tell eachother


↳ because of the comeback I feel good and ARMY I love you
↳ It’s late but everyone sleep and look forward to the concert
↳ goodnight (in english)
↳ goodnight (in japanese)
↳ ye because of you I woke up to the vibrations please go to sleep quickly
↳ are you in your room
↳ ye ye
↳ I can’t sleep because I’m nervous
↳ the moment I was going to sleep the vibrations came ㅋㅋ 
↳ please go to sleep soon too(?) (in japanese)
↳ sorry (in english)
↳ ok i can go to sleep (in english)
↳ ㅋㅋ ye ye I’ll go to sleep soon
↳ but not yet
↳ yes ARMY go to sleep too, I will go_Jimin
↳ ok see you
↳ AMRY go to sleep too (in japanese)
↳ _JIMIN (in japanese)

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will someone go on a roadtrip with me and just drive, sing along to loud music, tell embarrassing stories to eachother, enjoy the world’s beauty and just be free and happy please

little mix ships summed up (bc theres more than just jerrie, tell ur friends)

Jerrie: childhood bffs; finish each others sentences; went to broadway sleep away camp together; cute n innocent; wouldn’t even hurt each other as a joke

Jadesy: typa friends that met in the bathroom when both of them were goin through some shit; protect each other from boys; share healthy sex tips

Leighade: literal sisters; go to concerts and clubs and vacations together; eat dinner together; hold hands; are each others’ plus one; bicker

Pesy: omg kinky af; go to sex shops together; old lesbian couple; the loudest when together; always laughing and talking about penises

Jeleigh: college roomates; always pullin pranks and hosting parties; steal each others clothes; Jesys always roasting leigh, but leigh lets her; moms

Lerrie: !!! Underrated; always fighting and constantly jealous of each others gorgeousness; ride or die; would buy 100 dogs together; have made out in real life on camera TWICE; constantly feeling each other up and look like they want to devour eachother

Teen angels living human lives studying for finals till 3am, texting eachother wishing and reminding eachother of their previous power.
Teen angels wearing flowercrowns in place of their halos; the gentle petals resting a top of their heads in an attempt to replace the shining glory that previously stood.
Teen angels taking long car-rides on freeways with the Windows down to mimic flying during summer days, arms outstretched and eyes shut; wind in their hair, sun on their face.
Teen angels meeting up at midnight watching the stars on a clear night reminiscing their glory days, telling tales to outdo eachother,
knowing they have college the next morning, with a half written assignment on their desk left because they felt homesick.


The Preath Head Tap™️️ 2013 vs 2016

Humans are weird ideas

I’ve been reading a lot of humans are weird ideas and I thought of 3 but I can’t really put them into a proper example so Im just gonna suggest these ideas
Humans making references and memes and seemingly everyone knowing about them and about half of people being annoyed about them for various reasons
Humans telling eachother random facts and just accepting them at face value with mild interest, with aliens being confused about where the human got the fact, why they got the fact and why the other human isn’t more interested in learning more or jotting down the information
And humans making puns with half of people groaning about them and either the aliens not getting them because of sayings and language nuances, or being confused about why the humans are groaning in annoyance despite the fact that the human making the pun was using quite clever wordplay

When I was young, I thought love was an uncontrollable urge. I thought I felt it in her eyes. I was convinced it coursed through us, when we fell into eachother on sleepless nights.

I was wrong.

Love isn’t abandoning oneself to emotion. It isn’t following your heart; your heart is a selfish creature that thrives in hedonism.

I discovered that love, true love, is going to dinner at that Italian place you hate, because you know she loves it.

It’s rubbing her back ‘till your fingers ache, when yours is a knotted mess.

Love is getting her coffee ready before you leave for work.

It’s holding her when she’s balling her eyes out about something you don’t think matters.

Love isn’t a soft touch, a deep kiss or a restless night of passion.

Emptying the god damn dishwasher; THAT my friends is LOVE

The moments in-between, when we’re so close we can’t tell eachother appart; that’s the wake left behind, the ripples that become tsunamis when you create enough of them.

Now, go make tidal waves.






-being the cutest couple on campus

-a kind of puppy dog love

-him looking at you with those adoring eyes

-lots of laughter

-and giggling

-and play fighting

-but also seriousness, when you two are alone

-watching movies

-throwing pop corn at eachother


-telling each other everything

-him playing with your fingers under the table in class

-always sitting next to each other in class

-always being paired together in class too

-Mal and Evie being the leaders of your couple fan club

-people ‘awwing’ at you two

-going for walks where you talk, laugh, hold hands

-him trying to be super romantic (and it sometimes ends horribly wrong but creates laughter because everything is fun when you’re with the one you love)

-Jay crashing your dates, like you’ll be watching a movie and he just comes and sits between you two

-Carlos would totally throw rocks at your window and sneak you out of your dorm to a romantic walk in the moonlight (because he’s so bad ;)

-him kissing your knuckles

-oh my gosh school dances and he would be your prince and he would be good enough for you and dancing and oh my gosh


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 EVERY STEP OF THE WAY (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

Request: Bellamy an reader imagine where reader is pregnant with Bellamy’s baby after a drunken night an reader confess to him that its his an he wants to raise it with her but they dont tell eachother how they feel. Murphy is both their best friend and teases bellamy about situation cause he is the god father.Then one of the hundred tries to kill her an they confess. With fluff


A/N: hi I decided to make it as a grounder tries to kill her just because i couldn’t think of any reason or situation why one of the 100 would xoxo hope u like it

Today is the day it was suddenly real. For a while, the thought of having Bellamy had taken over your senses. You’re not sure if it was your survival mode kicking in, being on the ground and everything, or if you just needed to stop gawking over the 100′s leader. 

You had wrestled with your inappropriate thoughts of Bellamy to the point that you actively avoided being alone with him. He didn’t notice much, but he could tell something about you was off. And he wanted to know what it was.

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I originally didn’t plan to post these but bro found them in my pc and spent the last 3 days frowning at me so

here we go

popular BTS ship dynamics, a reference~

Taekook: the double trouble duo. literally brothers, like, actually frighteningly alike/close. the kind to buy each other video games and play them together, fights over food. the memers who keep the group chat flooded with dank memes. tells each other secrets and also tells eachother other peoples secrets. comfortable with skinship. very similar, literally taehyung said jungkook was ‘the most like him’ out of them all. the dab bros/kings.

Yoonseok: the we get each other duo. the snark/loving shit talkers, ‘i love you, you asshole’ duo. they gave themselves a ship name and constantly use it (they even made tracksuits with their ship name on it like…). willing to do embarrassing shit only with each other. know WAY too many of each others secrets. comfort each other, understand each other, surprisingly similar. the extra for you boo™ duo. constantly, making, each, other, laugh!!!!! always have each others backs. can probably finish each others sentences.

Yoonmin: the minimini duo. the, i probably have heart eyes right now, duo. unbelievable faith in each other. the ‘you worked really hard, i’m proud of you’ duo. ultra supportive. unbelievably soft. remembers little details like each others favorite foods and colors. probably saves really ugly pictures of each other sleeping to stare at fondly at a later date (or possibly use to tease each other.) even though there’s only 1cm of difference, probably makes fun of each others height often.

Jikook: the only4u™ duo. the type to be overly affectionate. probably have a lot of unncessary facts memorized about each other. the very jealous but be cool about it duo. likes to sneak around together. would probably fight for one another. teasing each other is a must. no one knows whether they’re serious or not. intense maintained eye contact!!! casually flirting on stage. casually flirting in general. the wear couple clothes type.

Namjin: the parents. everyone is pretty sure they’re actually married. have each others astrological profiles, blood types and favs list, memorized. always complains about things to each other because they’re the only ones who will listen to one another. the best™ at casually holding hands. rely on each for so much. mutual respect.

Vmin: the soulmates. the, no one is ever surprised when we perform excessive PDA in public, duo. not afraid to hold hands, cheek/forehead/hand kiss, sit on each others laps, hug and declare their love for each other, in public. have a LOT of fun together, literally so much. listens to each other very well. relying on one another. probably makes each other playlists/mixtapes. memorized each others habits and favs. literally the bestest friends you’ll ever see on this planet.

Rude behavior at tatinof

I just got back from the first TATINOF show in Stockholm and it was amazing. I laughed so much that my bronchitis came back. That sums it up pretty good. Dan also asked Phil if he wanted him to choke him, warned him not to say thicc and they dabbed in synch, Phil did the sexy endscreen dance and left the stage in embarresment while Dan almost fell over laughing. Yes, those things happened and it was glorious.

To the subject I want to talk about - really rude fans in the audience. I personally don’t care who is dating or not dating who - as long as they’re happy. I do however think that some phan jokes can be really funny - in the right settings. TATINOF IS NOT THE PLACE OR TIME TO DO THAT.

I sat next to several girls who constantly screamed that they wanted Dan and Phil to fuck, to kiss, to makeout, and that is not okay. Dan and Phil obviously don’t want to talk about their private life when it comes to those things and that should be respected. So here were our two favourite guys on stage, giving their all to make us happy and some of the audience is thanking them by being… rude. I was actually offended - I was there to have the best night and they disturbed that by making me angry. Not to mention that they spent time on their phones (texting) and by constantly talking to eachother about other things. Tatinof should be fun, full of laughter and joy. Don’t take that away.

Please - be respectful of Dan and Phil. Everything they do are them trying to make us happy. They wanted us to have a great night, with a great show. Yes - they make phan jokes but there’s a line. Please do not tell them to fuck eachother, to makeout, to be sexual. It’s not okay.

Alec and Magnus telling eachother “I love you” was not rushed!!!!!!!!!

There is no rule to how long someone should wait to tell the other if they love them. Love is different to each person. Love happens in different ways and times for each person. 

Alec almost lost Magnus. That was the first time he actually realized he couldn’t live without him. That he really cared about Magnus well being. That was the first time he actually felt what is like to love someone that is not family

It doesn’t matter if you think it was too soon. Alec said what he said because that’s how he feels. And Magnus feels the same. Love happens… Might take a little time for some. Or maybe love just hits you in the face. What matters here is that these two people found eachother and they truly care about the other and I’m happy for them.

Request 39- Daddy

“For fuck sake” I sighed stepping out of the bathroom to the hall, covered with brown and clear boxes-each filled with random objects, belonging to both Dan and Phil. Still not having fully moved into the new apartment, boxes lined the walk back to the main lounge.

Falling back onto the grey sofa, with no elegance at all, I groaned mostly out of frustration. I’d been doing that alot lately, between work, morning sickness and moving, groaning was pretty much my only form of communication. Phil noticed pretty soon that the puking had become daily and, like the gentleman he was, told me no more boxes until I was well again. Unfortunately for him, he’d have to wait 9 months for that to happen .

After the eventful year of 2016 and the rush of the new apartment, Phil forgot about how unprotected sex often leads to babies. However seeing how stressed he was, I wasn’t ready to unload all of that shit onto him. We’d talked about it in the past, which was a secret reason for the bigger place but getting pregnant in the process of moving was never the plan. Plus I needed an original way of telling him, no cringy: “here’s a blue baby suit have a guess at what I’m hinting” or anything like that. I wanted my pregnancy announcement to be something that we could laugh about and have fun with.

It was.

The idea came from something my closest friend was telling me. It was no secret that when it came to sex lives there were no boundaries when telling eachother the stories. She told me how her most recent boyfriend was basically a kinky shit and had a huge daddy kink, which got me thinking.

I played with the bottom of the shirt I was wearing as I watched him unpack some boxes. Studying his face I waited for the perfect time to ask him.
“Phiiiillllll.” I said as he placed a photo of the two of us on his chest of drawers.
“Yes baby.” He replied looking across to me. Starring into his eyes I thought about how to say it do I hint at it, or just say it staight.

“How do you feel about being called daddy.” His eyes widened as the words fell from my mouth. I, on the other hand, couldn’t stop the silent giggling in my mind.
“Uhhh I- I’ve never thought about it.” He gulped a little as he looked over to me still playing with the bottom of my shirt. “I honestly don’t know. Maybe.” A smirk shot to my face as I continued with my idea.
“What if it was like a kid?” I was making him confused, I could see it in his eyes before he responded.
“Y/n what the hell are you talking about?” He laughed a little before he joined me on the soft bed.
“Do you mind being called daddy? Even just by a child.” I hoped he was starting to understand what I was saying which was unlikely judging by his face.
“If it was our child then 100% wouldn’t mind. Why?” I was laughing again but not just in my head, out loud, Phil hearing my giggles. “What is so funny?” He smiled before I began my sentence.
“Last question. So you wouldn’t mind if there was a mini me calling you daddy?”
“Good because give it 9 months and there will be.” My smiled stretched across my face as he began to understand what I was telling him.

We lay back on our bed, hands intertwined, eyes starring up to the ceiling. It was peaceful, no-one else was there to ruin it. He was elated about the news, laughing slightly at my way of telling him. “I can’t believe you decided to tell me like that though babe.” He laughed again turning his head to look at me. “I fucking love you baby and baby.” He placed his hand on my stomach causing me to giggle again.

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can we gets some headcanons of riju and link being super bffs, doing dorky things (and telling eachother seal related puns)?

-Riju tells the guards that the hero of Hyrule is allowed into the town no matter what. No one tells Link, which means he keeps putting on the vai outfit

-She eventually breaks and tells him, because as funny as it is to wait for him to change clothes out of sight of the guards, it takes so much time and he looks kinda uncomfortable. Link just stares at her for a second

-When they first go seal-racing with each other, Link says ‘Let’s set seal!’ and Riju stares at him before breaking into a wide grin. They exchange seal puns for the rest of the day, much to Buliara’s chagrin

-When they’re older, Riju play flirts with him… With seal based pickup lines. She never fails to make him cry laughing

-The first time he returns a pickup line she’s legitimately flustered and he’s worried he did something wrong until she explains no one’s flirted with her before, even play. He makes a point to do it more often, because she always get this surprised, embarrassed look and it’s nice to make her flustered for once