tell a sistah

Dear Guardians

I have weathered many storms, from Darkness to the MoonLight and Light lost, whithin all levels of Darkness there will always be a Light.

You have been that Light. Your power is strong and I implore you,
   Hold onto your Light, 
        Remember your strength and your inner beauty.

Remember who you are. And Guardian, 

Don’t worry if you haven’t found yourself yet,
    If you don’t know who you are yet,
        The day that you know yourself will come. 

You just haven’t met yourself yet. And thats fine.

The magicians three will watch, wands a ready, upon a mountain top seeing all the distances that they have traveled, all the deeds that have been done, that they have been a part of, that has happened to them. They see, that they have accomplished something, on whichever level, and they see that they are going somewhere. 

Sometimes that somewhere is not yet recognizable, and sometimes that somewhere is the place where you find where you are actually going.

You are the Magician. You can create, you have a passion, and it will guide you. 

You don’t have to follow your passion, there may be other venue’s available to you, but Guardian,

if you can, your choice is yours to make. A side must always be taken Guardian.

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Find out who you really are.

If you Dare.

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