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welp time to go collect the dragonballs!

the divorce was tough on me too teli. i just need time.

actually not as often as you may think! but i recently got one from a friend and two from people ive never even met before and i was pretty shocked. its not something I’m used to so its always a mindblowing moment for me.

THANK YOU! i love drawing hands ( but theyre horribly innacurate mind you )

essentially Existence ( the persona you are referring to ) is an emotional manifestation. by default he doesn’t really have a face save for a single mouth. and hes known for altering his physical appearance seeing as he doesn’t really have one. the only aspect that doesn’t change is his horn which can be moved but not altered. i would assume that when he shapeshifts he alters a lot of his bone and muscular structure so it would make sense for him to move necessary organs like his brain to a more convenient spot like his ass. but now I’m trying to apply logic to something that wasn’t really logical in the first place.