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Haylijah Appreciation Week ► Day 1: Favorite Season 3 Moment 

Balcony bonding time after a date night in A Walk on the Wild Side. After a season of distance between them, it was nice to have a scene of them having a meaningful conversation. It reminded me of when they used to tell each other everything in season 1. I missed that.

“Always and Forever”

I miss her. I completely and absolutely miss her.

I miss seeing my bestest friend, my 1st real and true friend on a daily basis. It makes me happy that even though we don’t text everyday, we still text like we’re always talking and me and her still tell each other everything :’) She still tells me thing I don’t think she tells other and I still tell her things I don’t tell other. I’m happy we still have a strong bond I just wish we saw each other a lot more.

Jacob gets severely injured in a gang war and Evie takes it upon herself to train the Rooks and defeat boroughs on the way. She would start the gang wars and lead the Rooks to victory. Afterwards, she would come back to Jacob who is still sleeping due to his injuries. Evie would quietly say what she did for him, and that she is proud of what he has done for London. The next day, Jacob would wake up, telling her that he heard everything. They would hug each other while Evie cried silently, thanking him for not dying.

I’m confused. In “Mr. Candle Cares,” Star says she isn’t dating Marco bc he’s her roommate and they’re just friends. She wasn’t fidgeting or averting her eyes from the counselor, she just said it as if he should’ve known. If she hasn’t any secret feelings for him, then what was the whole journal debacle about? Star’s a pretty open person, she usually says what she means and how she feels in the moment. So what could she possibly be hiding about Marco? What was so important or crazy that she couldn’t show MARCO? They tell each other just about everything. It’s gotten to a point where Star even knew what Marco was dreaming about in “Red Belt” before he even told her. I hope the journal comes up again, because don’t know what to be sure about anymore.

Sing us a Song Tonight

You walked into the room, clutching some sheet music as well as some lyrics in your hands. You had found the pieces of paper when you were cleaning up around the house, and you could only assume that they belonged to Chuck, as he was the only other inhabitant of the house. At first you had thought that it was pages of another Supernatural book he was working on, but the notes on the paper told you other wise. Chuck hadn’t told you that he had been writing any music, and wondered why that was. You wished he would have told you, but you thought perhaps it was meant to be a surprise, other wise you would feel kind of hurt that he hadn’t wanted to tell you. You usually told each other everything, he always had you read manuscripts of his books before they were released and always shared new projects with you, so you wondered why this was different.

You found him where you thought you might, in the basement, where he had made a cosy work space. He had worked in his living room, but once you had moved in, it didn’t seem feasible anymore, so you had made the basement look better and he moved his work space down there. You didn’t go down much, and now that you did, you saw there was a microphone and guitar in the corner. How had you not heard him playing? He lay now,on the couch writing -presumably- another song.”I found these,” you said, gesturing to the papers in your hand.

Chuck looked up, having must not have heard you enter, as he seemed startled by your presence. “How long have you been making music?” You asked, handing over the papers. You searched his face to see if he was in any way distressed by the fact that you had found out, but if he was he didn’t show it. You took a seat at the end of the couch, watching him, waiting for him to give you an answer, and you weren’t leaving until you got one. You weren’t mad, of course not, but you wanted to know why he hadn’t told you, since the two of you normally shared everything. You were curious.

You watched as Chuck placed the papers on the table with a sigh, knowing you weren’t going to leave until you got an answer. ”I’ve been making music for a good few months now. Five to be exact.” You raised your eyebrows at the confession. Five months and you had just now found out? How had you not noticed something before now? Either Chuck had kept his little secret very well hidden or you were very oblivious. You supposed you would go with the former. 

“Five months?” You repeated, “Can I listen to one?” You didn’t think Chuck would mind, you were always reading his stories, so surely he would’t mind if you heard one of his songs. His face told you a different story though. His eyes darted from the songs to the guitar in the corner of the room and back to you. Why was he so reluctant to show you? “Please?” You asked, “I really want to hear.”  

Chuck sighed, picking up the papers and tapping them against the table so at to even them all out, deliberately not looking at you. “The thing is….they’re not good,” he looked almost guilty to admit it. You narrowed your eyes tilting your head slightly. He couldn’t be bad, it was Chuck! He was an amazing writer, so didn’t that mean that he would be a good song writer as well? You expressed this to chuck, but he just shook his head. “It’s not the lyrics I’m worried about. I feel like I’m timing the song completely wrong, and the beat, well, I don’t know if there even is a solid beat.”

Chuck was known to be a perfectionist at times, and you thought that was perhaps the case now. “Just show me anyway,” you pleaded,” You know you tend to be hard on yourself, and if it really isn’t good maybe I could try to help?” You didn’t know what you could do to help but you would say about anything if it it got him to play for you. You didn’t care if he was good or not, you liked being in on things, and you wanted to be in on this.You looked over at Chuck with big eyes and your lower lip between your teeth. Chuck sighed and stood up, rifling through the papers until he found the song that he wanted. A smile broke out on your face and you watched with anticipation as he made his way over to the little set up he had in the corner of the room.

 You couldn’t wait to hear the song that he had picked out. Chuck might’ve warned you that it was crappy, but you thought that it just might be good. You had faith in him. He took a seat on the stool that lay in front of the microphone and grabbed his guitar, resting-it against his leg once the strap was around his neck. He tested the mic, maybe more times that he needed to, as if he was stalling. You didn’t see why he was so afraid, it was just you, you weren’t going to judge him, you just wanted to see what he had been working on. You waited as he cleared his throat a few times and adjusted his guitar. “C'mon,” you groaned, urging him to just get started already. You felt as if you were going to die from waiting for him.

“Okay,” said Chuck, “here I go.” He started off with just the guitar playing, and it sounded just fine to you. It was a solid minute before he sang, and you were surprised by how nice his voice was. You had never really heard Chuck sing before, but right about now you were wishing that he sung more often, because his voice was the most amazing thing you had heard. You didn’t know how he could have possibly doubted himself with the obvious skill he had. 

Not only did the song sound lovely, but the words were wonderful to, though that wasn’t what Chuck had been worried about. The song was a short song, a little under four minutes long, so the run time for a modern pop song, but it had more of a classic rock feel to it than pop. You liked it though, you did, you didn’t see what Chuck’s problem was with the song. In fact, part of you wanted to hear the song again once it was over. If you were a record company you would sign him in a heartbeat.

He looked at you for approval and you gave him a thumbs up. “Its great Chuck!” You assured him, “I wanna hear another.” He looked at you like you just might be insane, but you nodded, coaxing him to sing you another, so with a little less hesitation this time he picked out another song to sing. This one started off with singing and guitar, unlike his last one, and you had to say you liked this one even more than the other one. It was longer, and you could tell that it really had meaning to Chuck. It was a song about creations and how sometimes they went wrong and how the world was imperfect, but when things went wrong you had to try again. You assumed this was a song about his stories, and it was interesting to hear someone sing about the struggles of being a creator, you liked it.

“Chuck, these truly are great!” You told him once he finished the song. 

“Really?” He asked, giving you an unconvinced look as he began to put stuff back.  You wondered if he had even heard himself playing, because nobody in their right mind would think that he wasn’t good. He seriously needed to record himself and play it back, because he really couldn’t sit there and tell you he didn’t think they were good. He was just as good at making music as he was stories, and people loved his stories, even if the group was small. How could he not see that?

“Chuck, you’re like Queen level good,” you assured him. He smiled at you and brought you in for a hug. You hugged him back, glad that he seemed to have been assured that he was in fact good. “Promise you’ll never keep anything like this from me again,” you looked up at him hopefully. You feared that if you hadn’t found the papers he never would have showed you and you never would have been able to hear the wonder that was his music. “Deal,” he agreed.

Look, if you guys don’t want to go hang out with me, fine! why not just tell me now instead of making me wait for hours. 3 fucking hours! Because every time you people reject me, another piece of me breaks. I mean real friends are supposed to hang out and tell each other deep wonderful secrets that only they know. They tell each other everything and pick up the other when there’s a man down. Why can’t we be like that? Why can’t we actually be real friends? Instead of just saying we are!



As soon as she had finished her conversation with Frankie, the brunette had rushed home to gather movies, chocolate and clothes before apparating to Lily’s. She was angry at her red headed friend for never telling her, for letting her ramble on and on about how great they were as a couple and never once told her a short ‘we’ve broken up’. It wasn’t difficult and she couldn’t help but feel betrayed by Lily. The girl was supposed to be her best friend, her soulmate and they were supposed to tell each other everything but she hadn’t even told Mary this. It hurt most because Lily was the one that the small Gryffindor had cried to for hours after Remus broke up with her, she was the one that Mary was glued to and she was the one that finally helped her realise she couldn’t stop her life, no matter how much living hurt at that time. Mary wanted to be there for her like Lily was always there for her.

As soon as she was outside the door, the brown eyed girl was unlocking it and going inside, her heart still hurting from the feelings flowing through her body and the memories in her mind. “Lily Josette Evans get your butt out here, we need to talk right this second.” Her voice was loud and it was filled with anger and hurt, her body language giving off the same feelings. “I’m serious about this, Lily. I’m hurt and angry and it’s best you get out here now so we can talk.” All she wanted to do was talk, was to get told what had went wrong and to help. Mary wanted to help fix her best friend’s possible broken heart and she didn’t even know how to do that because she didn’t know what the problem was. The Gryffindor girl had no clue about any of this and she felt terrible for constantly going on about the couple and wanting to spend Christmas with them. It felt like her parents had separated and she was the daughter than couldn’t figure it out.

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this guy I used to be so close with(we'd tell each other everything)had a fight last year& he ignores me at school everyday since but today he tapped me on the head and smiled, what does this mean. we didn't like each other but he called me beautiful and sexy lol he ugly tho but I just miss him being my friend

Ask him to be friends again. If you were close before you can be close again 💖

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Is it Gonna be bc she didnt tell him or something like that?


well, I mean, imagine you’re in Vic’s shoes and you have this best friend and it’s pretty much just been the two of you all along and you tell each other everything, then suddenly that best friend of yours is lying about where they are and turns out they’re hanging out with this new friend of theirs and telling them everything and not you. Vic feels left out and hurt, basically.

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my dad if really abusive to the point where I've been making big plans on where to go if I run away. I'm really scared to ask for help because if he finds out that I told someone, I'm scared he'll hurt me. I've been getting really bad panic attacks because of him, and I haven't even told my girlfriend because, even though we tell each other everything, I'm too afraid. Any advice?

CA: in case things go really south before youre ready maybe you can stay wwith your girlfriend for at least a feww days

CA: good luck and stay safe