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For anyone asking for examples and stuff, I would checkout the episode threads on the tesdcares subreddit. You can always get the gist of what the guys say on the episode. Pretty much every episode they complain about "PC culture" (my def of anyone against that is "I'm not allowed to be offensive anymore") and a few times saying today's men aren't "manly" and "masculine". Also Q always objectifies his "friend" Stacy, calling her hot and how much he wants to bang her or see her half naked.

Thank you for the advice on this! Context for this message: Q can be a jerk.

Also, I’m going to start tagging, so if you don’t want to see stuff like this, it’ll be tagged as “q discourse”.

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How different do you think the guys are in real life compared to the way they act on the show? For example, the way they talk to strangers. Like, do you think if they actually were to approach a stranger for some genuine reason they'd act similar to how they do on the show or what?

To be honest,  I think a lot of the show is made up of on screen personalities. Q and Sal are the greatest examples of this theory. If you check out WhatSayYou or Tell Em Steve Dave, you’ll catch a look at the guys personalities outside of a network controlled environment. 

The same applies to Joe and Murr too. I think that in certain situations they could be stand offish, especially if they were doing something important or spending time with family (I know for sure Sal can be stand offish when he’s with family). 

Now that’s not to say that I think they’re fake as fuck on telly. I think we see different sides of their personalities come out in different situations is what I mean. On screen they have a goal, an objective, and they know what they need to do to achieve the prize. 

Out in public, off screen, I think we’d see a different side to them, albeit not too drastic. I think they’d still be warm, funny and genuinely grateful if you stopped them in public, but I also think they’d be eager to get on with their day!