tell eachother

will someone go on a roadtrip with me and just drive, sing along to loud music, tell embarrassing stories to eachother, enjoy the world’s beauty and just be free and happy please


↳ because of the comeback I feel good and ARMY I love you
↳ It’s late but everyone sleep and look forward to the concert
↳ goodnight (in english)
↳ goodnight (in japanese)
↳ ye because of you I woke up to the vibrations please go to sleep quickly
↳ are you in your room
↳ ye ye
↳ I can’t sleep because I’m nervous
↳ the moment I was going to sleep the vibrations came ㅋㅋ 
↳ please go to sleep soon too(?) (in japanese)
↳ sorry (in english)
↳ ok i can go to sleep (in english)
↳ ㅋㅋ ye ye I’ll go to sleep soon
↳ but not yet
↳ yes ARMY go to sleep too, I will go_Jimin
↳ ok see you
↳ AMRY go to sleep too (in japanese)
↳ _JIMIN (in japanese)

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The Preath Head Tap™️️ 2013 vs 2016

  • <p> <b>Joseph:</b> *recording*<p/><b>Robert:</b> Alright let's tell eachother a secret about ourselves<p/><b>Robert:</b> I'm gonna go first, I hate you<p/></p>

little mix ships summed up (bc theres more than just jerrie, tell ur friends)

Jerrie: childhood bffs; finish each others sentences; went to broadway sleep away camp together; cute n innocent; wouldn’t even hurt each other as a joke

Jadesy: typa friends that met in the bathroom when both of them were goin through some shit; protect each other from boys; share healthy sex tips

Leighade: literal sisters; go to concerts and clubs and vacations together; eat dinner together; hold hands; are each others’ plus one; bicker

Pesy: omg kinky af; go to sex shops together; old lesbian couple; the loudest when together; always laughing and talking about penises

Jeleigh: college roomates; always pullin pranks and hosting parties; steal each others clothes; Jesys always roasting leigh, but leigh lets her; moms

Lerrie: !!! Underrated; always fighting and constantly jealous of each others gorgeousness; ride or die; would buy 100 dogs together; have made out in real life on camera TWICE; constantly feeling each other up and look like they want to devour eachother


-being the cutest couple on campus

-a kind of puppy dog love

-him looking at you with those adoring eyes

-lots of laughter

-and giggling

-and play fighting

-but also seriousness, when you two are alone

-watching movies

-throwing pop corn at eachother


-telling each other everything

-him playing with your fingers under the table in class

-always sitting next to each other in class

-always being paired together in class too

-Mal and Evie being the leaders of your couple fan club

-people ‘awwing’ at you two

-going for walks where you talk, laugh, hold hands

-him trying to be super romantic (and it sometimes ends horribly wrong but creates laughter because everything is fun when you’re with the one you love)

-Jay crashing your dates, like you’ll be watching a movie and he just comes and sits between you two

-Carlos would totally throw rocks at your window and sneak you out of your dorm to a romantic walk in the moonlight (because he’s so bad ;)

-him kissing your knuckles

-oh my gosh school dances and he would be your prince and he would be good enough for you and dancing and oh my gosh


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He wouldn’t remember when we first met.

I was a second year and Ryuji was a first year and had just gotten back from the hospital after what happened with Kamoshida.

It was…quite an experience.

It feels strange knowing someone for so long and yet it took much longer to us to become closer. I also wouldn’t call it love at first sight, however…

((There’s a story behind this lol but…i just might rather type it than draw everything. I might if people ask for it but for now have this <3))


havenfall is for lovers: choose your fighter

Teen angels living human lives studying for finals till 3am, texting eachother wishing and reminding eachother of their previous power.
Teen angels wearing flowercrowns in place of their halos; the gentle petals resting a top of their heads in an attempt to replace the shining glory that previously stood.
Teen angels taking long car-rides on freeways with the Windows down to mimic flying during summer days, arms outstretched and eyes shut; wind in their hair, sun on their face.
Teen angels meeting up at midnight watching the stars on a clear night reminiscing their glory days, telling tales to outdo eachother,
knowing they have college the next morning, with a half written assignment on their desk left because they felt homesick.

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*Straight boy voice* Okay but like... if Ducky's a man, does that make him the bowl in the relationship or the mug? (I'm happy for both of you and congratulations to him!)

im triggered by that damn bowl mug argument to this day lmao. we always almost still get into that same fight every time either of us is making breakfast and we tell eachother to “pass the (insert kitchenware here)” 

Won one for my cashier homies

So it’s your same girl who posted the picture from the yelp reviews of two salty old people getting mad about store policy/the law so I have another one for you: I work at a police station on campus and part of my job is to drive people at night as a safety escort which turns into me basically being a taxi 🙃 anywho I picked up these two people (boy and girl) and they want to go up to our Town Center and I’m like “sure but this person needs to be dropped off at their car first they called in first”. They’re cool with it (cuz if theyre not they gotta walk) and although in slightly salty they’re using me just as a taxi from the dorms to the TC I’m repressing it to stay customer friendly. Anyway as I’m leaving the parking lot to go up to the town center the conversation the two had been having that I had drowned out comes clear to me. “I’m telling you they’re closing soon” “no they close at nine!” So I turn around “hey I couldn’t help but overhear. Which venue are you referring to specifically?” “Oh it’s the market place” “you mean the little grocery store place?” “Yeah!” “Yeah they close at 8 the rest of the center closes at 9” the big looks at the girl and shrugs “we have 6 minuets” I immediately jump in “it’s going to take me at least 4 minuets to get there and if you want in 2 minuets before closing they will not be happy plus the doors might already be locked by then” I see them look at eachother and tell me to just take them back to the dorms and apologize for wasting my time. I’m just glad they didn’t waste the cashiers time.

 EVERY STEP OF THE WAY (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

Request: Bellamy an reader imagine where reader is pregnant with Bellamy’s baby after a drunken night an reader confess to him that its his an he wants to raise it with her but they dont tell eachother how they feel. Murphy is both their best friend and teases bellamy about situation cause he is the god father.Then one of the hundred tries to kill her an they confess. With fluff


A/N: hi I decided to make it as a grounder tries to kill her just because i couldn’t think of any reason or situation why one of the 100 would xoxo hope u like it

Today is the day it was suddenly real. For a while, the thought of having Bellamy had taken over your senses. You’re not sure if it was your survival mode kicking in, being on the ground and everything, or if you just needed to stop gawking over the 100′s leader. 

You had wrestled with your inappropriate thoughts of Bellamy to the point that you actively avoided being alone with him. He didn’t notice much, but he could tell something about you was off. And he wanted to know what it was.

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