kill you.” You laughed, refusing to let go Peter’s embrace.

“Probably, but you should thank us first.” Jean smiled.
“We are Twenty One Pilots, and so are you”

I went to the Emotional Roadshow in Amsterdam yesterday. This concert, these two men, all these people here, it was incredible. It was the most loving, and caring, and accepting environment ever. People were hugging eachother, telling eachother to Stay Strong, to Stay Alive. There were people who had never met before, crying in eachother’s arms, people helping others who had a hard time, people throwing up TOP signs, and looking at eachother in complete and utter understanding, and so much care. This is magical, it’s a miracle, it’s so undeniably important, especially in times like these, to see that there’s so much love and protection going round.

Thank you, Tyler Joseph, and Joshua Dun, and, The Clique, thank you,

Stay alive. Stay street. They are Twenty One Pilots, and so are we


I wish I was with you

Six words…just those six words was the I love you between them last night. And Kabby risking everything to save one of their adopted children after they tell eachother stay safe is funny in such an endearing way. They can’t help but care and all logic flies out the window when their own, not just each other are in trouble . I love them so. 

A note on male platonic love.

Let my bro buy me flowers,

Hold the societal judgement.

We’ve been told to long

That showing emotion is weakness

So try not to act so disgusted.

Let me tell my roomate

That he looks really good today,

Cause he’s a person too

And he likes to hear that he’s handsome.

Allow men to tell men

They appreciate eachother’s fashion

Heaven knows it’s hard to dress nice

When your options are shorts, jeans, slacks.

I’m not a social justice warrior

Just let me tell my friend

How much his workouts are working.

If you’re a man, and you read this

Despite that ‘no homo’ crap,

I love yah man,

You’re smart, you’re handsome, you’re great.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise

And while you’re at it

Tell someone else that they are too.

Various Korean Idols as Things My Brother and I tell Eachother


Suga/Yoongi: If you take my fucking food again I’ll shove these chopsticks down your throat.


BamBam/Kunpimook: I’ll let you know that my dab is better than yours

Suho/Junmyeon: Okay so you have two dollars and I have ten? Told you I’m a rich bitch


Jin/Seokjin: Thanks I know I look good

Joshua/Jisoo: you should have grabbed that free bible to read right after sin for 9 hours straight

Wonwoo: I dedicate my life to this hamburger

V/Taehyung: Are ourselves in our dreams just us in parallel universes?


Jackson: *after showing him a video of mark and coco* wow that guys hands are soft what does he use to moisturize?

Sehun: IM NOT GAY!!! oh hey hes hella cute

Hyorin/Hyolin: Look at my melanin

Rap Monster/Namjoon: What language do dogs think in

Chanyeol: I told my friend Beakhyun instead of Baekhyun what do i do?