Do not keep watching the TV if there is an advert for Persona Synthetics if you have derealisation/depersonalisation, or if you have psychosis at all. Please stay safe. It is Uncanny Valley central and has set off major issues here. 

The ad is a marketing ploy for an upcoming Channel 4 tv show called Humans, and looks like a real ad. it features a recall for a product called Synths from a company called Persona Synthetics. The Synths are human looking robots that act and look completely human (though, vacant blank facial expressions and robotic green eyes) that assist well-to-do families around the house, with children etc. It’s deeply unsettling.

On top of it being on TV, “Persona Synthetics” (Channel 4) have set up a store (warning: the video is on that site, if you’re in a vulnerable place and/or easily triggered by unreality, please don’t watch it) and have an eBay recall page (linking only because if people stumble upon it, it will trip them the hell out and I don’t want that to happen). They’re really going all out to get this advertised in the most fucked up way, so please, please be careful. 

The video tells you to go to the website, which I’m going to link just because again, if it’s somehow stumbled upon it can set off all kinds of bad. If you’re in a bad place and/or easily triggered by unreality, do not look. Only if you’re in a safe place, please please. 

Oh god, please be safe. Please also reblog this to spread the word, even if it’s a British show, look out for your followers. 


Unlike Oprah’s network, which broadcasts talk shows, soaps and sitcoms, Beyonce’s is likely to have an educational focus instead … platform is said to create content designed to celebrate African and American studies.

American School system won’t include black history in the books? So Bey is here. #Love it!