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TBH, I don't think Gwen would be on Voice anymore simply because there will be too much of exposure and public scrutiny. They don't even have a proper selfie let alone coming on a show on national televison(s9 is diffrent). Plus they simply have no chill, esp No Chill Shelton....😂 It's actually an impossible dream for us fans, so won't be having any hopes😭. Whereas I do think she will perform more often for Trolls or Major Lazor etc.

Sorry are you saying you don’t think she would want to do it anymore? Because she has literally begged them to bring her back in multiple recent interviews, and in another one said she’d do the show for free.

And as for proper selfies idk what your definition of that is but you should check out her Instagram.

Not wanting paps to follow them around is different from being nervous about attention. Look at their twitters.

The voice is Gwen’s favorite thing she’s ever done professionally, I don’t think she’d sacrifice that because of media attention.

If you mean the voice wouldn’t bring her back because of professionalism, I’m less confident about that but they did bring her back for battles and they have used her (and Blake) for publicity like with the duet and leaking that Blake talked about her in blinds. Plus she had a lunch meeting with Jeff Telegdy, the nbc exec in charge of the voice, in May. And we don’t know what that was about but she looked soooo happy leaving the restaurant. (It’s on just Jared if you want to google it.)

I agree I think trolls will keep her busy! But the only thing that’s gonna keep her off the Voice is the producers.

The Flash is steadily clocking in as the highest rated and most impressively received hero in TV and movies. Arrow kicked all of this off and although they’ve hit some bumps, still remains a fan favorite. Supergirl has really expanded on the Arrowverse by being a female-driven show with highly talented actresses, showcasing all the Kryptonian prowess of heat vision and super strength while completely embracing the “soft” side of heroes and the emotional toll crimefighting has on their secret identities, and being on a completely different network (CBS) but continuing to allow crossover episodes and events. Now, if you haven’t heard, Supergirl is moving to The CW, which will bring their roster of super shows to 4, counting the new B-Squad team up action show, Legends of Tomorrow. Pretty impressive numbers from a network that was notoriously known for their vamp shows and teen-targeted romantic dramas.