tell 'em steve dave!

Dating Brian Quinn Would Include

-being close with Bryan, Walt, and Ming.

-staying up late playing video games.

-reassuring Q that you aren’t like his ex that left him before his wedding

-stealing Q’s hat all the time.

-cuddling with Q’s cats more than him

-going to cons together

-guest starring on Tell ‘Em Steve Dave and What Say You?

-drinking a lot of Jameson together

-having him miss being a normal guy and the working at the fire house

-dressing up as superheroes for Halloween

-having fights about if Marvel is better than DC.

-fangirling when he’s on 12 Monkey’s 

-getting piggy back rides when you’re tired

-making out all the damn time

-being proud as balls of him for making it across the tightrope.



am i suffering from some kind of fever dream or was there a tell ‘em steve-dave where brian talked about messing around with a married woman. then the husband came home and saw q. quinn got handed a $5 or something and was asked to leave and buy a sandwich while the couple talked about shit. he left with his tail between his legs